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Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai has posted a new screenshot from the Wii U installment of Super Smash Bros. on Miiverse along with a caption. Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U is slated to be released in 2014, and rumors suggest that it could come as early as May. With so many characters and features still yet to be revealed for this latest installment in Nintendo’s blockbuster franchise, what do you hope to see in the Wii U version of the game?

“Pic of the day. Here are the familiar capsules–these guys deserve a prize for being in every single game. We gave them a cute redesign by shortening their length a bit.”


    1. Smash Bros will be 1st half of 2014. Sakurai has been busting his ass. Might only be the 3DS Version 1st. With Namco helping and him having 3 Smash Games under his belt dev time has been INSANLELY sped up. Now we might get a typical Nintendo delay lol. Which could be Smash Bros 3rd quarter of 2014. But it definitely wont be Q4 of 2014.

    1. Made my day. Thanks commander. Elop = Mattrick’s twin brother. Everywhere they go, they wreck havoc. Hope they get hired by EA as well.

      1. Your welcome!

        Indeed, let’s hope they push the “Self-Destruct Button”…

      2. You sound exactly like the anti-Nintendo trolls that frequent this site, you know. Nintendo fans deserve a better leader.

      3. If Xbox dies then that will just mean Playstation 3rd party exclusives. I don’t blame Nintendo for not paying crazy money for 3rd parties but it’s a sh*tty system.

      4. Well if the Xbots get eradicated, then forces like the Electron Army will surely fall and we are better off without those corrupt ones…

      5. Urg, you had to mention EA didn’t you? You know it brings on my eczema ; )

      6. If Xbox dies, then either no more Multiplats or all multiplats will be Wii U and PS4 as well as PC.

    2. Hey commander I bet you that was harder to find compared to “Wii U is doomed articles.” Having 60% of COD sells to 360 could hurt the bone even more

    3. Im glad you posted this Commander, Ive been stressing this point alot these past few weeks…. What a glorious day when xbox is sold. Maybe Nintendo can pickup the whole bundle on the cheap. At the very least they can buy Rare’s glorious ip’s, but it would be nice to have some of their in-house game developers that are familiar with HD, years of R&D and controller.

  1. What I HOPE they do for the Wii U version is make that shit different from the 3ds version. The Wii U version can have so many more characters than 3ds but they want to be idiots and put the same characters in both making the 3ds version a better deal. LIMITING the wii U version because of the 3ds isn’t fair in the slightest and is just idiotic. Personally I would cancel the 3ds version and go all out on the console version but hey that’s just me

    1. I really hope they make them work both alone and together…

      And I really hope to the only N they are not limiting the Wii U version’s potential…

    2. If the 3DS can handle like 700 good quality Pokémon models all with their own animations, I’m sure it can handle as many characters that are in Smash on Wii U.

      1. 700 STIFF Pokemon models. The Pokemon models lack alot of movement, they aren’t in action doing crazy moves and or jumping everywhere so there’s a difference.

      2. I’m pretty sure 700 pokemon models with movement and who knows how many move animations can equal more than 60 smash bros characters and items. -_-

      3. Wii U version needs ice climbers. If 3DS can’t handle 8 ice climbers doesn’t mean Wii U version shouldnt get them. They should have rehashed Brawl for 3Ds instead.

    3. You don’t understand how technology works do you. The 3DS doesn’t effect the Wii U version what so ever. People have this impression that just because the 3DS doesn’t have a lot of power the characters will be limited and that’s not true. Pokémon X and Y has more then 700 pokemon models all with different movements. What is limited on the 3DS is what can go on at one time. Wii U version will probably have more stages that move and have more hazards while the 3DS has stages like Nintendogs and super Mario 3DS land where not much detail is added. That’s why I think that spirit tracks stage was made like if it was on the DS graphics to save up the download amount for the characters. I think Mario Kart 7 has something to do with why people think that way. Mario Kart 7 still could have had more characters but maybe the developers didn’t want to increase the download size or wanted to work on some other project.

      1. Yea that doesn’t explain how the Wii U WONT BE LIMITED. Comman sense shows that the Wii U hardware is 100 times more capable than the 3ds hardware meaning once the hardware space is at its limits with the 3ds version they will stop pushing the Wii U hardware meaning the Wii U will be LOOSING OUT thanks to the 3ds

      2. With more power comes more graphical additions increasing the file size. The 3ds doesn’t have to add that much graphical additions keeping the file size low. You have to think in how the developers are averaging out every thing to keep Smash looking it’s best on Wii U and smash on 3DS the some as Wii U just not with those lighting effects, textures, stages sizes, item amounts, you name it.

