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Next Gen Pokemon Games Called Plus And Minus?

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A rumour has begun circulating the internet regarding the next instalment in the Pokemon franchise. The next iterations of Pokemon games are supposedly called Pokemon Plus and Pokemon Minus and are apparently in development for a future Nintendo platform. To be fair the rumour sounds rather far-fetched, but Dual Pixels claim their source has proved correct in the past. You can read all the details about the mysterious project, below.

  • GameFreak were one of the first development studios inside Nintendo to receive Alpha-Prototype hardware, now have been upgraded to the Beta-Prototype hardware above.
  • Have a few areas marked out, TONS of concept art traveling between Pokemon Company and Nintendo Co Ltd.
  • GameFreak plans to completely overhaul the basic systems of battle, simplifying the process.
  • The development team is “going to put a lot of ideas they have wanted to do for years in this game”.
  • Two versions already have code names, possibly final: Pokemon Plus and Pokemon Minus.
  • Theme is “Old Tradition VS New Exploration”
  • New region, no name yet, is based on South East Asia with one large peninsula and many smaller islands.
  • Three new starters with no names: Water evolves into Water/Steel and is a squat, teardrop shaped humanoid that has a jar filled with on its head as it evolves it grows taller and the jar bigger until it needs another set of arms to hold it on it’s head. Fire evolves into Fire/Fairy and is a tiny cute goat with fire blowing out of its horns, it’s horns and look evolves more menacing until it has curly ram like horns and a motorcycle hot-rod-like look. Grass evolves into a Grass/Electric and starts with a leap for a face with a nubby root as a body and evolves until it grows into an electric producing palm tree with each flower petal having a different face.
  • The main legendary for Pokemon Plus is a Shi Foo Lion-looking Psychic/Ground-type that has multiple faces, the Pokemon Minus legendary is a Ghost/Fairy type that has two dashes for eyes and is a hurricane-like appendages with many arms and hands.
  • More traditional Pokemon-like gameplay will be on the Handheld controller while an all new gameplay aspect will be on the Terminal unit.
  • The “Pokken Fighers” render that was teased was running on Alpha kits, Beta kits now have advance cell shading. Going for very detailed “living anime” look.
  • The new “Team” villains are described as a bunch of “Sohei Zelots”-types who have discovered the player’s best friend as a reincarnation of a special type of person who only is alive every 100 years. They believe the old system where people were given a Pokemon egg and they stick to that Pokemon until they die and who’s function in society dictate what role that person is. They are against the “modern” trend of Pokemon Trainers and capturing multiple Pokemon and are making a holy pilgrimage to evoke the old Legendaries to turn everything back to normal. They keep the player away from their friend, saying the special one (who can do amazing things like mega evolve Pokemon without the use of a mega ring) only love is that of Pokemon and not people. It is planned to be reveal later that for the special one to fulfill their role in society they must be mortally sacrificed to awaken the legendaries.
  • Routes connection the island together are water bridges but clumps of island are connected together by underwater tunnels.
  • There is a “Stone Slowking” statue that is a parody of the Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho, Thailand.
  • Many Pokemon from Hoenn and Sinnoh will make a return.
  • Variety of Pokemon Gyms, one is a mail system that only uses flying types and focuses on sky battles. One only uses baby Pokemon, one is implied to be a real vampire and uses Ghost and Dark Pokemon. There is also a military like leader who uses Fire and Steel Pokemon.
  • The island gameplay with Gym Leaders and the Elite Four island can be played entirely on the Handheld and can be blown up on the Terminal for home play.
  • New Pokemon Type similar to Shinies, no details yet on how they work but I’ve been told they “change the game significantly”.
  • The “Mainland” is an MMO-like environment that is exclusive to the Terminal and is shared by both versions.
  • Players all over the world online can chat, trade, intermingle and experience new-updated story lines on the mainland.
  • Pokemon Band is a new mechanic introduced to get people involved who do not battle, a co-operative experience where Pokemon dance and make music together to achieve the highest group score.
  • Pokemon Bank are actual locations on the Mainland and Handheld areas where people can import past Pokemon, mainly from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y into the new game.


355 thoughts on “Next Gen Pokemon Games Called Plus And Minus?”

    1. Im with you on that. The stadium games were so much better with rental pokemon, mini games, the announcer was real good as well as the music. Not like the gc and wii battle games

      1. Did you ever play Pokemon Colosseum and/or Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness? They are NOT simply “battle” games and they both beat the pants off Pokemon Battle Revolution. In fact, what I want to see is another Pokemon game LIKE Colosseum and XD.

        Oh, and just to help you out if you haven’t played the GameCube entries in the series: they both had storylines independent of the mainstream, handheld entries in the franchise. Storylines that I actually found compelling and engaging: certainly more so than those of the handheld games, which get more stale and kiddie with every new generation.

