GameTrailers Countdown: Top Ten Ways Nintendo Can Step It Up


Video streaming site GameTrailers have put together the top ten things that they believe Nintendo should do to compete against the other hardware manufacturers. Some of the points mentioned make really good sense, while others are currently being worked on by the Kyoto based company. What points do you think Nintendo should concentrate on?

10. Achievements
9. Buy SEGA
8. No Wii Sports passes
7. Rally the Indies
6. Rally the Third Parties
5. New Franchises
4. Unified Accounts
3. Pokemon Wii U
2. Lower the Price
1. Market yourself Better


        1. Why is it a must? I feel handhelds are perfectly suited for Pokemon considering its raising, leveling-up parts and the easily divided and accessible play sessions (from small to big ones). I think Pokemon X and Y are the perfect step forward for the franchise (merging what makes pokemon work and many new elements). I don’t want a re-skin of Skyrim and a Pokemon Stadium-like game would be nice but not a must

            1. I guess you never read his comment. “I don’t want a re-skin of Skyrim and a POKEMON STADIUM-like game would be nice but not a must”.

              1. ^thanks for that. Yeah, basically I was saying that a home console Pokemon isn’t a must (let alone be in the top 3 must-have things)

            2. What’s the point of Pokemon Stadium if we now have 3D Pokemon Battles on a portable device? That was the entire point of the games. Something along the line of Colosseum or XD would be better.

      1. This list looks like it was conjured up by a 5 year old. Buy Sega? Who the hell says Sega is for sale to begin with. Lower the price? They already did. Rally third party support. Wow no one has ever thought of that before, very original. I’m suprised they didn’t put “buy Sony and Microsoft” on there.

      2. “9) isn’t necessary. 8, 5, 4, 3, and 1 are necessary. 2 is pointless.”
        2 is piontless cuz they really did lower the price of wii u and not they will not make the wii u loose its value by making it $200, it would make everyone think that nintendo are cheap-@$$’s and as for 3, gamefreak said they will stick to handhelds but they did not say they will not so there is a sliver of a possibility

        1. If they where to lower the price even further, it would be so that consumers would be more liable to make an impulse buy, when purchasing the next xbox one or ps4, which was explained in the video. They’ve pretty much lost every single person who has preordered one if those, and since 9/10 consumers only can afford one console, they are not likely to buy a Wii U when the price is this high. It’s simply not worth the asking price, in terms if value and games.
          If Nintendo where to lower the price, maybe even just for the holidays, a lot of xbox and ps fans would be more likely to do a quick impulse buy.

  1. Achievements would be nice in the long run, since when comparing cross-platform titles, many consider achievements to be a plus for one version over the other.

    Pokemon on Wii U is bound to be coming eventually. And Nintendo really needs it at this point to pick up sales.

    Unified accounts has all my yes.

    And Nintendo definitely needs to do more marketing. I mean, Pokemon XY-level marketing would be a nice place to start.

    1. I’m with you on that one, I enjoyed Wind Waker without achievements. I’ll enjoy 3D world without them.

      1. Me too. I hope they don’t use those because i don’t remember any game with good achievement system but i remember lots with find and collect tons of useless sh*t and play game thru without having any fun achievements.

        1. Wii U actually have pretty good achievement system already thanks to uplay and some in game achievements/stamps. If there was other achievements we should get somekind of rewards for those. (even when living in any part of europe)

          1. Yeah, it is inobtrusive though. I hate the other achievement systems. Blip “Playing for the first time”

  2. 10) Do achievements, but do Nintendo’s take on achievements, not just a carbon copy of other systems.
    9) That would save Sega more than it would save Nintendo
    8) Don’t know enough about this to comment
    7) They’re doing this
    6) Sure, but don’t bow down to these guys. Third parties do not sell Nintendo consoles. Wii U certainly does not need reams of multiplatform games – they’re not particularly useful.
    5) Yes, definitely.
    4) Yes, even more definitely
    3) Hmm, not so sure on this one. What kind of Pokémon game are you thinking. I honestly think that the franchise is most at home on portable consoles.
    2) Don’t lower the price if you can’t afford to lower the price! That’s not helping Nintendo at all!
    1) Well that just goes without saying.

      1. Don’t get 8 and 4. Can someone explain?

        And why achievements, I don’t miss them, they’re chaotic, they give you the feeling that you never completely complete a game.

  3. i wish they would offer all the old retro games on the e-shop. Just port them over and sell them cheap. consumers will be happy and I think Nintendo would make a nice profit on these.

  4. 10 – We are not Xbots or Sonyans and doesn’t add much to an already great game…
    9 – The alliance is good enough…
    8 – Nothing that has any real impact in overall stability…
    7 – We are perfectly in sync with them, no need for anything else…
    6 – Why rally most of these Third Class Forces if they don’t do the same for us?…
    5 – Already on their way…
    4 – Debatable but currently it would help more…
    3 – Already coming…
    2 – In Japan yes…
    1 – I think everyone agrees with this…

    1. I frankly think, though miiverse isn’t like an achievement system, but I’ve enjoyed it more than having a gamer score, I have a 360 & soon a Xbone for achievements. I don’t need Nintendo to be a clone… I like that RE Revelations has chievos on Wii U, but idk, if big N did something like it, but with their own spin, then cool.

