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Nintendo Announces Silver Mario & Luigi Dream Team 3DS XL Bundle

silver_mario_luigi_3DS_bundleNintendo has announced yet another 3DS XL bundle to add to its growing collection. This time it’s Mario and Luigi who get the chance to shine on their own silver-coloured 3DS XL. The bundle was spotted last month at Walmart, but until today we had no official confirmation from Nintendo.

Launching as part of Nintendo’s “Cyber Monday of Luigi”, the new bundle will feature an image of Luigi and Mario running together, and comes with a pre-installed version of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for the retail price of $199.99 for North America. Last week, Nintendo announced a Cobalt Blue 3DS XL bundled with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon to celebrate various Thanksgiving deals.


  1. Hey Silvershadowfly,

    You posted an article about the Louvre Museum 3DS software going live in North America today.

    It’s not in the US eShop yet. Any idea when it should show up? Most games are there at Midnight the day of launch, but still nothing.

    I’m definitely downloading this, but it says “Coming soon.” :(



      1. We do take a note of which readers are causing trouble in threads, and I will personally delete any comments that I find offensive either sexually, racially and so on. We will ban those who persist with such comments.

        If you do think someone is particularly causing trouble in the threads just to flare up ongoing arguments, send us an email and we will try and sort something out. I’ll make sure to raise the issue with Sickr.


      2. Much appreciated! I’ll post when/ if I see it.

        Even if you don’t find anything, thanks for checking. ;D


      3. I double-checked the press release and the official site, both say December 2nd. The UK eShop updated around 10am with news of the app’s release. I’d assume it should be around the same time in the US. Give me a heads up when you see it though. :)


  2. I was expecting some “OMG 3DS DOES FINE, GIVE WII U SOME ATTENTION, DAAAMN NINTENDOOOO!” comments, just so I could reply for once that I agree :)


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