Pachter Says “I Don’t Know Why Iwata Is Still Employed”; Should Bring Old Games To Mobile

Outspoken industry analyst Michael Pachter has questioned why Satoru Iwata is still president of Nintendo. Pachter thinks that Nintendo and Iwata should embrace smartphone gaming and bring their fantastic range of IP’s to mobile platforms to help increase revenue. He concluded by saying that the Wii U has so far failed to catch on with consumers.

“The Wii U’s performance so far Pachter characterized as “underwhelming,” but noted it’s possible “but unlikely” that exciting new titles will reinvigorate growth. He believes that Nintendo is missing a huge opportunity to bring new gamers into their brands: Nintendo should put old GameBoy Advance content on phones and tablets for free, and charge $3 to $5 for more recent titles from the DS. ”

“I don’t know why Iwata is still employed. Given that he refuses to take advantage of this opportunity while the handheld market continues to shrink and the Wii U has failed so far to catch on in a big way.”


      1. Pachter expects the Wii U will ultimately sell 30 million “or fewer” units, the PS4 will sell 100 to 120 million units, and the Xbox One will sell 90 to 110 million units.

        Pachter May 2006:

        Over the course of each system’s lifetime, Pachter expects the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii to rack up US sales of 41 million units, 32 million units, and 15 million units, respectively. All three of those numbers are higher than what the companies’ current-generation units have managed to move.

    1. He’s just an imbecile.
      I honestly don’t know why he’s still employed- oh yeah, he’s payed to stay mentally retarded garbage.
      No wonder.

    1. ‘nintendo should put old GameBoy Advance content on phones and tablets for free,’ i don’t even… A great troll he is.

    1. well let’s say this: he should just stick to his actual job.. his job is not to make trollbait comments on the internet, he doesn’t get paid for that

  1. Lol for free??? And gameboy advance games at that lmao!!! Anyways I predict a 200 plus comments section.

    1. Klick bait is the magick word if just every one ignors him he will disappear. What I wish to know is how he is still considering himself as a analyst. blogger shloud fit him better

  2. I keep questioning why Pachter still has a job when he clearly doesn’t have a clue or ever get anything right, but there you go.

  3. I don’t know why people keep bringing this up when Nintendo has already given multiple statements as to why they aren’t taking that approach.

  4. Well Iwata is in the job because the 3ds is a masterpiece that was a piece of sht just like the Wii U. And the Gameboy and DS games? No, just they don’t work unless you have an actual controller. Nintendo games are meant to be played on Nintendo Hardware but that may change.

    Anyway, he is entitled to his opinions but if the Wii U takes off and he does a 180 and praises the console. Be sure to quote him on his past stuff. Its one thing to have an opinion, its another to jump on a bandwagon.

    1. thats the thing, when nintendo are doing well you don’t see or hear from this guy anywhere at the time, but when nintendo struggling he pops up faster then a new mario game(pun intended) talking about nintendo is ruined, he needs to just do his job instead of wanting attention, I don’t know why they even give him his own announcements, when he only has nothing to say but, crap.

      1. Well, to be fair, Nintendo has deserved it flack for both the 3ds and Wii U. They didn’t market well and the launch titles they planned to have, got delayed because they weren’t ready for HD gaming and had development problems with the shaders and such.

      2. “when nintendo are doing well you don’t see or hear from this guy anywhere at the time, but when nintendo struggling he pops up faster then a new mario game(pun intended) talking about nintendo is ruined”

        This is pretty much the case with all american media.

  5. Oh for the love of god Iwata needs to be axed this instant. The man is a plague on the company. Nintendo will continue to experience the same problems they are with the Wii U right now in the future unless that little midget fag is replaced by someone who actually cares about the hardcore/oldschool gamers.

    1. “Ridiculous!” … … “RI- DI- CU- LOUS!!” … … …. “it’s not working professor… why?” “some things can’t get more ridiculous, harry”

  6. I imagine Iwata is still employed because Nintendo released the Wii and DS under his watch. You know, 2 of the 3 most successful video game systems ever.

    Plus the 3DS, also released during his time, is at DS levels of printing money right now.

    One struggling system is not really reason enough for him to go.