  5. Achievements are smart. They are meaningless rewards for nothing. Yet, people (including myself) are proud and attached. Sure the Xbone/Ps4 are practically the same, but I have a gamerscore that I don’t want to lose. Something as simple as that helped make my choice between the two.

    I’d like to see a creative Nintendo spin on them though. Through in some Mii customization with them as well. Everyone loves dressing up their shit that no one really ever sees.

  6. Achievements were introduced in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, in the shaped of a guy giving you medals for things you would do anyway… No achievements, thank you very much.
    The others are good, except 3 since they don’t necesserely need Pokémon on the Wii U; they need good games/idéas in general. PokéPark for Wii was probably not the game that drowe most people to the console.

  7. I find it completely insane that they haven’t produced a legitimate Pokemon RPG game for the Wii U with online capabilities. Everybody and their mother would buy a Wii U just for that game, but Nintendo just gives the faulty reasoning that “Pokemon belongs on handheld.” Okay, Nintendo. I guess your consoles belong in warehouses.

    Another thing I’d like to add to that this is for Nintendo stop holding players’ hands. It seems like most of the games they’ve been putting out recently are insanely easy. I’ve never been so disappointed with a Pokemon game in all my life until I played through X and Y. It was fun and all, but damn, they’ve pretty much eliminated any challenge or need for effort in the series. NSMBU is another example. At least Luigi U offered a good challenge. I guess that’s my biggest complaint. Stop making your games so easy. Soon enough, I’m going to be agreeing with people who claim Nintendo makes “baby games,” because at this point, I think a toddler could get through their most recent titles. I can’t help but find this a bit alienating to those of us that have been playing Nintendo games since the NES days.

    1. X&Y being easy is probably because you left the exp-share on. i turned it off the whole game, and when i got to the champion my pokemon were in lvl 53, with theirs around 64. without the exp-share i would say it’s one of the harder pokemon games.

      1. I turned it off as soon as I got it, too. The game is still the easiest of the series without it. Starter Pokemon already know a decent move as soon as you receive them. All Pokemon who get sent out into battle get equal exp instead of them getting only a fraction. NPCs offer you Pokemon who are at the same level as the gym leaders at their respective points in the game. Mega Evolution. Ethers and max revives are common in breakable rocks. Pokemon Amie. The A.I. seems insanely toned down as well, especially rivals. The list goes on. I know Pokemon is generally targeted at a younger audience, but this one went all out. It didn’t even try to appeal to seasoned veterans of the franchise.

    2. I wonder if they could convert the Pokemon concept into an action RPG? This would differentiate it from the turn based portable entries.

  8. 10.- lol
    9.- this could be interesting just for Atlus
    8.- agreed, one of the best selling games don´t need that
    7.- why everyone now cares a lot about those flash shitty “games”? they don´t even sell
    6.- for the record, EA, ubisoft & activision are not the only third parties
    5.- actually they need less, there is a lot of nintendo studios working on new franchices, which make development harder for other games
    4.- agreed
    3.- it will come eventually
    2.- & lose more money? i dont think so, it´s better to work in bundles like the japanese ones
    1.- the best marketing is to ignore the “gamers”

  9. 10: Yes! Yes!
    9: Too expensive.
    8: What?
    7: Nintendo is giving away free licenses, aren’t they
    6: Maybe. More people with Wii U = more third party games..
    5: Should be nice
    4: Yes
    3: Hmm.
    2: No. Maybe later
    1: It’s getting better the last time

  10. 10. Achievements (I honestly think they should do this.)

    9. Buy SEGA (Not really necessary unless SEGA’s in a bad financial situation.)

    8. No Wii Sports passes (Yeah, they should just package the entire game and bundle it.)

    7. Rally the Indies (They’re already doing this.)

    6. Rally the Third Parties (Definitely should do this.)

    5. New Franchises (Miyamoto’s working on one, and I think Nintendo owns The Wonderful 101.)

    4. Unified Accounts (Please, Nintendo, do this.)

    3. Pokemon Wii U (I personally don’t care for Pokemon, but they should do this to increase sales.)

    2. Lower the Price. (They already did this, though…)

    1. Market yourself better (Nintendo DEFINITELY should do this.)

  11. 10. Achievements: Pointless.
    9. Buy SEGA: Just buying a few of their core franchises, not SEGA.
    8. No Wii Sports passes: Pointless.
    7. Rally the Indies: True.
    6. Rally the Third Parties: True.
    5. New Franchises: Miyamoto is already working on it.
    4. Unified Accounts: Agree.
    3. Pokemon Wii U: Agree.
    2. Lower the Price: Pointless, they already did that.
    1. Market yourself Better: Agree.

