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Nintendo’s New Infographic Says Wii U Is The Best Choice For Holiday Season

wiiu_infographicNintendo has issued a new infographic detailing just why the Wii U is the console to own this holiday season. Capturing the eye is the New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U Wii U bundle, followed by information on TVii, Miiverse and off-TV play with the GamePad, which also functions as a TV remote. Perhaps the best part about the infographic is its refusal to highlight the word ‘upgrade’, with Nintendo choosing instead to focus on the Wii U’s backwards compatibility to reassure consumers. What do you think to Nintendo’s infographic?

106 thoughts on “Nintendo’s New Infographic Says Wii U Is The Best Choice For Holiday Season”

    1. I say get the computer, as much as I love my Wii U (especially with my Ethernet adapter that I got for online games) the PC is probably best since it already has so many good games, wait on the Wii U til next year or if you really want 3D World, WWHD and Pikmin 3 and the amazing indie games pick it up, other than that, go for the pc

        1. That’s true, but at the end of the day, the PC is better mainly because of its library, not to mention Steam is fantastic from what I hear so its all a matter of preference, if he wants to stay cheap with a console that will have games down the line get U other than that I suggest other options

      1. Yea, the only games I want on the Wii U won’t be out till Spring 2014 or later. I just feel a little left out with the whole Mii Verse thing.

        1. The console will have better deals later, specially after holidays. Get a PC first, when you get your WiiU you will be able to buy some games at a cheaper price. That is.. of course… if you are not feeling in a hurry to play Nintendo games

        2. lol its ok bro, find someone who will make you an account like over the web and you can access it through your browser and check up on that stuff so when you get it, you at least have an account

      2. PCS are about to make a massive leap in technology… rather soon, so I’d get a wii u and just wait till you can get a great PC for cheaper/same price for an even better one…. Especially while all the specials are on for the Wii U…

        1. Well, they’re obviously not gonna do a marketing campaign where that say that their competitors are better. No company would.

  1. I can’t believe people invest in Nintedo just to play Mario and Zelda games. I let my love for SNES blind me for 3-4 generations.

    1. I’m sure that not all people do. I bought a GameCube because at the time, it was the cheapest way for me to play Dragon Ball Z: Budokai and 007: Nightfire and for some of it’s exclusive games, like the remake of Resident Evil and Phantasy Star Online 3.

  2. Well I like it, not mentioning the Wii other than it being backwards compatible, its a decent ad considering it may be the best value with this season too, I mean I want a ps4 to death but $100 less plus 2 free games and decent community with Miiverse, its a good deal…still waiting on my ambassador program which will never come ):

    oh well nice ad and it should inform some people, If they know what backwards compatible means, but they should start putting the console out further than the controller so people can tell the difference.

  3. I still think there’s room for misinterpretation from people who don’t know much about the Wii U. The bit that says ‘plays Wii games’…almost reads as though it’s trying to say that’s what it plays. I’d have thought it would be more clear if it said something to the effect of ‘plays great new Wii U games such as Super Mario 3D world and Pikmin 3’. Then in a separate bit says ‘Also plays original Wii games’. I just think that people who originally thought it was just an add on for the Wii could still draw that same conclusion from this info graphic.

      1. REALLY!!!! you mean that wasted turd thats dead weight. you mean actually innovate your games instead of just add crappy gimmicks?? that they should have made the system more powerful?? yeah maybe they should have but they instead ditched there fanbase and the core market yet again for the casual market. the wii u i the worst selling console too, what did they achieve and will they even fix it, like as in start making a n64 or gamecube worthy console with the wii u or will they keep being irrelevant.

        1. Dude. To have this much Nintendo hatred is unhealthy. It’s almost sad. Everything that comes out of your mouth is the the same crap. Painfully predictable. Nintendo damn sure isn’t perfect but you do more harm than good with the way you express your “opinion”. I hope you’re not this way offline.

  4. the only thing wii u has a chance of winning is biggest joke of a console. the launch=horrible scam. online = shit. no account systems. no 3rd party, no games and nintendo creating baby casual games (meow, maybe some shitty gimmicky wii fit) and milking marios blubbery man breasts like usual. instead of giving us something thats not for the casual market, seriously the mans hurting give him a break, but myomoto wont stop rubbing mario raw, it prints money. THIS is there best at advertising, really!!!! hahahhaaaha!!!! nintendo failing hard like usual. well at least i have the worlds best dust machine in exchange for the worlds worst home console. maybe next time nintendo, its even selling worse than xbox one, nintendo is so stupid i could go on all day why they are a joke!!!!!!

    1. Nothing against your opinion, you are entitled to it. But they are creatin games like X and Bayonetta 2 is exclusive to them, so they have mature games comin. And whats wrong with 3D World, its great! DK is comin next year also, who knows what Retro starts workin then, maybe Metroid,StarFox of F-Zero, perhaps something new? They also have decent amount of 3rd party games comin or out COD,AC,WatchDogs,ProjectCars(i personally cant wait how that turns out) etc. If you dont like WiiU and its games its okay, but to be honest you seem to take this way too emotionally, its just an entertainment system we arent in war for gods sakes.

      1. im just saying how it is man. if wii u cant beat xbox one than thats just proof how bad wii u is, that shitbox shouldnt be better than wii u but unless nintendo realizes that catering to the soccer moms and making un original crappy wii fit games., xbox one will be better and just overall be a better system even if it does suck.