          1. You fuck off fag. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! :( what’s your problem?

        1. agreed Pokemon Colosseum and XD were very intriguing and I personally loved the way you got your Pokemon within those games

        2. THAAAAANK YOUUUUU! Gosh no one understands how epic those games were, people are blind to the facts man.. It’s like no one remembers them! The story line would be good yet again, and graphics would be AMAZING in 1080p High Definition on the Wii U. People wake up!

          1. Most of the Pokèmon fans are KIDS who WOULDN’T be able to remember old games, and some people can’t get a Wii U, it’s bad enough Mariokart 8 is exclusive to Wii U

            1. And DS Pokémon games are good enough to satisfy the KIDS who play them. It’s not just adult fans, sheesh.

        3. Truuuth, collesium is definitely the better, I’d pay good money for a version with similar concepts, but with one bonus, actually being able to catch wild pkmn

    2. They should also work on a new Wii U adventure game (that could have Pokemon stadium built in) and then push the limits of the Wii U graphics with a realistic spin. They should also have a new Pokemon snap for Wii U.

        1. even so it would sell a shit ton just like all those other realistic games on the other consoles that everyone keeps throwing money at.

      1. Yes, Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Stadium. WHY has this not been done yet for the U? Especially with the controller for snap.

        1. Pokemon Stadium- ala Smash Bros style with online multiplayer? Yep
          They could release a series of games with different pokemon, ie the core original, and expansions thereafter. 600+ would be alot to pack into one game. Perhaps release a base game and offer DLC for additional content, pokemon, ect?

      1. dont get ur hopes up, you think they going to make you 1 game for $40ish bucks instead of letting you buy tons of nintendo handheld devices and games? no way.

      1. I agree… I think that this is still waayyy too early, since it states that it’ll for a future Nintendo platform. I would be more inclined to believe this if it said for a current Nintendo platform instead of a “Future Nintendo platform.”

        Still find most of it interesting even if false.

        1. Not to mention they seem to imply it would be on a next-gen HOME console, thus breaking the tradition of the main series Pokemon games being handheld only, which Gamefreak themselves have said they don’t intend on doing.

          1. They could pursue a Monster Hunter 3 U route and use both. It would be pretty awesome to be able to play on 3ds/streetpass and then sync at home for large screen play.

        2. Yea because they just released their first 3ds pokemon, why would they only do one on the 3ds, it makes no sence.

    1. There was some interesting info earlier, where we got to know that you could trade items from regions. But we can’t transfer items from pokebank, so it confirmed at least one new region. Why I don’t believe all of these rumors to be true, it does sound likely that they’re in development with a pokemon game in some other region with an India theme. That reasoning is of course, cause of those revealed legendary pokemon (Hoopa and Volcanion). I don’t know if you can call it a new generation of pokemon, but it will be very interesting to see two regions having different pokemon in each region as 1 pokemon generation ^^
      Of course that isn’t confirmed in the slightest, but who wouldn’t be overjoyed to hear 6th generation getting more pokemon?

      1. I do think a “Gen 6.5” sort of thing will happen, yeah, but this wouldn’t be Gen 6.5, it would be Gen 7. Note that he says it’s on a next gen console, and we’re not going to see one until 2016/2017ish. So if this game is real, it’ll be a while before we see it.

          1. Of course. The game sounds fake, and even if it’s real, they’re probably not going to start development for a year or two. I do think Nintendo’s next console and the 7th gen Pokemon games will be something like this, though.

            1. they should remake gen 3 and make a stadium 3… then they might even make X² and Y²… who knows, and then eventually we will get gen 7… so yea, that will be a few years.

    2. You know how this is DEFINITELY not true? Game Freak is not stupid to only put one pair of games or one gen on 3ds an that too while they’re selling like hot cakes

      1. Agreed.
        look at the numbers:
        gameboy: 1 gen, 3 games.
        color: 1 gen, 3 games.
        advance: 2 gens, 5 games.
        DS: 2 gens, 6 games.
        and now 3DS would only get 1 gen and 2 games? LOL NO.

  1. I don’t doubt they’re working on the next Generation already, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a new handheld is already being worked on, but I’m not convinced these rumors are real. If this rumor does have any validity it’s probably all up for change, as all games are early in development. Don’t expect to hear about anything concrete until Nintendo themselves announce it publicly.

    1. Agreed.
      Also, those core changes that were there from the beginning (false until proven otherwise by Nintendo) is a recipe for a disaster.

    2. Actually, They were working on Black and White back in 2007 and the first we heard about X and Y being in development was back around the time the 3DS launched and BW was coming out outside of Japan (2011) with the 3D Models help wanted.