  12. They don’t need chaevemnts but they should put them in their own games, and offer a system for 3rd party devs. They should buy Sega but they should let Sega do their own thing (for the most part). The rest makes sence, but their doing that on their own already they need to step up their marketing, and be more aggressive. They already lowered the price, but they do need to make a Pokemon game that links to Pokemon x and y with a full open world like experience. Indie developers are key cattery to them like no ones business. And they should have bought blackberry wile they could have

  13. 11) Change the name to the Nintendo U

    12) Add Gamecube games to the e-shop

    13) Make an update that lets you use the Wii U pro controller as a classic controller for Wii games and Virtual Console games

    14) Bring more Nintendo franchises to the console like: Starfox, Metriod, Kirby, Paper Mario, Golden Sun, Mario Sports games and many more!

    15) Make more bundles like a special Mario edition Wii U with Mario 3D World packaged with it and (when it comes out) a Smash Bros Package too (Smash Bros Logo on the side and or on the Gamepad or something) with the game

    16) Lower the prices of Wii games (Wii U can play them)

    17) Change the interface so you can use the Wii U Pro controller and the Gamepad to change settings.

    1. Changing the name would be a dumb idea. It would help to differentiate the Wii U from the Wii, but in other respects it would confuse consumers even more!

  14. The wii u is 299.99 with game , and some extra stuff. They are taking 100 dollar loss i believe on each one(not postive) to get a next gen console ur going to spend over 500 dollars(including the ps4 do to tax reasons). The price is good for what is.

    1. The account system i agree with. As for new ips…Nintendo has a mountain of ips much more then micro and sony. The problem with making new ips is that if u make to many, others get neglected or toss off. The big three are all guilty of this. Sony tends to throw them away as if no one cared for it, microsoft kills them off if they don’t sell and nintendo kinda does a little of both. Sony killed off the parapa series, medevil, and so far my favorite series from jak and daxter seems to pushed aside. Microsoft kills their ips most of time that they bought like banjo and conker. Nintendo has 100 of ips that they never use. If nintendo wanted to they wouldn’t need that much third party(not saying they wouldn’t need it). Star fox could be third person shooter/ railshooter, metroid can be that atmosphere title ( similar to dead space and some of the original RE games)(or stick with the prime setting), F-Zero can be a hard freaking racing title, pikmin RTS, pokemon rpg, ssb fighter, animal crossing life simulator, mario the face and variety(mostly mario kart and platformers), DK a hard platformer, punchout puzzle arcade title, and ect. They have ips and I wouldn’t mind new ips once a while, but too many gets difficult to manage. One of many issues with new ips from nintendo is…they tend to get ignore…look at wonderful 101…nuff said.

  15. 10. Achievements – hahaha
    9. Buy SEGA – SEGA hasn’t made many great games lately…
    8. No Wii Sports passes – most people only had Wii Sports cause it came with the Wii…
    7. Rally the Indies – that would be pretty cool
    6. Rally the Third Parties – does anyone actually take 3rd party support into consideration when buying a Nintendo console?
    5. New Franchises – they aren’t using quite a few that they already have
    4. Unified Accounts – that would be good
    3. Pokemon Wii U – Maybe something like Colosseum or XD, but not a main series game or anything like Battle Revolution
    2. Lower the Price – they did
    1. Market yourself Better – they could have made “better marketing” the entire list honestly

  16. 10. Achievements – Someone mentioned doing something in Nintendo’s own way of doing things but I don’t know how that would look..
    9. Buy SEGA – I second this motion because they should be adding more recognizable franchises to their roster. It’ll give them access to Sega’s line of characters for future smash bros. Mario karts, and Mario parties as guest stars. I think Nintendo should seek out other companies on the dying or forgotten list, is Taito still in Microsoft hands? If not, they should snatch that up, they’d get Dig Dug and Bubble Bobble, Bub and Bob appearing in future Smash Bros games!!! That’d be awesome! :D
    8. No Wii Sports passes – Does not apply to me.
    7. Rally the Indies – Sure, but I think they are doing that already.
    6. Rally the Third Parties – Sure, but I think the third parties are a fickle bunch of cunts!
    5. New Franchises – Look at #9… absorbing other franchises from other companies would be in their best interest, and they have long ignored franchises or characters that are under their umbrella, HAL Laboratories, what happened to them. They had The Adventures of Lolo and so forth… F-Zero needs a come back, Star Fox needs a game and so does Kirby. They have other characters who’ve been long forgotten… Classic Kong and Kong Jr. Pauline only makes appearances the Mario Vs. Donkey Kong series.
    4. Unified Accounts – Fine whatever pleases the fans.
    3. Pokemon Wii U – Yes!!! How about a full on complete Pokémon experience, Pokémon Snap, with Coliseum and Battle.
    2. Lower the Price – I kind of agree on this one.
    1. Market yourself Better – They need to attract some star power to their commercials and have them shilling the heck out of their products, Robin Williams loves Zelda. Find out who else loves Nintendo and have them sell their products… Someone who is big right now. Channing Tatum would help sell to the fan girls!

