Iwata Embraces Smartphones And Other Non-Dedicated Gaming Devices


Nintendo has released Iwata’s Q & A transcript, in which the outspoken leader of Nintendo discusses everything from Nintendo’s holiday sales strategies to the Wii U Virtual Console. One of the more interesting topics of the transcripts in smartphones. Rather than putting Nintendo at odds with the devices, Iwata’s philosophy is one that accepts the devices as an alternative to dedicated gaming systems, and a means to connect with consumers. He cited Nintendo’s incorporation of Miiverse on smart devices as an example of a way in which Nintendo embraces the onslaught of new portable electronics that many are calling a threat to the home console market. Here are Iwata’s full comments on the subject:

“I think it is natural that many people feel that it is more convenient to use smart devices, as opposed to dedicated gaming systems, to play games to kill a bit of time. That is to say, there are some areas in which dedicated gaming systems were once used that now have greater potential on smart devices. On the other hand, dedicated gaming systems are developed by considering the software that is designed to run on the hardware, enabling us to make unique propositions.

“With that in mind, my view is that the gaming market will be segregated to a fair degree. However, this does not mean that smart devices will simply compete with dedicated gaming systems. Given their growth, I feel that we should make an effort to take advantage of their existence. For instance, we already made it possible to browse Wii U’s networking service called Miiverse on smart devices. Starting with this attempt, we are discussing among us how we can expand the use of smart devices to help drive the business of dedicated gaming systems.

“Smart devices have already played a central role in creating buzz among consumers above a certain age with respect to, for example, “Animal Crossing: New Leaf,” “Monster Hunter 4” or “Pokémon X/Pokémon Y.” Twitter timelines filled with tweets about Monster Hunter and Pokémon can certainly help create awareness for the products, and we also know that many watch Nintendo Direct on their smart devices. Rather than simply viewing smart devices as competitors, we should consider ways in which we can use them for our business.”



  1. Perhaps more interesting than their stance on smart phones, is the bit on the digital/Virtual Console library.

    “While Wii U and Nintendo 3DS already offer Virtual Console software, I feel that we have not been able to take full advantage of our assets yet, so we would like to enrich our Virtual Console lineup.”

    Between the titles I had downloaded on my old Wii and own currently on my 3DS, I have more of these than actual new releases. If they want to milk more money out of me, broadening that Virtual Console with SNES and Advance games would do it.


    1. Sega should make a smartphone that has a game controller capable of playing Sega, Saturn, GBA, And NES in Virtual console form… and has a selection of Sega games preloaded onto it…


    2. yes yes port all the older games so we have tons of choices. there will be games for everyone. and for crying out loud bring donkey kong country 1-3 back to the VC.


  2. Watch other sites spin this as Iwata saying Nintendo’s going to start developing games for mobile devices. I suspect tech sites like Engadget and The Verge as the most likely ones who will add that extra bit of speculation.


      1. And like Mike S said below, the app should give you the latest official news and trailers from teir games!


  3. I could see Nintendo releasing an app that would give you the latest news and trailers about their consoles and games. Could be a great way to advertise.


  4. Just make us a miiverse app, bring nnid to 3ds, link club Nintendo to nnid, kink eshop accounts, make an eshop account, make vc titles a one buy, make a similar os for 3ds and Wii u, make us some great games and I think you’re set.


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