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UK Software Life To Date: Wii U 650K, Xbox One 475K, PS4 75K (Pre-Launch)


Gamasutra has revealed just how much software was sold in the United Kingdom for dedicated gaming platforms. The Wii U has only managed to shift 650,000 units of software after being on the market for a year. The Xbox One hasn’t fared too badly, as it has already sold 475,000 games in the UK. However, it should be noted that Chart Track have included the Forza 5 and FIFA 14 bundles. You can check out all the formats software sales from Gamasutra in the chart above.

80 thoughts on “UK Software Life To Date: Wii U 650K, Xbox One 475K, PS4 75K (Pre-Launch)”

    1. Well… not including Nintendo Land, Wind Waker HD, NSMBU and Zombi U Wii U bundles would mean all those games that came with the consoles did not count…. and they certainly do.

      1. Yeah, and I’m gonna bet that had those been included the Wii U would’ve won. Especially if the ZombiU bundle had been included since that game is based out of the UK.

  1. Notice how Sales in October and November have Increased Rapidly for Wii U. I Hope The Momentum Stays Like this Through the Holiday!

    1. They should, because most people I know really wanted a Wii U but couldn’t afford it right away. Especially now that they’ve tried mine out, they are getting close to having enough dough and with the price drops, awesome bundles and great games on the horizon, I see no reason why the Wii U won’t take off much the 3DS or PS3.

  2. There’s no point Nintendo targetting the UK at all. British people are too stupid to buy Nintendo games, they’re a bunch of loser sheep. I’m allowed to say this because I am British!

    1. To all you “I’m British and I play Nintendo” guys – I’m British and I play Nintendo, I think I made that clear. I was speaking generally. 80%+ (and maybe I’m being generous) fits the description I described above.

      1. Hey Rukiafan Rukiachan, if you haven’t noticed, the PS4 sales have already slowed down to be worse than Wii U’s on a weekly basis… The same thing that happened to Wii U will happen to PS4 next year.

        They start out strong, but nothing enticing keeps the console sales coming.

        1. Except PS4 will actually have, ya know….GAMES available without having to wait a year like with the WiiU. Also your stat about the PS4 sales slowing down is bullshit. Source, please? 2.1 million units in 2 weeks is, uh…pretty amazing. You can’t make an accurate analysis of the PS4’s sales after only 2 weeks anyways. Stop being an idiot.

          1. The Wii U would’ve sold better on launch only Nintendo hadn’t anticipated it and didn’t ship out enough consoles. The PS4, is some pretty expensive, cheap compared to the XBox One but still a lot of cash. The Wii U is cheap and has way more exclusives and tons of stellar games on the horizon. The Xbox One has 3 exclusives right now, and is way over priced and still too much like a PC, the PS4 has more exclusives but is also too PC like, the Wii U does what no PC can and does it well. Just wait, Wii U sales are already rising while the excitement over the launch of PS4 and XBO is falling, they both have less games announced at this point and are way too expensive for anyone who isn’t a hardcore SONY or Microsoft fan. The Wii U is fun, relatively cheap, powerful and has lots of great games.

    1. really -_- the xbox one has been out for what about a week and already has over 400k sales the wiiu has been out for a year and only has above 600k thats not very good.

      1. But he’s almost ALWAYS putting the news in a bad light. He’s stating 0.65 million consoles sold in the UK is bad, but it’s not actually as bad as he’s claiming, considering UK is Nintendo’s weakest market.

