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Japanese Man Arrested For Allegedly Threatening To Kill Nintendo Execs And Bomb HQ

nintendo_kyoto_hqA 25-year-old Japanese man has been arrested on suspicion for targeting two Nintendo executives and threatening to take their lives. According to Sankei News, the man had allegedly sent death threats via Nintendo’s online inquiry form on his home computer, naming both executives – whose identities have remained anonymous – saying he was going to kill them “sooner or later”.

This morning, the man was arrested by Kyoto police and has since admitted to his actions. It has also been reported that the man allegedly wrote other death threats on the Nintendo site, which have now been tracked from the IP address on the suspect’s home computer. One of the threats stated:

I’d planted bombs at Nintendo headquarters, tomorrow afternoon they’re going to blow up, Nintendo go bankrupt.

Kyoto police are currently investigating other such incidents from September which could be connected.


177 thoughts on “Japanese Man Arrested For Allegedly Threatening To Kill Nintendo Execs And Bomb HQ”

      1. Fuck you Japanese psychopath! I’m so relieved that this scum was caught! Why would anyone want to harm Nintendo?! Don’t they want to play Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Smash Bros. Wii U, and Mario Kart 8 and Zelda Wii U?! Fuck you I hope you rot in prison motherfucker!

        1. Whoa, let’s calm down….This guy was definitely a lot of cards short of a full deck and it’s good that they caught him. That being said, we should also feel bad for his family and hope that he sees the error of his ways

          1. No one has the right to take someone’s life, and most definitely the possibility to take other’s lives with their selfish vendettas. But you guys are sounding like mad groupies after learning your favorite band was threatened. Nintendo is a company, they don’t care about you, they care about your money and your continuing service, and they will try their best to release products that sell well but will not make everyone happy. I’m not excusing a psychopath from his possible killing spree, but you guys need to stop sounding like a bunch of ravenous freaks out for blood just because there’s a disturbed person after a company that really doesn’t give a shit about you.

            Besides, Nintendo has a few golden eggs, but sometimes it feels everyone has these blinders over their eyes to stop them from thinking rationally and that most of the time they have been feeding you shit instead of masterpieces. Learn to think on your own two feet while out of the little box you live in, and stop being such immature retards.

        1. is this a contest of “who’s living in the most violent country”?

          sorry to break it down to you but on that count the US are gonna take the prize among first world countries


          It’s not about which is worse, both are extremely terrible equally, both bombing a building and shooting get people killed it doesn’t matter the means, if the end result is the same.

  1. This is not acceptable!

    Nobody threatens High Command and our empire without getting severely punished!

    And those “bombs” are probably Xbox360 technology so they will malfunction…

    1. But if the Xbox360s are in Nintendo headquarters… Oh man… this is terrible! What if the virsuses in the Xbox360s spreads to the new Wii Us! Someone call the Lord God, Shigeru… or maybe Reggie… Yeah you know what… just call Reggie. xD

      1. Well it had to be some Xbot Assassin…

        Sneaky ones they are…

        But our Lord of War Regginator will deal with these fools soon enough…

            1. We’re just having some fun with the comments. Nothing really wrong with that. What’s really wrong is how the Japanese guy sent death threats to Nintendo.

              Does this make anyone else think of Death Note?

  2. You don’t need bombs to make Nintendo go bankrupt, you just need a Wii U…Zing!

    Seriously though, I love the Wii U, and that is craaaaazy

    1. I love my Wii U as well. My sister’s boyfriend got a PS4, and I honestly like my Wii U more. I like how with my most games I can play them, and watch TV at the same time. Miiverse just adds to the fun.

      I think it’s time that people stepped back, and took a nice hard look at the Wii U, and noticed that it has more features (as far as I know) than the PS4, and XBone. Although I haven’t payed too much attention to the PS4 and XBone news, so I wouldn’t really know.

      I got Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag for the Wii U last night, and I’m loving it.

        1. Yeah, I know that. I was just saying what I believe is true. You can like your favorite gaming console more than you like Nintendo. It’s completely up to you what you get, and like. Nobody can dicate that.

    1. Could be neither… He could just be someone who hates Nintendo, or believes that Nintendo has run its course, and will go bankrupt soon. Although I have faith in Nintendo to turn things around with the Wii U.

