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Silver Luigi Edition With Mario & Luigi Dream Team Nintendo 3DS XL Spotted At Walmart


One of the readers who works at Walmart spotted this special edition Silver Luigi Nintendo 3DS console amongst the stock in the back room. This glorious Nintendo 3DS console is supposed to go on sale on December 2nd and comes pre-installed with the well-received Mario & Luigi Dream Team. Pricing for the special edition console has yet to be confirmed.

57 thoughts on “Silver Luigi Edition With Mario & Luigi Dream Team Nintendo 3DS XL Spotted At Walmart”

        1. I would say that would depend on the game itself. The handheld titles are alot easier than the console ones, in my opinion. The ones I had the most trouble with were 64 and Double Dash, double dash had so many troll moments, but I actually loved the difficulty. In fact, double dash is my favourite game of all time.

          1. I liked double dash to, it didnt need online to be fun. also why are people throwing the word troll around alot? has troll taken the place of every other available adjetive, noun, pronoun verb or adverb? not try to offend

          2. I didnt like double dash coming off of mario kart 64 but after playing mario kart wii i gave double dash another chance and its actually to me the best home console mario kart. I havent played much of 7 but from what i played its real good

          3. 64 was hard because of the insane catch-up logic. “What’s that, you’re in last place? Here, have a blue shell. Nice shot. Here’s another one.”

  1. This games not worth your time. it floods you with tutorials till you’re 80% through the game. i felt like i was being handheld (PARDON THE PUN LOL) the whole time.

      1. It doesn’t hold your hand much past the first hour. I got basically 100% and it took me well over 24 hours to do so. It’s a great game, don’t let that 80% exaggeration dissuade you

        1. Unfortunately I have to agree with the 80% thing. I’m 27 hours in and I’m still learning stuff like the ball bounce technique, and a few hours earlier the sideways drill thing, not to mention the tutorials whenever you face a giant enemy. It’s all non-stop yammering with the NPCs, which is okay for an RPG but they have nothing interesting to say aside from a few one-liners.

          However, I still like the game because it can be surprisingly difficult at times. I thought all the hand holding would lead to a super easy game but I still have some trouble defeating some enemies, which I like. Definitely the worst game out of the M&L series for me though. Still good, but not as good as the others

  2. Silver is pretty much a lighter version of gray, too close to white. And there’s nothing eye catching about it other than two barely noticeable, uncolored Mario & Luigi lazily scanned figures. Pass.

  3. Y’know, Nintendo, You’d urge me to buy your specials a little more often if you’d actually bundle such a 3DS with a damned physical copy of the game! Plenty among us still care about that stuff, and maybe you’d sell a few more of these if you made us feel like we had something more tangible! You’re somewhat lucky to even have gotten a Wind Waker HD/Wii U Bundle purchase out of me!

    1. I agree 100%. I’m getting the Zelda 3DS XL, and ALBW is included but digitally. I’ll have to but it physically, but I guess it’s not too bad since I get Oracle of Seasons if I preorder at Gamestop.

    2. omg that windwaker bundle was ugly only the control was decorated. whatever happen to the days where they actually put more effort into decorating their limited editions? recently I’m liking their ALBW limited edition bundle, but that’s only because of the gold color.

  4. Year of Luigi one STILL not announced. I kind of like this one but I don’t understand why effort was put into releasing this one when many people wanted the YoL one. This just randomly came out of left field.

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  7. I will never understand why they don’t announce these limited edition consoles well before they plan on releasing them. I would totally have waited to get this one. I’m pleased with my black console but this one has a really nice oldschool vibe to it. Oh well.

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    1. DAMN NINTENDO! Why do they keep making the games “pre-installed”? These are NOT bundles when the game is just pre-installed. The only reason why most people would buy these is for the special edition 3DS systems. Not for the idiotic pre-stalled games.

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  19. It’s looks nice and clean, but i just paid off my pre-order Zelda 3DS XL. The remaining fund left over will be for 3DS games.

    I think on Black Friday, I am a un-loader at Walmart and there was a box that did not have a tag on it so a co-worker opened it and guess what we found! That exact box! So YES they ARE coming out!

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