Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth Confirmed For Nintendo 3DS

Atlus revealed during a Persona event which took place in Japan that the acclaimed series will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will be the first Persona title to move away from Sony handhelds. Persona Q will be coming to Japan on June 5th, 2013. There’s been no mention at this stage of a western release, but as always, we will keep you updated.


      1. They sure cry alot when this was announced and they gta a vita dancing game lol. So even with persona 5 they did cry and alot.

      2. yeah fanboys getting butthurt that the 3ds is getting a actually rpg while the vita is getting a dance game… I do feel bad for vita owners but fanboys not so much. I’m getting ps3 again since my fat one broked on me after many years of gameplay :(. Rather get another ps3 then a ps4

      3. I would have gotten a ps4 day if it was backwards compatible but right now till at least summer of next month their is nothing it interest me on the 8gigs twins.

      4. I’m so upset that I don’t get to play High School Simulator RPG edition on my Wii U. sob

      5. Wii U getting Zelda. End of the debate, that’s the moment you go away a li’l depressed and thinking about your life.

      6. poor ps4, have fun with the drought in 2014. in other news, vita is dancing all night… in the garbage bin…

      7. What are you talking about ? There are dozens of games coming to PS4 in 2014. And unlike Nintendo, Sony isn’t going to release 3 key titles on the same day.

      8. I really don’t see Wii U getting Persona 5, ever. Good thing Caterpie haven’t got rid of le PS3 yet!

    1. Sonyggers are pissed about everything that doesn’t come to the Gaystation systems. I stay away from websites full of the Sony Pony farms because all they do is portbeg game after game after game, websites like Gematsu, Siliconera, Ign, etc is a Sony Pony breeding ground.


  1. Oh man, this AND Persona5.
    So happy.

    Also , fucking Persona music is so god damn good, love that song, good old Faylan.

    1. Persona 5? Has that been announced yet???

      Anyway, this is pretty cool for 3DS. I plan on getting P4G on Vita when I buy one next year when I see a Vita for cheap.

      1. Vita’s nice but theres fuck all good on it besides P4G (which is one of my favourite games ever)
        Wait to see if they bringing VitaTV out of Japan first.

      2. True, Tearaway looks kinda fun and so do a couple of others but nothing really ”OMG I’M BUYING A VITA FOR THIS!”.
        Remote play capped at 30FPS with a small bit of lag and an awkward button layout isn’t exactly someting for the Wiiu to get scared about…

        BTW are you getting a PS4 ? I am! even though I’ve been going back and forth whether or not get one at launch. Killzone and AC4!!!

      3. True, Tearaway looks kinda fun and so do a couple of others but nothing really ”OMG I’M BUYING A VITA FOR THIS!”.
        Remote play capped at 30FPS with a small bit of lag and an awkward button layout isn’t exactly someting for the Wiiu to get scared about…

        BTW are you getting a PS4 ? I am! even though I’ve been going back and forth whether or not get one at launch. Killzone and AC4!!!

      4. Further proof you’re a fake gamer fraud.

        Gravity Rush, Escape Plan, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipeOut 2048, LittleBigPlanet Vita, Soul Sacrifice, Zero Escape Virtue’s Last Reward, The Walking Dead, Muramusa Rebirth, Ragnarok Odyssey, Valhalla Nights 3… i could go on

        Any informed gamer knows the VIta has a very strong game library.

      5. Multiplats, remakes, an uncharted game worse than the console games, , Gravity Rush is the only exclusive that’s actually worth something and it still isn’t a system seller.

        The Vita was dead on arrival and that life support system that is Sony Ponies can’t help save it.

      6. they anaunce(bad spelling i know) a ps4 X vita bundle for the UK if it comes to america(not just USA) i will buy the 2

      7. Thanks for the tips bro! Only problem is that I live in the Motherland ;)

        They’re currently £169:99 over here with an 8GB card with loads of download codes for games like 5-6 of them and one physical game in the store near me, it’s an official ”mega bundle” of some sorts and believe me I’m slowly but surely becoming interested!

        But first things first I get my PS4 on Midnight 28th and I cannot wait. I saw a PS4 in person for the first time today and the aesthetics of the console are probably the best I’ve seen which is a good start. Oh and I got my copy of AC4 for PS4! So I can smell this until the 28th when I get my KZSF PS4 bundle and Super Mario 3D world!

        #Excite bike!

      8. Ah! Sweet. There’s a PS4/Vita bundle going your way too later this year, but I doubt you want to wait that long to pick up a PS4. lol

        Enjoy your games!

        (Also: 3D World is fun as heck)

      9. Yep 3D world is what I’m most excited about, but the PS4 is one sexy piece of hardware and I’m looking forward to it!

    1. Ps3 exclusive for now or till exclusive can maintain to make a profit on 1 console but this announcement mean that the persona titles will not be exclusive for long.

      1. “Maintain profit on one console”.

        You mean like EVERY main series Persona game? Including one on the Vita?
        Atlus dont give a fuck, they’re like Platinum, they can stretch a dollar like crazy.

      2. Atlus can but Sega don’t. What mean is that if Sega do what square did with cristal dinamics one console will not be enough.

      3. Really? Regardless the deal that could have between atlus and Sony is being deluded the profits atlus would had made instead of Sega and Sony.

      4. That could mean they’ll release an updated Persona 5(like they did with the rest of the games) on Wii U, since the Gamepad allows new/more possibilities for extra features and the PS3 probably won’t be around much longer.

      5. If the 3DS game succeeds, there is a chance. But i don’t think Atlus would care about that, they are already busy enough with the console. SMTxFE is going to be big.