  17. Yes. They need achievements. Anyone who says achievements are boring and dumb and pointless are all those things for saying that. Achievements increase the all in all longevity of the game. For example, I got 236 stars on SMG2 and came so close to completing it before I sold it. Lets say Wii would have had achievements, I’d have been a fool to do that because there would have been nice achievements to get by my name for completing the game. Say what you want, but Wii U looks to me so much more last gen than next gen. It isn’t even up to par with 360 and PS3 in terms of capabilities. You have to go to a freaking app to chat with a friend. Most games lack online. The system lacks key features that the hardcore fan base look for when selecting a system. Wii U is a sinking ship and Iwata is the captain.

  18. 10. YES¡ I always think giving more options is significantly better that give none.

    9. I prefer keep Sega as a good partner and with the money they could use to buy SEGA instead Buy: Konami, Capcom, Square Enix and Ubisoft.

    8. No Seasons pass to any games. This is not a contradiction to 10, selling things that does not exist yet, is alway a bad thing.

    7. YES¡

    6. Or Buy them as I point out in No. 9

    5. Look up.

    4. For Fuck sake YES¡

    3. They need to do something with Pokemon on console.

    2. Already Done.

    1. For Fuck sake YES¡ They need to fire the apologist and the meme guy and bring somebody that can actually do some things of this list

  19. 10. Achievements – Do they really need to?
    9. Buy SEGA – Would be helpful, yes.
    8. No Wii Sports passes – Agreed.
    7. Rally the Indies – Aren’t they already doing that?
    6. Rally the Third Parties – Yes.
    5. New Franchises – Yes.
    4. Unified Accounts – Isn’t that coming?
    3. Pokemon Wii U – Sort of defeats the meaning of ‘Pocket Monsters’, but would help nontheless.
    2. Lower the Price – No. Don’t be stupid.
    1. Market yourself Better – Yes.

    1. Achievements are a fundamental part of any game. They’re what keep you playing long after you’ve beaten a game & even if you’re not enjoying the experience. Gamers are lab rats to companies.

      1. Unbeknownst to some, Nintendo’s already incorporated this strategy in their video games. Mario Kart, NSMB2, KIU, etc. Pokemon also used the achievement system. As for 3rd party support, both Nintendo & their base are mostly to blame for backs turned.

  20. 10. Achievements? Not really important or necessary. This ain’t Xbox Live and doesn’t have to be.

    9. Buy Sega? I wouldn’t say “buy” but like a permanent partnership or “merger” as they call it. Sonic belongs best with Nintendo.

    8. No Wii Sports passes? A full bundle of Club at a low, fixed price with future DLC sports for $5 a pop wouldn’t hurt. Oh and add friends voice chat please?

    7. Rally the Indies? I agree. But its also happening and growing so I wouldn’t worry about Wii U indie support much.

    6. Rally the Third Parties? Seriously..Fuck the 3rd parties like backstabbing Ubisoft, biggest jackass EA and con artist Activison. They all had their chance and intentionally (without good reason) gave Wii U and gamers “the bird” so we should give the bird back. I say Nintendo should go find some new 3rd party friends or promote certain indie companies to become bigger.

    5. New Franchises? Yes. Nintendo needs fresh creativity. Just not another Wii Music BS.

    4. Unified Accounts? Hell yes! Along with multiple account systems where you can log into any multiple devices and redownload your purchases like how iTunes is done, this is a must and it must happen like..RIGHT NOW.

    3. Pokemon Wii U? Throw in PKMN Stadium 3 with online features, kick ass HD visual style, X/Y connectivities and you got a deal Nintendo.

    2. Lower the Price? Already been done since September 20th dummy. Current bundles from Nintendo at $300 is enough. But RETIRE THE WII ALREADY, especially that pointless Wii Mini.

    1. Market yourself Better? Yes. Make it like the good ol Wii days with a clever catchphrase and showcase all of the control options and gameplay varies. I wonder why they never repeated that same approach? But anyway Nintendo, please agressively advertise the Wii U much like Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

  21. Also, I agree with most of the list EXCEPT 9. Nintendo is losing money bad. Purchasing Sega would be a fools move. Say they purchase them and go much further in the hole than they already are. Sega’s titles aren’t super sellers. I can’t remember the last time a Sega game was number one in weekly charts. Buying Sega would increase Nintendo’s first party library. Thats the ONLY pro. Sales would remain staggering for Wii U.

    1. So you dont think any Atlus ip would do well with Nintendo? (Remember, sega owns ATLUS) imagine PERSONA 5 got announced EXCLUSIVELY for the Wii U. The gaming world would flip its shit!

