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Rumour: Pikmin Designer Working On “Nintendo Original Title”, Says Tekken Lead Katsuhiro Harada

Tekken lead producer Katsuhiro Harada has claimed that Masamichi Abe – best known for his work on the Pikmin series – is working on a “Nintendo original title” in reply to a user on Twitter. Users on Twitter immediately erupted thinking this might be a new IP from Nintendo, however, the tweet – at best – is vague and should be taken with a large grain of salt. Even so, speculation is rife, so let us know if you think there’s more to this tweet than meets the eye in the comment section below.

“He is in Nintendo Kyoto now. working on some Nintendo original title RT@2Andrin what happened to Masamichi Abe? Is he retired?” – Katsuhiro Harada via Twitter

36 thoughts on “Rumour: Pikmin Designer Working On “Nintendo Original Title”, Says Tekken Lead Katsuhiro Harada”

    1. Well, Namco does seem to have a huge connection Nintendo, as they’ve been making a lot of games with/for them, so that might be it.

          1. I am hoping Miyamoto’s project is coming along nicely. I am most excited to see the
            new characters in the game. To me, the best part of any game is the charavters, the way they look, act and their development over time. Here’s hoping for fantastic character designs!!

            Miyamoto, don’t let me down! 💋

  1. It could be a fps. Nintendo doesn’t have an IP that is primarily a fps. (metroid prime isn’t technically a fps game).

      1. Why shouldn’t it be a FPS? Nintendo doesn’t have one, Nintendo needs one, the fans WANT one, and Nintendo could do a FPS game better than anyone else if they put the same effort into it like they do their platformers.

        Even if Nintendo were to do something like partner with Disney to take Hero’s Duty from the Wreck-it-Ralph movie and make that into a full blown game. That would be a genius move because it would scratch the itch that Wii U owners have for an exclusive FPS for Nintendo, and it doesn’t stray too far away from Nintendo’s kiddie image (sorry but I couldn’t find a better choice description there.)

        People need to get over themselves and realize that no matter how much FPS games have been overhyped and bastardized in the past 5 years, they are important and are here to stay. Besides, it was Nintendo that really started the whole FPS craze for consoles anyway with GoldenEye007 on the N64 and then later Perfect Dark. Before that FPS games were pretty much a PC-only thing.

    1. Ignoring it can’t be another party game since they announced more mature games for 2014 2 weeks ago. But you rather play dumb as if that wasn’t announced.

  2. Yes another fps is predictable but The Condut and Geist aren’t owned by Nintendo, they published those games. I’m personally hoping for an RPG, even though Fire Emblem counts as one.

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