Suda51 Says That Nintendo Consoles Are “Very Important To Us”


While Suda51 hasn’t come out with a game for a Nintendo home console since 2010’s No More Heroes 2 for the Wii, he says that Nintendo consoles are very important to him and that making a game for the system is always a possibility. While his previous titles did not sell well on the Xbox 360 and PS3, his studio has continued to announce games for the PS4 and Xbox One. If Suda51 returns to the Big N, should he make a fresh start with something brand new for the Wii U or should he make yet another sequel in the No More Heroes series?

Thanks for the tip Svenson.

“Yeah of course, it’s a possibility. I guess we haven’t really announced anything yet for Wii U, but for 3DS we had Liberation Maiden.. consoles from Nintendo are always very important to us.” – Suda51



  1. No more heroes games were great, so i hope he has something for WiiU. Seriously No more heroes games arent as popular as they hould be imo.


    1. Dude, what’s with your vendetta against Xbox, Why can’t a company make games for Xbox one and say they find Nintendo important without having their credibility questioned?

      The way you talk about Xbox and their fans most of the time, it’s like they did something horrible to you personally.


      1. Anyone supporting a company that wants to take away rights from people deserves nothing more than a back turned on it…


      2. While that’s very good of you, are we certain that their objective is to take away the rights from people, or is this merely conspiracy and sensationalism?

        If this has to do with all the problems that people were complaining about with the xbox one announcement, I’m certain their goals were more misguided than malicious. I don’t think they’re all that bad as a company in that they have any bad intentions.


  2. Japanese developers can’t ignore the wii u. It will get steam rolling there first and with those games Nintendo will reinforce the wii u on the other markets.


    1. I hear gta5 is already on pirate bay to download but you already knew that cuz you would be playing your PC if it did not had the 18 gigs of malware lol.



    one second he says he is a troll and just says bad sht about he Wii U and others he just chillin with the competent fans on this site and having articles like this posted, granted its not good or bad news but its important since Suda still has major interest in Nintendo

    stop Fucking with me Sven


      1. well gay does mean happy so I guess I am happy

        and what Hashtags are those? Cause I don’t think they are real man

        also your comment makes no sense to what I was sayin


  4. Nice! I said this years ago that his games will not sell well on other platforms because he was hoping to get sales like Call of Duty and I thought he was was ridiculous. Most people that play PS3 and Xbox 360 don’t care to play his weird off beat titles. That’s where the Nintendo market comes in.


      1. Not based upon the Nintendo community I have met. Yeah there are definitely some Nintendo fans that will not play mature rated games but most of the Nintendo fans if not all the ones I have met will also play M-rated third party titles as well.


    1. You guys obviously never get any vagina. You really need to get laid so you can relax and stop spewing so much hate.. We can all tell it has been building up for you guys @youthought @ icecream @redlioneye


      1. defense myself from what exactly, some fucking dumbass’s incredibly retarded comment. also nice projection at the end. it makes sense now why I’ve always thought you as a stupid degenerate.


  5. I think the problem is Suda51 doesn’t make anything “important” to Nintendo fans. Actually, I don’t think the company makes anything important to anyone! They make nothing enticing at all. What is “No More Heroes” anyway?


    1. It’s a gem. The games are very fun especially on hard mode. The boss fights are the most intense and memorable moments. It’s very easy to lose and when you win it’s very satisfying.


  6. The first nmh game was just amazing. So many subtle things were just spot on! Definitely one of the top 5 Wii games. Nmh 2 was rather pointless, but it had its moments.


  7. The Wii U is the baby console of choice so why should he bother with it. If he planning on making “Super Mario Diapees 3D World-U” then by all means go for it lololol. The Wii U will continue to only get baby games from Nintendo and indie shovelcrap games, that all that it’s good for. COD Ghosts sold like 5 copies on the Wii U, the 5 idiots who got a Wii U thinking that the Wii U is “hardcore” lolol. If they want to get an online game going all 5 of them have to get on at the same time lolol. The Wii U got games, baby games that is.


  8. Yet another dumbass studio giving doubts of Nintendo and quickly learn to find out that their sales suck horribly on other platform they think would gain them profits.

    And didn’t Suda 51 just talk shit about Wii U a short time ago? lol How funny irony can be at times like this. Now this shows 3rd parties are slowly changing their tunes and crawling back to the one system they shamelessly and pointlessly bashed because its not what they hoped but definitely not weak as they blindly claimed.


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