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Digital Foundry: Assassin’s Creed Black Flag Wii U Falls 6-10fps Behind The 360 And PS3

Respected technology enthusiasts Digital Foundry have taken a look at Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The publication says that native 720p resolution is standard, and the same in-house post-process anti-aliasing solution is also in effect, delivering similar results to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 . However, where the Wii U version falls down is the framerate which falls 6-10fps behind the 360 and PS3 releases, resulting in a jerky experience on the platform.

“The Wii U version consistently falls 6-10fps behind the 360 and PS3 releases, resulting in a jerky, often uneven update and a profound, unsatisfying reduction in controller response. Combined with the GamePad’s twitchy analogue sticks, the low frame-rate makes frantically running across rooftops and chasing down targets a frustrating affair, the net result being that we’d often have to repeat some missions multiple times – something that wasn’t much of a problem on 360, and with no issues at all when playing at 60fps on the PC version of the game.”

Thanks, Iceazeama

321 thoughts on “Digital Foundry: Assassin’s Creed Black Flag Wii U Falls 6-10fps Behind The 360 And PS3”

    1. this is ubisoft we’re talking about here…
      they don’t consider it odd that twice the resolution requires 4 times the performance on PCs either
      minimum effort when it comes to optimization on platforms that aren’t a major selling point… on PC that’s a non issue because the performance is there

  1. What a load of crap this is. I have not had any problems with this game on the Wii U. They can’t play it that is all.

    1. Definitely because of developers. Also due to Wiiu’s different architecture which no third party developers seem to be bothered about exploiting which is dissapointing.

      Take one look at 3D world running at 60FPS locked and not only does it look WAY WAY beyond the capabilities of PS360 (especially in terms of shading, lighting, textures) but it makes even Knack on the PS4 look absolutely terrible.

      I have a Wiiu and PS4, like them both! But people should not judge the Wiiu based on some shitty ports. COD Ghosts looks like dog shite on Xbox one and PS4 but as we all know, those consoles can pump out a lot more when they get fully utilized.

      Anyway, anyone has any doubts about the Wiiu’s graphical capabilities, just play 3D world. Nuff said.

      1. Super mario 3d world doesnt look THAT great. You can’t judge graphics from game that is animated. Photorealistic graphics is where you can see difference. 3D worlds runs at 60fps but it has no details at all except 1 or two flowers across field. The view is further is constantly blurred out also. It has very little detail at all. Only beautiful thing was the textures and reflections. But with all this blur out and no details even ps360 could handle that game.

        1. Dude, your comment smacks of ignorance.

          First of all, I suggest you look up the definition of “animated”, because you clearly don’t know what it means. Secondly, the “blur out” you mention is called a depth of field effect (now, doesn’t that sound infinitely less moronic?) and many AAA games implement it to give a cinematic look and feel to the graphics.

          But really, who can seriously argue with such airtight logic? Especially this indisputable piece of evidence:

          “3D worlds runs at 60fps but it has no details at all except 1 or two flowers across field.”

          Oh, yeah! Digital Foundry can, oddly enough:

        2. From a game that is Animated? o.o do you know what the term Animation even means?
          Photorealistic Graphics is where you can see the difference,” sir you know nothing about design and Art Direction.
          No details but one flower? Details does not just applies to how much an object is modeled, but also how it was textured, and lit up. Mario 3D world is filled with A Shit ton of textures, also some of the Specs on that game is amazing! it even baffled my Game Art and Design Teacher who is fresh out of the field and still does jobs for companies, specifically for lighting and texturing, and builds some of the assets for games(buildings, any sort of signs, trees).
          Blurred out? its called Depth of Field, which is used in photography and movies, and now in games to imply distance that way your focus is more on the foreground and not so much on the background,

          I hope you don’t have any stupid thoughts about how the very back blends into the sky because let me inform you now its called Atmospheric Perspective, which shows distance and is a technique developed by Leonardo Da Vinci.

          Do everyone a favor never persue a career in Art because you lack that artistic eye.

        3. Define photorealistic, because to date there is not a single game one can say is completely photorealistic. A game being animated has absolutely NOTHING to do with graphics being on par or better than “photorealistic” games. And when you say there is little detail, what are you talking about? You do realize there is Mario, the environment, the enemies, the lighting, coins, bricks, etc. How is that not considered detail. No game has little to no detail, regardless of its genre.

        4. Good Graphics are not about realilsm. What makes a game look good is essentially great art desing. Photorealistic games are similar one to the another and you don´t see big differences on that grey and brown designs. Fantasy games normally present more fresh ideas with their graphics than photorealism, and here is where the difference is.

      2. Nintedward, you are lying about Mario 3D world.

        It is simply a higher resolution/detail version of Super Mario Glxy (2)’s visuals with more modern effects. Nothing more, nothing less.

        Saying that “it makes Knack look terrible” is a straight up biased lie.

        Mario 3D world looks good and all but BY NO MEANS IS IT ANYTHING TECHNICALLY DEMANDING.

        What comes next? Will you say that Nintendoland is beyonnd PS3/360 or will you say that the 720p30 Pikmin 3 is beyond PS3/360?

          1. I experienced them myself too.

            Just look at the individual games.

            Besides that one is a (rushed) Launch title that is running at 2.25x the resolution of the other.

            1. Nintendo doesn’t release rushed crap titles unlike the other two, so what’s your point? Nintendo only releases highly polished AAA games that rarely glitch, unlike the majority of titles on ms and Sony consoles.

                  1. Everyone has some form of bias. It’s human nature. Our environments, personal preferences, culture, family, genetic makeup, etc. all influence that. If you try to argue otherwise, you have no idea what bias is.

                    You can still be objective, even with bias. You just do not let your bias influence you.

                    1. OK Wii u hater who thinks Wii U can’t be optimised to visuals much better than PS3 I’ll remember to type “you’re” next time. When I think you’re a Wii U hater.

            1. Bullshit, Knack looks and play terrible at 30FPS, I’ve played it, that game isn’t demanding at all and it looks like ass.

              1. This is not true and you know it besides that what was it with “the framerate isn’t that bad” when it came to Batman Arkham City ? Things get looked at very differently when it comes to making Nintendo systems look good.
                Double standards…

                You know that the game doesn’t “look like ass” but you are willing to disagree with me because you cannot stand that something exceeds a Nintendo game in one area.

