Metroid-Inspired Platformer ‘ReVeN’ Planned For Wii U Release

Varia Games has confirmed that ReVeN is being planned for a release on multiple platforms, including PC and Wii U. Described as a sci-fi shooter and 2D platformer game that’s heavily influenced by the Metroid series, ReVeN has players explore the caverns of an atmospheric and mysterious planet called XR-Keres. Players control SyRek, the last surviving autonomous android, who was adopted from a drone espionage program. SyRek can adapt to any combat situation using an energy divergence module and technological assimilation system. Click here to learn more about the project.


  1. Hmph….probably a better 3DS game. Not really up to snuff in terms of graphics or animation to most 2D side-scrolling platformers now a days. Don’t know if it will do as well on Wii U eShop.

  2. This is a Metroid Clone. It looks and seems to play exactly like it. Has it been approved for release, or are they still in danger of copyright?

    1. I don’t think it looks enough like Metroid to be in danger, and you can’t sue for having the gameplay similar. If so, there would be a WHOLE lot less shooters.

      1. Yes but everything he does is exactly the same as Samus…

        I smell copyright issues…

      2. Yeah, and after looking at his armor it looks exactly like a suit you’d get in Metroid.

  3. I think its good they are trying to go for the whole Metroid thing but I think they went WAY too close to the actual look of Metroid. The main character looks like too inspired by Samus to the point where he doesn’t even look half way unique. The game itself, so far, looks very bland and un-polished, the handrawn stuff is cool but if it isn’t varied and just blue, black and grey then there isn’t much keeping me interested in the environment.

    Hopefully a lot changes and improves, who knows the gameplay could make this game worth it but so far im not expecting anything spectacular

    1. Indeed. I don’t even know where to begin. This is Metroid, down to the screw-attack wall-jump. I thought Nick Simmons Ripoff of Bleach was bad!

  4. Hey everyone! I am John Rogeles the Co Creator of ReVeN. I do a lot of the character/creature design and animations. I would like to clarify on some details. At the games core it functions very much like Metroid. Being able to aim at different angles and the Gear mode. But ReVeN will play more like Deus Ex and Crysis when it comes to the gameplay while having RPG elements. We want the gameplay to feel diverse. We have added a sneaking ability so that you can move around undetected by creatures and other enemies in the game. We want to give players options. The more variety we offer the better the gameplay. On top of this we are giving players the ability to create their very own levels and place enemies and bosses in whatever room they choose. They can even alter the text to change the story and share their own “Mission” with everyone. Please do not be discouraged by ReVeNs outward appearance. Thank you for taking the time to read this everyone. We appreciate your support! Also if you leave a comment in the feedback section of our website you might have a chance to become a character/mini boss in our game! Names will be raffled Mid-End January! Once again, thank you for your time!

    1. Assuming you’re who you say you are, you can’t possibly believe that the similarities stop at ‘angled shooting’ and the Morph Ball rip-off. The character’s segmented suit, the arm cannon, the wall-jumping, the suit upgrades, the level design, the tubular door system…Metroid.

      1. I understand your frustration on the matter. But with that logic does that mean every 2D sidescroller that has a character with an armcannon and can wall jump be condemned? Mega Man Zero says hi! ( SyRek is not human. He (it) is an Android. The suit is segmented for better movement. Its the reason why companies like Darpa make robots like this. ( You don’t know everything that is going on behind the scenes with this game (obviously). Yes, SyRek has an arm cannon. But he isn’t subjected to it like samus. He can use both arms at anytime he(it) pleases. Notice how in the video the guns pixilates when Austin switches SyReks weapons? SyRek can bring out it’s right arm via EDM Technology that we created in our stories canon. SyRek’s suit “upgrades” are unlocked via finding Materials throughout the games and crafting them to make weapon and suit upgrades for SyReks subcore systems. About the doors in our game, If you can tell me any other way of having a player transition to the next area while offer gameplay purposes I am all ears. :) There aren’t many ways to have a character transition to the next room when it comes to 2D. Either the player walks forward into a door. Walks to the edge of the room and then it transitions to the next environment or walks through a door at the end of a room. Our current door system is their to add depth to our game. If we want to lock some doors or cover them in environmental hazards to add challenges to our game is that so bad? We want diverse gameplay. The level design? What about it? Do you mean the level’s visual aesthetics? It is a human made space ship, of course they are bound to look similar to a point. It is man made. Please go find a picture of Metroid and do a comparison of our level and their game. You won’t find too many similarities with the asset designs. We are pushing for more grit in our levels textures as well. We are not a complete ripoff but I can understand the confusion. Please before you make full judgement read more about the game. We really can’t wait to show you everyone whats to come next. But I will through you some info that’s coming this week right now. We plan to offer players the ability to enter quick time events if they so choose. There will be a button that’s mapped specifically for Finishers. We truly are trying to offer diversity with our gameplay. Please don’t count us out just yet, tstitan. And anyone else thinking this will be a straight rip off of Metroid. Thank you all for the support! We really appreciate it. If you have any questions just leave a comment on our FEED BACK section of our website, don’t be shy. I will respond as soon as possible. :) Thanks again!