      3. The whole thing is that development for the 3ds version will hold back what the Wii U can truly offer because then they won’t have to worry about “how can we give the same experience, same characters etc” none of that would matter if it’s only developed for Wii U. The Wii U would be “limitless” while the 3ds will hit its limits much much sooner than the Wii U

      4. It me give you another example since you still don’t understand. Bayonetta 2 can be made on the 3DS but guess what those amazing graphics are going to be down graded, there probably want be that much building in the background and so on. A better example is Monster Hunter considering it’s been release on both Wii U and 3DS. Wii U looks good while 3DS not so good. Nintendo has an advantage because the Wii U version of Smash 4 is going to be different than Smash 4 on 3DS. Their gong to have different stages and who else knows what they’re gong to do different.

      5. Ignoring that Lost Worlds for Wii U flopped compared to 3DS version at least making top 20.

      6. Yea and that’s because they wanted to make it for both systems and make the experience similar which is dumb since the Wii U version could have pushed out way more. But that’s what happenes when you want to LIMIT the Wii U version thanks to the 3ds

      7. Wow I think that you’re the one that doesn’t understand the fact that the Wii U will be limited if it’s hardware limits are stooped once the 3ds hardware reaches is limits. Also those examples you gave just show that the 3ds version is always LESS than the Wii U version. why ? Because the 3ds hardware can’t handle as much as the Wii U hardware.

      8. It’s like you didn’t read a word a typed. When the day comes don’t say I didn’t Told you so.

      9. Dude. There IS NO CROSS PLAY between the Wii U and 3DS versions. You can’t play someone online using your Wii U, while they use the 3DS, or even in the same room. They are COMPLETELY SEPARATE games, and the Wii U version DOES NOT have to stop once the 3DS is maxed out? How hard is that to understand? They will ONLY be able to share minimal data with each other. Again, completely different levels, completely different graphical style. The ONLY thing that is similar, is the amount of characters and which characters are in the games. The detail in the levels, characters and items ALONE in the Wii U version are ALREADY beyond what the 3DS can do, so clearly the power of the 3DS is not a factor. It couldn’t even run one stage and 4 characters using the Wii U version’s graphics and models.

      10. These aren’t going to be the EXACT same games…. ugh. What they need to do is release both games and then have different dlc on top that forks them in different paths with different unlockable locations/characters.

      11. You do realize the 3DS can pretty much put out graphics about on par with the Wii, (Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D) and that both games use completely different styles, and have completely different levels. The games have minimal interface, and the difference in graphics or power don’t affect that whatsoever.

      12. It would have been better if Reggie never said this at E3 and Nintendo just ecpericed this personally themselves first. That way they would have just pulled the plug on handheld version without Reggie looking like a dumbass.

    4. I wish they just put Brawl or Melee on 3DS instead. But since its also coming to 3DS I am getting the 3DS version as will as Wii U.

    1. No. They just redesigned the capsules to look smaller. I’m afraid it will probably carry items like the rest of them unfortunately.

  2. I want to the Wii U version of the game to be the best version, not hindered by the co-development and limitations of the 3DS.

    Who the hell asked for that anyway?

      1. Because of 3DS version I hope that doesn’t mean less items in the game or appearing at once

    1. There are more of you? HOLY COW. People. Wake up. They are 2 separate games, and the Wii U version is NOT based on 3DS limitations! Do you honestly believe the 3DS could possibly even handle ONE Wii U stage, with 4 Wii U character models and items? No. It can’t. They are NOT tied together like that. You cannot play someone who is using the 3DS version with your Wii U. They don’t link like that. They link more like Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion did, if anything. Good lord. How is this confusing?

      1. Ignoring Nintendo said SSB4 was getting less characters because of 3DS version.

      2. Also ignoring Ice Climbers may not be on neither version if 3DS can’t handle 8 climbers.

  3. Excited for this game. Still waiting for confirmation on Captain Falcon being in it though. I wanna Falcon punch some fools on the go lol

    1. I think Black Shadow, Blood Falcon or Samurai Goroh should be playable as well on this Super Smash Bros. If they want more female characters, I’ll suggest Jody Summer.

  4. Introducing the new…smash capsule. With our new innovative design, we were able to reduce the size, and diminish the weight by 32%, all while keeping the same features as the old capsule. Throw it at your enemies and see what’s inside.

    On a serious note, May is not too far, hope those rumors are true.

  5. It sucks that the 3DS version of the game will limit the Wii U version in terms of content AND sales… The Wii U could have benefited immensly from having this game as an exclusive. Also, it makes no sense that Nintendo gladly develop a portable version of Smash Bros., but refuse to develop a Pokemon RPG for their console. Ugh..

    1. 3 of you? Please explain HOW the 3DS could POSSIBLY hold the Wii U version back in content? They do not support crossplay. They have different levels and graphic styles. The 3DS version could easily be as big as Brawl, so content will not be a problem. The 3DS couldn’t even handle one Wii U level with 4 Wii U character models, so clearly, it’s not holding the Wii U back at all. Sales? It might have an impact, but a game like Smash Bros will always be better on your TV.

      1. Ignoring ice climbers may not be on Wii U because 3DS may not be able to handle 8 characters.

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