                1. NO, Listen bro…. I got a PS4 on day 1 and I really really like it. It’s the most powerful console available and the DS4 is probably the best controller ever made (I like the Gamepad because of the 6.2” screen though)

                  The PS4 is awesome, that I cannot doubt. I’ve played the Knack demo exstensively in my local game store and it looks like shit. It looks like a mediocre PS3 game with a few scattered next gen effects. 3D world however, @60FPS looks absolutely beautiful.

                  I’m trying to put all bias aside whilst saying this, but if you think Knack looks better than 3D world, you’re absolutely insane…… That’s because Knack is a shit, rushed launch title whilst 3D world is a masterful game with lots more effort and thought put into it.

                  Knack looks wack.

                  1. The Knack demo in retail stores is of an early unfinished and unpolished build. The final retail version of the game looks great.

                    3D World looks great and so does Knack. They have different art directions, so it’s not really fair to compare the two. But in a graphical sense, they’re both impressive, beautiful games.

                    1. Well that’s possible that the Knack demo I played was unfinished because it was full of Jaggies (regardless of 1080p native) and ran at a clunk 30FPS…

                      Sometimes it looked like a mediocre PS3 game. 3D world however is buttery smooth and everything just looks joyous.
                      I’m Not too impressed by KZSF either which I own. Sometimes it looks next gen and sometimes it looks and plays like a crap current gen game..

                      I have a PS4 and you can add me on PSN if you like and I genuinely like the PS4. I’m just saying… to me 3D world is the most next gen looking and feeling game I have played yet, not just my words but EDGE magazines also.

                      It only takes one look at a game like the Witcher 3 to see that in the future, the PS4 will have better graohics than the Wiiu though and I know that…

                      1. Yeah, as I said, if you ever get your hand on a retail version of the game, you’ll see the difference.

                        KZ:SF’s environments, guns, and particle effects look great. The character models and animations, not so much.

                        Witcher 3 will probably look best on PC and decent on PS4. I’m pretty sure everything we have seen so far is PC…

                        That said, inFAMOUS Second Son and #Driveclub are pretty amazing looking games, visually, for the near future of the system. I never look to third party/multiplatform games to showcase the graphical prowess and performance of a system.

                        1. Driveclub looks great, I’m looking forward to that game,and so does Infamous. Digging the whole ”Seattle” vibe.

          2. This is pretty much how every system is. Devs can’t be bothered to max out or optimize multiplatform games. It takes up too much time and resources. That’s why it’s always the exclusive titles on systems that *really* shine.

            Also: Knack on PS4 looks great. If you actually play the finished retail version of the game, play it on a good TV, it’s beautiful. I don’t care if you don’t “like” the art design, or whatever, you can’t deny, after playing the game, that it looks good in a graphical sense.

            1. Yeh, COD ghosts on PS4 looks like a bad looking last gen game regardless of the 1080p, but as we all know that is just due to infinity wards cruddy rushed port. The PS4 can produce games which look massively better than CoD ghosts PS4..

              1. Yeah, I played it an enjoyed it; but I understand that not everyone will want to play it or like it. No problem with that.

                The only thing I was saying, visually, it’s still a good looking game in the final, retail build.

                1. Well it looking good to you is your opinion you can’t assert that Knack is a good looking game because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Knack looks ok to me but 3D world looks better but that’s MY opinion

          3. Oh come on now. 3D World is not graphically impressive in the slightest. Ratchet & Clank: into the Nexus on PS3 looks better than that game in almost every area.

            1. Name a PS3 or 360 game that runs at 60FPS (locked) that looks as good as 3D world. Oh, that’s right! You literally cannot because it’s impossible, lol.

              3D world proves that the Wiiu is considerably more advanced than PS3 and 360. It’s not fair to compare 30FPS games to 3D world, but in terms of effects and textures etc , 3D world shits on last gens face. fact.

            2. cool graphics how does it play though? Both of u need to zip it and just play games not this pointless fanwar bs

          4. Not only does Super Mario 3D World look overall amazing and run at 60fps, but it does so while simultaneously being displayed on both the Tv and GamePad without missing a beat.

            If that doesn’t absolutely prove that the vast majority of 3rd party devs are half-assing their Wii U efforts, then I don’t know what does.

            1. Exactly this^. Touch screen controls via the gamepad with no lag at all. Wiiu is next gen, it’s just different to the other, more typical 2 consoles.

          5. Bullies pick on the weak, not the strong. People who wish death upon Nintendo will always target unoptimized ports of 360 games to tout as THE absolute limit of the Wii U’s capabilities and yet ignore optimized ports that actually out perform the competition such as Deux Ex: Human Revolution, Rayman Legends, and Need For Speed: Most Wanted U.

            They also will ignore how games like Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8 look showing graphics, textures, and lighting far beyond ANYTHING that can be done in 7th gen games and even better as you mentioned than a so-called “next-gen” game such as Knack.

            That’s why posts like these are nothing more than troll bait designed to get clicks to this site.

            1. Well said. I find it very frustrating and hard to resist posting a comment that proves otherwise.

              AC4 black flag 360 version pushed the 360 to its absolute bursting point, AC4 Wiiu is just a slightly tampered with version of the 360 and in no way shape or form pushes the Wiiu to its bursting point.

              If Ubisoft made Wiiu the lead platform for AC4 (like the 360 was) then it would look amazing and would have to be downscaled to work on the 360.
              Even the PS4 and Xbox one versions and in some ways the PC version could all look a LOT better if those platforms were the lead platform and not ”held back” by the lead platform, the 360.

              If Retro studios made Metroid prime 4 for the Wiiu and pushed the console, it would look so much better than the now dated looking PS3 and 360 games and would probably run at 60FPS.

              1. It’ll be a long time before any of the 8th gen console have any games that even come halfway to pushing the consoles to their bursting point. The speed of the Wii U’s memory is at transwarp levels and leaves so much room for developers to grow on. It has a dual-core ARM processor which is set to run the operating system alone and also is available for use in games as well. Then the Wii U has the custom tri-core PowerPC 750 which is built to run like a Power7 CPU. Probably the reason they chose to go with PowerPC rather than Power7 is because it obviously is cheaper, but it would allow backward compatibility with the Wii. However if they can get the same result as using a Power7 then by all means go for it. The CPU has 35MB of eDRAM and the GPU has 32MB of eDRAM. The eDRAM in the Wii U can be clocked as high as 1000GB (1TB) per second. That is insanely fast and almost zero latency.

