Daily Super Smash Bros. Screenshot Showcases Mario Galaxy Stage


The latest screenshot for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U shows off Starship Mario from the newest Mario Galaxy stage, as revealed by Masahiro Sakurai on Miiverse. The latest installments of the Super Smash Bros. series are set to be released simultaneously on the Wii U and 3DS sometime in 2014. This is the first time that the Mario Galaxy games have featured in the franchise. How do you think the stage looks?

“Starship Mario floats up high in the Mario Galaxy stage. Lubba is on board as well.” – Sakurai


      1. What? I had re-read your comment a few times before I could actually understand what you said

        and Scam U? Clever since the ps4 is less than $300 dollars to develop and they are selling if for how much?

      2. I doubt that because apparently from an article, (I gotta link a video because im too lazy to look for the article to be honest) its “grossed around $100” apparently

      3. Wow you have nothing better to do? The word “Rehash” has lost its meaning among the gaming community. So is KI, tekken, street fighter(though it has lots of editions), guilty gear and MVC rehashed?

      4. Its literally not even worth replying to these people because its very likely he would say yes. He’s just here to troll and the only way to stop a troll is not to give him attention. Don’t reply or even acknowledge him because its not worth it. We all know it doesn’t do anything. I only question is why are the mods not deleting these obvious trolling posts?

    1. It does but not by a lot
      but the design is not 100% done so he might at more detail later, or he is focusing more on the stage

    2. It really doesn’t look much different, the colors however aren’t as vibrant. Maybe its to help with identifying your character on the screen? Have the colors less saturated to minimize distraction? I don’t know. As for being less detailed, while I do feel that it doesn’t look much better, maybe that was done to streamline the action and keep it at a constant 60 frames per second.

  1. I really think he is gonna confirm Rosalina or something because 2 Mario games release in a few days which is Friday, the final pic of the day

    And he is putting a lot of emphasis on the Mario Galaxy stage since it got 3 pictures and Is featured more than once, each stage gets one mention and that is it

    Come on, she might be Alt or New but lets just hope she gets confirmed

    1. I think that it’ll actually be more fitting if a new Legend of Zelda character confirmed first on Thursday since that is Ocarina of Time’s 15th Anniversary. Ganondorf or Ghirahim could definitely work. That being said, I definitely want Rosalina to be in it as well so I wouldn’t mind if we get her instead on Friday

    1. Wii u won’t be cancelled the Wii u has sold better than the ps3 in its first year not to mention super Mario 3d world is outselling the Xbox one all together and on Amazon Canada the Wii u bundle is selling like hot cakes

      1. I wasn’t trolling, I am fearing the will cancel it. And the Wii U isn’t exactly selling like hot cakes, when the ps4 can outsell it within 24 hours.
        I really, really hope they will get around to finish this smash bros and that Nintendo finds some impossible way, to make the Wii U a must have, but I highly doubt it. Super Mario 3D World won’t change anything, and neither will a new smash bros, especially not with a title like “Super Smash Bros For Wii U”.

    1. Do you have to talk in Arabic? Nobody’s going to understand.
      Translation for this^^:
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  2. Perhaps this is a sign that they’re working on Super Mario Galaxy 3 right now? I’m gonna take it as that. SMG3 confirmed! lol!!

  3. I love the attempt at subtle trolling i see in every article on this site. Haha, yup wiiu will totally be yanked off the shelf because it only managed to see 4 million units in its first year, without any major first party support.

    If this system can survive and sell 4 million units without first party support, imagine how well it does once it gets more.

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