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New York Times Writer Says Wii U Is the Only New Console With A Game Worth Playing

The New York Times has recently written an article asking if Super Mario 3D World could make the Wii U a popular console. The writer behind the piece says that while he has a brand new Xbox One and PlayStation 4, he has been playing Super Mario 3D World on Wii U instead. He then went onto say that the Wii U is the only new console with a video game worth playing at the moment. However, it should be noted that the Wii U has been out roughly a year and the new consoles have only just launched.

But the Wii U is also the only new console with a video game worth playing. Super Mario 3D World, which went on sale Friday, is the best Mario game in years. It’s not just the best game for the Wii U, it’s the most entertaining game that has been released this fall for any system. (To a calendar pedant, Grand Theft Auto V went on sale in the summer.)

Now, with Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo has at last delivered the kind of game for the Wii U that its players probably expected from the outset. Like the best Mario games, Super Mario 3D World is a surreal celebration of play and exploration. It’s a dazzling display of shifting perspectives, with an inventive use of light and shadow.
But for the first time, you need a Wii U to play one of the year’s best video games. For beleaguered Wii U owners, that’s probably enough.

105 thoughts on “New York Times Writer Says Wii U Is the Only New Console With A Game Worth Playing”

    1. Nope. Pikmin 3 and w101 and mario are not worth just having a wiiu for. but 3d world is. Mario was one of the worst mario bros in many years. it was a quick slap together.

      Pikmin 3 was very nicely put together, graphics where great. but the numbers of hours to finish the game for $60 make it not worth the purchase for just a wiiu. When you can finish it in about 5 hours. That is short for $60.

      w101, it is not for most people. For those people that like that game. it was a good game but its not a mass people kind of game.

            1. Super Mario 3D World was good, I played it and it was fun, but it was not the 3D Mario I wanted like 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy. But Pikmin 3 on the other hand, is probably the best game for the Wii U despite the short story, but hey, 3D World is approximately 8-10 hours.

            2. W101 is a classic on it is a underrated if you are a gamer you must have w101

              Mario u is the best of its series

              Pikmin 3 was short yes but if you are a guy who likes getting 100% it wont be 5 hours I have heard people clearing the game In 5 hours 100% but they are more like “pikmin masters”

            3. Yet people buy games like Halo where you can beat the campaign in about 6 hours…guess those aren’t worth $60 then.

                1. I hate that kind they spit on the developers saying that they have good games when all they want is multiplayer, pathetic
                  Just look at battle field 4 gets “great”. whats good with it? Does it have good story?
                  O hell no, story suck but multiplayer is great!

                  1. Well unlike cod, bf, etc mario deosnt have story and if it does its usually great.

                    there are games like mario rpg and paper mario just look at thousand year door super paper mario had a good story but they took away what ever thousand year door had

                    When was the last time you played a good cod game (with story and all). I can remember game but not the story of it. Hell I dont even remember the main character.

                    They should just do multiplayer games that way they will deserve the score they will get

                  2. Ignoring that Pikmin 3 is mre famus for it’s mission mode than story. All they needed was underground tunnels, more bad guys and bugs. It wasn’t enough enemies and the final boss was easier than Pikmin 1 and 2’s boss but it’s still worth $60 because of the Bingo battle and DLC for the mission comming DEC 2.

                  3. “Nope. Pikmin 3 and w101 and mario are not worth just having a wiiu for. ”

                    personal opinion

                    critics seem to think that pikmin 3 is indeed a reason to get a wii u for

                2. They do realize that actually Wii U has been released a YEAR ago. And a year ago when it launched situation with games was in fact worse with games than PS4/Xbox1

                  1. Actually the launch of the wiiu was better than the xbone an the ps4. The only thing those consoles have is bigger name recognition games and that’s it.

                      1. I should have added “in my opinion” but has a ps3 and 360 owner “I” find both console launchs weaker than anything before them.

