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Marty Lays Down Miiverse Rules

Hello, it’s Marty here. Today, I’d like to talk to you about the posting of friend codes on Miiverse. *Kids, this is important, so please read this together with a parent or guardian. Since 10th December, it’s been possible to access Miiverse from Nintendo 3DS systems, so I’d like to remind you about these two important rules: – Do not post your own Nintendo 3DS system’s friend code to Miiverse – Do not ask people who you do not know to tell you their friend codes Becoming friends with strangers may lead to trouble. These rules are designed to help you avoid such trouble, so please make sure that you follow them.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to remind you that the rules for Miiverse are not limited to the exchange of friend codes. Repeated violations of the Miiverse Code of Conduct may lead to restrictions on your Nintendo Network ID, such as your ability to post to Miiverse or your use of some other services. To make Miiverse a happy and fun place for everyone, we ask that you read the Miiverse Code of Conduct thoroughly and follow the rules it explains. On the Wii U, you can find the Miiverse Code of Conduct under the Settings/Other option in the User Menu, and on Nintendo 3DS you can find it in the User Menu. Don’t worry though, you can continue to post Mario Kart 7 community codes and Animal Crossing dream addresses as you have been doing already. We hope that you have fun using Miiverse safely!


196 thoughts on “Marty Lays Down Miiverse Rules”

          1. Indeed…

            Parental Control is just useless right now…

            They should just ban the perverts and foolish Nintendolings who talks to these perverts…

    1. Miiverse should let us trade friend codes.Everyone that comments on my posts become friends with me.I’m very friendly and kind.I want to trade friend codes,dream addresses,and community codes.I want to visit other peoples town in AC:NL.Please let us trade friend codes.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>They should remove Friend Codes altogether and have a similar system to Starcraft 2>>>

      1. Well, Miiverse DOES have mods that enforce the rules.

        The letters are addressed to the children who uses Miiverse on the 3DS, so they’d have to explain to them what can be done according to the rules and what can’t be done.

        They’re banning using Miiverse to exchange friend codes because they’re being very cautious about people doing so.

        No private messaging, inviting friends, etc.? The 3DS community can also be accessed on the Wii U, smartphones and the PC, so while the 3DS lacks those functions, that doesn’t mean you still can’t do them anyway, unless you don’t have internet and are accessing Miiverse through a public router. (And even then, if you have a laptop and trust using it in public, then you’re good to go.)

        the 3DS probably lacks them because they’re afraid that the incident with Swapnote that cause its Spotpass features to be suspended indefinably may repeat again, and minors might not report it. (think about it: minors tend to be very naive, so they might not know that one can simply report offending posts unless they’ve been told to do so by a person that they trust {like a parent}.)

        1. I think they should make 2 separate Miiverse communities where the younger ones have a place for their own with these rules while we warriors and commanders etc etc have the more aggressive one with no restrictions to foul language and other things…

          Unless it’s racism, homophobia and other non game related garbage…

                      1. Ohhhh hey I’ve seen that pic of the Wii Fit Trainer before, though without the Santa getup. It’s pretty hot, on account of Wii Fit Trainer be pretty hot, haha.

                        1. I don’t have a Wii U just yet due to time constraints and economy, but I will get one early next year I hope…

                          1. Ah that sucks, but I know the feeling… That’s why I waited so long myself. What about pinwheel? I wanna see the drawings in in question :p

                  1. I actually love the censorship on miiverse. I’m not usually in favour of that kind of thing, but it’s nice to be online for more than 2 minutes without being assaulted with “lol f*ggot i do ur mum sony rulzzzz lolololololol”

                    Unlike on this site where 2 minutes is generous.

                    1. Yes but restricting it all together isn’t a valid excuse either…

                      As long as it’s game related to the topic at hand and not just for trolling and insulting others then I think it should be allowed…

                    2. Miiverse has more trolls or pointless posts then anything on topic. Look at the Smash Bros community its all pointless bs that has nothing to do with anything.

                  2. I have been saying this since day 1. It’s like on xbox live when you picked underground for matchmaking but you still can’t use offensive language, it makes no sense. An adult community requiring a credit card would help filter the children. As for the last part of your comment racist jokes are usually funny and I don’t want to read or see anything that has to do with homosexual males. I’m am by no means racist though, I think every race is garbage.

                  3. I don’t know, since when 5 year old use Mii Verse? Isn’t that for teenagers and adults, you know, PEOPLE WHO CAN UNDERSTAND GAMES AND WRITE WELL!?

