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1000 Japanese Users Vote For Their Most Interesting Games This Year

Japanese publication My Navi has quizzed 1000 Japanese gamers to find out what their most interesting games of the year were. Unsurprisingly there’s quite a few games which are exclusive to Nintendo platforms, including Pokemon X & Y and Monster Hunter 4. This list is a stark contrast to Japanese game developers favourite games of 2013 which saw Nintendo shunned in favour of western games.

1st : Pokemon XY (3DS) 17.8%
2nd : Monster Hunter 4 (3DS) 16.1%
3rd : LINE Pocopan (Smartphone/Tablet) 10.8%
4th : Puzzle and Dragons (Smartphone/Tablet) 10.3%
5th : Super Mario 3D World 5.5%
6th : Dragon Quest X (WiiU/PC) 4.7%
7th : Senkan Collection (Browser) 4.5%
8th : Gyakuten Saiban 5 (3DS) 4.3%
9th : Grand Theft Auto 5 (PS3/360) 4.2%
10th : Nobunaga’s Ambition (3DS) 4.1%
11th : Resident Evil 6 (PS3/360/PC) 3.9%
12th : Mario & Luigi RPG 4 Dream Adventure (3DS) 3.2%
13th : Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure All-Star Battle (PS3) 3.0%
14th : Lightning Returns : Final Fantasy 13 (PS3/360) 2.8%
15th : FIFA14 World Class Soccer (PS3/360) 2.3%
Runner up : One Piece Musou 2 (PS3/Vita) 2.0%

Survey Date : December 6 – 12 2013
Survey Target : MyNaviNews Members
Survey Numbers : 1000 Males and Females
Survey Method : Survey upon Login

Thanks, Lazyanmtor

34 thoughts on “1000 Japanese Users Vote For Their Most Interesting Games This Year”

  1. Funny how a few good games can push the sales of a system. I bought a 3ds day one and have not regretted my choice once. Some of my friends said it was a waste of money, but now they are all out buying 3ds/2ds’s.

        1. I think the graphics for Pokemon X/Y were fine but what annoyed me though is the extremely poor frame rate at times during battles and the lack of full 3D not being in the world overview. Which I think the 3D would have been great for that like A Link Between Worlds, the 3D looks excellent in that game.

          I do agree with you somewhat, like you said many 3DS games before it look better and had full 3D support and did not have as bad of a frame rate.

          For what Pokemon has been forever I would say it was a huge step up for Game Freak, so I think they did a great job given that. I just thought they personally could have spent some more time developing the game so the frame rate is better and so it had full 3D support.

          I just thought Game Freak’s excuse, was just that an excuse. They said they couldn’t use full 3D because the 3DS could not handle it during the world overview. I just think they weren’t able to get it work not that the 3DS could not handle it. Not saying the 3DS is the most powerful handheld but it definitely could run Pokemon X/Y better, I know that for a fact.

          I think that excuse is a total crock when games like RE: Revelations, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon all look better, run better and use full 3D. Well I won’t act like at times Revelations doesn’t have some frame rate problems but it is probably one of the best looking 3DS games. Hell I was even impressed they got that out of the 3DS, so I can excuse some frame dips here and there, I can’t excuse them for Pokemon X/Y.

          1. But most people don’t even play with the 3D turned on. So it doesn’t even matter whether Pokemon X & Y uses full 3D or not. At least not for people like me.

    1. It was only 1000 people but still Fifa 14 and Resident Evil 6? Really?

      I could think of a lot of games of the top of my head in 2013 that were way more interesting than some of those listed but opinions are opinions I suppose.

      I just hate seeing really good games that don’t get enough recognition, I think peoples taste in games in general really sucks now. Especially when you have phone games literally competing on this list with games far better.

      I mean I get it phones games can be fun but if someone came and asked you what are the most interesting games you’ve played in 2013 and you say some games on a phone.. That is a little frustrating for me but again that is just my opinion.

  2. So Phoenix Wright and Mario and Luigi: Dream Team make the list, but Zelda: ALBW doesn’t?

    Well done Japan. Way to recognize only good games.

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