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New Bravely Second Details Emerge, Plus Teaser Site Open

Last week it was revealed that Bravely Default would be getting a sequel named Bravely Second. Now, we’ve got more details on the game, and though it’s still a Japan-only title, we’re sure Square Enix will deliver it to Western gamers in the future. Make sure you check out the details below, as well as the game’s teaser site, here.

First up, the story will be set in Luxendarc, several years after the events in Bravely Default, with the magical University town named Istantarl. Built in the Nadarakes continent, the town is nicknamed “Magic University Town” as it delves deep into the study of magic.

From the reveal of the sequel, we also caught wind that a new character would be introduced named Magnolia Arch. She sees herself as the “Devil Buster who came from the moon” and can appear in random places, rather unexpected to the player. Although she may be a sociable eccentric, she has incredibly fierce fighting skills, so one would be wise to steer clear of her dark side.

10 thoughts on “New Bravely Second Details Emerge, Plus Teaser Site Open”

  1. im hoping they will put the chibi characters away since the game takes place after 7 years after original.. or the new generation of toddlers will grow up to be heroes ? x_x im not really against but i hate toddlers as heroes in jrpg’s.

    1. try playing demo, im playing it myself and i checked all reviews.. i’m hungry for jrpg’s, but the game looks like totally relying on that streetpass gimmics, friends help etc etc.. but the story,artwork, music seems to be very good

      1. It doesn’t rely on that stuff at all, that’s just there to make the game easier, similar to the way all StreetPass stuff works, like in Kid Icarus and Fire Emblem. But there’s an internet feature which uses random people for the whole town renovation stuff for the bonus stuff
        All the non streetpass and internet stuff that relate to it’s difficulty ect is all manageable, change if you want EXP, difficulty, even enemy encounter rate. It’s well balanced for single player.

    2. Yes, very good, only 3DS games that are better are Link Between Worlds, Fire Emblem and Kid Icarus.
      But you need to like JRPG’s to enjoy it, old Final Fantasy games mainly.

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