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Mario Surprises Entire Flight With Free Wii U Consoles

Nintendo and Southwest Airlines surprised a full flight today, giving every single Customer on board a free Wii U console. More than 100 passengers on flight 1883 from New Orleans to Dallas Love Field received Nintendo’s HD video game system after they were greeted upon arrival by Mario himself. Mario surprised the Customers with a special announcement during the flight, and Nintendo and Southwest Airlines representatives were on board to share in the fun.

The surprise kicked off a larger partnership between Nintendo and Southwest that will bring big smiles to thousands of travelers through the fun and interactive entertainment of Nintendo video game systems and games during this busy holiday season. As the official video game partner of Southwest Airlines, Nintendo is setting up Wii U Gaming Lounges in some of Southwest’s most heavily trafficked airports between now and Dec. 22. Passengers can pass the time before boarding by playing Super Mario 3D World and other newly released games, if their travels take them through the following airports: Dallas Love Field, Chicago (Midway), Denver, Atlanta, Tampa Bay and St. Louis. Up to four players can join the fun at each game kiosk for free.

“No one is better than Nintendo and Southwest Airlines at bringing friends, families and fun together,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “As Southwest’s video game partner, our aim is to bring smiles to travelers and Southwest Employees through the fun of Nintendo video games.”

Consumers nationwide can also join the fun. Between now and Dec. 25, visitors to can enter for a chance to win one of 30 prize packages containing a pair of Southwest Airlines roundtrip tickets and one Wii U system. A new winner will be selected every day. Visit the website for full rules and details.

48 thoughts on “Mario Surprises Entire Flight With Free Wii U Consoles”

    1. I got one…i was on that flight, so funking awesome, i all ready had one, but now i have two, and my friend has one now…he is stoked

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    1. And unlike those fools, our empire actually expands and conquers!

      Soon tens of thousands new recruits will join our forces with the advantage we now have with the Southwest Wing Squadron…

  2. not a bad idea at all :)

    it would be hilarious if they’d put wii u consoles on some of their planes so passengers could play while on their way
    but that would most likely not be feasible due to size, weight and power requirements even if the wii u is very conservative on all 3 counts

  3. Imagine if people got xbones and hey could okay it on the air and when they put a disk all at the same time did the crounch sound?

    1. Microsoft cares too much about money. No way would they give away 100 Xbox ones. Sony maybe but they sold their headquarters so could they afford that? After all they couldn’t afford edram.

  4. Great marketing strategy. Southwest rules. Too bad its a monopoly and not everyone can choose their flights like people used to.

    1. They need to do this and get into more major malls. I’m glad they decided to put one in mall of America because that mall is crazy busy this time of year and it’s also the biggest mall in America

  5. “1. Eligibility: The Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the forty-eight (48) United States and the District of Columbia who are 21 years of age or older as of date of sweepstakes entry.”
    forty eight states? am i missing something?

  6. Nintendo you sly fox. Finding a way to get in front of a large assortment of people with higher levels of disposable income during the busy travel season. Not only are you in front of a large assortment of people… they are typically trapped and bored out of their mind. When I flew across country and back at the beginning of this month I spent so many hours in the hour just waiting in the terminals. Salvation… thy name is Wii U… thy shepherd’s name is Mario… they shepherd has a brother… his name is Luigi.

    1. And their flock consists of green dragon-like dinosaurs.

      …Or damage-controlling no-life fanboys, depending on what kind of moron troll you ask.

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  8. Nothing yet, but I’m still not entirely convinced some moron won’t catch sight of this newscase and transmutate it into “These Japanese fuckers have no respect for the hijacking tragedy that occurred in this country, send ’em the fuck out.”

  9. Well, that’s ONE way to potentially increase software sales and decrease branding confusion…

    Seriously though, I’m happy for those lucky 100 passengers. I’m sure a few kids will be grinning for weeks after this.

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