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SteamWorld Series Could Come To Wii U eShop

Image & Form co-founder Brjann Sigurgeirsson has told the Official Nintendo Magazine that there’s a chance that the SteamWorld series could come to the Wii U eShop. Sigurgeirsson believes that the SteamWorld series could work extremely well on the Wii U with its unique GamePad.

“The Wii U would work very well for the SteamWorld series, so it’s definitely one of the things that we’re looking into – we’re fortunate that we left mobile at the right time and got embraced by Nintendo when it happened.”

Thanks, Luis E

37 thoughts on “SteamWorld Series Could Come To Wii U eShop”

  1. “Sigurgeirsson believes that the SteamWorld series could work extremely well on the Wii U with its unique GamePad.”

    What do you have to say to this all you GamePad haters?
    Just proves that there is so much you can do with the controller, and you don’t even know it!

    Ont he brighter side, I would love to get a game that really makes good use of the GamePad.

      1. To be honest i believe that forcin devs to use gamepad would lead them to not support WiiU. They should had done Gamecube 2 with specs matchin Ps4/One and with Gamecube kinda controller except with few changes like 2 z buttons on both shoulders, clickable stick etc. that kinda system would have gotten more 3rd parties and devs on board, no gimmicks just gamin at its purest.

          1. For fucks sake im gettin them both, i have also WiiU, i game with all consoles. Im not a fanboy, i was just statin what i had wished for.

            1. They should keep the gamepad and add specs similar to xboxone/ps4. If you want all those changes then it’ll be GameCube all over again.

              1. Gamecube was awesome dude, it has by far best controller i ever had. It was just magic. It was overlooked but so fuckin what? Wii wasnt and that thing is garbage compared to what Gamecube offered.

                1. Yes awesome, but Nintendo saw that having three similar consoles is over saturating the gaming market so theyre trying the blue ocean crap thing. They just need to up the fucking specs on the WiiU.

                2. The Wii U Gamepad AND Pro Controller are vastly superior to the Gamecube controller. They are based on the 360 controller, ESPECIALLY the Pro Controller. I liked the Cube controller too, but it wasn’t that special. Wasn’t even dual analog, which turned Metroid Prime into a “lock on” shooter.. Would have been better with the Gamepad or Pro Controller.

                  1. This is why I love Metroid Prime Trilogy. The aiming controls of the Wii versions made MP1 and MP2 much better to play.

            2. Well not everyone is wishing for a Gamecube 2. I’m glad that the Wii U actually offers something UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE.

            3. The gamepad is not a gimmick. Nintendo creates a unique controller, and the fan boys start using the word”gimmick. The game enhances game play. Just as enhanced graphics.l, built in gyros, … They are parts of the console, not gimmicks.


        1. And the specs do match the X1 and PS4 so I don’t understand what you are trying to get at there?

          Don’t think an 8 core x86 CPU will be anymore powerful than a Tri-Core PowerPC CPU – the performance is on par.

        2. The Wii U’s specs actually are much closer to PS4/One than some would have you believe. This has been said to death, but when properly utilized, the Wii U can pretty much keep up just fine, and already has more 1080p 60FPS games, with more to come.

          You also do realize that there IS a “gamecube kinda controller”.. Wii U Pro Controller? It’s a freaking 360 gamepad with the right analog stick and a/b/x/y buttons in the opposite positions.. not to mention the Gamepad has every single one of those buttons too.. Dual, clickable analog sticks, 2 shoulder buttons, 2 trigger buttons, D pad, A/B/X/Y buttons.. so….

          Basically, what you have described, is in fact what the Wii U already is and has. Forcing them to use the gamepad, forces them to use the exact same layout as PS4/One/PS3/360 controllers AND a screen. The screen is not a gimmick. Even if it’s only ever used for menu systems, maps, inventory and off tv play, it’s not a gimmick, and it’s a much better and faster way to use those features in a game, vs pausing the action and pulling up sub menus.

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  3. Steam works builds!?!? Something like minecraft both with more story elements and item like turrets so you could have a tower defense in a multiplayer scenario. I could polished this comment to show my idea better but people can see what I mean.

  4. Get the world conqueror game for the 3ds it is but simple and incredible fun and makes you wonder when will advance wars will come to the handheld. Just amazing.

    1. I’m surprised you haven’t heard of it. It was a pretty big deal this year. In my opinion, the best game on the eShop right now.

  5. This is kinda off-topic, but is anyone else sick of headlines that state such and such game “could” come to the Wii U? It’s become the proverbial broken-record at this point.

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