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Pure Chess Arrives December 26th On Wii U

Pure Chess will launch December 26th in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. The strategy game contains a tutorial that teaches basic, intermediate and advanced chess techniques. It also features three tournaments, three chess sets and three locations, including a museum and library. Pure Chess will be released for Nintendo 3DS as well, and cross-platform play will be supported between both versions.


    1. thanks god was waiting for a chess game! just hope for online and i’ll bite day 1. considering it’s 10-15$

      1. In the video clip on the Nintendo website it says “challenge your friends online” although the description mentions nothing about online which I find odd as this would be a very important selling point IMO.

  1. This seems more of an iOS gaming staple, but it’s nice to have these things on dedicated gaming platforms as well.

  2. When will that game Nintendo showed at 2011 E3 where two players play checkers on the gamepad then you shake it to start over?

  3. Or the one with the bird where rhe gamepad records and send it to the TV to play it? Where those just concepts or something?

    1. From the trailer of the wii u it seemed like those games were meant to come with it. Guess they thought the Wii u didnt need any extra games huehuehue

      1. Those games at 2011 E3 would have made great lauxh games for Wii U and would have allowed people to better understand the difference between Wii and Wii U. Those are features Vita can’t do. And will this chess game for Wii U allow two players sharing the gamepad? Those are exclusive functions the Vita can’t do. And what about the game where the Wiimote and Gamepad work together like playing golf where the golf ball is located on the Gamepad on the floor. You swing the Wiimote like a club the ball leaves out the Gamepad and onto the TV. Vita can’t do that. Or what about tossing darts from the Gamepad and goes fromthe gamepad to the TV. The vita can’t do that.

      2. And don’t forget about the baseball game shown at 2011 E3. Player one is batting and player two is using the Game pas to catch. The ball leaves the TV and if player one strikes the ball will then appear on the GamePad.

      3. Where is that game. Fuck Wii sports. I want that game its completely a different way to play and if advertised right and launched right Wii U sales could have been wayyyy better. And when will we see some AAA Wii U tittles that actually could be done similar to this like Mario baseball or golf or even super strikers? And what about that Ray man Legends trailer showing off NFC technology? When will these GamePad exclusives be available on Wii U consoles?

      4. And what about the function of the mic in the Gamepad? There is so much potential in the Gamepad never used I forgot it could do all that besides just a cloned TV screen. It can send messages and receive from the TV to the TV making it feel like an object actually left your hand and went to the TV. It can also reverse it. Also when will we see the Gamepad held in both hands and showing images that can’t be seen on the television?

      5. The GamePad does have a lot of potential. Unfortunately, Nintendo doesn’t have any innovative or unique ideas that make use of the potenial. It is becoming more and more evident the GamePad was created to try and cash-in on the tablet craze.

  4. So the GamePad is more than a cloned TV screen its just Nintendo has not released a game that did this. Also Wii U can handle two gamepads. So how will that be. Better yet will the design be different or the same? Also I didn’t know Wii U had two CPUs. An Dual core for the operating system only. I want to know where Wii Us potential really is.

    1. man, the gamepad is as much of a fail as the cranky kong reveal.

      the quicker you find that out the faster you will accept that nintendo failed with wii u. as if the wii wasn’t a fail enough, people buying it to store n there closet. the wii was a bigger fail than the wii u is. it was not even a gaming machine, it was a toy.

      1. do i really need to give you fucking reasons of why wii u failes?? i do that all the time and fags like you will just cry and damage control it. there is no point of me repeating it every time.

      2. Don’t even bother trying to explain the failures of Wii U to a Nintendo fanboy. They’ll never agree with you even if back up your arguements with facts and evidence. Denialism is the Nintendo fanboy’s favorite behavior.

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      8. WiiU hasn’t failed… yet. There is still hope for Nintendo to turn this around.

      9. I buy WiiU for first party games and PS3 (PS4 soon) for all the other games. So for me at least, WiiU wasn’t a fail.

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      20. so you admit that the wii was a toy. people bought it and threw it in the closet, just like a old filthy toy. unlike 360 and ps3 that people actually played for more than a shitty fad (wii sports) and had actual games on it. the only difference between the wii and wii u, is that wii u is a failed toy. maybe they shouldnt of failed with it and thought of actually making a gaming machine and not another fad,

      21. No shit the Wii was a toy, do you really think Nintendo said: “hey lets make a GAME console with characters like Pokémon, Pikmin, Kirby and other animated cartoon characters for business men? are you reall that stupid or did you have to take a class to be that moronic?

    1. you of all people are going to buy…… THIS!!!!! it should of been free just like that wario game, im pretty sure they were both supposed to come for free in the package, just with less content.
      that just shows how desperate nintendo is for games……. there is no way im going to get this or that fail of a warioware game.

      also…… what did you think of that cranky kong reveal. hahahhah.

      1. im not trying to start an argument. im just wondering what the guy thinks of it.

      2. Again Nintendo thinking their reveals are amazing. Idk why they needed to hide the info about Cranky as a playable character.

      3. I’m going to get it to learn how to play chess. That’s the main reason. I never had anyone to teach me to play and this looks like a fun tutorial and the best way for me to grasp the rules of the game. Once again this may depend on the price. This, in my opinion, should not be anything more than $5. Moving on to VGX, honestly I wasn’t even surprised. I had a buddy come over and we watched about half of it and got tired of it. The whole thing sucked really. What Nintendo’s presence revealed to me was they really do not understand the consumer at all. I was already convinced at Best Buy, when they had their E3 expo, that I was going to buy Tropical Freeze and that it was a great game. They no longer have to try and convince me to buy the game. If they had nothing new to show then Reggie should have sat his ass home and saved the Cranky reveal for a Nintendo Direct. All that VGX showing did was piss off fans. It would have been better to not have ever been there.

  5. I can’t wait for this one. I have it on my PSVita and PS3 and I love it. Can’t wait to put it on my WiiU. It’ll be a blast with the gamepad.

    1. Not really. Alba is just too much of an asshole to post what I sent in about Emily Rogers confirming via twitter that the update to 3DS coming after the maintenance is a Miiverse/NNID/balanced eshop update. But the asshole only wants to post negative news and never the positive news I send in. Smh….

  6. No online play on chess. because its nintendo HAAAAAAAA. play chess with your grandma on gamepad together :)

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