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New Wii U “Pitch” Showcases Wii Sports Club

A new commercial has been released by Nintendo of America for the Wii U focuses on Wii Sports Club and highlights the new New Super Mario Bros. U bundle. The advert entails a family, with two children making a “pitch” on why their parents should get a Wii U. Much of Nintendo’s advertising this holiday season has been marketing toward families. Do you think this is a good strategy for Nintendo at this juncture? Have you played Wii Sports Club? What are your impressions? Let us know what you think of both the game and the advertisement in the comments.

35 thoughts on “New Wii U “Pitch” Showcases Wii Sports Club”

  1. Of course it is better to market more towards families. Believe it or not THEY are the big money makers. The Wii NEVER would have sold as much as it did had Nintendo focused on the “hardcore.” Hardcore gamers are a dying breed. Do the commercials mean that there will be no games to satisfy the hardcore gamers?-No, but commercials for casual equals more money than commercials for hardcore ;)

    1. hardcore gamers are not dying breed at all! but these commercials indeed are for casuals, because “hardcore” dont need all these commercials and massive information to know about the games or consoles, or particularly about some wii sports crap x_x

      1. I’m just throwing my 2 sense in this but I believe you two, kevin and P!nk Crystal, that hardcore to you guys is just shooting…to me, wanna be’s. No no, a real hardcore is known as a true gamer…those who dis other system and call one weaker than the other like the nintendo haters and fanboys/fangirls. I real hardcore will keep up even if they hear hate of a single or multiple systems. I guess what I’m trying to say it that those shooters who keep calling themselves hardcore need to prove themselves but playing even Mario games. Kalamari, pinwheel and any other so called hardcores will never reach such a rank to my eyes. even the word “kiddy” just tells me that they are not hardcore. “A true gamer plays all” and nothing will ever change my beliefs of that saying…no matter how hard you can say bad things about my home system, the truth destroys all negative thoughts as well hurts others.

        1. *A real hardcore will keep up even if they hear hate of a single or multiple systems.*

          * I guess what I’m trying to say it that those shooters who keep calling themselves hardcore need to prove themselves buy playing even Mario games.*

          sorry for the typos…

    2. What are you saying! hardcore gamers was born on nintendo. All those games and all those different controllers made me the kind of gamer that adapts and wins using timing on any console

    1. I know. I really hope they add that to Wii Sports Club. I was really bummed seeing it at E3, but then never seeing it anywhere else.

    2. i noticed it too. so misleading as a commercial. wii sports is out but golf is not. should have put a disclaimer that not all games r not released.

  2. I really like this advert

    “….. they think they are better than us!”


    lol……lol……lol…. my family is just like that……. my son always convince me to be more challenging online….lol

  3. …so basically they’re trying to use Wii Sports, the big selling point of the original Wii, as a selling point for the Wii U?

    “Hey guys, you can play the exact same game you loved seven years ago, but now it’s in HD with online and slightly improved controls and costs a lot more!”

    Considering the Wii was still outselling the Wii U this last year, I think families and non-gamers are just going to opt for the original.

  4. That’s so sad to the people who thought it was racist. My first thought was family vs. family. Too bad the commercial for kiddy is not as effective as the PS4 COD commercial. Sony proved kiddy advertising doesn’t work.

  5. this was a good commercial. They should of left out the golf part, though. At least its the same since E3 2011….. hope thats the case for baseball too.

  6. Every bit of advertising will help right now. That’s what hurt the wiiu anyway. Not of enough advertising. Nintendo have always marketed their systems as family consoles. Remember fanboys are not boys anymore. We are adults with kids of our own. So wiiu will catch up. Don’t worry every game Nintendo produces is a hit. Nintendo needs to produce more first party titles.

  7. They need to stop with the upgrading crap. Seriously. “Upgrading” just sounds like getting the new controller for the old Wii. I really don’t think they know how to advertise it because everyone is still gonna think it’s an add-on. Fuck Nintendo, why is the Wii name SO damn important? Move on.

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