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Iwata Addresses Concern That 2DS Reveals A Lack Of Confidence In 3DS Hardware Design

nintendo_2dsIn Iwata’s latest Q & A session, he was asked if the release of 2DS equates to an admission by Nintendo that the company took a wrong turn by incorporating 3D effects into its handheld console, a move that takes it out of the hands of very young players. In true Iwata fashion, he defended Nintendo’s intentions by explaining that the 2DS had been in development for some time, in order to coincide with the new Pokemon release.

He also cited A Link Between Worlds as an example of a new game that specifically caters to 3DS users by taking full advantage of the 3D effect. Here is Iwata’s full transcript detailing the reasons why he believes the release 2DS was an intelligent move, and that 2DS and 3DS can exist side by side:

“Launching Nintendo 2DS at this point in time requires its development work to have begun a long time ago. Generally speaking, it takes approximately one and a half years before we can bring a new hardware system onto the market, and we already realized beforehand that it would be difficult to maximize the sales potential of Nintendo 3DS without an entry-level product ready in time for the release of a new Pokémon title. Because we already knew that the range of price options for Nintendo 3DS was not sufficient in light of the highly appreciated yen at the time, we had been preparing for this launch.”
“Incidentally the yen is now somewhat depreciated and we are able to offer Nintendo 2DS without facing profitability problems. This is very fortunate considering our business structure. We are offering such an option in order to further propel the popularity of the Nintendo 3DS platform in the overseas markets.

“Nintendo 2DS is, however, simply one of the options for consumers and we will continue to offer the existing Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL platforms in the overseas markets, and we are not saying that we will abandon 3D or cease to make new propositions in 3D. The Legend of Zelda title that we are going to release toward the end of the year is a superb showcase of the 3D effect, featuring a top-down style and offering a new form of gameplay by taking advantage of the 3D effect vertically.”

26 thoughts on “Iwata Addresses Concern That 2DS Reveals A Lack Of Confidence In 3DS Hardware Design”

  1. I’d say it’s a pointless concern…

    The 3D can be turned off at any time and now that the 2DS is out, you just get a cheaper version…

      1. Good evening here my friend haha…

        Long time no see!

        Indeed, this is a wonderful time to be in our empire!

    1. While I agree completely, the 2DS still stings my eyes when I look at it. It makes no difference that it exists, as I have a 3DS XL, but I still really hate it. It’s hideous.

  2. he needs to worry about WIIU not 2ds/3ds and hey the hell did they bother to release wii mini when they’re trying to sell the WiiU? just because 2ds sell doesn’t mean the Wii Mini will because the mini lacks internet and other things while 2ds still has internet and memory card slot.

    1. I doubt the Wii mini will be made with a long term production plan in mind. This console is clearly for those who just want a Wii in a remote room of the house strictly for local play.

  3. I hope Nintendo’s next handheld launches with both a 2D and 3D version. I LOVE using the 3D effect and would hate if Nintendo just dropped it.

  4. Nintendo explicitly said that all 3DS games must be playable in 2D anyway, and they said that right at the start of the 3DS’s launch back in 2011. Not everyone can see the 3D, and 3D itself is a bit of a gimmick that’s wearing thin. Offering an ‘entry-level’ version of the same system without the 3D effect isn’t reflective on how bad the system is selling (because it isn’t, it’s selling fucktons), but is broadening the family. Also, it’s a great option for parents that no longer need any concern whether the 3D effect will be suitable for their little kids, because the 2DS doesn’t have a 3D screen (plus the slate-like design is more robust).

    Also, that awkward moment when the 2DS is more comfortable to hold, and easier to record game footage from when it fits snugly on the Kid Icarus: Uprising play stand.

    Concentrate on turning the Wii U’s fortunes around Iwata. The 3DS takes care of itself, and will continue to take care of itself for some time yet.

  5. yeah yeah, we all know the 2ds is a piece of shit downgrade for kids. as long as future games continue to use the 3d gimmick on the 3ds, there should be no problem.

  6. the 2ds was a step backwards. they need to be focusing on the wii u 1000% !!
    The 3ds is fine where it is. the 2ds doesnt need to exist at all.
    I have a feeling there is some mismanagement going on over there recently. Lots of bad decisions being made, just like with microsoft.

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