Level-5 Releases Launch Trailer For Wonder Flick

Level-5 has released a launch trailer for Wonder Flick. The upcoming role-playing game arrives this month in Japan for smartphones. It will then hit the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U in 2014. Save data for the game will be shareable among different versions of the game. There’s currently no word on whether the game will make it to the West.


  1. Level 5 get off u r as make dark cloud 3 please! We have waited long enough! Thank you that is all :)

    1. Dark cloud 2 is my favourite game of all time. DC3 would be a dream come true. I would choose PS4 for that game exclusively.

      1. It’s on my top list of games of all time for me. And helll yeah so would I. Or put it for download on psn and be able to play it on vita on the go and ps4… that would melt my brain o_O

    1. Agreed. Level 5 has some interesting 3ds selections that I’m tempted to play. I hope to see a N. American Wii U version!

  2. If they release an Xbox version, there are good chances that the game makes its way to us, right ? I mean, who gives a shit about the Xbox in Japan ?…

  3. I love Level5. They have become what Square Enix used to be in it’s hay day. This game looks amazing and if it’s localized than it’s an instant buy for me. I wish Level5 was able to localize more games. Waiting on you Time Travelers……

  4. Interesting a cartoon like commercuaal yet not advertised like a kiddy commercial. Smart move level 5. They know kiddy advertising doesn’t work. Level 5 learns fast.

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