  22. NOT in order of prefrence

    10) Pokemon Wii U
    09) Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2 on Wii Shop
    08) More Starfox, Metroid, and Golden Sun Games.
    07) Buy Sega
    06) Achievments
    05) An ACTUAL Pokemon RPG (like the handhelds) on a home console
    04) More Megaman Battle Network titles (6 left us at a cliffhanger… need a 7)
    03) More Megaman in General
    02) Make a Pokemon Stadium 3
    01) GBA Games on 3DS Virtual Console

  23. many of the points i agree with

    some i see as being pretty much useless or completely unimportant
    lowering the price for example is useless.. the UK, italy, germany and other EU countries have shown that it doesn’t increase sales
    and achievements.. well it can’t hurt i suppose but i regard them as very unimportant

    new franchises.. that depends.. they’ve tried with wonderful 101 and failed.. at the end of the day i think it’s not the new franchises that count but new gameplay.. and even if you have new gameplay, like with 101, it’s not a guarantee for success

    1. They are probably already working on that. The problem with Pokemon is that they said they WON’T work on it. It is SOOO STUPID! They are making Pikachu Detective crap instead of something millions would kill to play; a Pokemon Stadium/ Battle Revolution in HD!!!! If that game wouldn’t move Wii U consoles than nothing would.

      I would go ahead and even say that an HD Pokemon Stadium/ Battle Revolution crossover would be just as good, if not more exciting than Super Smash Brothers. Which is exactly why Nintendo needs to make it already!

      1. I think having another Stadium/Battle Revolution style game would be pointless. Battling on the big screen kind of loses its appeal when one of the big draws for it, the 3D graphics, is now in the handheld games. Take that away and all you have is a battle sim that’s basically glorified DLC for the main games, we need a full Pokemon experience that has the same length and depth as the main games and is actually worth the $60 you pay for it.

      2. nah something more than stadium or battle revolution.. a full fledged RPG like the pokemon games on handhelds are Oo

  24. this pretty much sums up all the major complaints. Achievements arent important though imo. And they’re doing a fantastic job with their indie support right now, which they should keep up!

  25. Here’s 10 more of my suggestions to improve Nintendo Wii U/3DS:

    11. Bring in more connectivity functions between 3DS/Wii U.

    12. Bring on the GameCube games in eShop.

    13. Eliminate a few annoying things: 1. Demo replay limit. 2. System transfer limit on 3DS. 3. Change the account system from system-lock to multiple/unified accounts. 4. Update Wii U to be more independent from Gamepad’s sometimes strict uses. I can’t use other controls to browse eShop or Netflix for Christ’s sake.

    14. Either make your consoles Region-lock Free and/or start releasing games/apps simultaneously worldwide for each region.

    15. Increase frequent releases of eShop and Virtual Console softwares and only release the good ones first/early. Shitty software comes later..far later in Wii U’s life.

    16. Bluetooth device paring. Wanna use wireless headsets for voice chat instead of using a tablet which its current battery life sucks worse than 3DS.

    17. Miiverse on 3DS and hopefully kill the infamous Friend Codes once and for all.

    18. SD Card storage uses directly on Wii U.

    19. Release new model with built-in higher capacity drive (128GB is enough)

    20. Sell the Gamepad individually at the right price ($80 maybe?)

    21. Direct Wii game start up from Wii U menu

    22. When the time is right, update Wii U OS to eliminate Wii’s dual OS to free up some RAM usage.

    Well, that’s pretty much all I can think of. lol

    1. The only thing wrong with selling the gamepad separately is not enough people would buy it when you only really need one. The only people who would buy the gamepad would be the people who broke the ones they got (which is a very, VERY small percentage of the Wii U owners). Nintendo is saving way more money by making people order a new gamepad through them directly.

    2. 11. This is another one of those things that I think would be nice, but not really necessary.

      12. Yes

      13. Yes to pretty much all of this.

      14. Region locking exists because it detracts from regional sales, so I can imagine them not doing this. The underlying problem here is that they have problems localizing games, so I think they need to fix this first.

      15. Eh, not really sure what to think about this.

      16. I don’t really care about this.

      17. This is being worked on, it needs to get here faster.

      18. Not really sure what this is.

      19. Yes

      20. There’s not much need for one, you only need to use one ATM (although later games might be able to support two), the only reason to buy one is to replace a broken one, which you can just contact Nintendo if you need to.

      21. I don’t really own a Wii U, so not sure what this is.

      22. In other words, remove backwards compatibility with Wii games? I suppose that would be good for a DSi sort of thing, but I don’t see this really helping much aside from improving the Wii U’s extra features.