        -John Rogeles

      2. “We are not a complete ripoff but I can understand the confusion”

      3. THIS is not an inspired game.THIS is a ripp off. You can tell us whatever you want about all sidescrollers look similar but you wont be right. What is similar betwerm gunstar heroes and metroid? NOTHING. So dont fuckwith us you dont have imagination and this game looks like shit. Stop copying amd.maybe you’ll do better games. COPYCATS

      4. Is Gunstar Heroes open world? No? Then of course it won’t have similar mechanics to metroid. Is it similar to metal Slug? Yes. Our game is open world. So it will have some similar mechanics. Notice how a lot of FPS’s, MMO’s, Third Person shooters play alike? I hope this helps you understand a bit more as to why we have to do/create things a certain way.

      5. Seriously, ignore those idiots. I think this project looks great and look forward to seeing more of the changes you mentioned. What’s wrong with taking inspiration from some of, if not the best 2d shooters of all time? Keep it up!

      6. Thank you Jay. Metroid had a huge impact on me and my art style when I was first introduced to the series. This is our love letter to Metroid and its fans, while having some gameplay twists. We hope you will like the final product when ReVeN is complete. We have quite a journey ahead of us. :)

      7. You still haven’t mentioned anything concrete that definitively sets this game apart from Metroid; it seems like you really had to dig hard to find the differences. That’s not a good sign.

      8. If this is the way you look at things then you have no business developing games. It shouldn’t be a suprise that games within the same genre have similarities. The point is to set yourself apart and show that what you are doing is different and or better.

        I’ll refer you to my reply to Jet045

      9. It’s really a shame that people are so easy to judge. Who cares if it’s inspired or a rip off. Some of you guys claim they have no imagination, I’d like to see you guys make a game and create characters and a world without making look like anything ever done before. As a metroid fan I’m glad to see this and am excited to see what’s to come. Good job guys and ignore these trolls.

      10. Thank you for the kind words Zap! I really appreciate it. Hey man, if you leave a comment on the Feedback page on our website there is a chance that you could become a character/mini boss for our game. We are raffling names mid-end of January. Don’t miss out on that opportunity! it would be awesome to co create a character with someone as open minded as you! :) Best of Luck!

      11. Yea… in any game Zero takes center stage he has a pistol not an arm cannon.

        This game is a manifestation of poorly done paraphrasing. The simple fact that you left out one or two parts of the story and added “your own” twist to it doesn’t make it an original plot.

        There is no thinking this will be a straight rip-off of Metroid. The alpha you put on display has shown more than enough to prove that is indeed what it is. The only defense you can come up with is no it’s not.

    2. Are you taking the proper steps to avoid copyright disputes? The “gear mode” seems like it could potentially be problematic in crossing the line from Metroid inspired to copyrighted Metroid trademark.

      1. He will answer you like this,”We are not a complete ripoff but I can understand the confusion”

      2. I will not lie. The PowerGear is right on the line. Visually its similar by its 2 dimensional shape (a circle) while it is in fact a disc from a non 2D view ( We wanted to make that clear from the start lol We chose a cylinder shape because it offers so much more gamplay then say.. A character on all fours crawling around. Because its in the shape of a cylinder we can add physics puzzles and so so much more. What really separates the PowerGear from the Morph Ball is its abilities. We haven’t shown this yet but when you’re in PowerGear mode you can attack with the weapon you have selected. So if you have the Plasma Rifle selected in PowerGear mode and you hit the attack button the PowerGear will emit a fire trail behind it that will remain on the floor for several seconds which can damage enemies over time. We want to add strategy to our game. Giving players options is something we are really pushing for. I don’t believe nintendo can copyright a gameplay mechanic so I believe we will be okay. Thanks for looking out for us :)

      3. ” I don’t believe nintendo can copyright a gameplay mechanic so I believe we will be okay.”
        LOL so you admit that you are copyin because apparently Nintendo cant deal with you? Guess what they have patents in gameplay mechanics, even SquareEnix has patents for FF battle mechanics so dont think that Nintendo leaves anything without patents and copyrights and stuff. Use your head.

      4. Since when can companies copy right scenarios as specific as a cylinder rolling around? All I we want to do is offer people a game that plays similar to Metroid, Crysis, and Deus Ex. Is that really so bad? But hey it is alright. You can’t please everyone. I am sorry we are making the game we are making but we will continue to make ReVeN. :)

    3. Hi John, the game looks nice and I’m excited to see the character in combat soon. However, I wish the backgrounds were more distinguishable from the obstacles @2:00.
      Also, this would get A TON of attention if it were 3rd Person, but maybe for sequels (If you plan)

  5. “Metroid inspired”
    copies every damned element of Metroid exactly, only with poor physics and art direction. LOOKS GREAT.