                The reason why the Wii U does not need to have as much memory as the PS4 and XBOX One because the RISC programming code of the PowerPC is much smaller than that of a x86. It accomplishes what it needs to accomplish faster and more efficiently. If developers would actually use the Wii U the way it was designed to be used they would see that not only is the Wii U as powerful as the PS4 and XBOX One, but once they understand how to code properly for it making Wii U games will actually be easier and faster than on the PS4 and XBOX One with far less bottlenecks and setback which waste time and money in terms of resources and overhead (people got to be paid for their work as long as it takes.) That’s is why a company like Shin’en Multimedia can come out and say that they are using 4k and 8k textures on their upcoming fast Racing NEO for the Wii U.

                As is the Wii U specs wise has the ability to make games look as good if not BETTER than the PS4 and XBOX One because of the fast information flow and communication in the Wii U architecture.

                As amazing as SM3DW and MK8 look, we will look back 10 years from now and see just how far we have come. However I feel that the only time we will see games that show the Wii U’s true abilities will be from Nintendo and 2nd-party studios.

                1. So that’s what the other Wii U CPU is called, “Dual Core ARM” Funny how 2 months ago we thought the Tri-Core CPU handled the OS as well as gaming. If Wii U is so outdated, why couldn’t we get alllll this information at day one? I’ll tell you because IBM an Nintendo was thinking about 2013, 14′, 15′ 16′, 17′. Don’t forget the Wii U’s GPGPU is several generations ahead. Because if it wasn’t, why can’t a tech figure out the 30% of the unknown data after 1 year?

                  1. The thing is that no one bothered to investigate it even though it was made know that the Wii U had a ARM processor even at the beginning. Once Digital ‘Floundry’ did there “tear down” all they did was give a superficial synopsis of what they THOUGHT they saw. That small chip that you saw next to the CPU is probably the ARM processor.

                    Now I cannot confirm that this is true, but I have heard that each core of the Wii U’s PowerPC 750 is as powerful as 2 cores of a x86 Jaguar CPU. Again this is HIGHLY SPECULATIVE. It doesn’t sound impossible. PowerPC technology is newer and more efficient than x86. The PowerPC uses RISC which allows for more simple instructions and much faster execution. That means that developers can get the job done a lot faster and more efficiently with very little power consumption.

                    Sony and Microsoft went for the cheap this time around to have systems that would sell at a profit either right away or very shortly, and were dummy/lazy proof to programs for giving developers hardware that can blow it’s load right away. The Wii U as you brought up is built for the long haul. Nintendo usually sticks to it’s 5-7 year window in terms of consoles, but the Wii U could last longer in terms of hardware before it gets long in the tooth.

                  2. The dual core ARM CPU manages the OS and the Tri-Core CPU in the MCM in the Wii U is for the games. Also:

                    “The reason why the Wii U does not need to have as much memory as the PS4 and XBOX One because the RISC programming code of the PowerPC is much smaller than that of a x86. It accomplishes what it needs to accomplish faster and more efficiently. If developers would actually use the Wii U the way it was designed to be used they would see that not only is the Wii U as powerful as the PS4 and XBOX One, but once they understand how to code properly for it making Wii U games will actually be easier and faster than on the PS4 and XBOX One with far less bottlenecks and setback which waste time and money in terms of resources and overhead (people got to be paid for their work as long as it takes.) That’s is why a company like Shin’en Multimedia can come out and say that they are using 4k and 8k textures on their upcoming fast Racing NEO for the Wii U.”

                    That is absolutely spot on. Also the paragraph above that is also correct. You seem to know Wii U’s insides just as well as I do :)

                    There is a reason Wii U doesn’t need as much RAM as PS4 and X1 and you nailed it!

                    1. Is is true one Wii U core outperforms 2 PS4 cores. Wii U’s cores are very large. Many of Wii U’s games hardy tap 2 cores. Nano hardly uses 3 cores. How many cores is Ghost using I want to know.

                      1. Yes it is true.

                        Espresso (Wii U’s CPU) is a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing), which means the CPU is doing less each stage, however it means you need more stages, however this process will actually speed up the game completely, meaning the frame rate will be practically locked at whatever the frame rate it’s going at.

                        RISC is better than CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computing) which is what x86 uses – therefore you need more cores and power for it to process the code.

                        Just because Wii U’s CPU on a single core is 1.24Ghz as opposed to a single x86-64 chip clocked at 1.6Ghz looks quicker, it actually isn’t Because the architecture is different and therefore it helps Wii U a lot, the games will run at a much better rate. I doubt any games will even use all of X1 and PS4’s CPU.

                        If one of Wii U’s Tri-Core CPU outguns 2 of x86 just like that, then we’re looking at something thats on par with it, if not better (RISC), also consider the chips are all really close together and with Latte (Wii U’s GPGPU) 32Mb of eDRAM that’s able to do 1Tb of data per second, and with it’s own eDRAM – we have got something that’s been underestimated.

                        eDRAM is much quicker and more powerful than normal RAM – that’s why Wii U only needs 2Gb (1Gb for games) at 1600Mhz to run. the RAM on the CPU in itself will allow a much better read/write rate to the 32 bit registers.

                        PS4 and X1 architecture are no where near as advanced as Wii U’s, and the latency in Wii U is almost 0.

                        This is why we shouldn’t be just looking at Wii U’s clock speeds as they don’t reveal everything.

                        Wii U 8th generation? = an easy yes.

                        1. You two just seriously just proved Wii U ain’t weak and its so high tech. Now between PS4 and Wii U who is closer to reaching the limit when developers finally able to reach their full potential?

                        2. Also are both Xbox one and Ps4 using out of order processing or not? And how many cores is Knack using? And does PS4 remote play use more cores or less?

                        3. So Nintendo thought about the Ps4 when designing the Wii U in 08′. Its just that the techs had a hard time fining all the specs so guessed it. And because Nintendo didn’t introduced graphical games at launch such as NSMBU and Zombie u, the media just assumed it was weak.

                        4. Yes X1 and PS4 are out of order design, however the CPU was off the shelf, doesn’t mean it’s not powerful though. It’s the fact that CISC and it’s needing far more RAM – it may bottleneck somewhere.

                          Nintendo had to literally test each part of the Wii U’s hardware to test where the bottle becks may hit, but as they did this so much they were able to reduce the power and reduce the signals in between the hardware. –

                          I read this to understand more about it’s hardware.

                          Actually now that I really think about it, the ER in PowerPC stands for Enhanced RISC so technically speaking, if developers put in highly optimised codes in the games, then the CPU will be able to look like it’s out-performing the initial clock speed.

