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Bravely Default Future Relies Upon Success Of The Second Game

Square Enix have told Japanese publication 4Gamer that Bravely Default’s future is dependant on the success of Bravely Second. The company says that says 2014 is an important year due to this and that they hope that the second game is a resounding success.

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29 thoughts on “Bravely Default Future Relies Upon Success Of The Second Game”

  1. the question is how well it sold in europe and how it will sell in the US. it doesn’t seem like it sold very well in europe. it is pretty good game, i beat it in ~40 hours.

  2. Every model except characters(which they look horrible anyway) in this game is pre-rendered, everything is rushed so that costs were minimum and the story is way too similar to the NES FF games, what a horrible way to steal money from old FF fans.

      1. Very few care about Final Fantasy in general in the EU. That lustre faded into the realms of obscurity after Final Fantasy X. XIII made a brief return to popularity, but was quickly usurped by two Pokémon remasters the following week. EU folks got fed up pretty quickly because it wasn’t FFVII based.

        Bravely Default didn’t chart in the EU. Those that bought it signed the petition to bring it over. Shame for a game that’s actually pretty damn good.

      2. that’s incorrect , i know a good few thousand that wanted this game all over europe . I should know i’m one of them!

        1. Because I feel as if I were playing in between big walls of cardboard, not even the battles are full 3D environments which is dissapointing for what the 3DS is capable of(just look at Dragon Quest Monsters 2 for 3DS and you’ll notice huge differences) , I prefer bad graphics but big and well made done world with depth to some “nice and beautiful pre-rendered walls of paper”. If you’ve got a lot of desire to play this just go and play FFIII, for the era it was maden it’s better done with care to it plus the story is the same and other stuff like the jobs are there too.

          1. pre-rendered graphics here was chosen perfectly. art style is perfect, music too. except maybe chibi characters which is a person choice(i rather have not chibi). but really the graphics art style was unique and beautiful. the dungeons, field, characters were not prerendered. only towns are. if they didnt prerender them they wouldnt have been able to show the chosen artstyle

          1. I hope this game fails. I read that square wants to turn the franchise into a yearly release like Assasin’s Creed or CoD…we don’t need another one of those.

          2. Bravely Default isn’t emo or pretentious enough for them to bother with it anymore. Gotta keep using unlikable characters like emo noctis and cunt lightning.

          3. Oh, hey, maybe if Bravely Default makes it big they can stop shitting out a crappy Final Fantasy game every year. Because so far they killed FF and it should be put down before the series endures more pain. That’s abuse!
            Either that, or I hope the company goes down. I’ve never wished such a thing on a company, but damn they’re asking for it.

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          5. In a sense, the future of any game series i dependent on the latest instalment. Except Mario, that is. However, I too think they are rushing things too quickly. And I don’t like the “if you don’t purchase this game… ” impression I’m getting from them.
            Bravely Default is great. Tok me almost a month to find the Deluxe edition I wanted.:)

          6. Too bad this isnt on Homeconsoles, i really dont give a much fucks about handheld games, they always lose to big screen and HD.

            1. Only that they don’t, they hold their own and in some cases outperform consoles outright. The DS family is proof of that. Only the PS2 has sold more units.

              Also, if we’re talking about RPGs, Pokémon is the biggest global franchise, and the dedicated games are on handhelds. Further debunks your viewpoint, no?

              1. Actually DS has sold more than the PS2 now. It passed it this year I think.
                And Mario is the biggest global franchise, with pokemon 2nd. Half of Mario games are on handhelds though.

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