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Zelda A Link Between Worlds Poster Set Sold Out On Club Nintendo (North America)

zelda_albw_posters_club_nintendoA few days ago we reported that Club Nintendo had come out with a set of posters based on the latest installment in the Zelda series, A Link Between Worlds, as one of their rewards. The posters are now sold out. Nintendo does have a history of re-stocking their Zelda poster sets though, so there is a possibility that they will return in the future. Did you manage to snag the posters before they sold out?



    1. bought it the hour it was announced as well, thanks to mynintendonews ;) I remember 2 years ago when Nintendo gave me a new set of posters (Zelda 25th anniversary club nintendo reward) because mine was part of the batch with a very minor print error (one of the character was mirrored). Hope it happens this time so I can get twice the posters :D


  1. Still an underwhelming reward for that price. I’m still disappointed in nearly all the rewards that they offer for North America. Meh.


    1. its basically free, i see no other companies offering limited time and high quality posters like these… That’s what i love about buying Nintendo games: the great overall value of the purchase.


    2. I agree it could be better at times but it could be a lot worse I guess. I was pretty happy with the poster set and am very happy I snagged a set before they sold out. Hopefully there are other things in the future that are a bit cooler =) I was happy to get the majoras mask CD for this years platinum prize. I know that some buy some games just to get codes, but I have never once bought something for the code, the code has always been a bonus for me….so I think that’s why I personally am happy with almost anything lol.


      1. yeah my 25th Zelda posters were shipped 4 weeks after i ordered because of holiday season and whatnot. It’s worth the wait.


      1. I see plenty of auctions for the previous Zelda posters ranging from $20 – $130, while the only auction with actual bids for the posters is at $2.54.
        Prices don’t matter unless you can actually find someone to buy what you’re trying to sell.


  2. I managed to get my order in, but I’m sure they’ll be restocked at least once. This seems to be the case with almost every poster set they’ve released.


  3. i didnt see the post about these so i missed it, club nintendo runs out of things so fast because they dont update it to often any more, everyone saves their coins and waits for something then boom, all gone. i got over 1000 coins and dont want anything thats available either because i dont want folders or because i already have whats up. give us the mario kart trophies that europe got


    1. I have well over a 1000 too. I gotta spend them soon, because I’ve had them for almost 2 years and they go away after 2 years I think :/ Guess I’ll buy Dylan’s Rolling Western and The Legend of Zelda on my 3DS…


  4. lol posters are so pointless. Why would you hang them up on your wall with tape or tacks if it ruins your paint job? Plus it looks dorky as hell. If you want to frame them (which would look nicer) it would cost A LOT more money than I am willing to spend on a couple of “video game” posters….

    Whenever I get a poster (usually for free) I end up sticking it in a box..


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