        1. And you’re basing this on what evidence exactly? There is nothing about the new Xbox that I even like. A stupid choice for a CPU for a starter followed by nice looking but utterly boring games.

        2. The GameCube couldn’t beat the PS2 and Xbox during it’s generation, does that also mean that the GameCube is crap?

      1. Can we please try not to be savage? this is a amily friendly site, adn i think the moerators would like to permaban you

    1. nintendo: we dont have any fresh ideas for new installment. *puts f zero elements in mario kart* THANKS FOR BEING SUCH GREAT FANS!!!!!!! * smoking cigar and laughing while counting money*

      1. Thank god at least Shin en is making something like F-Zero. Hopefully after that project, they will be the ones to make F-Zero.

        1. they should have just made f zero. monster games are pretty good as well. the exite games were actually really good. nintendo sure doesnt give a shit unless if it = a huge pile of money aka mario, zelda and gimmicks.

          1. Metroid, Starfox, F-Zero, Punchout, Waverace, Earthbound maybe?, Kid Icarus, Luigi’s Mansion, a new Red Steel, Castlevania, and Duck Hunt would be great on Wii U lol.

      2. people make with their money what they want. if they want to buy a Wii U, leave them live in peace.
        Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law.

      1. That would be good but I think Platinum would do a better job after seeing what they did with W101. The space endeavors in that game were surreal.

    1. Blood is my life, Nintendo is my Blood

      ikr, wow. its like they have no right.

      i nominate jmills as our founding father to gas the pretendos

  5. TBH, I think the fans should help Nintendo on explaining what Wii U is to friends and family… Even on Youtube and other social media sites. Like do a side by side comparison of Skyward Sword, TWW (original) and TWWHD. Then footage of Mario Kart Wii and MK8. Show the system and the Wii system with labels, then show BOTH systems taking in Wii games, then show both taking Wii U games. Obviously, if the Wii doesn’t take Wii U games, then OBVIOUSLY the Wii U is a NEW system that can play old games, JUST as the original Wii did and JUST as the PS2 did. And consumers who don’t understand even after that are seriously retarded and there is no saving grace for them at all. I’m willing to bet that my six year old niece can tell the difference between the two systems just because there is a second letter (Wii ***U***).

  6. Get a computer. You can download (free) Roms of all the games Nintendo continues sapping fans for. I also love in the infograpic how the say Nintendo TVii free. Tvii sucks, plain and simple.

    1. and leeches like you are the reason why the gaming industry is struggling

      congratulations, i hope you feel good about yourself telling others to break the law and in the process hurt one of the most sincere game publishers/developers we have left in this day and age

      1. Blood is my life, Nintendo is my Blood


        KEHOOL IS GOD!

  7. personally i think the specific mention of the gamepad as a TV remote is a bit ridiculous… should have rather emphasized its touch controls.. or maybe the built in browser, which is a joy to use with the touchpad compared to other consoles and thus arguably the best browser experience on any console

    all much more useful than the TV remote function

    not to say that the remote is useless but it seems such a minor feature in comparison

  8. it is the best choice for xmas, beyond that though is obviously up for debate…

    You’d think that Nintendo would have a Plan B for the lack of 3rd party support by now. It’s a simple choice really, either play ball and pay up and possibly go bankrupt over the next 10 years or go in a different direction and do what they’re doing with the 3DS.

      1. Plus a host of other games, anyone still claiming that the Wii U has no games to play now is a flat out liar i’m afraid..

  9. The content of the infographic is good & is definitely the message Nintendo needs to be putting out there, but who designs these things? It looks like a Cut & Paste job with limited assets. Why not create some original art with their backlog of incredible characters. show Mario playing on the gamepad. Show the Pikmin carrying the system or a sign across the screen. It just seems that very few resources are allotted to Nintendo’s print advertising. Their graphics department seems made up of mediocre at best designers.

  10. This is a good advertisement. Finally Nintendo gets it. And I’m glad they are actually publicizing Nintendo TVii. It seems like they never draw attention to it and it’s a pretty nifty feature. I think the 2 free games will also make a lot of people more interested in a Wii U.


    Still not set in stone, but I see it coming. It’s another Nintendo 3DS situation we got here. Nintendo can win!

  12. If you into baby games step right up and get yourself a baby Wii U console. This baby excuse of a console is running on 7 year old hardware with an outdated no multitouch, don’t look at it from an angle or you will just see darkness “gamepad”. Baby game this, baby game that. Bring up the list of baby games that only babies will be excited about, right? If you want to keep missing out on all the triple A games that get released on other consoles get yourself a Wii U. And for what? A bunch of baby games. Nintendo is the new baby game company. Gone are the days when Nintendo was a much more diversified company that made all sorts of games, not just for the babies. All hail up to Mr. Iwata the leader of the baby games company.

  13. Blood is my life, Nintendo is my Blood

    I’m sick of these Pretendos in here. We dont want your hardcore games. TAKE THEM AWAY, WE DONT WANT THEM

    Mario isnt broken, LoZ has to stop being stupid and stop using toon crap.

    so what? we dont need online play, we have real interactions with real people, not some nerds on pcs ;-)

    WiiU is not for Kids, thats the xboner XD and ps4nogames

    am i right guys?!

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