  2. I was on ign when this was posted and it expose the Sony fanboys has the worst in the industry.Zaire and blackbond are saints compared to them!.

  3. Muahaha now just wait till it makes a shit ton of cash and we’ll have Persona 5 for WiiU, no longer a Sony exclusive. I love the Persona games, thank you Atlus.

    1. Go to ign and read the butthurt of a 1,000 Sony fanboys than after their tantrums they flip flop more like magicarp when they give them their lollipop.

    2. LOL, keep on dreaming. You’re all getting too ahead of yourselves just because you’re getting a Persona spin-off. (Not saying it’s a bad game, I can’t possibly know. But as a fan of the Persona series, I am probably going to buy this myself, so no, I do not think it is a bad game)
      Atlus is a company and therefore, they’re looking to make money. The PS3 has a much bigger userbase than the WiiU, and this isn’t going to change by winter 2014. That is why they chose the PS3. Plus, the main Persona games have always been on Sony platforms, which I think is another factor that played a role in the decision of which platform Persona 5 is going to be released on.
      The reason this RPG is getting released on the 3DS is because it was intended for a handheld, and since the 3DS has a bigger userbase than the Vita, they chose the former. This game is in no way related to Atlus’ decision of bringing Persona 5 to the WiiU, just because a game sells well on the 3DS, doesn’t mean an entirely different game is going to sell exactly as much on an entirely different console, which isn’t even possible considering the number of WiiU owners compared to rhe 3DS owners. And, coming back to the earlier mentioned fact that main Persona games are exclusive to Sony consoles, the PS4 is more likely to get Persona 5 than the WiiU.
      Of course, this is just what I think about the whole thing. You are not obligated to agree. But this is just what makes the most sense to me personally.

    3. That will be cool if it goes to the Wii U too, but I thought Nintendo fan(boys) hated late ports. Isn’t that their excuse for bad sales and not wanting a lot of the third party games on it?

      1. SMTIV was a 3DS exclusive, common sense should tell ya that Atlus can release P5 on the Wii U if it wanted to and it is a possibility. Getting your hopes up wishing for that to happen though is another story.

        The pre damage control bit is that you’re not even acknowledging the fact that it could happen.

      2. *Rolls eyes* Of course it can go to Wii U. Third parties can do whatever they want as long as they aren’t in a contractual agreement with a console manufacturer.

        I wasn’t debating that. My comment had absolutely nothing to do with it coming or not coming but rather the fact that fanboys always talk about late ports on the Wii U in a negative way.

        But since you brought it up directly to me: There’s always a possibility; but the question is, what is the probability?

      1. Yeah but Persona 4 didn’t stay exclusively on the PS2. It eventually came to the Vita… But that’s why you said “For now”

      2. Lol ya, sole reason of persona being on the 3ds is enough for hoping a wiiu version sooner or later.

    1. it so far only coming to ps3 unless they have deal with sony on the ps3 it might come to wii u, its not 100% but maybe

  4. Why is ps4 so hyped again? were getting persona 5 and many other games on the ps3 I still have nothing to look forward to ps4, i guess infamous is cool never really cared for the series that much

    1. I loved infamous on ps3 but in my opinion is not a game I would get a console day one but they can try to make me change my mind.

    2. Kingdom Hearts ?
      Final Fantasy XV ?
      LBP ?
      Uncharted ?
      Deep Down ?
      The Order ?
      Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture ?
      Just a few of the many examples of games the PS4 will get but the PS3 won’t.

      1. On PS4 i’m only waiting for KH and FF, the rest of those games… Meh, probably Uncharted, probably.

  5. Im sure Sega will make Persona into multiplatform thing, especially if this one makes them money. Sega buyin Atlus was good for both Nintendo and Sony.

    1. I forgot to add, that Persona is probably the gayest ip ever, so i dont really give a two shit about it comin to Nintendo system, its just another anime shit.

      1. You should added “in my opinion” and “for me” cuz I hate people that their opinions are shared by everyone’s when is not.

      2. But its just so faggish, playin as some freakin anime teens. Just look at those character designs, thats typical shovelware stuff from japan. I like Japanese games mind you, but persona is just for fags.

      3. You’re asking a shit-poster to think logically. I think you’re expecting a little too much here.

  6. That’s a good news… I guess. Never played Persona but I heard a lot of good about it.
    Anyway, if it’s coming in june 2014, we should get it in 2015… If we ever get it.

  7. Oh hell yes.

    Vindication and validation.

    As if I didn’t already have a reason to have a 3DS (A Link Between Worlds, as I so adequately detailed yesterday).

  8. I’m so glad that Persona 5 is for PS3 and not for PS4, it would be really unfair to just skip one generation of consoles.

    Besides, this Persona Q looks really awesome and MINATO IS BACK if you actually played Persona 3 you know why that’s so fucking awesome! =D

  9. If P5 made it onto Wii U it would’ve been pandemonium once again. Still, the Vita gets a Rhythm Game, but the 3DS gets a nice shiny Persona game. Apparently there was meant to be one way back when there was some announcement of it.

    Still, Persona on a Nintendo platform? First time for everything.

  10. Wahoo! I will definitely get this if it comes to the West. Man 3DS is kicking ass in Japan because it has all the heavy hitter titles. Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, and hell we may actually get a good Final Fantasy game down the road to who knows.

  11. Why do the P3 main characters look like they are still in P3? I mean, according to P4A and its sequel, they should look older than that.

  12. Why does ATLUS have to make such good games with such crappy English dubs? I don’t see why they can’t just use original Japanese audio, or give us an option for it. I’m gonna have to learn Japanese if I want to play ATLUS games with voice acting.

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