                          POWERPC – Performance Optimisation With Enhanced RISC – Performance Computing. Give it a read, and you’ll see just what it can do.

                    2. Too bad in about 2 days the Wii U haters will forget how you two guys just proved Wii U is more powerful than most give credit and go back to acting like Wii u is just an X86 with 3 cores.

                      1. Hardly 3x x86, thats not very powerful at all. I reckon my laptop which has a 2.4Ghz i5 sandybridge would outgun that on FPO.

                        x86 isn’t as powerful as everyone thinks it is.

                        In my last statement I think I may have just blown EA’ theories right out the water.

                2. So where Nintendo messed up was at the 2011 E3. People were looking for groundbreaking graphics yet they showed off NSMBU and Njntendo land and Miiverse. When PS4 first was revealed they showed graphical games therefore this is the biggest reason why Wii U is more powerful than credit is given.

                    1. Wow that is a lot of information about the Wii U. I see why they worked on it back in 08′. I told the Win U haters Wii U wasn’t weak and its graphics can be on par with PS4 but ohhhh they just wanted to believe EA and Activision. Those developers are biased at Nintendo keep giving the Wii U baby food when it was created to tear up steak. Now who else thinks Wii U is weak? Those two not oy probed Wii U ain’t weak but proved Wii u more next gen than the X86 jaguar. Power PC 7 allllll the way. Also one more question. In the future when Wii U will support 2 gamepads, is it ture or a rumour that it will be impossible for games to do at least 720p 60fps?

                      1. All three consoles are capable of doing native 1080p 60fps. Since the Wii U has less instruction and faster memory it will be easier than on the PS4 and XBOX One. It’s not an accident that the Wii U has more native 1080p 60fps games than the PS4 and XBOX One.

                        Personally I could care less about such things. For instance Killer Instinct for the XBOX One runs at 720p 60fps. I could care less because the game pwns. I wouldn’t enjoy it any better if it was 1080p native. I think people make to much out of resolution.

                        Yeah, EA has a vendetta against Nintendo so that is why they claim that the Wii U can’t run Frostbite 3 and other nonsense. Activision is just lazy. That’s their problem. They are the master of the cut-and-paste job.

                        Nintendo needs to get smart and start giving these independent companies free development rights to put games on the Wii U. They also need to think about upgrading their online infrastructure to allow more DLC and make it easier to download games since retailers seems to be on the same page of the rest of the West of blackballing Nintendo.

                      2. Indeed, PowerPC is far more efficient.

                        It can do 3 instructions in each core cycle. 3 instruction per core = 9 instructions and there are 5 execution points on each core so 3×5 = 15 – imagine how fast Wii U is knocking those instructions out. Blistering speeds.

                      3. It’s quite possible, there is another CPU in the Wii U that handles the Gamepad, therefore there is no latency there either – the CPU purely handles the game code.

                        On the MCM (Multi Chip Module).
                        Espresso – handles the code/programming of the game (MCM) 3 cores clocked at 1.24Ghz Out of Order Execution with enhanced caches and eDRAM on board. Capable of processing 3 instruction per clock cycle thanks to superscalar parellism (CPU isn’t idle). 4 Stage Pipe line. Evolution of Broadway – Wii CPU clocked in at 729Mhz Out of order.

                        Dedicated chip for handling back ground tasks like DLC.

                        Latte – handles the graphics, AI, physics and other game code as well (Espresso isn’t doing all the hard work), plus 32Mb on onboard eDRAM (Embedded dynamic random access memory) to help with with 1080p rendering (on MCM with Espresso). Also there is a 1Ghz CPU chip which plays Wii games, this is based on a chip called Scarlet, although Wii games ran on a 729Mhz Broadway CPU.

                        A dedicated DSP (Digital Signal Processor) clocked at 120Mhz for the sound – built into the GPU

                        Dual Core ARM CPU – handles the OS with it’s 1Gb of DDR3 RAM to help. (clocked at 1Ghz)

                        Another dedicated CPU for the gamepad – no latency.

                        2Gb of DDR3 RAM clocked at 1600Mhz (4 sticks of 512Mb), half for games and half for OS – eDRAM helps out a lot thanks to high density on Latte GPGPU and Espresso.

                        As you can see, there is a lot going on side.

                3. Although you say some interesting stuff! I’m not sure about any of it, but I would like to believe it.

                  I just can’t believe that there is still some people who have the audacity to believe that the PS3 and 360 are the same or even stronger than the Wiiu lol. It’s just retarded. And as I was saying, 3D world proves the Wiiu is on a different level to PS3 and 360. Of course those trolls only understand REALISTIX GRAFIX!!!! like TLOU or Halo 4. But 3D world is blatenely too advanced for those consoles too handle, I mean the proof is right there on the screen in the form of many effects that look more futuristic than what we are used to on PS3 and 360. Nuff said.

                  1. Well you can research for yourself like I did. It’s a fact that the Wii U has two CPUs and a GPU. It’s also a fact that the eDRAM in the Wii U can be clocked as high as 1TB per second. It’s also a fact that RISC processors such as (PowerPC) use very short and efficient instruction sets. Based on the facts the Wii U not only can do anything the PS4 and XBOX One can, but it correctly optimized could even outperform those to consoles on multiplats.

                    Trouble is that we’ll never see that because companies won’t bring games to the Wii U. It’s up to Nintendo and independent companies to show off the power it has. Whatever multiplats the Wii U gets will be unoptimized 360 ports until the 360 goes out of circulation.

                    1. I wasn’t saying I didn’t believe you, I was just just that I’m not aware of some of the things you were saying. Although they did sound plausible and cool!

                      You can just tell the attitude that some 3rd party devs have is just ”let;s just slap a lazy port of it on Wiiu, we can make a but of money there, we don’t even need to optimize it!”

                      :Lazy assholes…

                      1. Well they are lazy on ports to the PS4 and XBOX One as well. That’s why so many launch titles are buggy as ever and so many games need patches. Laziness and rush jobs.

                        If Nintendo was smart they would swallow up as much 3rd party support as they could. There is still a LOT of work that needs to be done. I still think Iwata and Fils-Aime need to be fired for any real progress to be made, but the Wii U itself has the tools it needs to succeed.