    1. The Wii overall was a failure. It sold well, yes. Unfortunately the majority of the people who purchased the console were casual gamers who barely ever used the console.

      The Wii U… is not “struggling” it’s a complete and utter failure. I doesn’t have to be though

      Iwata could swallow is pride admit Wii U has been a disaster thus far and then make the necessary changes to improve the console. Of course he won’t though. Instead he’ll sit on his ass telling us how sorry he is and to “please understand”. The man is delusional and extremely naive. He STILL thinks that the Wii U will eventually catch on with the casual gamer.

      1. If Wii U was a failure, then why does it have just under 4 million sales?

        That isn’t exactly a failure. Your trolling is boring and it’s just plain annoying. Go to your play pen you pathetic idiot.

      2. Just under 4 million LMAO

        Compare that to the sales of the Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 in the same amount of time.

        Also, the PS4 is on pace to outsell the Wii U by March or April of next year.

      3. If they could produce the consoles fast enough, it would outsell the Wii U by christmas

      4. lol no. Better games coming for Wii U in 2014 than PS4 and X-Box Done games… this winter of big sales for microsoft and sony was the only one… there will be no other.

      5. You say that when some of the most anticipated games will launch on next gen and some of them will be launched on current gen. Now those might not interest you, but they sure do interest a hell of a lot of other people.

      6. Please… the only way the Wii was a failure wasn’t HD… and Miyamoto has even admitted they waited too late to get into HD.

        It’s just sad that gamers.think they’re comoetent when they criticize Nintendo…. it’s sadder when professionals have that same mentality as well.

      7. I’m new here and I gotta say, Nintendo is in a really bad situation and I don’t think making money in the casual market is gonna cut it for them. I’ve been to this site many times seeing a lot of trolls, fanboys, sheep and they need to stop thinking that Nintendo is fine. Nintendo won’t be fine if they keep having the mentality of investing in the casual market and apologizing for the many delays. I love Nintendo and the Wii U, but right now I’m disappointed with them if this keeps up.

      8. Actually they should probably be more invested in attracting the casual market from a business perspective. After the Wii, most “gamers” chose Microsoft and Sony over Nintendo because the games they offered were more “hardcore”, whereas the Wii focused on the casual market, and did phenomenally there. I’m really happy that Nintendo is trying to attract gamers again but unfortunately it isn’t a working strategy atm.

      9. How is the winner of the last generation of consoles a failure? Who says that everyone who buys a console plays it 24/7? I doubt that. So if the PS4 wins this generation that means there must be a lot of people that didn’t play it that much, so it’s going to be a failure? The Wii made money, it was a success, deal with it!

  7. Ok not being a fanboy here but STOP POSTING PATCHER. All it does is piss people off in this community. The guy owns stock thats against nintendo so of course he is never fully say anything positive to nintendo. He still thinks the 3ds is a failure. He isn’t even a professional. He doesn’t report data on big three fairly. Microsoft investor/ analyst says the xbox division is hurting microsoft(which has been proven).

  8. Yeah, because mobile phone users will surely pay for games that are hard to control with a touchscreen AND can just be played for free with an emulator… <.< Idiot.

  9. While Patcher have said a lot of stupid things in the past this gotta be the stupidest of them all I mean like seriously putting GameBoy Advance games on phones for free so Patcher is basically telling Nintendo to encourage emulators. No just no. Patcher must really stop his stupidity once and for all.

  10. Why give games you can make mula from to your competition? Does Nintendo want people to stop buying their handhelds for iPhones EVEN MORE then they already are??- Don’t think so.

  11. We are back to good news days. Pacchter says wiiu will nit sell when the ps4 and xbone gets out and the wiiu is actually doing better lol.

  12. Ok, so his premise is that Nintendo should put old games on IOS and android for free… and DS games also… First, really free games will increase revenue1!?!? Second DS games are made for two screens not one so… Maybe if they put their old NES and SNES games on IOS and android and charge maybe $3 or something that would be an idea but still not a really good one.

    I am guessing that he thinks that putting those games for free would then turn that consumer into Nintendo hardware buyer but I doubt it.