        1. Yeah I noticed, but look at the positive articles that he post and how much hits they get? Barely any compared to the negative news, I just think he found his strategy to get more hits, get the fan girls angry so they come in the comments guns a blazing and then the trolls come to feast on the fools, which is the same argument on every post (troll) Nintendo sux rah rah rah ….( angry Nintendo fan )blah blah blah , and starts listing games either out or soon to come,

          1. Lol. Although I’m guilty of the “angry Nintendo fan” bit, you totally summarized a years worth of posts. ;)

            1. Lol @bones I think I visit this site as much as anyone here, but I just read the comments and laugh about them, some of the trolls are irritatingly hard to ignore but I still manage to skip over their comments n laugh it off, BTW you’re cool in my book, the fan girls know who they are…

        1. Well let’s give it a while and see if he will eventually post it, I know he sees all the comments, yeah sickr I know, but like I said news is news good or bad

          1. Exactly. There are a bunch of other posts on MNN that certain individuals who visit this site seem to forget exist (or they choose to ignore). Instead, they just want to moan and complain on the few posts here and there which hurt their Nintendo fan(boy) pride. News is news good or bad. MNN reports on good and bad news.

            Honestly, if they hate what is posted on this site so much and think things should be done differently, A) Go to a different site, or B) make your own website where things will be done the way you want it done.

        2. The second week in a row? The PS4 has only been out in the UK for a week and it already outsold the Wii U’s lifetime sales sales. What in the world are you talking about?

    1. This is pretty much why I barely come to MNN anymore. Too much focus on the negative side of news, even if there’s something positive about them.

        1. Since the XBOX 360 and PS3 sold about 490,000 a piece, the XBOX One sold 400,000, and the PS4 sold 975,000 last week, the fact that the Wii U sold 275,000 during Black Friday seems a lot less impressive despite it being an increase over prior Wii U sales.

          It’s not really “positive” Wii U news.

  3. But on the other hand the sales kinda show that PS owners will most likely buy the system and brag about it but would hardly buy games for it, maybe I’m wrong or its like I told my Sony fanboy friends, Sony is shit now and I won’t be buying one until they get some good games which there’s absolutely none, and yeah I don’t play fps so don’t say kill zone …. Or knack omg that game is terrible, I played it…. just no… fuck u knack…

    1. I wouldn’t say Xbox One is any better, charging $100 more than PS4 for pretty much the same experience, online-subscription of $60 a year (doesn’t the PS4 have this now too?), forced Kinect in the bundle and Forza 5 with ultra-greedy micro-transactions. And a thin launch line-up.
      To say it mildly, I’m not amazed by ‘next-gen’ at all. Half the launch games are on current-gen too.

    2. When I had my PS3, I owned about 5 games during it’s entire life time. SONY really fails to put out games that are worth it now a days. I loved my PS1, despite being a Nintendo fan. The Wii U has loads of great games, some for everybody just around the horizon. My suspicion is that it’s going to be just like the 3DS which started off slow but is doing great now!

    1. Why would you compare the 3DS ( a handheld ) to two home consoles? Obviously they’ll be more powerful. Point is, the 3DS started off with a few good games and I honestly hardly used mine for the first year or so (I got it on launch) but after the better games started coming out the 3DS started selling like crazy and despite being less powerful than the Vita (much like the DS vs. PSP) it outsold it by a lot.

  4. Why are there no news about how the Wii U outsold the PS4 two weeks in a row?
    It looks like the people who have been complaining about the overall negativity on this site were right.

    1. Because that news would get about 30 to 50 comments and fewer hits, sickr likes it when there’s a war in the comment sections, how come anyone has hardly figured this out yet? Business people! Business learn it…

      1. Actually i think those news would get decent comments. The haters could always argue that there was a shortage (some on Gamefaqs claim there is while other say there are lots of units available in their region) and to give the Nintedo fans some ammo to shoot back in future “debates” would not hurt because these trolls never give up.
        Besides if one topic fails then just post some UK stats, they are all abysmal anyway or find some X-something guy who thinks the Wii U is doomed og a failure.

        Anyway let´s see what happens next on MNN :)

    2. The console I really want to see fail is the Xbox one because if it goes out of Business banjo can come back to Nintendo. No issue with PS4 but I want to know why people perfer to pay $100 more to play the same 3rd party games? PS4 titles ain’t even on top 10 anymore.

