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Emily Rogers Confirms Miiverse Coming To 3DS Today After Scheduled Maintenance

Nintendo Force writer Emily Rogers has reconfirmed that Miiverse, Nintendo Network ID and shared eShop balances will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS today after the maintenance that is due to start sometime this evening. Rogers previously hinted that Miiverse is due today, but she has now confirmed it via Twitter.

Miiverse/NNID/shared eshop balances after maintenance. RT @Eric_Silver Is it against the law to just tell people its Miiverse?

Thanks, Tyler

43 thoughts on “Emily Rogers Confirms Miiverse Coming To 3DS Today After Scheduled Maintenance”

  1. Hey guize, let’s bitch and moan for Nintendo to put a WiiU exclusive feature, on 3DS instead of supporting them by buying the WiiU! Morons.

    And then Nintendo actually caves and gives you troglodytes what you bitched for. You don’t deserve a company like Nintendo.

    1. Yeah, because of going to buy a Wii U JUST for Miiverse :P If you’re going to insult Nintendo you should do a better job.

      But seriously I would buy a Wii U if I could.

      1. No he’s right, it’s totally against the law to put a Wii U exclusive feature (which you also can download on Smartphones) on another Nintendo device which was requested for since forever…

        Also that was sarcasm, Ramm stop nitpicking

        1. While you can download miiverse on smartphones you’re still going to need a nintendo network ID to actually use it and you need a Wii U or as of this evening a 3DS to create one of those.

          Just wanted to clarify that for people that got confused by your statement of “(which you also an download on smartphones)”

    2. isn’t this benefitting them in the long run? owners of 3ds or smartphones may just be more inclined to buying a wii u out of curiosity.

  2. I wonder if MiiVerse 3DS will be like a whole separate software that you’ll have to exit your current software to open. If so then that would be disappointing. It should be multitask like the web browser.

  3. it should be really amazing on 3ds. to talk with people on miiverse and share things and browse, see what other people talk about particular games. hopefully maybe it will be possible to do it while you are in game.. not sure if 3ds is powerful enough for such multitasking

    1. It is confirmed that you’ll be able to go to miiverse, just like you can go to the browser while playing. So yes, the answer is yes. This is not one minor update, but a mayor update.


  5. I wish they would allow you to download titles like on the PSN. You could download a title on one and play it on both. Plenty of games are on both the 3ds eshop and wiiu like Super Mario Bros, Metroid, Zelda, etc. sucks I have them on my 3ds but can’t play them on my U without buying them again.

    1. ANY time I fill out a Club Nintendo survey I point this out EVERY time. I want this feature badly. I think with the combined balance upcoming, it should be one step closer to this.

  6. Hopefully you can’t access wii u communities cause there are a lot of 3ds owners who hate wii u and it would ruin the otherwise friendly community.

    1. They’re dealing with the 3ds update, when they’re done then you’ll be able to go to the eshop and download the update.

  7. so we are getting the mii verse, it seems rather interesting will it be free like the mii verse is on the wii U? also i hope they finish putting all this together soon.

  8. Great, Nintendo is basically making their service everywhere which will boost them honestly. Miiverse is great and its awesome enough we now share funds on both.

  9. Wahoo you guys finally posted it! I always try to find some positive news to balance out all the negative news……but a lot of times it’s easier said than done. Oh and I don’t want you to stop reporting on the negative news. News is news. It’s not this site’s fault if Nintendo can’t get it’s shit together somedays.

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