Mario & Luigi Wii U Deluxe Bundle Sold Out At


The recently confirmed New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U 32GB Deluxe Wii U bundle is now sold out at US retail website The very same bundle is also sold out online at Hopefully this should improve the Wii U hardware sales in North America, which to date haven’t been anywhere near as positive as Nintendo would have hoped. We should get the official NPD hardware figures in the next few weeks.

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  1. I am interested to see how this strategy works for nintendo. i love my Wii U and i hope others will get on board–especially with this sweet new bundle.

    1. Yep, it’s an awesome console and it’s hard to understand other people not wanting to experience what we current Wiiu owners experience..

      I understand Nintendo may not be the best place to go for third party multiplats or whatever, but it’s still an a pretty sweet place to go ;)

    1. The journey of a billion miles begins with one step.
      Good to see they are going in the right direction.

    1. That is true. However, seeing as how it has quickly sold out already, this will probably lead both retailers to increase their next shipments quantity.
      I really couldn’t care even if the wii u sells only 20 million in its life time. As long as the fantastic miiverse grows, and their will be more players in online games like smash and mario kart, then I really don’t care! and don’t expect the wii u to sell more than 40/50 million in its life time…

      1. Dude, he’s not saying anything bad, you should lay off. He’s also right, knowing the absolute number of units sold is a much better gauge of how well the console is doing instead of relying on percentages that can be misleading. Sure, saying they sold 100% of their stock seems good, but if they only had 20 units in stock, then it’s not impressive in the least. I’m not saying they sold only 20 units, I’m just using that as an exaggerated example to show how this doesn’t necessarily translate to good news.

  2. I don’t know why there wasn’t a NSMB bundle in the first place, seemed like a no brainer to me..

    1. To be fair they were a bunch of jackasses to begin with. Personally I want all consoles to do well, more consoles mean more choice..

      1. They need to innovate in the games they make more than focusing solely on the hardware. It’s all nice having choices with 3 console on the market, but if 2 of them are the same as the last ones (except graphix), by having the same gameplay (KZ,Forza, BF4, COD), I can’t see the industry moving in the right direction, that is innovating.

        1. I tend to consider MS and Sony as the same, PS4/Wii U or Xbone/Wii U best of both worlds is basically my point.

          Plus Steam Box and whoever else around the corner, oh and not forgetting the Retron 5 which could turn out to be the best console ever! ; )

  3. It’s sold out at Gamestop too….
    I was going to wait and get the Wind Waker bundle when 3D World dropped but my question is: should I get the bundle now incase they sell out?

    1. If you have the means, then buy it right now. This thing will sell like crazy on Black Friday and the Holidays. And you will sooner experience this great console

    1. The MH3U bundle is pretty desirable at the moment, still going for £330.00 on Amazon UK right now..

  4. 3D world is going to be a huge tester for them. Personally, I think it will do average as all the focus will be about the other 2 platforms launching.
    Wii U won’t surpass the gamecube in sales.

    1. Nintendo are not targeting that market though, they’re going after families this xmas, which is an interesting strategy and may well pay off..

  5. Yeah the Wind Waker bundle has much more value.

    Zelda themed gamepad vs regular gamepad
    Wind Waker HD and Hyrule Historia ($70) vs New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U ($60)

    The Skylanders bundle and Mario bundles should sell well this holiday though.

    1. The only problem I see with that bundle is that it’s a digital copy of the game. If it wasn’t it would be the perfect bundle. >_<

    2. Its a digital version of the game and the book. Not worth it to me. The New Blundle looks much more enticing.

  6. It is clear now. Nintendo focused too much of its marketing on Pokemon X/Y. But Wii U sales improved with that out of the way. Next time, they should try to divide their marketing evenly between the Wii U and 3DS.

  7. the wiiu had sold right now in three weeks more then 180k,and in japan it doesn’t sell good,but it does alot better then before. because of the games and the good bundle’s. wait till mario world is out.and then woooow 2014,bayonetta2,X or xenoblade,yarn yoshi,shen megami x fire emblem,sega and nintendo game,mariokart,smash bro’s,donkey kong,Zelda,and nintendo got three more games to show. how people can say that nintendo is doomed with those games? they all comes in 2014 out,it is to good to be treu,so much good games,every month a great nintendo game…this is why the ps4 and xboxone are gonna wait a year before i buy one!

