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Wii Sports Club May Eventually Become Packaged Software


Nintendo has announced that Wii Sports Club may eventually become packaged software. Although the sports game will initially be distributed exclusively through the Nintendo eShop for Wii U, company president Satoru Iwata said in a recent briefing that he won’t rule out the possibility of a retail release. Bowling and tennis will launch in the eShop as standalone titles this Thursday, November 7th.

Iwata: I do not deny the possibility that “Wii Sports Club” may become packaged software in the future. However, for the future of Wii U, we have prioritized releasing tennis and bowling by the end of this year.

46 thoughts on “Wii Sports Club May Eventually Become Packaged Software”

    1. Even though I think Nintendo holiday launch is better than its competitors. This is a huge mistake. wii sports is what kicked off the wii and it could do the same for the wii u. It’s so familiar and could sell million if they packaged it with the wii u. They also need more bundles, it’s good they have the zelda, Mario, and sky land era, but they need more bundles for more people, maybe a cod bundle or something also.

      1. Woah man never thought of it that way before. Shuhei Yoshida is a bigger fan of Nintendo than I am. But wait…..does he own every Metroid, Zelda, Pikmin, Super Smash Bros., and Kid Icarus as well as owning almost every Mario, Star Fox, F-Zero (I think I own every F-Zero but I could be wrong), Fire Emblem, and Kirby game? It’s a war of Nintendo fandom between Yoshida and I!!!

  1. I see a lot of people on instagram twitter and vine still playing wii sports so i bet they can make a good amount of money on this if they promote it well during football games nba etc. Show off online play and itll sell. I know theres people out there that are really good in some of the sports and want the competition. I think they should bundle it in the wii u

  2. No body cares about Wii Sports, Nintendo.

    The gamers care about Starfox, F-zero, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Wave Racer, Yoshi’s Island, Fire Emblem, Fatal Frame, X, Bayonetta, Last Story, Icarus, 1080 snowboarding, Earthbound etc.

    Get with the program. Stop milking Miis.

    1. I wish they would make a new Earthbound. I know Itoi won’t make the sequel but somebody who can make a story as wonderful, eerie, touching as him should take the assignment.

      1. Sony Wars The Return of Svenson Episode VI


    2. They would rather spend less money to make more money than fzero and star fox ever would. Im a huge fan of both games but they just wanna keep throwing miis everywhere

      1. especially with remote plus support and the online competition. I’m looking forward to this. I’m glad they let us try it for 24 hrs first.

  3. Wii Sports may have tricked people the first time around but I hate that they seem to be banking on people actually buying it. It was free with the Wii. And it was accessible but no one will buy a Wii U for a second round of bullshit. They need to focus on VC and social media. They need to stop hiring idiots to make their ads.

  4. Sony Wars The Return of Svenson Episode VI


  5. Sure, if they start selling Wii Sports Club as a pack-in with the Wii U, that’s bound to help all the soccer moms understand that this is a different console *sarcasm*.

  6. I had no doubt that it would be, It’s great that you’ll get the choice to buy individual events or all of them on a disc.

  7. When someone says that their not against the idea, but… that usually means that the chances aren’t that great that the idea will happen. You were just as well reporting this before it was asked.

  8. Waiting until all the sports are finished, and the install base has grown much more before producing a retail version sounds like a good idea to me.

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