                    It’s like saying 5 year old use Facebook so we can’t post anything or we will be banned, I think that’s why there are parental controls, but banning everything for adults and young people it’s annoying as fuck!

                    Yes, Nintendo, I said FUCK, RUN, KIDS, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                      1. You’re like the Westboro Baptist Church completely ignoring evidence that’s right in front of you while you continue to sing to yourself. In short, you’re an idiot.

            1. Me either, I was hyped at first but then when I started seeing all these stupid fanboy comments or little 5 year old drawings my hype died AND you can’t add people for Pokemon x and y. Freaking stupid and pointless

              1. I know right.

                Miiverse did sound really cool and I was excited too, but as expected it was underwhelming. I hate the countless restrictions and limitations on Miiverse, and I hate having a Mii as your picture. Why can we just put our own pictures (like here) for our profile. I’ve now grown to hate the useless app. And don’t get me stared on those rules. lol

                I’ll give it another look when I get a Wii U.

                  1. @anubis lol exactly they really only had the LITTLE KIDS in mind when they made babyverse, dumb rules that only kids would try to break what a wasted opportunity

                    @ice boy
                    Lmao!! I can see you going off and fanboys reporting you for speaking the truth or for insulting their favorite company in the world Nintendo


                    1. some of my posts have over 100 comments, or close to it. stupid fanboys hahahha. also people stalk me on there hahah, its so sad when people get bothered that bad they have to stalk you.

                      1. LMAO!!! WOW what a loser, for him and those fanboy drones to stalk you like that is just insane lol!! Most people on this site probably think of you all day and bookmark, save any article you write In just to bring it up 20 articles later

                          1. It’s pretty sad that people I’ve never even seen comment here before know who I am and my commenting history. Seems as though, these Nintendrones have been completely mindfucked.

                1. Oh don’t worry, I’m only giving you some tasty flavors to go with your ice…ice cream that is…I’ll add some sprinkles here, and there…AAAH, just right…*licks away at you* MMMMM MMMM, tasty iceeaterjudger yet.

          1. Go suck a dick Marty. Nintendo needs to stop making everything about kids. Half of the retarded fucking kids that have a 3ds probably don’t even know about half of the features the 3ds has, including Miiverse

            1. They always intended their consoles to be for the entire family.

              Naturally, this includes kids as well as adults.

              Which is why they’re doing stuff like this while having games like ZombiU existing on the Wii U.

              You should be glad that Nintendo no longer censors any and all games that come onto the American market like they used to during the eras of the NES and the SNES.

          2. It’s funny how Tom and Marty play “good cop / bad cop” on Miiverse. They don’t want kids to see Tom as a negative adult figure, so, in steps Marty. It’s ok for us to hate him. ;)

          3. Miiverse sucks. A post of mine got deleted for commenting on another one who was happy that finally there is some respect for God on Miiverse. I said: “Yes! Jesus is King”. That got deleted and I got a warning. So I checked what possibly could have been wrong with my post and turns out you can’t write anything religious nor political. Fuck that Nintendo. Your Miiverse is retarted. I used to really like Nintendo but lately they are becoming a thorn in my eye.

            1. Then again, that rule’s on a lot of online communities as well in some variation, even obscure ones like all three forums of my online friends.

              This rule and its variations are here to prevent flame wars from erupting because people don’t believe in your religious/political views.

          4. I would be totally happy with this ban on adding friend codes, if they told us what the ‘trouble younger children could get in’ was. With letterbox and swapnote being banned there isn’t a way to chat to each other. So unless you can track where people live through their friend code i don’t understand what the harm is in adding people fcs to pokemon battle and Mario kart race.

            1. You know what they say, “Stranger Danger”.

              You don’t know the motives what your online friends want to do with you until it’s too late.

              Friend codes are never intended to be exchanged by strangers online, even though everyone seems to do it.

              Nintendo strongly spoke against doing it.

              Friend codes are meant to be exchanged by people you already know, hence its name being “friend codes”.

          5. Well that goes to show Nintendo is a KIDS ONLY ZONE, you basically can’t do anything on mii verse and the Pokemon x and y community is DEAD since you can’t share friend codes. Not to mention the amount of stupid smash bros character request and the baby drawings that the nintenbabies show.

