Super Mario 3D World Will Include Plenty To Do After Finishing The Game

super mario 3d world

We’ve already heard that the long-awaited Super Mario 3D World will roughly take around eight hours to finish and is fairly easy, but it appears as though there’s plenty of post game content similar to that of the fantastic Super Mario 3D Land. Several reviewers have stated that finishing the game isn’t finishing it at all as there’s plenty of other activities to do once the credits roll.

“I won’t spoil anything, but anyone who has played 3D Land, knows that finishing the game is really not finishing it at all. That’s all I can say.”

“It’s a lot longer than 8 hours, folks. I can’t really say much more than that, but don’t worry.”

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  1. Probs get to play as Waluigi or Wario or something and do everything again, like it’s the green stars in SMG and the New Super Luigi Bros

      1. Waluigi was originally just made to be a partner for Wario in Mario Tennis 64. He’s probably my least favorite Mario character.

    1. was there much doubt, Mario has always been known for the post game secret/star/bonus world levels I will expect to see at least 9 worlds

      1. Indeed…

        But these trolls and Sonyans have such bad memory capacity that they make a goldfish proud of itself…

        1. How right you are NC haha, which reminds me why don’t we add each other to the 3DS brotherhood list

          1. Sure, it’s just too bad the Swapnote doesn’t work anymore…

            But here is mine: 0430-8479-4689

  2. I wouldn’t consider playing all the levels again with just slight differences as “plenty to do”. And you can’t deny that this is what Nintendo understands as making a long lasting game, they’ve been doing this for decades, the earliest entry I can remember is Super Mario World on the SNES. I remember how I could play all the levels again, just in different colors. The same with 3D Mario games, who doesn’t remember the green stars in Super Mario Galaxy. Or collecting 100 coins in every level on Super Mario 64.
    Anyhow, I don’t really consider that as plenty to do, because it’s just doing things you’ve basically done before already once again. It’s not like we get to see anything new.
    I’m honestly tired of Nintendo making their games incredibly easy and not lenghty at all. They care so much for the casual market that they’ve forgotten about us, the real fans and supporters. Sad to see what they’re becoming, to be honest.

    1. plenty do do deos’nt mean somthing new. plenty to do means to complete the game to 100% its like trying to get achivments on all the xbox and ps – This is Gamer, Peace Out

      1. I don’t know where I’ve said I knew “exactly” what’s waiting for me. Maybe that’s because I’ ve never said such a thing. But as someone who’s been playing video games, including pretty much all of the major Mario games and quite a few non-major ones, for nearly 20 years now, I am very well capable of having a rough idea of what might be awaiting me after finishing the story.

    2. You do know he could be talking about a special world. The hard mission sm world we’re not “reskins” They offered challenge compared to most of the game. Mario has always been for casual players, why do people keep forgetting this. Programing and design could make the games hard the actually game was not that hard. Mario job is made up nostalgia, introducing new comers to gaming and to be a face. The only mario game I consider hard is lost levels. Those 100 coin mission were bit of drag but they did offer a longer experience through pain. The green stars were not as bad I thought that was pretty fun especially once unlock the final galaxy. Again yes mario is easy series, but that doesn’t means it not fun it was never ment to ball busting hard. A special world is going to offer some challenge if they do it like 3D land.

      1. True, many gamers forgot the age they started to play Mario, so is it they want Mario to change for “them”. It’s great the game can be played by all ages, it’s timeless. ( This from a person with all Mario games and still enjoy all of them )

  3. boy, i dont know why ppl complained about fast speedruns
    even through Super Mario 64, this has been present on all games. 75 stars are easy to get, the 120 it was a little more challenging
    As for now, all mario games are challenging but at the end, there is always something else to do

            1. The hardest bosses in any main Mario game was in Mario Sunshine…

              But those are still easy…

              1. Yeah I just replayed SMS about a month ago and beat bowser in one go. They should definitely try to make it harder. If you watched the game grumps series on sunshine though, they struggled. It may be because they sucked at it though lol. However, I do remember that level when the Piantas had to chuck you. That was frustrating.

                  1. I would hardly call the Game Grumps reviewers or testers though. Maybe if they actually tried to play a game once, it would turn out better. xD

            2. But that fight was probably the most memorable especially with the first and final Bowser fight in 64. :)

              1. Yeah they were very memorable. I still reminisce about those battles. They were easy, but epic. The music in the final battle was awesome as well.

  4. Never doubted it for a second. This is EAD Tokyo for crying out loud, of course there would be a shit ton more content than just “the main story”.

  5. Who the heck cares about extra content or “things to do” after the main game is over with? I NEVER play a game once the main story is finished. I grow bored and want to move on to something else. The only reason it would be worth trying to unlock everything and complete the game 100% is if it somehow changed the story and something different happened.

    1. u never beaten the 8 special worlds in 3D land.”Who the heck cares about extra content or “things to do” after the main game is over with?” Uhhh Most people tend to like more content after the story is done so they have a reason to come back or keep on playing. U can beat the story mode in galaxy after getting 60 stars did u not get all of them or did u just stop at after u beat bowser. Plus its a mario game the story are usually not that long and extra stuff comes after u beat the game. Just because u don’t think its good doesn’t mean others don’t find it good.

      1. Actually, I got every star in Super Mario Galaxy 2 except the final green star on that 1-hit death stage. It was too hard and I gave up ever trying again. I don’t have the patience I had as a kid.

      2. But in 3D Land, I didn’t give a crap about going back and finding all the secrets after I beat it. It was too boring to me. And boring games are always caused by the difficulty being too easy.

        1. If that’s true then you literally missed out on half of SM3DL, the much better half for that matter!

        2. That’s where the game got much harder you also had to unlock luigi, out run cosmic Mario, wacky level design and speed run. That’s what many people loved about 3d land the second half

          1. He does make a good point. After you beat 3DL that’s pretty much it. It’s not like completing the game 100% will add or take from the story. The Specials are more challenging, but even they’re easy to overcome. & U can’t deny 3DL stages were very short.

  6. 8 hours with Mario, 8 hours with Luigi, 8 hours with Peach, 8 hours with Toad, 8 hours with my family playing all at one, and now this game has reach more than 40 hours of replay value.

    1. It’s still so easy your diaper wearing grandma & special ed little sister can beat, but there’s more to do!

      More to do!

  7. I think Mario games are fair bosses. I enjoy the bosses. But I wish they would slow down with the extra lifes. You’ll end up with 50 lives and not care about dying.

  8. “Similar to that of the fantastic Super Mario 3D Land” – code word for stay the hell away from this trash.

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