          6. ^Exactly^ I don’t even know how some modern games these days pass the QA Testers on console for these games to struggle just to maintain even at least the 30 FPS standard and gets thrown on shelves >_< If a part in a game is suffering, DO something to fix it! at least patch that shit for people to download and update. Some devs these days are just biting off more than they can chew.

        1. Me neither runs great and looks great. They’ve made a bunch of gameplay side by side comparisons and this framerate problem isn’t so obvious. With that aside the one thing I don’t buy is their problem with the controls. I don’t have a single problem with the controls in fact this one seems the most accurate of any AC game I’ve played. AC4 is also the only AC game I haven’t purchased on another platform. Its funny you mention the PC version that’s also the version I was holding out for but also didn’t wanna wait any longer.

      3. Just shows u 3rd party doesn’t want to take the time to optimize. Just treat the Wii U’sCPU like a 360 CPU.

          1. What about making sure it’s at least as good as the other, weaker consoles? You shouldn’t defend the shortcuts these companies are taking. They don’t have to max out the game’s potential but I feel like they could at least do a little bit more than what they’re doing. Which appears to be the bare minimum.

          2. “Optimizing their game for Wii U would be a waste of time.”

            Don’t forget you said that. Because I have the memory of an elephant and the moment another Wii U comparison comes up don’t say, “the Wii U is weak then” Because I’ll expose you.

      4. Its is always the developers fault not the system, once again, they designed the game to be CPU intensive and not GPU like the Wii U was created for. Sometimes I think developers are literally conspiring against the Wii U just to try to get one of the main consoles out of the way so they only have to deal with 2, the 2 that are almost completely alike just because they are lazy..

      5. Is Digital Foundry Legit? I thought I read somewhere that the Wii U version of AC4 was somewhere between the PS4 and PS3…

      6. HAHAHAHA! Now look at the babies trying to damage control this one, just like they always do when they presented with facts. The babies are used to playing on underpowered consoles so they don’t even notice the frame drops lolololol. The underpowered running on 7 year old hardware Wii U is supposed to be 1 year “newer” than it’s last gen counterparts yet it can’t even keep up with them lololol.

        The Wii U was made for simplistic baby games. Baby game this and baby game that. Just look at the simple environments in Super Mario 3D or even on the upcoming Mario Kart 8. The same low polygon trees and bushes and flowers copy pasted everywhere lololol. Same reason Nintendo couldn’t even add limbs to their Mii’s on the Wii U lololol. If they add more detail the frame rate on the underpowered baby console will drop to a crawl lololol. Crawl little babies, crawl lolololol!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Obviously he doesn’t know anything about the hardeware neither. Its funny after 2 years, they just finding out Wii U has two CPUs inside one for the OS and one for gaming.Someone didn’t do any research at all Wii U underpowered? No it isn’t. Making it a total of 5 cores inside. OS CPU has two and gaming CPU has 3.

            1. My guess is AC4 is using up Wii U’s CPU not GPU that can do 1000GB a sec from 32Mb. So too lazy to unlock the EDRAM inside huh?

            2. Mr Ignoring man – quite right. I did my research a long time ago, and know the specs like my hand now.

              We all know it’s very powerful. Hell if it wasn’t then Shin’en wouldn’t have been able to pull of what it did with Neo Assault Nano and yes with AC4, Uibsoft appears to have put the load onto the CPU, in which by now they should know that the consoles this year are designed with performance from the GPGPU.

              1. Exactly, it’s hilarious how a one man indie dev can do it yet big companies with full blown teams decide not to or are too ignorant to learn to do so. Well this is what you get, unfinished barely passable products on the shelves exposed for people to judge and ridicule. Lack of knowledge of hardware and lack of knowledge and practice of software and how to apply it to the hardware. It’s like fueling a vehicle with gasoline when it’s a diesel engine or vice versa, it’ll WORK but not smart *sighhh.

        1. 1. Troll. Don’t even though why I’m even replying to you.

          2. The reason that the Wii U version is suffering frame drops and graphical errors on games that the PS360 versions aren’t suffering from is because the games are not being optimized by the developers. Because of the low install base, developers see no point in putting in extra money and time into a version of the game which is going to sell less. Its perfectly understandable, but then you get into a vicious cyle where people aren’t buying the hardware because games aren’t as good on the Wii U, so developers don’t make optimized versions.

          3. Look at gameplay for MK8 and 3D World. I don’t see a low res tree or flower in sight.

          4. The Mii’s lack of limbs are the artisic style of them. Nintendo could have easily put limbs on them. Is Rayman Legends less graphically impressive because of Rayman’s lack of limbs?

          1. Will MK8 uses the EDRAM and GPU thats why the graphics in 3D World and MK8 looks good. They are using the right part inside the Wii U to unlock its power that still barely uses 3 cores inside. The coding in the Wii U is much smaller than the PS4 so it doesnt need as much RAM or gigs to display 60fps. Wii U wasn’t store bought it was build from the ground up. My dumbass used to think Nintendo didnt think of PS4 during the development of Wii U in 08′ but I was wrong.

            1. After one year and the spec sheet is still changimg because still finding new shit inside the Wii U. So the three cores have nothing to do with the OS. A month ago we thought it did. But PS4’s 8 cores do both gaming and the OS. 2 for it’s OS and 6 for gaming. Nowif one Wii U core out performs 2 PS4 cores and 6cores/3/cores fit evenly then. Ubisoft just gave the Wii U the 360 port because too lazy to optimise Wii U.

          2. “The Mii’s lack of limbs are the artisic style of them. Nintendo could have easily put limbs on them. Is Rayman Legends less graphically impressive because of Rayman’s lack of limbs?”

            I said that 4 months ago. You had to bring it up because a troll forgot i said that when he bitched about Miis lackof limbs huh?
            Why do trolls have very short memory?

        2. How do you have time to write this. If you really cant see the reason why then you are just making yourself look like stupid. Troll or not… no if you are a troll try to be more clever.

      7. It is completey the developer’s fault for not optimizing the port for the Wii U, and just general laziness during coding. There is nothing at fault with the hardware, given the chance the Wii U version would have been superior to the PS360 versions.

      8. So far the only game I’ve seen that was optimizing properly, was need for speed, which ended up being the better version, using textures from pc, frame rate didn’t dip as much, ect.

          1. AC 3 was terrible. It was a depressing low point of the AC series (which I have been a fan of since the first game). AC IV is actually pretty good though. Loving the diverse gameplay elements. Truly a redeeming installment of the series.