        1. Yes, but when the wiiu wasn’t selling because it did NOT had games people blamed on weak hardware so it is not only fare we Nintendo fans ignore the real reason we should also make fun of it.

  5. I am looking at this and thinking “Wow, PS4 and X1 haven’t exactly sold ANY better than Wii U”.

    Then again, Wii U is steadily selling a lot better and X1 and PS4 have only just come out. I think it’s highly unrealistic to be looking at all 3 consoles sales this early.

    As most of the top notch software isn’t out yet, it isn’t a great idea to start looking at sales like this. 2 consoles came out at the same time and the other a year before. Obviously Wii U should be higher, but due to what has happened, it couldn’t be helped….well it could, but there you go.

    2014 will spice up the numbers pretty quickly. Instead of these sales blogs being posted, it’s probably better to see software that’s coming out and news behind the scenes.

    1. The software sales sure do. But one thing that this report doesn’t take account of are the downloadable sales figures, which is a huge chunk of the Vita software sales pie.

      1. Not only software sales, vita’s owner depend on ps+ so I was thinking downloadable sales not too good. Beside vita is already 1 year ahead than wii u and that report doesn’t take account wii u downloadable sales as well…

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  7. It’s the UK!!! Who gives a fuck??? This does not mean wii u has failed! Obviously, this is why I hate this nintendo slaughter that every website is posting. Give me a break! It’s the fucking UK read the article headline, no console sells crazy well there. It’s not as popular of a medium there. So shut the fuck up. Wait for the numbers to roll in in January February and see how the wii u is doing

  8. Wii U dead? HAHAHAHAHA… yeah the Wii U is living very well.

    Feel sorry for the poor PS4 though, being beaten by the Xbox Done in the UK… Until we actually see the actual sales and the PS4 seems to be in 2nd Place behind the Wii U and ahead of the Xbox Done which is in 3rd place

    1. These figures are from BEFORE the PS4 was released in the UK. Sony already revealed the sales figures for the PS4 from the first 24 hours there. Even in the same article linked above, it says, “We already know that the 250,000 system PS4 launch in the UK has given it around an 80,000 system lead over the Xbox One.”

      All we have to wait on now are the software sales.

  9. not counting digital sales which are probably quite a few more in comparison to the xbox one since from what i heard the online shop on the xbox one has close to zero games so far

  10. how dumb are some of you on here, he is not writing these articles himself… its just copy pasta’s …stop whining about him reporting the news going around on the internet. just deal with the truth

  11. Hey guys. These are SOFTWARE SALES, and the Xbox One numbers include the software that was included in the console bundles. Of course Xbone numbers are going to be high when you include numbers from a bundle that came with a freakin’ soccer game.

    1. That’s true. According to the article, about 1/3 of the software sales for Xbox One are from the bundles. But.. The Wii U software bundles aren’t counted? Or? Am I missing something?

      As far as I understand, the article was saying that all hardware bundles were counted, from this statement, “Unlike the data that the NPD Group reports in the U.S., this data includes software that is bundled with hardware.”

  12. For Christ’s sake NintendoNews’ staff if you read your visitors : STOP POSTING NEWS ABOUT UK.
    1) We don’t give a crap
    2) They are like the most horrible gamers on Earth
    Please, stop butchering our eyes.

  13. “The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community.
    The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company.”

    Why are you legitimizing a blog, why not click the blog’s source and cite that as the source of information rather than saying a blog written by a member of their community, I could join and start posting if I wanted to, instead of citing the actual chart-aggregation company in the UK – MCV ?

  14. There’s something fishy about those numbers, according to the numbers, there were 10 million Xbox 360s sold this year in the UK. According to reputable sales data from Tech Radar, the Xbox 360 had sold 8 million units in the UK LIFETIME as of Feb 2013. I don’t think the xbox magically sold more than twice its lifetime sales in under a year, especially since it has been for sale more than six years. I am also reasonably sure that 1 out of every 6 men, women, and children did not go out and buy a 360 in the last 12 months.

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