                        1. So what? It doesn’t change the fact that Wii U has more games than the 2 other current gen systems. Also, the games weren’t worse

                        1. at first, most games on PS4/One would be lazy stuff anyways,
                          a bit more graphics that’s going to be twice the size to handle, because the new consoles have more power : savings in optimizations!

                          another example would be AI: more advanced intelligence is very possible with the new hardware, but i wouldn’t count on it for the upcoming year…or 3, maybe 4..

                          let’s just hope the 3 giants make it to the top together!

                        1. I’m tired of people saying Mario Bros U was a great game. If you where honest you would say it was a poor game. The background graphics was not HD graphics, just up-sized to HD. The thought behind the game was very poor.

                          mario was a slap together for launch. It is the worst Mario Bros in years.

                          1. As being someone who works in graphics, those weren’t sized up. They would have been really muddy, even with upsizing software. They had to to redo textures or make new ones.

                          2. Hey, ummm… there’s this thing… it’s called an opinion. And it’s allowed to differ from person to person.
                            They’ve existed, since… I dunno, the beginning of time.

                          3. @kevin, U made a good point, but all that shows me is a so called “bad” Mario is still better than plenty other “good” games.

                        2. 3D World is a pretty great game. I’ll be the first to admit, it wasn’t particularly high on my must-haves list, so it caught me off guard. I’m really liking the little bit I have been able to play so far.

                          1. I’m loving the game so far. I refuse to progress on to another level until I have found every little secret detail of the level I am currently on. Normally I like to breeze through games and not worry about all the extra details (with the exception of a few games). I am definitely loving 3D World and it has justified my purchase of a Wii U.

                            1. I will agree that one game is not enought to save a console, but for me the Wii U already have more that one, but not enought, yet, to make me feel the Wii U and their games have paid themself, so to speak; luckily 2014 look more bright for the Wii U that for any other console.

                              But that is worrisome to me in some regard, it easy to see a the fortune come next year in the form of SSB 4, Mario Kart 8, Zelda U and many more, but with that 3 big hitters, What have Nintendo to keep that momentum for the 5 or 6 (or more) years to come?

                              1. “But that is worrisome to me in some regard, it easy to see a the fortune come next year in the form of SSB 4, Mario Kart 8, Zelda U and many more, but with that 3 big hitters, What have Nintendo to keep that momentum for the 5 or 6 (or more) years to come?”

                                If Nintendo releases all their big titles in a short period of time, upcoming years will be dry (see 2010 with the Wii). If Nintendo releases their exclusives slowly throughout the years there will be long droughts into between releases. Either way they’re screwed. That’s why third-party support is so important.

                                1. And that it is. Nintendo is and can do it really good with their games; but in the third party deparment they are really doing it al wrong, I get that they are not going to go and “ask” other studios tu put their games on the Wii U, they have this mentality that if they build a succesfull and easy to program console, the third party will come alone, the problem been Nintendo have not had a console like that since the SNES.

                                  The N64, powerful machine, but the cartridges…difficult to program and limited the amount of thing the studios could put on them.

                                  La GameCube, again powerful machine, but again, not so easy to program and the damn GOD disk and their puny 1.5 G of memory space.

                                  The Wii sells a ton, but is ridiculously less powerful and it is difficult to program in it, thanks to its particular control scheme.

                                  They have said that the Wii U will change that, Ubisoft said that it is very easy to program for it, so they already have that one, now nintendo really needs to prove that the Wii U is not really that far behind its competitors in terms of capacity to ensure that third party will not abandon their console two or three years down the road.

                              2. Why am I not surprised. We all know that Nintendo made very good high quality games. They don’t compromise on the gameplay. Stupid to actually have a game that looks realistic but the game play being pretty bad – pointless. I can see it happening right now.

                              3. They forgot “Also, who gives a fuck about PS4 and Xbone except maybe fanboys ? When you have a PC, no need to buy that shit.”

                                        1. It does have the strongest library. PS2 had the most games, GameCube had the best games, and Xbox i think had the best graphics.

                                            1. “And yes.. the Wii U will outsell the Xbox One.”