            Still not too keen on them doing yearly installments though. ;/

        1. I got to admit, I feel dumb in accusing Nintendo for not thinking of PS4 back in 08′. All these months lying journalist had many beliving Wii U can only handle baby food when it can eat steak with PS4 and Xbone.

            1. Will its togh for me to read Wii Sales everyday and seeing a Nintendo fans defending on a console you never bought. Also if Smash bros comesout before you buy it, you are more likly to get 3DS version when we both know the Wii U version needs to be a top seller to move more Wii U units.

              1. I’ll buy both versions actually…

                3DS version to when I’m outside my house or when I’m about to sleep, but the Wii U version is what I’m looking forward too…

                And if I have to annihilate 5 million Xbots to get it then so be it…

                  1. Nice, indeed I am…

                    I just need to have time and I’ll buy it in a second…

                    Too busy these days, I don’t want my Wii U to collect unnecessary dust…

                        1. the only way for that to be possible if you buy them YOU ARE GOING TO BUY THOSE, YOU FAKE!!!!! trade in your imaginary status of commander. let another nintensheep take your place. some one like n dub, he will probably think it would make him cool, and not even more of a loser.

                          1. Why would I buy them when I can just go and destroy the countless of Sonyans and Xbots just outside my door?…

            2. That’s why you don’t jump the gun when you look at Nintendo – you must read about their hardware to find out why they did what they did.

              They’ve been in the hardware business for more than 20 years, so I think we know they know what they’re doing.

          1. Wii music or whatever its called is all i say. To think that Nintendo made that kinda shit and not StarFox tells how different the Nintendo audience has gotten, games like w101 not sellin well proves it too, i hope Nintendo gets rid off from their pussy ass casual friendly attitude and every last one of the casuals.

              1. Will Sony has more exclusive failures than Nintendo though. Sony is still trying to find their “Mario” game. I guess Knack wasn’t it. Bye Crash, Croc and Knack. Nick knack patty wack give xbox a bone.

                  1. So is W101 and Pikmin 3. You act like Sony makes the best exclusives. Most of those copied Nintendo anyway. Crash racing copied Mario Kart. Should I go on?

            1. W101 didnt sell well because 1: never saw it advertised and 2: some people thought it was hard. I bought the game because i liked the demo. But after playing Lost Worlds demo I’m not buying it. I go by gameplay over graphics. I don’t pay attention to frame rate issuesor shit like that. I want to have fun playing games.

          1. Interesing. what you said about Knack. Nintendo has W101 and Pikmin with at least 100 individuals running around and no issues like that.

            1. It’s when I do those special moves when I’m huge… I could be going one on one with a boss and the frame rate will drop

                1. Trust me the frame rate drops in knack are noticeable… I got the knack ps4 bundle :3 I also got ac4 for ps4… Because 4…

          2. 15 frames dropping on a Sony exclusive? So Sony doesn’t take the time to work on their own shit. No wonder why they rely on 3rd party so much.

                  1. The PS4’s “power” has nothing to do with it. The Vita is a handheld on its own and not part of the PS4. They were not built the same way the gamepad for the Wii U was built.

                    The gamepad *is* part of the Wii U. It was built from the ground up as a part of the new system. That’s why it works so great.

                    1. Don’t make no excuse. The wii U can handle two gamepads. So the X86 with 8 cores should handle a foreign Vita with no framerate. Now you want to make a shitty excuse for the framerate drop on a exclusive for Knack.

                        1. Oh please. Just because I know Wii U’s hardware and you don’t. I got problems. But before when I didn’t know all what I know now I don’t. How pathetic. It’s not my fault that Wii U is more efficient than PS4. Knack needs nearly 30gigs to download. Mario is only 1.7gigs.

                    2. Also 3D Mario at 60fps Wii U has to do 120fps 60 for the TV and 60 for the Gamepad. What PS4 can’t with its remote play? They copied. Why can’t they put those 6 cores (other 2 for the operating system) for gaming to do some work?

                1. Really, so therefore, we shouldn’t be having framerate issues on AC4 for the Wii U then. Why? Because it wasn’t optimized correctly.

        2. really? who gives a fuck! all the video show is that they have no life at all! looking for frame drops in games is that what gaming’s about. people could talk all the crap about nintendo but at least nintendo products work after purchase and for years afterword. unlike microsoft with there 60% console failure rate and sony with a 40%failure rate. all i have to say is save up your money dumb asses so you could keep buying same faulty product over and over again just like last gen you fucking lemmings.

            1. Well ps4 does, and it does have much more details and better graphics than this game version. Yet fanboys will always come and say “not hardware fault, it’s the developers’ fault”, yet somehow ps4 and xbox1 don’t have these problems.

              1. Not sure if retarded, or trolling.
                Have you seen da framerates of Dead Rising 3?

          1. Rob you aready forgot Wii U uses EDRAM is takes time to unlock it’s power huh? You really think Wii U is an x86 with 3cores? It’s a different lauguage Wii U is using. The power is has to be unlocked by tapping into the CPU. Now in 12 minutes u will forget all what I have said.

            1. I keep on waiting for WIiU’s power to be “unlocked”, already 1 year. No game – exclusive or not exclusive has showed that it’s a not an outdated console. I think the waiting will be over just like in 2006-2008 when people realised that the Wii was not on par with xbox360 and is not going to “unlock” anything.
              The games like Bayonetta and X show that there is “something” but they are not released yet and who knows what they will look like when they actually come to the actual console.

              1. It sounds like to me u are waiting for a mature game to come to Wii U. I rember you said eariler u can’t be impressed with Mario since it is cartoony. I want to see X and Zeldi U.

          1. Wow, already forgot about the info i posted at the top and still going back to thinking wii U is an X86 with 3 cores. Damn that was less than an hour.

        3. The thing about Ubisoft is they’ll take the time to work theGamePad but not trying to unlock the hardware’s full potential as much as possible.

          1. I’m getting Watch Dogs because I like the GTA concept. I don’t care about it being between PS3 or PS4 or frame drops. Its just funny shooting people for no reason and have to try to run from cops. I lke that it’s funny. Frame rates and shit like that it’s nice to et the best graphics, but gamepaly first.

            1. Exactly, So this hole article is shit…why would anyone give a dam about frame rate? Apparently gamers today forgot what it was like to ACTUALLY PLAY games instead of arguing over it’s “Power” and “specs”. Again, not even worth your time because that is for the developers and them only.