      Besides, I’m taking it as a grain of salt since this is all rumors know.

    3. I get that this is exciting and doesn’t sound realistic [which it kind of doesn’t in my opinion] but like why continue the gameplay like look at the seasons. They haven’t finished unova region and they already started on pokemon X and Y. Also if they run out of ideas they could just build on one region to create new games.. Just saying now all the designs look weird.. I just kinda wish the old gameplay where it made dragon types the strongest.. No fairies or a new type it’s like having to study types every time you battle etc. Doesn’t everyone get what I’m saying? I like the old types better with just 18 types.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        I think an HDS is a possibility. I think they’ll reveal it either at E3 2015 and release it 2016, or unveil it sometime in 2016 and unveil in a year.

        1. What’s great, is that if this rumor is true, then Nintendo may actually be learning, and having something like this available at the launch of an HDS would help prevent the shitty launches they seem so good at.

          1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            They would be raking in the money. Literally. Bills would be flooding out of Nintendo HQ in Kyoto, spilling onto the lawns and flying into the streets.

        2. LOL
          HDS is actually a good name for a next handheld!
          3HDS may be good too, but it’s probably way too long of an acronym

      2. Do you really think that’s gonna happen ? Considering Nintendo was 6 years late with HD on their home console, I don’t really believe we’ll see HD on any of their handhelds any time soon.

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          They explained why they didn’t give the Wii HD capabilities. HD wasn’t big at the time. 3DS videos are already at 720p. There’s nowhere else to go but HD.

          1. Honestly, nothing justifies the lack of HD on Nintendo’s previous console. Nothing.
            And they could have went with HD on the 3DS too. But they haven’t. I still don’t see it happening anytime soon. Playing videos in HD is something entirely different than having games run in HD.

            1. Well if the 3ds was in HD than that would take a trememndous amount of content out of the games because the games would be more focused on the graphics than the gameplay. I prefer video game content over amazing graphics anyday, and the 3ds’s graphics aren’t even hat bad right now. When they do have the technology to make an HD handheld that also has extensive content than yay! but if they did that right now not only would it probably not come out until 2018 but it will probably cost a fortune.

            2. They didn’t even need to go HD on the 3DS. Just a decent resolution would have been great. It may be OK on the original 3DS, but it all looks grainy on the 3DS XL.

  2. It does seem suspicious… but then again, that’s a LOT of info… o.O
    Anyway, I hope it’s true (some parts, at least) and that the new games are being developed for Wii U.

  3. “The “Pokken Fighers” render that was teased was running on Alpha kits, Beta kits now have advance cell shading. Going for very detailed “living anime” look.”

    So if it’s true, it was handheld games graphics ?! Oh gosh.

    1. Well, they said it was for Next Gen, and seeing as how they specifically said no RPG’s will go to Wii U or whatever is after Wii U, This is most likely for the next handheld, which could be what people are saying, 3HDS or a High Definition handheld. If this is true, then the next handheld WILL be HD.

    2. The “render” was actually concept art for how a future Pokémon game could look like.

      It’s not the rumored Plus and Minus game.

  4. All the little details mentioned just go to show how full of bullshit this is… There is a “Stone Slowking” k.. sure

  5. How exactly is Plus and Minus “far-fetched”? We can’t expect them to keep doing colors, minerals and letters when there is only so many of them out there.
    Also, damn you for not making a Farfetch’d pun!

    1. He didn’t mean the names specifically… actually, I think the names are the least of the rumor’s details that sound far-fetched xD

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        I agree. Plus and Minus sound like good names. But the sheer detail of this information just after Christmas makes it reek of lies.

  6. I think it will take 3 years for this one, in the meantime we need the ruby and saphire (sequel or remake), the zygarde game and…nothing else comes to mind

    1. I bet the hoenn remakes will be out nextyear and then the x and y remake or sequal the following year. They did that with fire red and leaf green and then released emarald version after

      1. Actually?? Yellow / crystal / emerald / platinum are NOT remakes…. Just third installments akin to the paired set…

        1. Nah bro, they’re practically just refined versions of the same game.
          They release the same game with the same story, only changing the roles of certain characters and legendary pokemon slightly.
          It’s a total cash in… basically just DLC with the rest of the game attached.

      2. Don’t forget that HeartGold and Soulsilver, the gen II remakes came after Platinum, the third version of Diamond and Pearl.

        1. (Urban Dictionary FTW) : Softcore hentai. Often includes panty-shots, nudity, or perverted situations. Almost always used for humor. …. Yeaaaaaah

  7. Is this going to be a Wii U game or a 3DS game? Because this sounds bullshit if its a 3DS Pokemon game since the recent one only released last year and its a bit early for them to make a new Pokemon game, if they are Wii U games that would be interesting.