  26. 10. Achievements – NO

    9. Buy SEGA – YES

    8. No Wii Sports passes – ……. I guess?

    7. Rally the Indies – Already done that

    6. Rally the Third Parties – That’s is the 3rd-parties decision, not Nintendo’s.

    5. New Franchises – YES

    4. Unified Accounts – YES

    3. Pokemon Wii U -YES!,YES!,YES!,YES!, YES!

    2. Lower the Price – Already done that. The Wii U is more than cheap enough.

    1. Market yourself Better – Most definitely

  27. 10. Achievements- It isn’t necessary, but would be nice.

    9. Buy SEGA- I definitely see this happening in the distant future.

    8. No Wii Sports passes- Not a big deal… I don’t see the problem with them.

    7. Rally the Indies- Yes, and Nintendo has been doing a pretty good job at it too.

    6. Rally the Third Parties- Yes, the BIGGEST thing Nintendo needs to do.

    5. New Franchises- Yes and No, make new franchises if they have a good idea, NOT just to “have new franchises.” They should definitely not start making new franchises if it means ignoring already existing franchises that we all know and love.
    4. Unified Accounts- YES! A definite must.

    3. Pokemon Wii U- Yes, Pokemon Company needs to stop with the “only on handhelds” crap. Get over yourself and make the goddamn game everyone wants.

    2. Lower the Price- No, I disagree, the Wii U has been lowered far too low if you ask me. Lowering the price even more and it’s like, what is the point of selling the console? They are already losing so much money with each one sold, they might as well just give them away for free at that point!

    1. Market yourself Better-Yes, this needs to happen.

  28. 10: No, Achievements are pointless pats on the back.

    9: Buy Sega? Sure why not.

    8: Wii Sports Passes should just be $5.

    7: Wii U hah the Indies…The Wii U was literally living off Indie games for a few months.

    6: Fuck off with 3rd party. Just Destiny and a Tales game from Namco. That’s all we need.

    5: That was done with Wonderful 101 and look what happened. FLOPPED. Bayo 2 and X though we will see.

    4: Yes we can agree on the unified accounts.

    3: Pokémon something will come to Wii U.

    2: Lower the price? IT WAS ALREADY LOWERED HOLY FUCK. you want it to be the Wii Mini for $100?

    1: Obviously.

  29. 10. Sure, why not? Achievements add replay value.
    9. You’re going to have to explain this one better, GT. How would that help in any significant way? The only thing SEGA’s really got going for it is Sonic, which would be yet another platformer that doesn’t really add anything new or interesting to Nintendo’s lineup.
    8. This is kind of annoying, but since it only really affects one game, I’m not as worried about it.
    7 and 6. That would definitely help.
    5. New franchises would always be welcome, especially if they go outside of Nintendo’s comfort zone. Nintendo’s insistence on constantly making family friendly casual games is hurting their image, showing some new genres or gameplay styles that speak to the hardcore gamer will change that. Or at the very least.
    4. Also helpful.
    3. Game Freak has said they don’t want to do this, but they really need to reconsider on this. Their insistence on Pokemon being a franchise that promotes face to face interaction is stupid, in this day and age internet communication is much more common and important, and handhelds and consoles are no different in that respect. A Wii U game that uses its internet in the gameplay would be just as good as any handheld game.
    2. Eh, I’m not really sure that’s necessary or helpful, people aren’t buying this thing because it lacks compelling software, not because it’s too expensive.
    1. Better marketing is always helpful.

    Game Trailers missed the most basic problem the Wii U has, that there’s no new, exciting games for it. I see a lot of rehashy games for this thing and too few new gameplay styles or innovative uses of the Gamepad. The most surefire way for Nintendo to market the Wii U’s usefulness is to show new games that have a next gen feel to them using the Wii U’s features, and I haven’t seen Nintendo even scratch the surface of their games’ potential. Some games I think could help with this:

    -New Metroid game, especially a Prime style game. The Gamepad has several interesting uses in this game, besides the usual map screen, they can use it for visor control, in particular, mapping Scan Visor control to the Gamepad would be helpful as it can allow you to read scans without grinding the gameplay to a halt) and to control Samus’ ship (while simultaneously controlling Samus, adding a sort of challenge to using the Command Visor).
    -I heard a good idea for a new Star Fox game from another video where you can use the Gamepad for a co-op mode, where one person controls the Great Fox on the Gamepad and the others control Arwings, and the person controlling the Great Fox can target enemies and set targets for the Arwings to take out.
    -New F-Zero game. Or at least some sort of racing game that isn’t a party oriented itemfest like Mario Kart is.
    -Remake of Super Mario Sunshine. The Gamepad would provide an interesting control scheme for using FLUDD, where you can use the Gamepad to aim.
    -Wii U Pokemon game. It would be somewhat of a spiritual sequel to Colosseum/XD, but more like the main games in terms of gameplay. You can catch and train Pokemon and explore regions much like you can in the main games, but without the badge quest that the main games have. Miiverse would also play a role in the gameplay.
    -I actually disagree with Game Trailers that Pokepark is a pointless game, I’ve seen Pokepark 2 and it has a lot of potential. The series’ appeal comes from exploring open world areas and more dynamic battles that we see on the main games, if they play to that the series could be a great addition to the Wii U. The mini games could be interesting for multiplayer and could use the Gamepad in interesting ways, though, so don’t get rid of that. Also, I want to see more bosses like Cofagrigus and Chandelure, where the mini game mechanics add a twist to some of those battles, those were really interesting. Also, more Pals, having multiple characters to play as is amazing, and they should expand this further for more possibilities for battling (Ice or Fairy type for Dragons, please, neither Pikachu nor any of the starters really stand a chance against them), and more exploration opportunities in the overworld (can we please get Fletchling or something so we can fly?).
    -This is kind of a random idea, but I’d like to see a Donkey Kong beat em up game (somewhat like God of War or the Werehog in Sonic Unleashed), I think the main series is kind of boring compared to other platformers and it needs something to stand out a bit more from the rest of Nintendo’s franchises. Adding beat em up elements seems like a natural way to do that (since DK himself is seemingly built for brawling), and it would fill another niche that Nintendo games have not yet explored and serve as a further counterpoint to the idea that Nintendo games are just for little kids. Not really sure if the Gamepad could benefit this style in any meaningful way, though