                                              Right… That’s why the Gimpbox One sales have almost surpassed those of the Wii u in the UK. I really wish the Wii U would outsell the Gimpbox but unfortunately a lot of gamers have poor taste.

                                              1. Gimpbox one? Dude just wait when the hype goes down. And stop calling systems Gimpbox One, Gaystation 4 or Weak U. It’s stupid.

                                                  1. Why do you dislike Xbox One and Wii U so much? You act like Sony is the only one with a good console. XOne is 500$ because of it’s advanced Kinect.

                                                      BUT I HAVE TO SAY THAT M3DW ITS AMAZING. BEEN PLAYING SINCE FRIDAY AND IN EVERY LEVEL I HAVE TO SAY WOW!!!

                                                    2. At least somebody isn’t afraid to tell their opinion.

                                                      I’m holding my small penis in my hand as I type this to the blender of sofa.

                                                      1. all the pathetic fantards are probably shitting their pants with excitement from this news. the ps4box1 have great launch titles to play. get real.

                                                        1. You must be retarded to think that the PS4 abd XB1 have great launch titles, its one of the worst I’ve seen from a console, the PS2 had better launch titles than those two. And so what if we are shitting our pants, this means that Nintendo isn’t down and out in this console war.

                                                            1. I’m 100% convinced that the red eyed lion is a 13 year old, insecure little boy. PS4 and XBone launch titles consist of games that have been made for the current generation and a couple of shitty games like “Knack”. Should I say anything more or shall we continue listening to the smut this ignorant loser posts?

                                                              1. my goodness. you ignorant fanboys are so fucking sad it’s ridiculous. sometimes I wonder if you useless retards should even be considered gamers. I would assume hell no. it’s because of worthless clowns like you that nobody respects nintendo fans. tsk tsk tsk.

                                                                1. Ok, I am sorry, but who the hell do you think you are?! You are going on a website and calling someone a “useless retard” just because they have a different opinion than you on something so insignificant as a video game! It’s his opinion, deal with it!

                                                                  1. you might want to read what the hell that clown wrote before you start acting like him and continuously proving my point.

                                                                    1. I know what he said, and all he did was state his opinion, yes he could of done a more mature way of saying it, but that doesn’t mean that he is a useless retard!

                                                                      1. PS4 and Xbox One do not have system sellers… even people who own the consoles now say so. Everyone is hopeful that new games will come out soon in the Spring, but nothing is guaranteed.

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                                                                        2. My predictions:
                                                                          XBurx Juan will release loads of ultrahyped par-subpar games including Call of Duty: Space Nazis, Call of Duty: Pew Pew Pew, and Madden NFaiL 133,486. Every turd and his turd flocks to buy it. The number of XBurx sales will far surpass PostScript4 and WeebleU sales. Combined.

                                                                          Because of this WeebleU and PostScript4 will perform a fusion dance and reveal their ultimate form, the PlayinwityoWii U console. It shoots a mega laser beam from its glorious blue ring and obliterates Xburx Juan and its number of sales. And fanboys. Then everyone dies.
                                                                          The End.

                                                                        3. This is just an opinion people. Calm down. This person is entitled to theirs, and you are entitled to yours.

                                                                          Personally I think all three consoles have game worth buying a console for. I would say that in the pecking-order for my preferences I would go.

                                                                          XBOX One – Killer Instinct
                                                                          Wii U – Super Mario 3D World
                                                                          PS4 – Killzone: Shadowfall

                                                                          Everyone has their own tastes and their own money. People need to stop paying so much attention to what other people tell you that you should play and what you should like. Play what you want to play and call it a day.

                                                                          1. Killer Instinct is NOT worth buying an Xbox One….. not by a long shot. I’m not saying it is a bad game, I am saying that no game worth $20 is worth spending $500.00 to begin with in order to play. Especially when the game has like 6 or 8 characters and no story mode…

                                                                            Super Mario 3D World is obviously a system seller…most Mario games are and 3D World is as good as Galaxy.

