Funky Kong Confirmed For Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Nintendo of America has confirmed that Funky Kong is to make an appearance in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Funky Kong runs the item shop now that Cranky Kong is a playable character in the game. Nintendo released a trailer for Retro Studios upcoming Donkey Kong Country title which you can watch, right here.


      1. Imagine Master Chief shooting the seals….throwing gernades at the bears…driving a ghost instead of a rhino…you could ride a four wheeler through the jungle vines……..epic…….

    1. But being able to play as Cranky doesn’t make me cranky. And those who want to play as Kiddy gotta be kidding. And the chance that they would announce Tiny has always been tiny.

    1. saying nobody cares about is something kinda stupid to say I want DK country and X. X will most likely be shown next month with a possible release date. The guys at gamexplain says this game is starting to feel more challenging then returns.

    2. Wrong. Looks awesome. Much more psyched for this than X.
      Guarantee you it outsells X, too (at least in the west). So Nintendo is doing the right thing.

      1. metroid willbcome later when the install base is higher, sure, DK is going to help grow it along with mario kart and smash

    3. they’re advertising DKTF way too much for game that has came after the first game which means a lot of people knows how it plays already, so obviously they should start advertising X, get people to know and hype them up to when it releases. Nintendo dont care for their 2nd party Ips is why most of them dont sell as well as their 1st party gmaes..

      1. I bitched about that game and it’s controls for the last year, then I FINALLY took the plunge… It was only $20 used… Omg, there is so much customization, questing, just …it’s so much better than the demo conveyed. I decided to download it to my 3DS also, so when I’m done hunting at night, I transfer it to my 3DS, and take the hunt with me on the road! ;D

      2. I also played the demo and was not impressed, but unlike you… I don’t want to buy it no matter what the price is. I’m just not interested…

      3. , I was. I wanted to like it, but the demo was horrific. Of course if your not interested, it would be a waste of money at any price.

      4. Gamestop = New games are broke open and played by employees. So new, used… Meh. It was $20. Yes. I bought it from the games top bastards… “New”…and didn’t even get a real game case.

    1. YES FINALLY!!!! OH HAPPY DAY!!!! I knew that you would like it. I hope to see you online bro. I’m free all the way up until January 13th if you ever want to go on a quest online. I’m not that far in the game but would love to get back into it.

      1. I’m pretty busy this week, but I may be able to hunt the week after. I’m not far either since I just started, so no troubles there.

    2. Oh Monster Hunter is awesome. I play the 3ds version and the controls are great. It is very complex and you will be tempted to look at guides for certain stuff.

  1. Give us DonkeyKong64 type game and i’ll be happy, if youre not gonna make it then GTFO with this TropicalFreeze bullsh*t ive had enough of it..

    1. Well im sure Tropical Freeze will be great game and i will pick it, but i also hope DK64 kinda game, where you can explore and all. Seriously Retro proved they can make great full 3d exploring game with Metroid Prime´s and they do just side scrollin 2d game……lame

      1. Exactly! we’ve already spent resources on making a wii and 3ds version of DK and now a sequel? along with other sidescrollers like kirby and yoshiyarn. Personally i think nintendo has make too much sidescrollers, but thats just me..

      2. 2D Nintendo games usually sell more than 3D Nintendo games, Donkey Kong Country Returns sold more than the whole Metroid Prime Trilogy, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii sold more than Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 together, and Donkey Kong 64 made very little money because it had to be bundled with the N64 expansion pack, remember?
        Donkey Kong 64 also sold less than the Wii version of Donkey Kong Country returns, Nintendo is a company with the main goal of making money after all, still I agree a 3D Donkey Kong game made by Retro would be a lot better, but it wouldn’t sell as well as a 2D one.

      3. It’s a damn shame too. There are too many casual idiots who can only understand simple 2D games, so they’re the only games they buy from Nintendo. Either that or they just feel overly nostalgic for them, while they didn’t grow up with 3D games. Either way, it sucks since 3D games are objectively better in basically every way. You can still prefer 2D games, but the 3D games -will- take more thought from the developers to make and will have more potential for variety in the gameplay experience.

      1. Funky Kong first appeared in Donkey Kong Country.
        I believe he’s specifically talking about Lanky, Tiny and Chunky.

  2. maybe he is the fifth secret character,remember that reggie say that there is one more playable character

  3. Ive kind of been sick of dk announcements since e3, really. Im gonna buy it because its a dk game and should be fun. Thats the only reason anyones going to buy it, nintendo. No one gives two bits of crap about anything youve said about this game in an attempt to hype it.The kongpow, cranky, funky, levels that ‘innovatively’ change…all these things are better being discovered by the player and are about as far away from newsworthy as announcements can get. So stop it.

    I’ll be glad when this game comes out just so idont have to hear nintendo try to brag about the next shocking dk revelation…like double jumping capability.

    There are around ten things nintendo fans want to hear from nintendo hq. That list starts with fzero, starfox, metroid and zelda u, and it ends with dl game accounts and the presence of n64, gamecube games in the eshop. Everything in the middle requires you to wake the f up and realize that casuals arent coming back so you can start to put your focus toward your base where it belongs.

    I dont care what your data shows, i dont care what talking points reggie wants to point out as he tries to spin everyone away from the facts, all i care about is seeing nintendo give ms and sony a run for their money and you guys have been going about it all wrong since launch.

    1. Oh my god, stop being a whiny baby

      I don’t care about Nintendo “giving ms and sony a run for their money”, and I don’t care about what you think Nintendo fans “want to hear”. I’m excited about this game, and I’ve enjoyed the announcements.

  4. I’m still going to buy this because of DK but i hope to see a 3D platformer of kongs one day. I hope the gameplay is lengthy.

  5. I just hate being forced with using main characters… I wouldn’t mind DK if only I could choose to use him and not be stuck with him. It’s as bad as Mario Bros. until the ones where Peach was in them that I get to choose, not very many people actually want Mario. So drop DK’s forced main role and just give him some good strategy to use like with Diddy, Dixie, and Cranky. I’m already finding ways to use all three to good use.

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