            Like commander said they should do a 18+ version for the non kids that dont wanna see immature and baby crap like “Shrek for smash” “I love Nintendo more than anything :):):)” fucking stupid

              1. If you need real-time help on a game, it works great. It’s obviously not for everyone, and yes there are kids playing Nintendo games, so yes there are kids on Miiverse, but there are also some amazing artists and funny adults.

                You guys aren’t following the right people.

            1. Well you know what? Its cool man, that’s why we got twitter and shit…The miiverse is fucked but I still got no complaints about it…kids will be kids…but we is fucking grown, WE DON’T NEED MIIVERSE. Fun to draw on, none the less…

              1. True that but I like a gaming community where I can discuss about games with cool and mature people. It just blows that Nintendo really thinks they only have a KIDS audience.

                  1. Facebook gaming communities are the way to go friends! More mature interactions and intelligent debates without these weirdos devolving them into these “f-ck u f-g, y u stalking me” battles. And depending on who the admin is for the page, most of the trolls get booted and we’re left with adults with different opinions on most matters that have awesome discussions on all things gaming and entertainment.



            2. So everything on Miiverse is owned by Nintendo?

              By copyright law, they can’t really get away with it if it really is a “communist country”.

          6. Not being able to share friend codes.. its so stupid. just like shutting down nintendo letter because children draw vagina’s and penises there.. i love idea of miiverse but make it a bit more mature. too many stupid rules.

          7. Why would idots friend random people they don’t know? If you want to get friend codes message them through face book, call them, text, or something its not complex. I’ve drawn some stuff on miiverse when I got board, when i got art academy used that. People need to chill about this idea. Like I want a bunch of penis drawings all over miiverse, don’t want that crap anywhere.

          8. I really don’t understand all these restrictions. It’s not for Nintendo to play the parent. That’s why you can set up parental blocks and what not. That’s what they should reiterate not say that you can’t post fcs on the miiverse. Pokemon seems all about having friends to battle with and stuff, but they stop that avenue from happening.

            1. You Know the Online Plattform from Drm CableboxONE? ONLY LIL SONYAN MONKEYS ON THEIR FUCKING LOSERS DONT HAVE 10 Lifes in Mario kart You wanna Have that On ThE HOLY GRAIL OF FAILURE THE WIIU?

            2. You do know that didn’t work when Spotnote was abused for drawing penises, porn and also to fuel pedophilia?

              The children just switched the parental controls off.

          9. Wtf Nintendo, remove this tedious shit of exchanging friend codes. I remember on DS having to go to a website specifically for exchanging friend codes.

          10. Nintendo, stop trying to raise other people’s kids, we get that you are family friendly but when you start gimping features to keep kids safe, then your taking it too far.

            Nintendo shouldn’t be the one watching and keeping kids safe, their parents should.

            1. Indeed…

              Why have parental control if you don’t allow the usage of it?…

              And parents who don’t restrict their children and get “hurt” by perverts and other apes, should be banned a long with the pervert…

              1. Nintendo won’t get that, there are things that we just can’t help. These things will still happen no matter what so Nintendo should just stop trying to raise kids who won’t care

            2. That’s what I don’t get. Then parental controls are clear and effective. There’s no need for parental controls if they redundantly eliminate all adult functionality.

          11. It’s this kind of retarded kiddie bullshit is the reason why I’m getting a PS4 over a Wii U. I know I’ll be missing out on over a few good games that will be released for the Wii U but, as long as I get to play smash bros. on my 3DS then nothing else really matters. Nintendo needs to stop trying to market they’re hardware and software to kids when most of their demographic are people who’ve stuck by and supported Nintendo since the NES. or N64. Why can’t Nintendo realize this? Most eight to twelve year olds are most likely getting/playing on an XBOX One, squeaking and raging over a match on CoD Ghosts. Cut out the social media crap designed for kids, and just focus on making the games we all love.

          12. I am thankful that Nintendo has always tried to maintain a FRIENDLY environment. Rude people feel the need to destroy everything with foul language and hate. Grow up and respect one another so that we can continue to have cool Nintendo applications.

            Rude people are the reason we can’t have the more creative gaming features that Japan has. Americans don’t know how to respect rules and each other.

            If you can’t handle family-friendly and innocence – go get an Xbox and take out your anger somewhere else.