    The investors and analysts need to understand that the mobile market is volatile just ask Zynga with the purchase of OMGPOP… that really tanked. Mobile looks for the new trend and what someone can play when they are seating on the toilet.

    What Nintendo need to do is what they did with the 3DS, bring the GAMES!! Software sells hardware, maybe Super Mario 3D Land didn’t sell fwell but trust be that will be selling till the WiiU cycle finishes. Nintendo games are like that the sell good and keep selling.

    Please stop it with telling Nintendo to go to the mobile market!!!

  13. He’s absolutely right. The Wii U has been a complete failure and has been repeatedly mocked and disgraced.

    There is seriously nothing wrong with putting retro Nintendo games on smartphones. Obviously don’t put anything from the GameCube or later hardware, but NES/SNES titles? Why not?

    1. Because every 1st party Nintendo game is always an Nintendo Exclusive, why give your guns away even though they are old?

    2. Why? because it cost money and to give it away for free is just a bad business plan.

      I don’t mind if they do it but charge for it, just like the virtual console on the Wiiu and 3DS,

      Its probably very cheap to port it but still you will next to divert some of the internal teams to put time on it. I prefer for them to release new games on WiiU

      1. Of course they would charge for it. That’s the whole point of it. Although I don’t know how many people would buy it, what with emulators so popular. Putting them on smartphones for free wouldn’t accomplish anything.

        They really wouldn’t have to use their own internal teams. They could easily hire a small outside team to port Super Mario Bros. to an iPhone.

      2. Maybe someone would buy them, don’t really know, but putting them in the mobile market for free is just stupid even if they are old Game Boy Advance games.

  14. their games aren’t even on the eshop and he wants them on phones and tablets. funny stuff. although I agree with him on iwata getting lost. this company needs new fresh ideas and fast.

  15. Nintendo games belong only on Nintendo hardware. That’s what makes those games so special. It’s not like Nintendo is desperate to put some of their old games on mobile platforms anyway.

  16. It wouldnt make any sense to bring old games to mobiles, he doesnt understand it, but even those old 1st party Nintendo games are still Nintendo EXCLUSIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. The only thing I agree on is that a shift in leadership is probably necessary. Iwata needs to go and Nintendo needs someone who knows what to do in the seat of power. Nintendo needs someone who isn’t afraid to take the focus off Mario and Zelda for a year or two and give us new entries in starved franchises like Star Fox and F-Zero.

    As for Nintendo officially porting games onto non-Nintendo handhelds, if I ever see that, I will know gaming as we know it is in a world of trouble. Phones are NOT gaming devices. I understand phones can play games these days and that’s fine, but no one buys a phone *just* to play games. That’s like buying a massage chair and never using the built-in massage device.

  18. why would they do that when they can fleece people out of more money for games they have already bought,

    i don’t understand why people keep buying old nintendo games on the eshop or virtual console, what is the point in buying them on every nintendo system each time a new one is released,

    i didn’t buy a WiiU to play decades old games i have already played, i got my WiiU to play the latest games, it’s about time nintendo started working on some instead of spending so much time on the virtual console rubbish.

    1. I’ll admit, I bought some virtual console titles because I missed them the first time around (my first console was an N64), so I have downloaded some NES and SNES games like Kid Icarus and Super Metroid, and Earthbound because I’m hoping enough downloads of that game will prompt a worldwide official release of Mother 3. But I do wish they dedicated more time and resources to new games and maybe begin a new IP every few years.

  19. Because Patcher, Iwata knows what he is doing,he’s like Miyamoto – he know’s what the company must do.

    You on the other hand just trash the company all the time, and you’re ever so wrong all the time. Question for you: Why are you still employed? You said 3DS was going to fail, but its taken off really well.

    I reckon I could be a better analyst thank you.

    Sickr, why do you post things he says. He’s stupid, and he’s irrelevant. Has he made any hardware? Has he made any software…..? No???….didn’t think so!!!!!

      1. And the sales of it are gradually getting better.

        Tell me, does the X1 and PS4 have amazing groundbreaking 1st party IPs right now? Not really.

        I can see it will take a considerable amount of time longer to actually get these consoles really going. People demand better visuals (for some stupid unknown reason), so game development takes more time.