      1. Eeeeeh, ok…jhon need help? Ican you know like help out a little about the ideas…it might drag these fools off you and keep from nintendo sueing completely. I’m not going to lie, nintendo sees this, and you didn’t get it clear from them let alone the issues now…yeah, your in for a big surprise…I’m been knowing how they work for years now.

    1. I would say the same but clearly Nintendo hasn’t and won’t be doing anything for a while haha give it a chance this might actually impress you

  6. Yay another 2D indie game, which once again is a clone from an already popular game. Nothing against indies if they are like the ones Shinen makes, but this is almost shovelware like 90% of other indie games on eshop. Why cant WiiU have Destiny?

    1. Clearly if that’s the case and how you feel on indie games then you’ve missed out on some great experiences.

      1. I also like the games Housemarque makes for Sony like SuperStardust Hd and Resogun, but those 2D pixel indie games just feel cheap.

    1. Please do bring it to Wii U, cause I’d love to play it. Plus the Wii U can use all the support it can get

    1. Why? If they try and make a case against us what are they going to do? Tell us to stop making a game that visually is similar in some ways but plays differently? I don’t see how they can make a legit case against us. But who knows. We will see in good time. :)

      1. Just to throw my two cents in, I don’t think it’s fair to judge something before its even out. So, you guys just keep doing what you’re doing, and we’ll see how it all plays out. :)

      2. What are they going to do? Send you a Cease and Desist. This may be alpha footage but it’s alpha footage that looks EXACTLY the same as Metroid. Nintendo’s sent C&Ds for a lot less and have succeeded.

      3. Please tell me how this plays differently than Metroid. The alpha footage on this page looks like low frame rate unlicensed animation of Phazon Samus running around doing nothing.

  7. Looking forward to seeing the final product of this, but like alot of kickstarter stuff, i feel like you’d be left wanting more than what you get.
    Not saying that in an insulting way, it’s not under their control, they take what they can get, and do their best.

    Just feel like games like this are there to scratch “that itch” that Nintendo won’t deliver, which is sad :/



  9. Heavily inspired? yeah right, more like a complete copy-and-paste job, wall jump, power suit, “level transitioning system”, “power disk” come on, even the company’s name is a damn Metroid term

    1. If all goes well with our Kickstarter campaign that we will launch early January, then our target release date will be at the end of 2014. In the mean time we will be updating our website on a weekly basis. :)

  10. You guys have to remember that this is barely an ALPHA stage game atm. In the future we will see more features/enviroments that may or may or may not be more innovative than what we have currently seen. That said, we have no way of knowing what the final game will be like, but it will certainly be different then what we are seeing now. Also, this isnt a bad thing, really. CoD copied MoH’s ADS, hipfire system, among other things, and that game did a lpt of good and was fun. (Until Activision mucked it up) So don’t judge this game yet. It coild be a lot of fun.

    1. You can’t simply take mechanics from a series call it inspired by and hope to ride the coat tails of someone else’s success. It isn’t good for the business. Sure it puts another game out there (adding to an already over saturated market) but, when it is something that has been done before people (majority) don’t care if it isn’t the franchise they know and love. If you are going to do something unoriginal you have to do it in an original way. Take Fable, it was a simple hack-and-slash but, it introduced morality into the game and now you would be hard pressed to find a game without a morality system (obvious series excluded.) I would say the only genre this doesn’t seem to apply to is fighting games but, look at Bloody Roar. Martial arts fighting game *twirls finger in the air* and then, holy hell I can turn into a giant praying mantis on a character that uses the mantis fighting style. Hell even Forza tried to differentiate itself from the other racers by giving you full custimization of your cars.

      Inspired should mean you loved the game so much you wanted to be able to be a part of something that brings back memories of hours spent with the game you loved. Not I want to make a game like this and then turn around and copy everything from the basic mechanichs down to the character design.

      If Metroid wasn’t my favorite series of all time I probably wouldn’t care but, there ya go.

      And yes an alpha is an alpha but the point is moot.

  11. Thank you for the support, Jet045. I am very happy someone understands what “Alpha” means. Just wait until you see how involved our boss fights are! And much much more in the coming weeks/months! :)

  12. I don’t like how the camera pans back and forth while doing wall jumps. That seems very disorienting and unnecessary.

  13. This is a complete Metroid rip-off, and if you would stop patting yourself on the back at how “different” you made the game and really see things objectively, you can realize just how much you’ve really ripped off Metroid and that you’ve given Nintendo many things to have a legitimate case against you.

    Change up the game. Just because you’ve changed the aesthetics doesn’t make it completely different; you even have the fucking morph ball technique pitifully disguised as a “disk”. You wanna know a game series that copied Metroid and still look like it didn’t? Castlevania. Take your inspiration from that instead.

  14. How can that be called inspired by?.. Is that what people get to say when they take someone elses work slap a new skin on it and make the framerate horrendously low? Imitation is suppose to be flattering. I wouldn’t want to play Metroid if this was my first impression of it.

  15. “we added a new feature were you can change into a disc” for god sake if you capy metroid than do it good and mention were you got your stuff from

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