Mario Party: Island Tour Release Date Announced For Europe

mario_party_characters2Nintendo has just announced the release date for Mario Party: Island Tour. European fans will be able to get their hands on the Nintendo 3DS party title on January 17, 2014, which was delayed earlier this year. If you’ve not yet seen the newest commercial for the game, you can view it here. Mario Party: Island Tour will be available for North America later this month. 


  1. I’il pass. This game is the complete opposite of what i wanted in the next Mario party after 9. I expected them to go back to the old formula party boards that were actually FUN. instead they’re making individual boards that are likely to become boring after one play. I bet the new boards are total bullshit too, in Mario party 9 you could go from first to last in one turn. This series has definitely gone down the shitter.

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