        Learn the industry buddy.

        You cannot keep using the same old Iwata must be fired or Wii U needs a price drop because that excuse is purely dumb and getting boring now! If Nintendo were in a financial crisis, then something would have been done by now.

      2. The PS4 and Xbox one has surpassed the lifetime sales of the Wii U which is sad because the Wii U has been out for over a year.

        Iwata is just too stubborn to realize how bad the Wii U is doing. If he really care about Nintendo’s fans, than he wouldn’t create the Wii U madness. Iwata blinded by greed, because of how well the Wii sold; hoping that all of those who bought the Wii will by a Wii U.

        If he really cared about us he would us a console like the GameCube, or N64.

      3. You really are bleeding stupid. Do you honestly believe the sales of X1 and PS4 would have been any better if they had been released around the same time of Wii U? Of course not!

      4. Are you stupid?! The Wii U had the advantage! They had a whole year to dominate, but nope!…All you get is a 2 month Wii U game drought; followed by “please understand”. Not only that the only game that would be worth buying a Wii U for was Pikmin 3, but that was 9 months prior to the Wii U’s launched. No matter if you love the Wii U or hate it, Nintendo had their time to shine and the blew it!! Only selling just under 4 million units… pathetic.

        It’s even more sad that the PS4 and Xbox One had sold one million units at launch. Nintendo should really pick up their pace if they still want to be relevant in the console market.

        This is exactly why I said I’m not going to waste my time. None of you sheep will ever face the reality.

      5. Of course they won’t. They’ll dig themselves a hole and when that hole starts to cave in they jump out and dig a new one.

        Example: Earlier this year Nintendo fanboys claimed games such as Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Zelda: Wind Waker HD, 3D Mario, would give the Wii U sales a significant and sustained boost in sales. Now that those games have been released, sold poorly and failed to improve the Wii U sales by any significant margin, they claim, “We never said any of those games would save Wii u, that will be Mario Kart and Smash Bros. next year!”.

      6. They are so delusional. Every time I see their comments, it just screams “damage control!!” “damage control!!”. It’s saddening that they think the Wii U has a chance this generation.

        It’s obvious that the Wii U won’t have a chance, Mario failed to be a system seller twice. As I stated before, if Mario can’t save the Wii U, nothing will, yet the retarded sheep just keep on being in denial. As long as Iwata keeps his head in the sand (hoping for the Wii U to succeed) like an ostrich, nothing will change. Sadly they are too stubborn to realize that :/

      7. man you and Pachter are dumb as rocks. I see this on financial forums from short sellers. No matter what facts get in their way, they try to denounce everything positive and focus on the negative. You’ll hear them a lot during times like these for the Wii U and a year ago for the 3ds..when things are looking questionable to the moronic outsider. For those who actually understand how Nintendo operates and why they do the things they do i.e. not going mobile, not paying exorbitant fees (kickbacks) to 3rd party devs, releasing ‘underpowered’ consoles, etc, we don’t fret when there are lulls. This is a company that has proven time and time again that is capable of pushing the envelope. It has proven that it sells hardware by providing good software. I has proven that even if one of their products is struggling, it will support the one that isn’t so those that purchase will continue to get outstanding value. The problem with idiots like you and Pachter is that there is no accountability. You both can say whatever nonsense you want and when you are wrong (is Pachter ever right?) there are no repurcussions. So there is nothing preventing outlandish predictions.

        Our only saving grace is that all this crap we are hearing now we heard about the 3DS. Once the Wii U catches on and is doing well, these ham n’ eggers will have nothing to say and will disappear from these sites. But, no worry, they will show up again next gen, wrong as usual

      8. “The PS4 and Xbox one has surpassed the lifetime sales of the Wii U which is sad because the Wii U has been out for over a year.”

        That’s only in the UK.

      9. Also, we all remember how well the N64 and GCN were. They sold like the WiiU compared to its competitors.

  20. Plain and simple, he really is a complete twat and doesn’t understand the gaming industry. If he did then he would be saying the right things, but he never does.

    Also Patcher Nintendo shouldn’t do anything with their games except putting them on their hardware! Why you say eh?