        4. They tell you that but what they didn’t tell you is that Havanna is the only city where they framerate is actually poor. What they also didn’t tell you is that there was one big and one small patch (currently v1.0.2).

            1. I’m glad I know the Wii U is no X86 with 3 cores.Most importanty, i’m glad I have a good memory unlike most of u trolls. In 15 seconds you will forget the Wii U is based off a Power PC7 and with 2 cpus and go back to believing its an X86 with 3 cores.

                1. Wow. Forgot Wii U graphics was designed for the GPGPU to handle not the CPU like 360. I said that less than 24hours ago but of course you forgot that Svenson. I keep repeating myself over and over and over and over and over and over again. Svenson, I think it’s time you signed to reside at Whispering Wells. It’s a place for people with Oldtimers like you. Now watch he forgets I told him that the Wii U is a Power PC 7 based platform and goes back to thinking it’s an X86 with 3 cores.

        5. man……. nintendo has failed us. oh wait why am i surprised. the only thing they have achieved is repeated failures, and dust collecting, 2 home console in a row is the number one choice for spiders. nintendo WE WILL AWAIT FOR YOUR NEXT FAILURE AND ACCEPT IT!!!!! so when zelda is 720p and 30 fps, we will finally get to see what wii u is capable off……… YESSSS!!!!! oohh so exited!!!! maybe they will reuse stuff from twilight princess or maybe even….. the possibilities are endless with wii u!!!!!

              1. Ohh Zelda U save the Scam U for total Failure?Just like mario 3 sales the first week world or Wonderful fail 101? delusional Fanboy.Commander its time to resign! Nothing Can beat the Sonyan Motherships that come to destroy NintendosBase.You Lost Robot!

            1. Its nice to know Wii u ain’t an X86 with 3 cores. X86 coding is so large it would neeed way more Ram. An X86 is like a v10 Farrari. The Wii U is like a i4 Kia Optima turbo. The Farrari will out accelerate the Kia but over a period of time the Optima will get up to 120mph too. I know more about inside Wii U than u do. Bwhahahahaha. It feels so good to finally know the truth.

          1. Aren’t you adorable acting like you know something!

            But I can’t give you that gold star yet until you show a little effort in your argument.

            Please understand. No really, please try to go understand something useful.

            Thank you.

        6. This video doesn’t make the Wii U look bad… it just makes Ubisoft look bad. Anyone who actually knows their stuff knows that Wii U can perform on par with PS4 and Xbox One if the developer shows a little effort and competence.

          I guess they just want to continue to live in a make-believe world where nintendo has an underpowered console not worth their time.

            1. Power don’t mean shit. Its “Optimization.” The Wii U has enough power if developers worked on it the way it is supposed to be used. 10 seconds and you’ll forget. I know more about Wii U because I did my research. They did think of PS4 in 08′ when making the Wii U.

              1. Suddenly power doesn’t matter? Even after you have been jumping on my back (for absolutely no reason, mind you) about system power? lol You seem to switch your opinions faster than lightning strikes.

                1. I been talking about “Optimization” all on this article. Hell you even quoted me. “Optimization” But the Wii U is powerful once a biased developer takes the time to unlock the EDRAM. Since Sony wanted to go the old fashion way by just adding more RAM and more cores to get groundbreaking graphics, Nintendo wanted to make a powerful and efficient console that can do 60fps and on a game that uses 1.7gigs to download. Knack needs 30gigs if bough digitally.

            2. Hahaha! How did you say so many stupid things with so few words!

              I mean, tbis is totally rude of me to that instead of responding thoughtfully and accurately… but MAN. That was just so… stupid.

              I guess I’ll just address the “sink with the ship” comment.

              No… actually I can’t… because there’s a million reasons why it would be absolutely retarded to mark Nintendo as a sinking ship in the video games business.

            1. Um you would be very suprisedd how close graphicaly Wii U could get. But we may not see how close since developers treat Wii U’s CpU like an Xbox 360. Yes PS4 is more powerful but at the end of the day, the Kia Optima turbo can catch up to a Mustang or Camero because Kia Motors optimised it by allowing 4 pistons to perform above normal because of the turbo.

            2. Let’s put it this way…. if PS4 and Xbox One had opted for more efficient design and structure like Wii U… All launch games would have ran at 60fps 1080p, no prob.

              Broadstrokes… the PS4 and Xbox one will probably peak early whereas the Wii U has a lot of potential to churn out smoother, faster, equally beautiful games…. but at the cost of the developers actually putting some work

                1. Oh please I did my research unlike you. They’re just too lazy and biased to work on Nintendo since Sony is their favorite console. Tell me why is Ghost 1080P on PS4 and not Xboxone? I’ll tell you because Activision’s best favorite in order is SONY, MICROSOFT and Nintendo. That’s why the graphics looks the way it does in that order. The Xbone is an X86 too so it should have had 1080P too. If you did your damn research like I did, you know Wii U could have had 1080P too on Ghost and DLC and all that shit.

                  1. 1080p. Big whoop. Ghosts still performs terribly on the PS4. Why even use that as a comparison? And PS4 is Activision’s favorite? >.< *sigh* Okay….

                    You obviously didn't do PROPER research. I can't even continue this discussion… I can't. I'm stopping now. You should probably too. lol

                    1. It was either Battlefield or Ghost one of those FPS 3rd party games where the PS4 HAS 1080P and Xbone doesn’t. It’s too many FPS 3rd party games I can’t remember those tittles. But you know damn will a developer gave PS4 a patch to get 1080P but not the cloned X86 Xbone version because PS4 is their favorite version.

                    2. I did my research on the Wii U unlike you. So I don’t give a rats ass what you say. Point is developer least favorite console is Wii U that’s why the graphics and frame rate on that console looks the worst.

                        1. I don’t know name a game multiplayer for all consoles.. It wasn’t Ghost. or Splinter Cell. Or AC4 or watch dogs. Keep me them coming? All those games failed to be optimized to focus on EDRAM to unlock Wii U’s full potential. Hell Need for Speed had PC textures on Wii U before EA got butthurt. Now all of a sudden it’s too weak. Do your research and it’s not weak. Wii U has 5 cores inside it. The tricore for gaming and a dual core for the OS. Yet it took 2 years for us to know that. If the technology inside wii U is so outdated, why it take 2 years to know this whole time it had 5 cores?

                          1. What is wrong with you? Seriously. I never said the Wii U is under powered, weak, or anything like that. In fact, I have been praising the Wii U this whole time. Do you have a problem with reading comprehension? All indications so far point to the answer being, “yes.”