            1. Yes but they are pushing this too far…

              Some people love to talk with foul language to each other or just by impulse while playing or chatting with friends…

              That’s why I want 2 versions for Miiverse where the non family oriented gamers can be at…

              1. I haven’t gone one Miiverse in a while and from the looks of things I don’t think I’ll be on there anytime soon.

            2. I also appreciate the environment that Nintendo is promoting. You know it’s the parents who are buying these systems for these kids because they buy into the family oriented image. But what kids want these days are XBONE’s and PS4’s and the type of online interactions that come with them. So sad.

          13. Please understand, the Miiverse is a social network for little kids and adult loser! We apologize for making Miiverse so childish and pathetic and hope you understand.

          14. It was Julie not Marty on my Miiverse…And this is just Nintendo playing Internet police again and saying WE DONT WANT YOU MAKING NEW FRIENDS!!! EVERYONE ON THE PLANET WANTS TO KILL YOU OR RAPE YOU!!! Why the fuck did Nintendo make an online system if they have no interest in letting people USE THE DAMN THING.

          15. My Nintendo WiiU ID is Moodeeb. Name: Dry Bones.

            Also, I’ve come up with a way to share friend codes under radar . After almost getting permanently banned, I came off my lengthy suspension with some ideas… Mwahahaha

            I’d like to hit up Monster hunter with Ice. He seems to know how that shit works. I’m going to see if I can find it for a good deal today.

            1. And Pinwheel, I would like the entertainment of your WiiU and 3DS FC!

              Ask Iceazama, I follow him, and I don’t harass him or jump on his ass when he posts his shit on Miiverse. Generally I throw him a “yeah” and move on. I don’t like trolls. I also don’t mind Nintendo gamers that are trying to change Nintendo for the better via Gorilla-warfare tactics. So what’s your friend code damn it!?

          16. Pingback: Marty lays down miiverse rules

            1. I think I found an answer to my own question.

              Someone wrote:
              “My Nintendo network ID got Deleted. I do not know why or how but it may be because my son went on miiverse to draw a picture in Game & Wario He put his age without parental controls on the console as stated in this article – I just got upset and discouraged about this. I created a new ID but on it I couldn’t play any of my eshop games I had spent about $150 in the eshop. I would like to know if I coukd possibly get my eshop purchases back? I don’t want to spend the money again.”

              Now this sucks. And I just linked my 3DS to my NNID that I use with my Wii U. I wish I could unlink it. I’ll mostly stay away from Babyverse anyways so no worries right?

              1. Oh and put a lock on my systems so none of my friends and family use it and Nintendo finds out and deletes my ID. It gets worse and worse with Nintendo.

          17. If you put your friend code in a screenshot will that post still get banned. I assume they have like key words like fc and your actual code with the dashes, but would they alert if your fc was in a picture. Because if not the could be a way around.

            1. that’s an interesting idea. unless someone tries it we won’t know. And hopefully that person won’t get ratted out by other users.

              1. Only problem is finding somewhere you can type it in. Your profile thing on mk7 might work, i think there are enough spaces in the message slot you get above your name

                1. there is an Art Academy SketchPad Community with drawings from that Wii u App. I guess you could write your ID as a signature in a pic.

          18. I don’t know why they make Miiverse so kid friendly, since when 5 year olds can have a serious or even fun conversation about games, isn’t that what it is for? Seriously, you can ban bad words and put parental controls for the 5 year olds, it’s the parent’s responsibility and their own responsibility to not do stupid shit there.

            At least let us have private messages so people can give their IDs, kids already do it all the time in every fucking Nintendo site, so why the 3DS is going to be different? Right, because pervs only use the 3DS and not the internet. I mean, you can have parent controls and a bunch of no dirty shit rules, but not letting us have a friend list and exchange IDs is fucking stupid!

          19. Adam (Hyper Fanboy Mode: 1 Dick In Ass, Another In Mouth AKA the only way to not be considered a troll)

            . . .

            . . .

            . . .

            . . .


          20. I respect their rules. They made the service, they call the rules. Besides, if everyone starts asking for codes, the pages would be spammed with friends codes. I honestly don’t see why people would complain about this since people know how to add others even before Miiverse came out. Miiverse is an optional place.

            1. Adam (Hyper Fanboy Mode: 1 Dick In Ass; Another In Mouth AKA the only way to not be considered a troll)

              They made the service, but we buy their systems. They’re supposed to appeal to the consumer not the other way around. Plus other providers already offer similar functions but do a better job and…HUH?! Oh, sorry *inserts dick back in mouth* GENIUS!!!!

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