Celebrate The Year Of Luigi With Luigi’s Mansion 2 Statue


Nintendo Europe has revealed that it plans to continue the excellent Year of Luigi with a Club Nintendo Luigi’s Mansion 2 diorama. This elegant statue of Luigi will set you back a whopping 7.000 points. The Luigi’s Mansion 2 diorama is already available in Europe and should be coming to North America soon. The size: 12,5 cm x 10,5 cm x 7 cm.

Update: Now available on North American Club Nintendo for 1500 coins and will ship in March 2014.

Thanks, Simon


      1. Which proves my point in the fact they need to combine every Club Nintendo and have every one have the same rewards, pretty inexcusable that don’t. I’m from USA, by the way. I have a chance at this but won’t have enough by the time they take it off. That’s unless it stays up all year next year…..

      2. Act quickly now Lizalfos, Club Nintendo Australia just added a Year of Luigi coin to it’s catalogue.

        Yeah this pretty much confirms Australia will not be getting the Statue. . .

    1. I don’t have enoigh and I wouldn’t spend ALL of my coins on this thing anyway so it can just sit on my shelf… -_- Seriously Nintendo? Make it like 800 coins and we’ll talk.

  1. Why wasn’t this the platinum reward?!?!? I love majora’s mask…but this should have ltooken its place

  2. This should have been the platinum gift. I have to admit I am childishly disappointed with 1500 coins for this and the poster set I got from CLub Nintendo.

  3. Was only 400 short and went and spent 1250 last week now even with Xmas games can’t make it up mega annoyed but 7000 (2yrs) of saving is a lot

  4. Man 1500 coins?!!? I only have 280 and even after a few games and a 3ds xl I’ll still be short… Hopefully it stays up until March….. :(

  5. Majorly disappointing. I have 890 coins, but do have some surveys to take. Even with those under my belt theres no way I can get enough to afford this. Although buying new consoles would help, but I already have a Wii, WiiU, and 3DSXL. Hoping for a price drop on this.

  6. Can you people stop replying to Wii U Mad? Obviously he is a troll and does not give a shit about what you think or say.

    1. I’m just surprised that Sickr hasn’t banned him yet.

      Seriously, Sickr! You’re not doing your job!

  7. I understand that they are this overpriced in order to try to sell more Nintendo stuff, but they could have made at least a little bit more achievable, geez.

  8. Ordered it, got 5 coins left now XD I also got the kirby medal and golden nunchuck. I have no problems with club nintendo, they always have a special item now and again that makes it all worth it in the end.

  9. it’s being listed on ebay right now for around $400. i think this little puppy will be snapped up by the collectors before march for sure.

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