Mario & Luigi Wii Remote Plus Only $31.99 On Amazon

Popular online retailer Amazon is currently selling the special Mario & Luigi Wii Remote Plus controllers for $31.99. The colourful Wii Remote normally retail for $39.99, but are on sale for a limited time for $31.99. So if you’re looking for some extra Wii Remotes, you can’t go wrong with these.

Thanks, Rocky


  1. I’ve wanted these ever since I first saw them. But the price always stops me from buying one. For the price of the Wii remotes, they SHOULD come with the nunchuck attachment as well. Nintendo is making craploads of money on these things.


  2. This is a great deal if you need Wii Remotes, but I already have 4, two of which are gold Zelda ones.
    The only way I’d chase a novelty controller is if Nintendo finally put out an attachment for the Wii Remote that is a replica of the original NES or SNES pads. I have a friend online who can convert actual old controllers to run in such a fashion and I love them. It would be nice for today’s gamers to experience retro titles on the pads they were designed for.
    Maybe an NES Wii Remote with B and A buttons the actual size they should be and a color scheme to match the original controller. THAT would get my cash =)


  3. I got both Mario and Luigi remotes for Christmas. They every bit as awesome as they look, and worth it if you need a couple Wii remote plus.


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