    But I’m still calling bullshit on this rumor.

    1. But they have been releasing a new Pokémon game every year for the US since 2009 with Platinum. So it’s very believable for a new game to come in the fall of this year. that being said, I don’t believe anything from these rumors, nor do I even like most of the ideas in all honesty.

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  9. If anything, itll be on 3ds. Im sure next year we might either get the hoenn remake, pokemon z or a part 2 of x and y. Pokemon games come out every year if you look at platinum, hgss, bw and bw2 releases

  10. Well this is an example of what Duel Pixels has done in the past.

    Some of that stuff happened, most of it didn’t so I’d take any predictions with a grain of salt. I don’t think they have much more insider information than anyone else and they probably just take creative-license to fill in the blanks.

    That being said, a Poke’mon Wii U game being in development seems far from being unrealistic. I would consider it a certainty. Especially with the success of X and Y on the 3DS.

  11. very unlikely.. the 3DS isn’t even 3 years old
    there were 6 and a half years between the DS and the 3DS
    a new handheld could well be another 3-4 years away, especially with the 3DS performing that well

    naturally nintendo will have started development of their next handheld generation by now and they’ll also have a concept of what franchises they’ll release on it but it seems pretty much impossible that they’d have worked out that many details for the new games already

    1. In the interview from wii u release they said development started shortly after wii was released.

      In the interview from wii release they said development started shortly after gamecube was released.

      In the interview from 3ds release they said development started shortly after ds was released.

      So it is save to assume development of the next nintendo handheld started shortly after 3ds was released.

  12. Im calling this Bullcrap
    Gamefreak could be making a new game, but is way to early to even have scrap of their next games
    Specially since such game could come in 3-4 years

  13. I think this is bullshit, weather or not it’s true
    even if it is, I don’t want to know and I’m not reading anymore, the names are definitely fake and “in development for future nintendo platform” wtf? there’s no way the next pokemon games won’t be on 3DS, especially after they created the 2DS just for kids to play pokemon, Nintendo won’t be fucking with a new system for at least 2 years and there will be a pokemon game or two before then. And even after there is a new handheld they’ll make another pokemon game for the 3DS if for no other reason than to extend it’s life
    these rumors are made up by stupid assholes who think they know how Nintendo and Gamefreak work and just want to ruin our beloved franchise.
    Anyway, I think before they make gen 7 there will be a remake which will be part of gen 6, if you want evidence of this, just look at nintendo’s history with pokemon games. It’s already been established that nintendo likes to play it safe and do what they know will work, so they will probably follow the pattern that they currently have with Pokemon games. If you want my opinion we’ll have another side game next and then a gen 3 remake in the style of gen 6, THEN nintendo will start talking next gen.

  14. Option 1: The rumour is a complete BS (very likely);
    Option 2: The “new hardware” actually refers to the Wii U and the games are being developed for the console (could be);
    Option 3: Nintendo actually gave a beta prototype of the new hardware to Game Freak but is still many years away from launching it (wouldn’t be that surprising);
    Option 4: Nintendo is actually thinking of killing off the Wii U early and preparing for an early announcement of a new home console using new Pokémon games (nahh…. ?).

      1. Depends on your definition of “early”. I can see them wanting to get rid of the Wii U as soon as they can, possibly in 2016 which would give the Wii U a 4 year lifespan.

  15. I find the most interesting part of the rumor the fact that it suggests Nintendo’s next hardware will be a combination of a handheld and a console (“terminal”). That’s what I think is going to happen anyway, regardless of this rumor.

      1. True, but if it was Wii U, why would GameFreak have super secret Alpha and Beta hardware when the thing has been available to developers for like 3 years? And to say that Pokken-Fighters was running on alpha hardware when that was just shown a few months ago? It couldn’t be Wii U…

        1. Yeah, I also thought that… well, it could be that the rumour’s source got the information a few years late xD

  16. If this is remotely true, we already won the 9th generation!

    The lovely tears of the Xbots, Sonyans, Ouyans and other pathetic lifeforms will taste beyond delicious!

  17. I’m sceptical. I’m sure they’re working on more Pokémon games, but that would be on the 3DS or Wii U, not on a “future platform”. GameFreak would never change the battle system, they proved this with Pokémon X & Y. They also wouldn’t add a new type of Pokémon so soon after adding the Fairy-type and Mega Evolutions.

  18. This pretty much screams Wii U/3DS interplay. These will be the first official Pokemon games for a home console, and can be brought from full 3D third person on Wii U to a semi-top down on 3DS.

    These are my predictions, and THIS will boost the Wii U.

        1. I own all those games, however I don’t count them on the same tier as Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Platinum, Pearl, Diamond, Black, White, Black 2, White 2, X and Y. Therefore to me, they are not “official” Pokemon games.