                                                                            Killzone: Shadowfall is much better than K.I that’s for sure.

                                                                            1. I clearly said that for my personal preference Killer Instinct on the XBOX One is worth buying the system alone. I’m not sure if you understand what personal preference means, but it does not include opinions of anyone else including yours.

                                                                              It’s obvious that you have a bias toward Microsoft. I’m just curious as to why you feel I or anyone else is supposed to care?

                                                                              Your opinion and others like it haven’t diluted any of the fun and excitement I have had playing the game at all.

                                                                              By the way, the XBOX One sold 1 million in the first 24-hours which is as good as what the PS4 did and better than the Wii U. The proof is there to be seen that KI is a system-seller no matter what you want to believe.

                                                                              Super Mario 3D World will sell a TON of Wii U consoles and I hope it does. It’s really Nintendo’s last hope to turn things around. I don’t need to degrade the Wii U or SM3DW to proclaim how great Killer Instinct is. They are both awesome games.

                                                                              1. “XBOX One sold 1 million in the first 24-hours which is as good as what the PS4 did and better than ” 24 hours world wide, sony sold 1million in america

                                                                                1. First of all you quoted me out of context. I said….

                                                                                  “By the way, the XBOX One sold 1 million in the first 24-hours which is as good as what the PS4 did and better than the Wii U.”

                                                                                  Interesting how you left the “better than the Wii U” part out of that quote.

                                                                                  Right now the PS4 has sold about 1,070,000 million worldwide and the XBOX One has sold pretty close to that worldwide so it’s really apples and oranges. A ‘Red-Herring’ is an attempt to draw attention away from the point of discussion because an individual does not have an answer. That is what you did there. I have to advise you that those don’t work on me. Neither do ad-hominems.

                                                                                  1 million in one day is better than what the Wii U did in one day. Irrefutable fact. That is counting all the bricked PS4 as well. Even if half the PS4’s sold where bricked or malfunctioned it still would be more than what the Wii U did. Of course if you do that, then you have to take into account the bricked Wii Us from last year of people who are too stupid to follow directions. And to cut-off another possible red-herring before it starts, not ti does not matter that the PS4 rejects were manufactured defects and the bricked Wii U were because of stupid and/or impatient people. As I already stated even if HALF the PS4’s sold were returned that still would be better than the Wii U sales on day one and we know 50% of the PS4’s were NOT returned. Sony says less than 1% but I suspect that the number is a little greater than that. Companies always have to spin in public. Especially one like Sony where they cannot afford an major hardware disaster.

                                                                              2. NICE! Although I hate, Hate, HATE the New York Times, because they are the definition of media bias (in this case specifically towards the Left) It is good to see some GOOD media coverage on Nintendo. We can expect some lousy Democrats to go out and buy the Wii U after reading this article, I hope.

                                                                              3. It is definitely the best game for Wii U so far. I’ve had a hard time putting it down since getting it! And with other games that are worth having like New Super Mario Bros U, Pikmin 3, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, LEGO: City Undercover, Scribblenauts and Sonic: Lost Worlds, getting a Wii U is a great idea! I do hope Super Mario 3D World gives it more of a push. The line-up for PS4 wasn’t all that vast. The only interesting game for me was Knack and the reviews were awful for it. I don’t even know about the XBOX One, don’t care. Though both of those are selling more consoles, Wii U has the better games, Nintendo just needs to learn how to sell it. Like not promoting it as an “upgrade” and promoting as a “NEW FUCKING SYSTEM”. Just saying….

                                                                              4. Between the release of all the games up to this point and all the games we are expected to get in 2014, it is definitely worth it to get a Wii U. Go out and buy a Wii U for Super Mario 3D World. You can thank me later.

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                                                                              6. Definitely looks like a great game. I’ve been a fan of the Wii U since it came out, but the downfall of not having popular titles converted yet to Wii U such as “Super Smash Bros” and “Mario Kart” made it a bummer to own. This could redeem it!

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