    These kinds of games IMO would be worth buying a Wii U for.

    1. A better Top 10 list:

      10. Achievements
      9. Full Pokemon RPG on the Wii U (no crappy DLC battle sims disguising themselves as full scale games, an actual RPG where we can catch and train Pokemon and explore areas)
      8. Gamecube games on the eShop
      7. Better online services
      6. Rally third parties
      5. New franchises
      4. Unify Nintendo accounts
      3. Bring back older, more hardcore Nintendo franchises like Metroid, F-Zero, and Star Fox
      2. Better advertising
      1. Make more compelling games (particularly ones that have interesting uses for the Gamepad)

  30. Lower the price? Nintendo is the cheapest gaming console on the market, try telling that to Microsoft

  31. 10. Pointless
    9. Pointless
    8. Pointless
    7. They are doing this
    6. Iwata already spelt it out that throwing money at 3rd parties is an unsustanable business model.
    5. People don’t buy them
    4. I totally agree
    3. You may have a point
    2. They already have.
    1. They are doing that now.

  32. 7 and 2 are already done.

    I think Nintendo just needs to encourage 3rd party devs to really push the Wii U hardware and if they bought SEGA then that would be a dream come true

  33. They need to focus on a core base of 3rd party devs to ensure that the Wii U hardware is fully utilised. Nintendo are on good terms with Capcom, Sega and Ubisoft.
    What they should be doing is making sure that the Wii U gets MH4, a new Resident Evil, Football Manager (or even talk about bringing SEGA SPORTS exclusively to Wii U) and actually pushing games like Rayman Legends.

    Rayman Legends was exclusive to Wii U, to make sure that it stayed exclusive Nintendo should have introduced a “Vs bundle” that included Rayman and NSMBU, basically introducing Rayman to Mario fans, it’s a perfect tie in. It would have moved consoles, raised the profile of Rayman and Ubisoft continues fully supporting Nintendo, everyone is happy.

    They should also have tried to approach Activision to get a COD bundle out with an all singing all dancing version of Ghosts and exclusive Wii U maps.

    It might not be a perfect strategy, but it’s a lot better than what they have right now.

  34. The main thing that they need to fix is 4. everything else is slowly coming along.

    8 is stupid because you also have the option it buy as well.

  35. And where is the thing about take over about region lock? Really nobody say anything about it? Looks like everyone enjoy a f*cking great game release on Japan and you don’t even could play the demo. 4. (Unified Accounts) its really necessary, 1 too, the others looks pointless without a good market or a well stable network with great set of games. Put down region lock would make possible much more games to be anounced to WiiU than build new first parties ones and turn the marked full of them.

  36. 10. If its linked with Club Nintendo, go for it.
    9.Mario and Sonic in the house of N could be good, but Sega should stay Sega by itself. Buy the Sonic franchise.
    8.Keep it the way it is for now.
    7.GT doesn’t know that every kickstarter indie game has a Wii U stretch goal.
    6.Didn’t Iwata address this earlier in the week?
    5 and 4.Working on that
    3.We haven’t got DK or Metroid yet, plus Pokemon U should be an MMO. which takes lots of time.
    2.HELL NO.
    1.HELL YES
    and GT forgot Voice Chat, with could be utilized through the Wii U chat function. Video chat or Voice chat should be options.

    1. “Mario and Sonic in the house of N could be good, but Sega should stay Sega by itself. Buy the Sonic franchise.”

      As if SEGA is worth anything else at this point.

      “We haven’t got DK or Metroid yet, plus Pokemon U should be an MMO. which takes lots of time.”

      Tropical Freeze says hi. We really need a Metroid game, though, it baffles me as to why Metroid wasn’t one of the first franchises they thought of when creating the Gamepad.