    Easy to answer.
    1) Their IPs belong on their hardware
    2) Why bother selling their IPs? – never going to happen.
    3) Their software is designed for their control schemes.
    4) They move the video games industry each generation.
    5) They have never copied.
    6) They actually have very very clever people – you don’t have a brain cell.

    Need I say more?

  21. Pachter is nothing but a recognized Nintendo troll. I never took him seriously before when he continuously claimed that Nintendo as a company is in trouble and this new story makes me wonder why his statements are even relevant.

    He clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The 3DS is doing fantastic and the Wii U was only struggling because it had a lack of great games (much like the 3DS in it’s first year). The Wii U just had it’s first must have (Mario 3D World) early next year Mario Kart 8 will show up and later on in the year Smash Bros will turn everything around. Not to mention all the other unannounced games for next year like the new Zelda game they’ve been working on for the Wii U.

    This guy cracks me up. GBA games for free and $5 DS games on the iPhone??? Nintendo already stated they wouldn’t put their games on other platforms. Those prices aren’t just cheap it’s nothing short of a steal, may as well say pirating is OK too… And how the crap would you see 2 screens on an iPhone/iPod for DS games??? The screen is small enough as it is and many games require the use of both screens, that sounds like a greater eye strain than the 3D on the 3DS.

    I wish this asshole left Nintendo alone! He clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about and anyone that reads his horrible material that doesn’t follow up on gaming could easily be mislead into thinking Nintendo is failing when it clearly isn’t the case!

    Go away Pachter, you make me sick!!!

    1. ^Completely agree with you.

      I have actually seen quite a few Wii U ads now as well, so advertising is now on its way at last. If this continues to get better, then the future for Wii U and Nintendo is very bright for a good 2014. I say lets get off the big N’s back and let them do what they do best.

      Also Miyamoto has also said that he cannot think of another person that Iwata to lead Nintendo. Miyamoto is a great man, and inspirational, anyone who says different, is a twat. Miyamoto doesn’t lie, and if Iwata was doing a terrible job, then something would have been done long ago, and nothing has now has it? So Iwata IS doing a GOOD job.

  22. when i read the name pachter, i stop reading, because he is just a flamer with no idea for the market.

  23. If Nintendo put their games on other systems, they immediately lose the number 1 selling point for all of their hardware – that you need it to play Nintendo games. What a smart move that would be. Iwata would be out of a job if he did that.

  24. I think Nintendo is out of touch, but I’ll never understand why all these analysts shit on them for not going software only…. What makes them any different than Sony or Microsoft?

  25. I dont completely disagree, I think Iwata should be replaced, also they should bring Virtual console games to phones, after all if they don’t people will just download roms and play them that way, they’re missing out on a potential market. Also 5$ for a NES game is stupid, especially when you can get ps1 and 2 games for that price on a regular basis on PSN. Also a Virtual console purchase should span all consoles.

  26. Like Ouya did & failed? BTW neither Xbox or PS are appealing to mobile gaming & they’re doing just fine. Geez, does Pachter have stock holds in the mobile market or something? BTW, Nintendo’s problem is lack 3rd party, not shitty mobile games.

  27. There’s only one thing people need to realize. The Wii U isn’t selling well because of bad timing. The core games like Mario 3D world and Pikmin should of been Launch titles, and they would of been perfect Holiday gifts. Why they weren’t will always be a mystery, but Mario 3D World shouldn’t of been released the same day the PS4 was lauched. Both games had excellent reviews, but they weren’t available when Wii U came out. The people of Nintendo have both acknowleged and learned from this mistake, and as a hardcore Nintendo fan I believe things will get better, and that this mistake won’t occur again.

  28. The bigger question here is how does Patcher still have a job? If Nintendo put out their game son mobile it would hurt the 3DS’s amazing sales. The Wii U is in no way connected to the mobile industry. Not to mention, mobile phones, iPods and whatnot don’t have enough power or space to run full Nintendo games. Also, most people I know want a Wii U, they just don’t quite have enough money yet, and I love mine.

  29. Thing is, if Nintendo did become a software only company, Sony and Microsoft would be there begging Iwata-san for thier games on their platforms. Secretly both companies know Nintendo have always been the biggest overall player in the gaming biz.