          So definitely not fail.

    1. That’s not what the rumor is saying. It’s saying that the game will be for a new console which functions like both a Wii U and 3DS. Which is why people are crying bogus and saying it’s too early for this game, if they’re really working on such a console (and I believe they could be), it won’t be out for a few years and Game Freak is going to be working on more 6th gen games in the meantime.

  19. si nintendo veut se lancer sur une nouvelle plateforme pourquoi pas mais pokemon seras en danger car si il se loup sa seras leur fin apres je n’est jamais etait dessus des jeux pokemon ^^

    1. Game Freak sont ultra-rodés. Ils ont développé sur N64 et Gamecube aussi, donc devrait pas y avoir trop de problèmes, surtout s’ils sont aussi en forme qu’avec X et Y.

    1. It’d be cool if they did this and went more into detail of deoxys’s origin. Maybe a deoxys lands on earth and it is followed by 5 legendary pokemon that are also in the form of deoxys. Maybe a Hybrid looking pokemon of Rayquaza and Deoxys (of course uncatchable) maybe with kyorge, mewtwo and 2 others. Then depending on your version The pokemon representing the sun or moon will appear with the 3 other legendaries the game comes with to drive those aliens away. Idk i’ve been hoping for a pokemon game where they go further into deoxys’s origin.

    2. It’d be cool if they did this and went more into detail of deoxys’s origin. Maybe a deoxys lands on earth and it is followed by 5 legendary pokemon that are also in the form of deoxys. Maybe a Hybrid looking pokemon of Rayquaza and Deoxys (of course uncatchable) maybe with kyorge, mewtwo and 2 others. Then depending on your version The pokemon representing the sun or moon will appear with the 3 other legendaries the game comes with to drive those aliens away. Idk i’ve been hoping for a pokemon game where they go further into deoxys’s origin.

  20. pluse and minu become legendaries in that game :P and they could be in smash 5 due to that LOL. they were part of forbidden 7 anyway.

  21. I smell BS here, the 3DS has yet to meet all his full potential as a console and with that said I stil think is to early for even the existence of a Alpha/Beta dev kit for whatever is supouse to be the succesor of the 3DS.

    Mostly because the the succesor of the 3DS is the same as the succesor of the Wii U, and we are still far away to see that.

    1. IDK, I think Nintendo is eager to replace the Wii U ASAP, so they might try to launch their 9th gen console sooner rather than later. It’ll probably still be a few years, I’m guessing 2016/2017, which would be long enough for them to perfect the new console and for Wii U owners to get their money’s worth of games.

  22. I doubt all this is true too much info and so early the 3ds still has 4 -5 years left and remember last year when pokemon “rainbow” was announced and how wrong that was

  23. Both GBC and GBA had 3 yr cycles. With that said DS lasted 7 yrs so I guess 3DS could get a successor this E3 the earliest. Or we could be with 3DS for 6 more years. Kinda hope Gen 6 is not too short since I can see them expanding on it via Z plus we need Hoenn in 3D

  24. Everyone seems to think this may be for wii u, it wont be. If it is real (and it sounds like it is) the game will only be on the new hardware with maybe a spin off game on wii u. Yes it does sound real cause there has to be a new ds soon, its an old outdated console and nintendo will have to do something big to earn more money with the wii u failing

    1. There doesn’t have to be a new DS, the 3DS only just started taking off and it’d be foolish to get rid of it now because it still has a lot of life left in it.

      1. But if Nintendo did release a new ds now with a huge power boost they would rake it in and they could rival sonys WiFi remote play feature boosting the wiiu in the process.

  25. “Terminal” and “Handheld”?
    And this is for new hardware?
    I wonder if the 3DS line is getting a successor that will be compatible with Wii U software for 4 times the screens?XD

    1. What the rumor seems to be saying is that the new console is a home console and handheld in one. Basically, imagine if the Gamepad could be taken out and played independently like a 3DS.

  26. The only thing that gives this rumor any validity is that High Command said in 2012, I believe, that they were already planning our next home console holy machine…

  27. I feel that ruby/sapphire remakes and at least a third kalos region game needs to happen way before planning for gen 7….

    1. Yeah, I don’t think the 7th gen game is going to be developed at this point. There’s probably going to be at least two more 6th gen games this gen, and Game Freak only has the resources to work on two at once. They’re probably planning 7th gen, but they’re not actually going to get to work on it for a year or two.

  28. they should put this on wiiu and make it a pokemon mmo :/ i mean im having a blast with the fan made pokemon mmo based off pokemon firered :)

  29. Nintendo just lost another lawsuit regarding the 3DS!!
    First one they lost was due to the copied screen and now this new one was about the copy 3D camera!!!
    Hilarious how it has now been proven that Nintendo are not the kings of innovation at all……just copy cats like Samsung who think they can get away with anything!!
    Wii U is an epic flop, next year Nintendo will become the new Sega!!

