Sega Will Release More Free To Play Games For Nintendo 3DS

Toshihiro Nagoshi, Sega Chief Creative Officer, has spoken to Famitsu about the company’s plans to release more free to play titles for the Nintendo 3DS. Nagoshi is already working on Sega’s first free-to-play game for the Nintendo 3DS, Initial D: Perfect Drift Online. Nagoshi says that he is up to the challenge of making free to play games – which are popular on smartphones and tablets – work on the Nintendo 3DS.

“We don’t intend to stop with this title, and after looking over its results, we’ll think about what to do next. However, unlike games for smartphones, I believe there’s a perfect shape of ways to do things, somewhere out there, for the Nintendo 3DS. I believe that finding it will be our challenge, and in many ways, Initial D will be our first step.”

“At the moment, I can say that we’ve been thinking about plenty of things. We have suggestions amongst ourselves like ‘wouldn’t this be a perfect game for a F2P title on Nintendo 3DS’ and many more. So when the time comes to talk about it… we’ll just leave it at that for now.”



  1. All SEGA needs to do is make Sonic Adventture 3 Battle, then they can roll over and die. They pretty much suck now… I just hope if/when they make SA3B that they don’re screw that up too….


    1. Sega doesnt suck. They have made some great games like Sonic Colors,Generations even unleashed was good except for werehog stages. Then theres Sonic Racin Transformed. Valkyria Chronicles 1,2 and 3. Yakuza games are awesome as well. Then theres Pso2. And its not Sega devs that screw things its Segas business guys who want to rush things in order to make money (Sonic 06). Sega isnt going anywhere btw, SegaSammy is rolling in money.


      1. You don’t find it a little disappointing that their most recent title (and Wii U exclusive) was a bust? They should have handed over the reigns to Nintendo entirely… why does SEGA even use their employees anymore?

        Sonic Lost World could have been a hit. If done right we could have had another 3D World on our hands.. :/


      2. No, the whole reason why Lost World was a bust was because they wanted to appeal to Mario fans, which is a bad idea because i play Sonic games because of Sonics playstyle and not Marios. The worst thing Sega is doing is being too close to Nintendo and too influenced by them, because they always forget how people fell in love with Sonics style in the process. Sega should really get rid of these stupid exclusive deals and do stuff multiplatform since they are 3rd party dev, they dont owe nothing to Nintendo. Generations was awesome and Nintendo didnt have any part of it, same goes for Colours and Unleashed day stages, those are the things that make Sonic great. He isnt supposed to be slow like some fat plumber, he is fast paced platformer. I hope i make sense, the whole Sega should be Nintendo only benefits just Nintendo not Sega.


      3. To be fair, people complained that Sonic was “boost to win” and full of cheap deaths, because you went so fast, that you couldn’t see anything. It started with the “Rush” games on DS (which I really liked by the way) and carried into the big 3D games. Granted, Colors and Generations were fun, but they didn’t have the same kind of platforming that you had in the old classic Sonic games. The little bit of platforming in games like Colors and Generations, was challenging, because Sonic moved so erratically.

        People wanted that classic game style. Areas where you could blaze through, hit some loops and fly through a level, (think Green Hill Zone or Emerald Hill Zone) yet also wanted some levels with some heavier focus on platforming (think Marble Zone or Lava Reef Zone) that required you to go slower and make some precarious jumps and such.

        For whatever reason, people got what they asked for, and they still complained. People who complained the games were too easy, now complained it was too hard, and you didn’t get enough lives after taking away the free life mechanic from 100 rings (which they fixed, probably for the best). Those who complained it was too fast, and only “boost to win” now complained it was too slow, and had too much platforming. The Parkour system helps with the cheap deaths, but people still complained about that new system.

        It seems to me they cannot win. The standards set by the first 3 Sonic games (Sonic 3 and Knuckles counted as one full game, not two) are just way, way too lofty, and are unlikely to be met ever again. You have people that complain no matter what, people who complain when it’s only boost too win and too fast, and people who complain when it’s only too slow with too much platforming. How can you win with that?

        Sonic Lost World was a great game overall IMO. The levels were tricky enough to be challenging, but not frustratingly so. Ditto on the collectibles. The tubular level design was a bit strange, but once you understood them, got the mechanics of the 3 speeds and parkour down pat, it was a very fluent, fluid game. You really could get a good head of speed using the continuous spin dash though.. not Generations fast, but fast as needed for that level style. I will say this though.. the bosses were all a joke, and the lack of emerald collection stages, was disappointing. It would make sense if you got the emeralds through the story, like in Sonic Adventure for instance, but in this game? It needed some kind of stage to earn the emeralds. Other than that, it’s the closest Sonic has been to the original formula, aside from the Classic Sonic stages in Generations.


      4. Suck it up little bitch. Sega sucks. Always has. That’s why they’re out of the console business to begin with dumb ass. 2 decent sonic games in over a decade of yearly mediocre ones only further proves their ineptitudes! You truly sound like a Sega fanboy. Pull your head out of your ass.


    1. You can get Pso2 for your pc from japanese Pso2 site, install english patches and you are ready to go, thats what i did. Its awesome btw.


  2. Unf, this looks like it’ll just be pressing A to shift up, and using power up cards for some reason.. Even if it’s free to play, it looks boring. :/


  3. the problem with free to play games is that they are usually BAD and ok/ fun for a while. but they always seem to have EVERY REASON for you to pay extra so you can actually get rid of adds or in worst cases actually do anything with their “special” currency like jewels in angry birds and so on.

    that’s why console/pc games are the best and actually worth you money.


  4. The thing about free to play games is that since they’re free they’re bad, and you get stuck to X spot until you pay, and several times in some cases, and then you have to pay to win, or you get 40 dollar pretty swords at the store.

    When for 60 dollars I can play a full game, win it, unlock every pretty thing, replay it a million times, and there’s no coins to buy from a store, I just work hard for it.

    Imagine Pokemon with an online store where you buy in-game currency and getting it free is like a hardcore grinding experience.

    Free to play games feel incomplete, bad, and they take gaming time off by making stuff difficult and making you buy shit during gameplay. It just sucks, it needs to die, sadly, that’s how loser companies make money now.


  5. There’s a price for just buying a game once, sit and never care if you have to buy anything else to have a full experience in the game with your real money, and I’m glad to pay that price. Look at NIntendo’s best games, they are full, you buy it, you sit you ass, and just enjoy playing and don’t have to buy anything anymore. Just enjoy a complete whole game.


  6. Why doesn’t SEGA allow Nintendo or other GOOD companies to borrow some of their iPs to bring back some of their older franchises? I’m seriously wondering why.

    Has anyone asked SEGA about this?


    1. because nintendo has right to their games. why would they want to give someone to borrow their game lol. and hell knows who will do what with their game


    2. Because Sega is good when they are focused. Generations,Colors,Unleashed day stages. Valkyria Chronicles,Yakuza etc. I think Nintendo should borrow F-Zero to Sega again since Nintendo doesnt do anything with the ip and last time when they did it worked wonders for both, if you didnt know F-ZeroGX was developed by Sega and its hailed as best F-Zero.


      1. Totally agree about giving SEGA F-Zero again, GX was amazing.. but, another option could be Shin’en, although they are now making FAST racing NEO, which looks similar in concept to F-Zero, so they could do well with the IP as well.


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