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SnowCastle Games Launches Festival Of Magic Kickstarter Campaign

Norwegian developer SnowCastle Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Festival of Magic. The farming fantasy RPG was announced for the Wii U earlier this year, and includes classic turn-based combat as a throwback to Japanese RPGs. In previous interviews, developer SnowCastle Games insisted that it would make a late 2014 release date, however this has now been pushed back to a tentative January 2015 date.

The developer is looking to raise a further $250,000 from the Kickstarter campaign after spending £1 million on the game’s initial set up. Currently, the game has raised just under £25,000 at the time of writing, but with a December 21 end date, there’s still plenty of time on the funding clock.

If you’re aiming to get a copy of the Wii U game, there’s still a chance to opt in to the “Early U” backer choice. For $20 you can grab a digital version of the game, but the deal is limited to 300 backers – 147 are left so snap it up while you can. SnowCastle Games said the following below on behalf of their crowdfunding campaign.

The biggest challenge in front of us is getting the remaining funding to complete the game. That is why you find us here on Kickstarter. Getting sufficient funds without losing control of the company, and thereby the creative control of the project, is the second biggest hurdle.

We have currently spent over $1M and will need a little short of $900k to complete the game. $250k we hope to get from all of you through Kickstarter, another $50k will come from the Norwegian Film Fund provided the Kickstarter is successful. Finally, the remaining $600k will have to come from stretch goals, pre-orders on Steam and finally, if we have to, from investors.

If the two main challenges are overcome, keeping the deadline for launch requires hiring at least one additional programmer and a game designer. This is something we have budgeted with in order to maintain the production schedule. If we don’t find those two people in time, we will still complete the game, but it will take longer.

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  1. 2015. We’ll all forget about this game tomorrow and when it comes around to 2015 we’ll be like “What is this game?”

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