    1. Funny ’cause it’s Sony and Microsoft who copied Nintendo in motion controls after the Wii, in what they are, GAMING COMPANIES! Nintendo was first in that. And Apple then copied Samsung, so troll, go get a life!

      1. LMFAO!!Kinect is NOTHING like the Wii Mote!!
        Kinect takes the controller away so how is that copying?Also Sony Move did not copy they just perfected it!!
        Tomita was FIRST with the 3D screen and Camera idea on a handheld, just as they are not a huge company like Nintendo you guzzlers think it is alright for them to steal the idea and make off as it is their own!!
        If it was not such a big deal then Nintendo would have not lost both cases!!!
        Why you think Nintendo never said anything to Sony and Microsoft about their motion control idea’s?because they did not COPY anything!!
        Nintendo are finished!!

      2. LMFAO!!Samsung COPIED the Ipad and Iphone features!!
        Why you think Samsung was ORDERED to pay 1 Billion to Apple in compensation………? because they COPIED!!!

    1. Yes way!!
      Super Mario 3d World was a huge flop and not the system seller Nintendo was hoping for!!
      Mario Kart and Zelda will also flop.Wii U is already dead yet Nintendo stupidly think they can turn the Wii U around when every consumer has already lost interest and their focus is now on the next gen!!

    1. Super Mario 3D World flopped so what you talking about?
      Mario platformers have ALWAYS sold the best and 3D World bombed big time!!

      1. That is not exactly true, 2D Mario platformers are the ones that sell a lot, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is the best-selling Wii game that isn’t bundled with the console, while Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 didn’t sold as well. The game that flopped was New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo hoped for it to sell just like its predecessor, but it didn’t, now Mario Kart 8 is the only system-seller left. Still I don’t think Nintendo will bomb the Wii U if Mario Kart 8 flops.

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    1. Truthfully, I personally, would have believed it from the same ppl, if this was said after a possible legit ruby/sapphire remake hit shelves :)

      1. I might have believed it too, if it wasn’t so short after the X/Y release. It’s just not possible that such detailed information can be shared about a game that simply can not be too far in development.

        1. But what if it was in development at the same time as x/y? Like AC3/4 but not at different studios just in different departments of the same studio.

          1. Game Freak only has the resources to work on two games at once. And there’s probably going to be two more 6th gen games, so they wouldn’t be working on this yet. They probably wouldn’t be able to for about a year.

        2. Most developers start development of a new game immediately after release. even if none of this comes true thats just how the gaming industry works. In fact it would be more surprising if they weren’t working on this.

  31. What we really need is another Colosseum/XD type title but with expanded RPG elements. Mix into it the rental battles and minigame stuff from Staduim 1 and 2 and you have a pretty definitive main console title.

  32. Okay, I’m skeptical to believe any sort of rumor regarding a next gen Pokemon game especially when we’ve only just begun the current gen. That being said, I’m going to analyze this objectively:

    “GameFreak plans to completely overhaul the basic systems of battle, simplifying the process.”

    Not surprising, Game Freak themselves have said this before.

    “The development team is “going to put a lot of ideas they have wanted to do for years in this game”.”

    Generic statement, you could say this for just about any game.

    “New region, no name yet, is based on South East Asia with one large peninsula and many smaller islands.”

    Southeast Asia? Well, I suppose it’s possible, but it’s not what I would expect from the next gen region. I was thinking they’d do Canada or Australia next.

    “More traditional Pokemon-like gameplay will be on the Handheld controller while an all new gameplay aspect will be on the Terminal unit.”

    Pay attention to this one, because it reveals something about this supposed new console. They mention a handheld unit and a terminal unit, meaning that it would be the merged home/handheld console several of us have predicted. While there’s certainly good reasons to do something like this, it could easily be fake, because it’s playing to fan expectations.

    “The “Pokken Fighers” render that was teased was running on Alpha kits, Beta kits now have advance cell shading. Going for very detailed “living anime” look.”

    IDK what to think about this. It seems like quite a leap in graphics, but you’d probably expect that from a console game. But IDK enough about the technical aspects of a merged console to say whether or not this is realistic.

    “The new “Team” villains are described as a bunch of “Sohei Zelots”-types who have discovered the player’s best friend as a reincarnation of a special type of person who only is alive every 100 years. They believe the old system where people were given a Pokemon egg and they stick to that Pokemon until they die and who’s function in society dictate what role that person is. They are against the “modern” trend of Pokemon Trainers and capturing multiple Pokemon and are making a holy pilgrimage to evoke the old Legendaries to turn everything back to normal. They keep the player away from their friend, saying the special one (who can do amazing things like mega evolve Pokemon without the use of a mega ring) only love is that of Pokemon and not people. It is planned to be reveal later that for the special one to fulfill their role in society they must be mortally sacrificed to awaken the legendaries.”

