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Senran Kagura Burst Set To Release On North American eShop November 14

Fans of the side-scrolling action series Senran Kagura will be pleased to hear that the anime brawler will be rushing into the North American eShop this week. Developed by Tamsoft and published by Marvelous AQL and XSeed Games, Senran Kagura Burst was previously announced for a release this fall as a downloadable title only for North America – Europe will receive both digital and physical releases in 2014 – and features both Skirting Shadows and Crimson Girls storylines. XSeed has also published the game’s launch trailer featuring the big-busted female brawlers – which you can see above. Senran Kagura Burst will launch on the Nintendo 3DS on November 14. Is this something you’ll be picking up?


    1. I have 20 3ds games now and I plan on having about (atleast) 50 after the 3ds is done. But since this download only I wont pick it up… Did not pick up Ace attorney dual destinies because it was download only. I loved all the previous ace attorney games but I just have no motivation to buy a game without box.
      The most fun I have is unboxing the game and keeping the game as a trophy…
      To bad. I might have picked this up if they had a physical release.


      1. And I do not want to pick up the European version (Even though I have 7 European 3ds) because the European box is fat and ugly and it would ruin my collection.


  1. I hope there’s a physical release in the U.S., but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Maybe I’ll buy it when I’m done with ALBW and 3D World.


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