conception_2_pre-order_bonusesAtlus and Spike Chunsoft has revealed a few extra details about Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. Due for release in North America next Spring, the RPG focuses primarily on nurturing relationships between characters in order to birth “Star Children”.

Taking on the role of the protagonist – named as a “God’s Gift” who overflows with star power – players must build relationships with various heroines to raise their “bond points” so they can create Star Children. Of course, bond points aren’t easy to receive, so players must say and do the right things to please the heroine. There are seven heroines to choose from and each have different strengths and weaknesses. Choosing a heroine who bonds well with the protagonist allows the player to tap into a greater power within the game’s labyrinths.

Along with the details above, Atlus has also announced a special pre-order bonus. For those that purchase the game early, you’ll get your hands on a soundtrack CD, featuring 10 tracks, as well as a special collector’s box for the title. Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars will be released for 3DS and PlayStation Vita in Spring 2014.



  1. I read this game is rather successful in Japan. But then again they are very socially, especially sexually, awkward people. I would be very surprised if this sold well in Occident.


  2. I should just give Atlus my bank for direct access to my funds. Atlus is probably my favorite game developers, then Monolith Soft at a close second, THEN Nintendo 1st party, mainly Retro.


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