    I guess that fits a Southeast Asian region? Seems a bit dark, but then again, we just got a game plot where the evil team attempted to commit genocide.

    “Routes connection the island together are water bridges but clumps of island are connected together by underwater tunnels.”

    Underwater tunnels? If that requires Dive, this wouldn’t work. Game Freak is against excessive use of HMs in the main path.

    “Variety of Pokemon Gyms, one is a mail system that only uses flying types and focuses on sky battles. One only uses baby Pokemon, one is implied to be a real vampire and uses Ghost and Dark Pokemon. There is also a military like leader who uses Fire and Steel Pokemon.”

    I doubt they’d move away from single type gyms. It’s too difficult for the little kids that make up the target audience. Mandatory Sky Battles probably won’t happen either since it requires specific Pokemon.

    “The island gameplay with Gym Leaders and the Elite Four island can be played entirely on the Handheld and can be blown up on the Terminal for home play.”

    “The “Mainland” is an MMO-like environment that is exclusive to the Terminal and is shared by both versions.”

    “Players all over the world online can chat, trade, intermingle and experience new-updated story lines on the mainland.”

    This is where it would be helpful to know how the new console works, because this setup seems to promote the merged home/handheld environment. This shows that there’s benefits to playing the game in a home environment, but what features benefit from the handheld environment?

    Ultimately, I think it’s possible that there’s nuggets of truth in this rumor, but a lot of this is probably fake.


    I wouldn’t want to put EXTREME hype on it but Nintendo just merged their handheld and console companies into a big building…. maybe they’re planning to release a console which works together with a handheld? it would mean more sales secured for the console as well…



    1. And why should we listen to what sounds like an immature teen?
      For one thing, if you want ppl to read what you wrote, please go back to school and learn some new things about how to get the message across properly
      I’ll admit that I barely read it, but that’s what most ppl would do (ignore reading it)

  34. It almost sounds like they are fusing home console and handheld console into one console next gen. Sounds exciting.

    1. I’ve played it, and other than character customization / 3d 6th region / 50 Pokemon, you’re not missing much at all

  35. Haven’t Game Freak all but confirmed that the next region will be in Spain? They mysteriously held a press conference there, after all…

  36. Knowing nintendo they could be making a Hds handheld (High definition daul screen). It something that a handheld console from nintendo has never had. Just like the Dsi, and 3ds. The Hds would be something very unique for Nintendo to make

    1. I would think the merged console would be much more interesting than another DS with prettier graphics. Also, I’m not sure an HD handheld would be possible at this point, they didn’t even have an HD HOME console until a year ago. I’m guessing the next handheld would have Gamecube/Wii level graphics. Whereas a merged console would open up new gameplay possibilities that play to the different environments.

  37. I don’t believe this one bit. It is WAY too early. We got crappy rumors the DAY BEFORE the release of X and Y that were false…. this is just too early and too much information to be real.

    P.S I hope they don’t simplify the battle mechanics in any future installment to the Pokemon franchise. It is perfect the way it is. The battle mechanics are the ONE THING that make Pokemon a hardcore game. Make it simple and it really will be for kids.

  38. Seems a little odd. The 3DS ain’t even close to ending.

    Besides, I still want Pokemon Z before I think about the next gen.

    1. I would buy Minus just to spite you, but if you had said nothing… I would want Plus so I guess you’re right…

  39. they should make the stat system: IV and EV of pokemons more transparent… make it much more simpler so non-technical people can join in the fun of competitive battling without knowing complex systems. Then in order to balance it out, They should think of some new features to add and increase its complexity to make the game more enticing to older players. A combination of simple and advance systems makes the game more interesting for a wide variety of age group. They should not only focus on getting the kids to play but also the older ones. Aiming for more target audience is always good for the business.

  40. I would be beyond shocked if they’re already that far into preparing the next generation of Pokemon games. I know there has been talk about broad concepts of what they would like to see in the next game, but this is very specific; going all the way down to a specific statue.

    I would absolutely love a Pokemon Stadium 3 and a Pokemon Snap Wii U. Those games were superb! Also: Hoenn remakes :troll:

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  43. Regardless of if these rumors are true or not I think a merged console would be an excellent idea. I remember playing an older Madden on my PS2 and then I could link up my PSP and take my franchise with me on the road. This was a great feature and it was not even close to being a merged console, it was merely taking my franchise team’s stats, record, etc and loading on my PSP version of the same game.