  38. 10. Achievements: NO
    9. Buy SEGA: Stupid Idea
    8. No Wii Sports passes: Cheaper different way to buy something
    7. Rally the Indies: Already doing it
    6. Rally the Third Parties: Don’t need
    5. New Franchises: One IP is being developed by Miyamoto and we had them on 3Ds
    4. Unified Accounts: Best Idea
    3. Pokemon Wii U: Don’t need
    2. Lower the Price: Already did
    1. Market yourself Better: Right on

    1. @tagrush i do agree and i sorta replied to some one about 3 and 2 so let nintendo do their thing but also we do have to keep an eye on them so they dont stray from the path of making great games and great prices i.e. capcom (see umvc3), ea (dont need to explain), infinite ward (bombarding dlc left and right). 6 should be encouraging without pestering and let them go to nintendo when they do wanna make games for them and not going the microsoft route (forcing devs to utilize the spybot in every game)

  39. Buy SEGA pls, Nintendo pls, Sonic and Persona will be second party and that’s too badass to let it go.

  40. Am I the only person that believes only number 1 is of any significance? the rest are pointless, void, or downright ridiculous.

    1. Yes, because Achievements are not significant at all. The most important ones would obviously be Rallying Third Parties, Unifying the 3DS and Wii U accounts and Marketing themselves better. If anything the list should have added “Removing region block.”

      Buying SEGA and making a Pokemon RPG on Wii U are things that Nintendo SHOULD do, but aren’t “significantly particular” to Wii U success.

    1. It’s funny when people think “Gamer Score” means something. Especially when all people do is cheat for it anyway. Achievements are stupid to say the least.

      1. For me, it’s not so much the gamer score as it is an extra set of challenges just for the hell of it. I don’t really think that aspect of it is stupid, it adds replay value to the game.

  41. 2 and 9 are the only ones I don’t agree with.

    2, because Sega is a fantastic company that has made many grand multiplatform games so it would be a situation that I, as a multiplatform gamer, wouldn’t want to see happen unless Sega felt that they HAD to go to someone, in order to stay afloat.
    Better Nintendo than anyone else, if only for Sonic’s sake.[Colors and Lost World are fantastic]

    9, because they’re already selling the console at a price lower than what it is actually worth, now that it’s getting games worth having.
    Any lower than it currently is, and it would be driving Nintendo even deeper into a financial pit. I don’t want to see them end up in debt like Sony and Microsoft have been so many times.

  42. Pokemon is ment to be a mobile expirience (official pokemon rpg not spin offs like battle revolution) so I doubt itwill ever happen and honestly I don think it would work well on a console.

  43. They already lowered the price, the NSMBU bundle is a great deal. Achievements… Meh, I’m like getting them on my 360, but miiverse is such a unique way to approach the idea. Buy Sega? Maybe? Marketing yes, Polemon, yes.

  44. Put achievements. I always get my Third Party games on PS3 because of them. I want an actual reason to buy a 3rd Party game for the Wii U

  45. Let’s throw my tuppence into the ring here:

    10. Achievements – Would be a nice touch, but not really required per se. It won’t detract from the overall gameplay experience if they didn’t exist. Debatable though.

    9. Buy SEGA – If only to obtain Atlus? Nintendo would’ve bought Atlus outright if they really wanted to. Whatever money would be needed to buy Sega should be kept for expanding their internal development teams.

    8. No Wii Sports passes – I don’t care. They can have a free-pass here, just as long as they don’t try that shit out on the real decent games.

    7. Rally the Indies – Already doing so. A crapton of Indie games coming out.

    6. Rally the Third Parties – While I’d want this to happen, Nintendo is stoic in its methodology, one which most third-parties don’t wish to follow.

    5. New Franchises – Again, they’re already doing this. Funding new IPs also counts to this.

    4. Unified Accounts – Absolute must.

    3. Pokemon Wii U – Would be good, but if Game Freak are adamant on not wanting to pursue that avenue, it won’t happen.

    2. Lower the Price – While they’ve already done so, if they were to, just over the Christmas period, take another fifty off of that price, they might close the year off fantastically well.

    1. Market yourself Better – #TooLegitToQuit.

    Pretty good list overall.

  46. 10. Achievements – unecessary. online rankings are enough
    9. Buy SEGA – that would be great. Sega games would benefit from a jump in quality
    8. No Wii Sports passes – yep. just give us the complete game for a cheap price
    7. Rally the Indies – they´re already doing it successfully
    6. Rally the Third Parties – it doesn´t depend on Nintendo. It´s up to third parties to work or not.
    5. New Franchises – Nonsense. Nintendo always develop new franchises.
    4. Unified Accounts – They´re already working on it.
    3. Pokemon Wii U – No way. Pokemon should stay handheld. Spin-offs are welcome, though
    2. Lower the Price – already done.
    1. Market yourself Better – Agreed. they could invest a little more on advertsiment

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