      1. It is probably a REAL nintendo fanboy who couldnt stand that nintendo hasnt create an amazig new ip since pikmin.
        So sad he didnt try Super Mario 3D World first he would probably change his mind if he had try it. NO one involved in such an amazig game deserve dead :(

      2. Agreed. Console Wars are serious business but on the web, not as much in RL. I believe that he was probably an ex employee who was fired or someone who had placed a lot of stock in the Wii U sales or something. Either way I’m a fan of Sony and Nintendo so if we merge the names from the consoles,

        (Titles that have apparently been given to each one)

        Xbox Fans = Xbots
        Sony Fans = Sonyans
        Nintendo Fans = Nintendrones
        I guess I would be a Sontendoyan! (I still like the Xbox, but I find it to be a weaker Playstation)

        1. Yeah, I agree. The names are interesting nevertheless. I’d have to say that I’m both a Nintendo fanboy, and a Sony fanboy despite the fact that I have only Nintendo consoles.

    2. Its Japan….I am going out on a limb here judging by the 404 Xbox units a week sold there, but an educated guess is Playstation Fan.

    1. Maybe… What if his mission was to get caught by the police, so they would be distracted by searching for some “bomb,” or should I say, “Bob-omb.” Okay… okay… back to the main joke.. And while the police are searching for the bomb, someone from Microsoft hacks into Nintendo’s mainframe, and loads up a virus; thus deleting any information of any future Wii U updates, and completely ruins every Wii U in Japan, and then soon the world… Man this could be terrible. xD

      All jokes aside, it’s probably some crazy person.

        1. Yeah, it does hurt. Nintendo is doing all they can do to boost sales, but sometimes I wonder if it’s a little too late. Oh, well… you never know. If I remember correctly the Wii U was out of pre-orders for a while before it was released, and now look at the sales. For all we know the same thing can happen to the Xbox One and Playstation 4. (Although I doubt Playstation 4 will fail too much.)

  3. Whether it was a Sonyan or Xbot assassin sent to attack our empire, it doesn’t matter…

    Soon we will have hundreds of bases all over the world!

      1. You just exposed yourself for believing everything you read on the internet…

        Must be tough knowing that you were born to be a retarded Xbot for all eternity…

        1. Sorry but im not pledging alliance for consoles, cause i pledge alliance to the state of Rock & Roll, you fuckin bitch. Have fun in your non existing war.

            1. “dated”, that was good one. Rock & roll isnt never dated, bitch! So LETS ROCK&ROLL ALL NITE AND PARTY EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    1. “Nobody threatens High Command and our empire without getting severely punished!

                      And those “bombs” are probably Xbox360 technology so they will malfunction”

                      Dont tell me thats not fanboyish. You fuckin nazi.

      2. Someone who tooked gaming too seriously. Fanboy for sure. I feel ashamed to even admit playin games after this, seriously the whole gamin community is just a joke. Reactin like that because of plastic box. He really needs life.

                1. Well as we have defeated countless of Sonyans, Xbots and even CPU Soldiers, the remaining leftovers will be a breeze…

        1. This so much this, the whole gamin community is just joke. Its not about games and having fun, its about “war between plastic”. The sad part is that most who behave like that are 20-30 years olds.

          1. I’m not like that. I tend to be open minded between consoles. I wouldn’t mind giving the Xbox One or Playstation 4 a try, but sadly I only have Nintendo consoles. I do like playing Jak and Daxter. I’m only trying to have fun on the comments.

            I do agree though… many people do go to the extreme of hating someone for liking another console. Console racism.

            1. Yeah and then they think they are robots on mission, when in reality they are nothing more than jobless losers, trying to get meanin in their lifes.

              1. … You just called the Gaming Community a joke, where 20-30 year old men fight, then you insult someone like a kid. What a hypocrite…

              2. Yeah, that’s true. Although those games could be used as inspiration for them to try to earn more money, because someday they won’t be able to afford the games they really want.

            2. I guess you’re right… people act like they would die if they lost their favorite company. But luckily, there’s people like you (Z-Dude and Stonework) in the gaming community who don’t have a heart attack every time their console breaks.

              1. I have a mini heart attack whenever a console I like breaks down, but I don’t really worry too much about it, and I try to keep it to myself for the most part. It is funny reading what people say to insult other companies though. It’s like reading a comic book without pictures, the other companies are the bad guys. xD

        2. You can’t compare someone threatening to explode a company, to someone calling said person a fan boy. You are delusional.