                            Also, you should probably learn what each part of the system’s hardware is used for, before you continue to debate. You are constantly confusing GPU and CPU, for example.

                        2. Yeah will I’m a gamer, I don’t usually have time to focus on frame rate or GPUs and CPUS. I just focused on researching hard to find info on WiiU just to keep you Wii U haters away and shut the fuck up. I’m so tired of, “the Wii U is too weak for this, or it’s too weak for that” fuck that I did research and I know the truth. But all that unplayable because of 30fps or drops o 15fps. I don’t give a rats ass about that. I play my games to laugh and have fun. And I will learn which part inside Wii U uses the OS and which doesn’t. I learned what I learned from you haters. If you haters never talked about Wii U being so weak all the time, I wouldn’t have known what I have known today about what’s inside the Wii U. Now know that graphically, it can show just as good as PS4 and Xbone. I know the truth THE END.

                          1. “You haters.” You’re an idiot. I’m not a Wii U hater. I got a Wii U at launch and love it. I never said the Wii U was “weak” or “under powered.” It’s a powerful machine. But that doesn’t mean that it’s quite as powerful as the PS4 or Xbox One. It surely is more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360 though.

                            Some of my favorite games on it include Pikmin 3 and SMW3D (which I’m currently playing).

                            Get over yourself.

                            You know the truth? Then you know that you’re a blind and rabid fanboy who attacks everyone for no reason. That’s the truth and that’s the end.

        7. Why is Nintendo the only dev that seems to put a lot of work into keeping a solid frame rate? And I’m not just talking about the Wii U here, I’m including ALL devs and consoles. Nintendo is apparently “struggling” with HD development and yet I’m pretty sure their efforts already surpass what other devs did at the launch of the PS360. It just goes to show that Nintendo is part of a dying breed of developers that makes sure a game is polished and runs perfect out of the box without stupid day 1 patches.

                  1. Rushed? Only thing rushed are the ports from 360 going to a part of Wii U hardware it doesn’t belong to get the best performance from an old port.

              1. Man Sven let me expose you some more. Your memory is getting worse. You said wii U has no games but then u bring up WWHD and 3D Mario World. Already forgetting you just said it has no games before you put a hyperlink on resolution we already kne SM3DW could get up to 60fps.



              1. You havent seen the digital foundry vid of SM3DW constantly keeping 60fps? not a single drop that would slow the game at all, retard.

            1. Ok. A realistic game like X? Ok sure. I’ll wait to see what happens. But if cartoony is so easy, explain why knack on a PS4 is not highest resolution?

          2. You really can’t compare the Wii U launch to the PS3 and Xbox 360 launch. Times have completely changed. We are currently in a Full HD era. We have been for some years now.

            When the PS3 and 360 launched, HD was still fairly new on the consumer market and nobody was used to it, not even devs. Not to mention the hardware architects screwed up by limiting the hardware of the first HD consoles.

            Still, Nintendo’s studios seem to be doing fine though, getting a grasp on the tech.

        8. Super Mario 3D World wants a word with you. And didn’t IGN said the Wii U graphics where better?

          The Wii U has better graphics, it’s not Nintendo’s fault they give shitty ones to the version of their console. It’s a developer thing, not a console thing.

          And “Thanks, Iceazeama”, isn’t he one of the biggest trolls here?

          Just seems how the guy from this website love to feed the trolls here with articles like this. Why we want to know what one website thinks about the graphics of a single game?

          Just to shit on the Wii U and feed the trolls. COME, TROLLS! FOOD’S READY!

                    1. Um sales was yesterday. We talking about power and graphics. We already know Wii U increase like 340% I don’t want totalk about the same shit everyday day. Sales everyday. Icyboy brought something different about Wii U 3rd party support not taking advantage of the GPGPU.

                      1. OHH POOR BABY WII U SOLD LIKE 200k IN NOVEMBER LMAO.


                        I GUESS “PLEASE UNDERSTAND”

                        1. Ohhhhh I get it, you bring up sales because you can’t get passed Wii U version of 3rd party support ain’t optimized.

                    2. probably for Madden and CoD shits. Oh wait…tv. When they get good games like knack (yes I like how knack appears and he’s a bundle of fun from the looks) then I’ll think about PS4. until then, both xb done and playtendo 400 are shit. So far, knack is just one game for PS4, not enough to swade me over man.

              1. No players? So how come on Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends i can compare my scores to other “players” who plays the game too?

          1. Yeah but see it sort of back fired on icyboy since more info about Wii U’s hardware is coming to light. That’s why it back fired. I did my research and this videos just confirms how accurate my research is.

              1. Have you downloaded the patches from AC4? I have fps issues on mine, i did download the patches that took me a lot of time to download, they were heavy, and textures look weird, the shadows…

        9. FFS, Ubisoft, you’re supposed to be learning the console. I bet the games runs just fine.

          If it doesn’t then they’ve not learned the hardware properly. I am disgusted that developers aren’t putting any time into the console. Don’t give the me the resources BS because thats’ just a weak and pathetic excuse.

            1. PC 7 is better than X86 because its much smaller to decode. L ike u i thought they didnt think of PS4 during development of Wii U too but when u learn the Wii U’s hardware, and why it is designed the way it is, we wouldn’t have to hear ur kiddy immature commets.

            2. Ice boy you don’t know nothing about the Wii U do u? Tell me since you know everything? What do you know about the Wii U and its graphics chip? I know but you don’t lol. Come on who wants to tell me now about Wii U being weak?

        10. I bet these numbers aren’t even proper either.

          I remember seeing an article saying that Ubisoft were able to improve the performance for AC4 Wii U. I reckon this is rubbish.

        11. I know this doesn’t really belong here but people who are concerned that Watchdogs will be the same shouldn’t worry because Watchdogs is not a Xbox 360 port and it was in development before the 360 and PS3 version.

        12. Well for the WiiU being $100 to $200 cheaper than the other systems, it’s gonna make sense. That’s like running the WiiU against a $1200 PC and being surprised it doesn’t run the same fps. Kinda of no brainier.

        13. This is nonsense. I have played AC on my PS3. It runs much better on Wii U. I have 70 hrs on AC4. It’s much better to experience this game on Wii U optimized for gampad with no screen tearing. This game looks beautiful on my LED 240 hz.

          1. Will of course AC3 would run better on your PS3 than WII u. They treated it as a port and made the game based of the CPU not the GPGPU.

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