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Nintendo Network ID’s Coming To Nintendo 3DS And Miiverse In December Update


Nintendo of America has confirmed that a new Nintendo 3DS 3DS system update supports Nintendo Network IDs and lets users combine WiiU and 3DS eShop balances. The new Nintendo 3DS system update also adds support for Miiverse on 3DS. Nintendo of America has yet to say when the update will be going live.

A December system update will allow users to register their Nintendo Network ID for Wii U on their Nintendo 3DS systems and combine Nintendo eShop account balances. This will enable them to purchase Wii U software using the remaining balance on their Nintendo 3DS eShop accounts, and vice versa. Nintendo 3DS owners who do not own a Wii U system can also create their own Nintendo Network ID for the first time. This system update will also mark the beginning of Miiverse support on Nintendo 3DS. With a Nintendo Network ID, users will be able to connect with other players around the world to share their experiences and game tips through Miiverse on Nintendo 3DS.



  1. Awesome! I have been looking forward to this for a while! I thought that Nintendo would have waited till later to announce this, because of what happened with Swapnote/Letter Box.


    1. This basicly fixes that problem, since people can be banned. Hope we get swapnote back now (not that we need it, with Miiverse)


      1. I’m pretty sure they had this in mind when they dropped the swapnote service. With miiverse you can send messages straight to other people on your friends list! Although I do hope they bring back the drawing with two layers in 3D thing somehow. …Also the miiverse messages are pretty crammed. Eh. There’s a lot to be desired but I hope it works out


    1. I would say this is the second step to getting a full account system. First was when a long time ago, had people link with the Nintendo Club accounts. All your purchases are viewable there and Nintendo has a record and receipt of what you bought cause of it in a Database. They have even restored games to peoples systems after they are stolen or destroyed (broke beyond repair).


      1. Actually make that 3rd. I almost forgot about how they are moving both divisions, console and portable, under one roof.


    1. All that was said was “next month”. So Dec 1-31. Knowing Nintendo, they’ll pump it out between Christmas and New Years, since they like to wait till the end of the month when they give a vague month release date.


      1. He said “Super Mario World”, Not Super Mario 3D World. I think you’ll agree that the 3DS is perfectly capable of running SNES games.

        That said, the answer is still no… for now.


      2. Oh, my bad…
        Yeah, but as they have the same button layout on the 3DS as on the GBa and SNES, i hope both those come to 3DS VC. They should also have a unified save system when they get unified VC games!


    1. no… unified. meaning your ID will be tied together and your balances will be combined. wii U e shop games and 3ds games wont merge. in the same shop


    1. should work so, for the games are now tied to a account, and not to your 3DS, although i would wait untill they clearly announce that, just to be on the save site


    1. Don’t need to be in the browser, but it can hopefully be like the browser, friend list and notifications, and be opened while playing! But I don’t know if the 3DS can handle that.


  2. What about the people / friends i have on my 3DS already, are they automatically added to this MiiVerse system ?

    The 90+ friends i have i have NO way to contact them at all now SwapNote has shut down.


    1. hopefully when your friends get their network IDs transferred to the 3DS or create a new one it will be automatically replace their friend code number that is on your 3dS. If this is the case then you can contact them via Miiverse on the 3dS.


  3. So eshop accounts are getting connected to the Nintendo network ID right? So does that mean they’re unified? Like if my Wii U or 3DS break, get stolen/lost I can get a new system Transfer my NN ID to them and re-download everything onto them?


    1. Actually according to Nintendo this now possible. I had an error transfering my 3DS games and ambassador stuff to my new Zelda 3DSXL when ALBW came out.. They told me this use to not be possible but with upcoming changes they made it was. After giving proof of who I was through my Nintendo Club eshop purchases; The next day I had all my stuff. Including my Ambassdor games and status. So there is technically accounts through nintendoclub at this time as long as ur digital purchases are registered. I do hope this will unify it further with the nintendo network I’d though.


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