          1. Well he can but it would be a very idiotic comparison. It’s like comparing a guy who killed millions to a guy who drew harmless funny faces onto people’s faces; a retarded comparison. lol

        1. Possibly.

          Maybe he was someone who leaked information. Nintendo seem pretty strict of people who release private business information
          Which…is his fault really.

          Still fucking crazy though.

      3. Why use bombs? Just plug in a couple of PS4s and the whole building will be engulfed in flames after a couple of hours…

        1. Even though it doesn’t make sense i still laughed.
          Probably because PS4 is as a few people expected, very underwhelming.
          Underwhelming enough for me to by an Xbox One for Killer Instinct, Forza and Dead Rising 3, they’re getting great reviews.

            1. No, not at all.
              A good joke would be, well they could rebuild it using bricked PS4.
              The issue is a HMDI port.
              The consoles never “blew up”, or did anything that would be called “blowing up” like overheating like fuck.

              1. That’s not a good joke.

                Plus I never suggested that they blew up, they overheat, when things overheat then there’s a possibility of things catching fire. It’s a simple premise.

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      5. What a fucking nutjob.
        Like…what? Really? Some people are crazy but…at Nintendo?

        “Grr why you make video games? So evil.”

        I don’t get it -.-

        I would make a fanboy joke but it wouldn’t be that funny, because i don’t even know if it would be true or not, and frankly id rather believe he was just pure crazy, not crazy and a fanboy, less of the bad videogame image publicity, the better.

        Also, not the most important thing but LOL “Nintendo will go bankrupt”.

        Mate…i don’t think so, that’s literally batshit insane.

        1. …that’s not even funny.

          “Rare” weren’t even Rare anyway. The only notable guy they got was Ken Lobb, who’s recent work was with Killer Instinct, and that game is fucking awesome.

          Yeah, it sucks they have these Rare IP’s like Banjo, Perfect Dark ect and aren’t doing anything, but wait and see, they brought back KI, of all things, fighting games are pretty niche, platformers and shooters are prime for releases, i imagine they’re in the works.

          As for Conker…well, Conker’s shit, so who gives a fuck. Nice slice of nostalgia…but that’s it.

            1. Well, aside from the fact i can’t speak Japanese, no-one knows why he threatened them anyway, considering he’s Japanese, he probably doesn’t give a shit about Rare anyway, so that’s the least plausible reason.

            1. He must have been thinking of his mom. Its the only reason a waste of life like him exists, after all; bitch couldn’t keep her legs shut like she should have, and one desperate drunk in a club later, poof; preggers with a bastard.XD

      6. Its fun to say which consoles best and go on and on about it, but we all have to remember not to take things to seriously. Its video games and entertainment, it something we do for fun (and some as a job).

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      9. This is fucking crazy, what the hell is going on that people want to kill eachother.
        first death treats to the creator of Call of Duty and now this?

        I am so fucking happy that they caught him. If this were to happen, lord have mercy. I am worry as sick for the safety of all those people including our Beloved Papa Shigeru Miyamoto.

      10. Obviously a beyond fucking nut job anti-Nintendo couch potato bastard wants to blow up a HQ and kill executives and for what stupid ass reason is beyond me.

        I hope this fuckhead rots in a Ward somewhere or deported out somewhere far away and then sent to a Ward to rot.

      11. I like how we’re all talking tough when Sony and Microsoft have been slamming Nintendo into walls for the last year….well, Nintendo fans must stay strong I suppose. We still have the Wii U at least…

      12. HAHAHA. That’s messed up. But maybe he just wanted Nintendo to fix their shit and put Online on their stuff. If that’s what needs to be done then lets all just make an angry mob and charge in their HQ and punch each employee in the face.

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      14. Why would ANYONE want to bomb Nintendo? What was his motives? Was he fired from Nintendo and trying to get revenge? Or was he just a random psychopath?

      15. Oh those crazy Microsoft fanboys. Takin their FPSs tooo seriosuly.

        Their more desperate then ever. Guess after a stunt like that Nintendo is really gonna keep a close eye on everything huh?

      16. I was blown away by this piece of news. Thanks, I had a blast reading it! I re fuse to accept that kind of behavior. That man blows. I hope he’s ready for prison time, it’s gonna be da bomb! On other news: bussiness is still booming with the 3DS.

      17. To think that some Japanese would actually threaten that though… I know they do stuff far beyond some other countries but I guess they’re just like the rest of us. Well still better than some people.

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