  30. Of course he’s an idiot for saying that…buuuut… i don’t think is a bad idea to have an virtual console app on smartphones. I know it goes against nintnedo handheld gaming, but would be a smooth move


  32. Lol! Its the same as saying “I don’t know why Pachter is still an analyst when he is 90% wrong all the time….”

  33. I don’t really care what their reasons are, Nintendo should have brought the GBA games to the 3DS but instead chose to tease us with the “Ambassador program” and then pull the rug out from under us.
    As for Pachter, he’s just a troll with no life. Nintendo is already in a leaky boat, marketing their games to other platforms will only sink their brand. This guy has the IQ of an ashtray sandwiched in between a banana and a turtle shell… maybe Iwata can get him a PR job, lol.

  34. He is not wrong about some points. Iwata is very stubborn and is kinda bringing the company down with his “casual gaming” vision of consoles. I mean, a bit of casual games on consoles is cool, but here with the Wii, this was waaay too much. Wii U gotta be a gamer system and not some freakin’ Wii², despite its name that made tons of old Nintendo gamers run away from it.
    It seems that now, he understood what was wrong and tries to bring Nintendo back in the right way, but it may be too late, Nintendo are perceived like a joke in the hardcore gaming world and PS4 might be about to absolutely dominate this gen again. Looks like Sony understood Nintendo was in a bad situation with gamers and they are going all in with their new console.
    This being said, no, Nintendo shouldn’t bring their franchises on mobile. That would absolutely finish them. Their consoles sell because of Zelda, Mario, Metroid and such, and bringing them on other platforms would be a huge mistake. But I think we can rely on them not to do that, they care way too much about them to simply throw them to the pigs.
    Overall, Nintendo’s reputation has drastically went downhill these past few years, and it doesn’t smell good for them and their fans… I really hope the situation improves…

      1. You’re just a fanboy utterly blind to what’s happening to Nintendo. Get out of this chat, or go draw some dicks with your keyboard below please.

  35. And I says, ” Get a life and stop being an asshole; criticizing him about a job you more than likely couldn’t handle yourself.”

  36. if he wants that then sony and microsoft should add their game to nintendo and it will happen when hell freezes over and i gather all 7 dragonballs to grant my wish

  37. Lmao. Yeah don’t put all those games on the 3ds that’s selling extremely well, give them away for free on smart phones so people will somehow buy a Wii u and 3ds…? Oh wait then you sell newer on smart phones… but not on the 3ds, so you can kill that off.

    How about suggesting Nintendo create a mobile division with new IPs? That makes better sense to me… but what do I know I’m not on TV.

    I just don’t get why this guy has a job.

  38. Just finished playing 5 hours straight on my Wii U .. opening my laptop and what I found ? … Sickr retarded post about shit. I love this site .. its full of retards lol.

  39. I have had the wii u for two weeks and i like it its a nice bit of kit but the problem with nintendo is they are stuck on some sort of a loop by thinking that a new mario or a zelda game will sell there brand all the time.nintendo it’s 2013/14 its time to put the children to sleep and play with the big boys COME ON WAKE UP embrace your fans new and old

  40. why dont he says that sony should realese all ps1 games for free in vita ? why always this man attacking nintendo.

  41. Wii just sold 132k in US last week. Wii U sold 165k in UD last week. If they kill the Wii, the Wii U could have sold 330k. Why are they still making Wiis if you can play those same games on Wii U? So knack beat Mario I’m UK just once. Where’s knack now?

  42. This quote reeks of business bullshit. Iwata is why the company is still so special. What other CEO’s are personally filming their announcements?

  43. Maybe because he’s doing a pretty good job and is extremely dedicated to what he does?

    How can someone, professionally and publicly, express their wish for somebody to lose their job, based on next to no information about what it is this person really does for a living?

    This is where freedom of speech is becoming a problem…

    1. I don’t know about Pachter, but nes/snes emulators run just fine, so do gb/gba. The ds/3ds can’t be emulated well, but for older titles, they run very well.