        1. I think it’s because you’re the only one that posts videos of that guy. And you also may have noticed that people were getting aggravated. That’s because they thought that was you trying to get more hits by posting videos on a popular Nintendo news site. At least that’s what I think.

  8. This is just Target though. What about retailers that get larger allocations? To be honest, Target being sold out isn’t really a big deal. ;/ The retailer never gets many allowances for their gaming department. ;/

    It’s good that the system bundle is selling at least. I would still rather have a number than “sold out.”

    Vitas have been sold out several times in many stores throughout its short lifetime, yet it has pretty crap sales. So… yeah. ;/

    I’m not expecting too much for the Wii U this year. It will sell more during the holiday shopping season, because everything does. However, I still say that we need to wait until 2014 to see the system really shine in sales and content.

    1. Ah, the story was updated with GameStop. I missed that. Well that’s good that the system is selling well. :)

      I hope it does everywhere. My Best Buy still has a lot of them along with the regular Deluxe edition and the LoZ WW HD bundle. ;/

      1. It’s gone at my walmart both bundles are. I ask one of people who work there and they said the sold all of them today, might be a good sign. I’ve also seen mario 3D world slow climb up on amazon charts its doing rather well.

      2. Darnit! I was waiting to get one on black Friday. Luigi’s mansion 3ds bundle is very desirable too!

  9. Super happy I got my Zelda Edition Wii U. Worth it just to play Wind Waker HD. I liked the original Wind Waker. Not as much as Twilight Princess but WWhd made me LOVE the ocean sprawling title. I can’t speak highly enough of it. I’m not a fanboy. I’m a fan man.

  10. This maybe a sign that things are going to get better for Wii U but I’m not getting my hopes just yet. The PS4 and Xbox One may just put a stop to these decent sales in just a couple of weeks.

    1. Don’t.know about that. Wii didn’t sell well only because it was for casuals. Majority of the market for these are still families, and 100$/e difference can go a long way. Ps4 and XBOne is not the second coming of Jesus, which internet paints them to be.

  11. Will this has caused me to pre order 3D World because by the looks of it, Wii U and 3D World may be difficult to find really soon. I really love Wii U. I can’t say or rank it to my least to best Nintendo console since not enough games yet and Pikmin 3 is fun but Pikmin 2 hasn’t been dethroned yet as next best Pikmin game. I want Pikmin 2 in HD remake…. or make Pikmin 4 where you go under ground and get treasure besides just fruit. I do like the new map and extra characters. The Pikmin are a little dumber than the ones on Pikmin 2 though. Oh yeah bring back purple Pikmin and kill rock pikmin.

  12. Its not sold out. Nintendo was late shipping them. I tried to buy one on the 1st at Gamestop and they haven’t received any shipments yet

  13. It’s funny i been bitching about AAA tittles needing online yet I was concerned about game play for unconfirmed Pikmin 4 and what improvements I would like to see. Gameplay came first and ignoring I didn’t bring up online. It just came naturally. I really loved Pikmin 2. P.S. the final boss on Pikmin 2 was the hardest while Pikmin 3 was the easiest of the 3. And Pikmin 3 showed new creatures but there was not nearly as much compared to Pikmins 1 and 2.

    1. I disagree the final boss in pikmin 3 is easyyou just need lots of yellow pikmin to beat him and take ur other pikmin near the exit. Pikmin 3’s required you to bring all them to beat the boss. I do agree the creatures in pikmin 3 aren’t many in varity but i find the bosses to be pretty fun but pikmin 2 did give us lots of bosses some not so great some pretty fun to fight.

      1. I thought I said Pikmin 3’s boss was easiest. Some mini bosses in Pukmin 2 were easier than Pikmin 3’s final boss. Pikmin 2 is still my favorite.

  14. Great news, I hope it does well. I may consider buying the Wind Waker bundle as soon as I am more stable with the money.

  15. Just bought my 26th Wii U game ! CoD Ghost ! It rocks solid with the Wiimote … way better than CoD Bo2.

      1. no. The only game I have downloaded is Wii Fit U and some DLCs. All my 26 games are physical copies.

  16. hmmm this just shows how many mistakes nintendo made during the launch of the system (until today!). they should have released such a bundle at the beginning and the prize of the sytem should have been reduced from the beginning on!

    and there are several more mistakes going on: for example the much to small storage capacity of just 32gb – and then there is this lacking usb3-support. no support of 2-gamepads. no gamepads sold separatly and so on…………………..and this regards just the system itself, not to speak about the lacking of good software.

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