Select Club Nintendo members have received $40 gift cards to Pizza Hut. A letter from the loyalty program bundled with the gift card is being sent out to some of Nintendo’s “biggest Wii U fans.” Additionally, the letter is signed by Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. If you’re a Club Nintendo member and a Wii U owner, have you received this reward?



  1. Uhh howdy! My Benny and I received ours a few days ago! We played Nintendo Land and had 6 large pizzas with my brother Bobby and Ben’s half brother William who came in from Europe for the Holidays! We are so thankful for the Wii U and Nintendo and Jesus of course because we love them. :) Happy Holidays!
    -The Sanders Family!


  2. This is…kind of awesome. I’m more of a Jets and Dominoes kind of guy but I’d totally eat at Pizza Hut if I got this gift card.


  3. Having bought one on day one and supported the system with every game. Having just had to send my system in cause it wouldn’t update and almost having to pay $175 for that alone… I better get one!!


  4. I wonder how “the biggest Wii U fans” is determined. because, I am in love with my Wii U, and would defiantly be in the top 50 or so. But, considering it’s gone through Club.Nintendo, it’s probably based on Wii U games registered, and as you know, I haven’t really had the money to do so. :(


  5. I got this via email a few days ago and I had no idea what it meant since I had ordered NOTHING could this mean Im getting this reward??

    We wanted to let you know that your reward order has been shipped.

    Your reward order was shipped via US Mail and will take 4-10 business
    days for delivery.


  6. Fuck… Nintendo… I better get one because they fucking did a price cut…. I regret buying it before a fucking price cut since I could have gottena great mario/luigi bundle


  7. The pic in the gonintendo link was taken from /v/. I was in that thread earlier today before word got out. I see we’re getting our news from 4chan these days.


  8. Wouldn’t it have just been easier to give us eshop cards? I love pizza, and it may only be because I have a college meal plan and can order pizza on it, but I feel like I rather have the money for the eshop lol


  9. could people who receive this gift please explain which country you live in and what you have done exactly? … how many registered games, how many points, how many systems, what achievements you’ve done etc?

    perhaps it’s consecutive years of being platinum? … perhaps it’s a combination of things. I live in Canada, so i’m just going to assume that i’m getting nothing no matter what!


  10. Are you shitting the fuck out of me Nintendo?!!! I bought both the 3DS and Wii U at launch. I registered so much of your software on Wii, DS, 3DS, and Wii U. How in the fuck did I not get this? Seriously what the fuck?


    • I’m betting they gave these gifts to Nintendolings who just bought one game…

      High Command loves to troll everybody more than the word “trolling” ever does…

      But from time to time, that gives us the best surprises too…

      But still, it should have been a 40$ eShop gift…


  11. I better be getting one of these. I got a Wii U in January and had so many problems with it. I bought quite a few games and got Platinum on Club Nintendo! I’ll be waiting lol.


  12. I’m a huge Wii U Fan
    I got my Wii U on day 1, have 10+ first party games, all registerd on
    Club Nintendo, Have been Platinum for the last 4 Years..
    I have not gotten one of these $40 gift cards, if thay are even real
    why didn’t I got one??


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