      But, Nintendo has too much “well understandable,” pride to dole out the #1 iconic video game character on the shit shack which is android/ios app marketplace.

  44. You dumbass fanboys are aware that Pachter is a troll, right? Much like PETA, Westboro Baptist, Miley Cyrus ect.. stay relevant within the news and media, is almost solely thanks to the publicity they gain from your pissy angry comments.

    Remember, there’s no such thing as bad press.

    …unless you a zombie

  45. @crocodileman94: “Aaaand, how exactly are we supposed to play a two-screen game on a one-screen tablet” buy somehow syncing two tablets oh, wait we cant and also no one needs two tablets, its fine if you have 2 3ds’s for pokemon trading if you have no friends that wanna trade with you and also have no net connection. bringing nintendo ip to mobile is like trying to introduce dictatorship to the usa

  46. even the big nintendo-fans must admit that therehave been a lot of management failures made by nintendo lately. but not only from nintendo headquarter, also nintendo usa makes so much mistakes.

  47. He has a point. Giving access to your ganes millions upon millions of potential customers is a good idea. Load the free one up with Nintendo ads for 3DS and Wii U

  48. So, should Sony’s and Microsoft’s game presidents should resign because they don’t put their exclusives in the App Store of Apple?

    Why would Nintendo put DS games for such a low price there and give them shitty touch screen controls on a table, when with the 3DS you can have a full experience?

    Why would Nintendo start making shit $1 games on tablets and phones? And bring their old games there with shitty controls?

    With this asshole’s reasoning, then Microsoft and Sony should ALL STOP MAKING HOME CONSOLES TOO AND PUT ALL THEIR GAMES IN THE SMARTPHONE MARKET!

    Seriously, this guy is just a Nintendo troll, he’s like Fox News for Obama. This guy is clearly a Sony/Microsoft fanboy and a HUGE Nintendo troll, he just ignores the good 3DS news and just talks about Wii U, clearly showing how biased this idiot is.

    Nintendo could sell 2 million Wii U’s this December this asshole will just not say anything until some Wii U news come out again or he’ll just say that something negative will happen in the future, he’ll just never be happy with whatever happens to Nintendo. Where’s is he talking about the failed Vita? Oh, yeah, Sony and Microsoft and huge companies that do other stuff, so since Nintendo only makes games, let’s troll them when one of then consoles is failing. What an idiot!

  49. The only reason why the PS4 is selling like crazy it’s because they promoted it like something “mature”, “cool”, and “awesome”, which is what people are into these days, and the so called “hardcore” raging nerds love the word “mature” ’cause it makes them feel like somebody, also people are addicted to shooting other people online. Anyway, Wii U needs the games, and it will pick up, but the hate I see here is too much. It’s like the 3DS doesn’t exist and Pokemon X and Y didn’t sell 4 million at all in one month. People need to grow up.

  50. WOW, Patcher has got to be the biggest dummy with a big mouth!! Give away Game Boy advance games and charge $3 to $5 for DS games? He clearly doesn’t get it. What a dummy…..

  51. Gilberto Says “I Don’t Know Why Pachter Is Still Employed”; Should Bring Old Games To Mobile ? LOL Fuck Mobile man ! This is the only reason Nintendo exists … their own Games. List your complaint to Mobile manufactures … hehehe Build your own Great Games.

  52. to pachter:
    japanese ppl have something in mind its called “respect” you little sucker. i know you tad havent heard about that.

  53. Josh from the Bit.Block on youtube is one of the few reviewers that sticks with just Nintendo. I don’t trust Pachter or IGN because they both try to work against Nintendo

  54. “the handheld market continues to shrink”, uhhhh I seriously don’t know why Pachter is still employed, the 3ds sold 1,292,585 consoles last week worldwide and growing. Every time I go to the games store I see mothers buying Wii U and 3ds games for Christmas. The Xbox one and the PS4 have almost NO launch games for children this Christmas except maybe Knack. The Wii U is off to a slow release yes, but so was the 3ds. This is down to Nintendo using less 3rd party developers because their first party games are enough to sell, which is evident from the 3ds once enough games were out on it. I’m still waiting for Pachter to eat his words about the 3ds last year when he declared it dead but I guess he won’t.

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