    If this rumor is true consider that the Wii U may have been an experiment to determine latency issues, possible applications for the handheld, and to gather any other information before going “all in” on a home/handheld console. As someone else posted it seems coincidental that Nintendo merged their console and handheld divisions but that maybe what spawned this rumor.

    Because of my experience with the linking of the PS2 and PSP I want to believe this rumor and I hope it comes true.

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  45. The starter descriptions alone sound fake as hell. The 3DS is doing well and I doubt we’ll be seeing a full-length game on console, so why would there be a new system coming already? This sounds fake.

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  47. The “Mainland” is an MMO-like environment that is exclusive to the Terminal and is shared by both versions.

    Screams fake. Come on. No way in hell they’re making a Pokemon MMO. No. F. Way.

  48. Brad (Chickenheart19)

    The rumor that its gonna be on be future console sounds like rubbish. It’ll prob. Be the 3ds again considering the user base now…but then again, its Nintendo.

  49. This is definitely fake, firstly the Pokemon described sound totally far fetched (no pun intended) and secondly, the idea of a a villainous team actually “sacrificing” a person in a Nintendo gamed rated E for everyone is complete nonsense, unless the person is an evil being, no one has EVER died let alone murdered in a Nintendo game, and my third and finally point is that Nintendo haven’t even announced development of Pokemon Z or if not Pokemon Z it will be Pokemon XZ or YZ, why are they working on a Generation 7 game so soon after Gen 6 JUST released, I am prepared to bet my life that everything this article says is complete fanmade bullshit

    1. Dude seriously? Pokemon already has 718+ pokemon. How will they put all that on a 3ds? We have mega pokemon regular and shiny Pokemon as well all of the gender differences. You can’t forget the moves either. Since Wii U sells are low it also seems reasonable to place Pokemon on the Wii U to boost their sales. BTW I’m only 11 and I made you sound very silly.

    1. I’ve already had a 3ds, from 2012 :p
      But, yeah, I still had to pay money for it !!!!
      I’m sure rich Pokemon fans all over bought either x or y or both
      And gamefreak did say, they seriously prefer to mostly stick to the handheld (its on an “Iwata asks” interview with Masada!!!

      1. It’s true that Game Freak prefers to keep Pokemon on handhelds, but they also said that if a console such as the one described in the rumor would come to be, they’d consider making a home console game.

        1. And if you think about it, the console is a handheld console, so they technically still are sticking to handhelds.

  50. Trying to think like Nintendo for now:
    1 – “My handheld sells like water, and that’s due to my Pokemon franchise”
    2 – “Wii U is looking bad in the market, maybe if I put my most famous franchise in it, it will boom as I want it to”
    3 – “If I retire Wii U this early, I will not be a credible brand, and it will look like I have accepted my defeat”

    Given 1,2 and 3, I believe that there’s a new Pokemon game coming out, and it’s for Wii U. They have previewed a new game with a picture of Blaziken vs. Lucario on the announcement of XY, so maybe that’s it!
    Plus, [and this part may sound absurd], “+” and “-” are Wii U buttons.

    This “news” may contain some old facts. When it mentioned the alpha and beta systems, possibly, Gamefreak had been developing this game for quite long time now, and the beta console they were talking about was actually the Wii U.

    1. Game Freak doesn’t want to develop games for home consoles, they’re not going to make a Wii U game. That’s the point behind having a new console that is both a home console and a handheld.

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  52. If this is real, I’m kinda worried….
    First thing is first, an MMO could not work if it has paired versions! They would have to be separate MMOs because of version differences

  53. Ok people thinking this is real because of it being down to a statue.

    Has a statue of Pikachu in it.

    Do you Belive that too?

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  55. Guys? You DO know that Nintendo had said that they’re experimenting with interoperability features with the successors of the Wii U and the 3DS.

    In other words, this rumor’s playing off of that.

  56. I hope this isn’t true, because in my own opinion…

    The name is stupid, the starters sound REALLY stupid (a teardrop holding a jar? An electric TREE?? A goat??? Kill me plz), the area sounds stupid (sorry, I’m not a fan of the southeast asia theme personally), “simplified battle” (eh??), the legendaries sound stupid and remind me of those awful genie-looking monstrosities (Tornadus and whatnot, ew), and the new antagonist group just sounds dull and uninteresting… Oh, and I also don’t want to buy another Nintendo console. After Gamecube the only decent thing they released was the 3DS.


    1. Based on what I am reading from thousands of Pokemon fans…
      The Pokemon company will actually go bankrupt if the leaker is 100% legit and if the fans seriously don’t want this!!
      If this actually happens, I for one, hope the Pokemon company has a backup plan!! Just in case if this one fails!!
      They’ve made quite a few great main stream Pokemon versions for the handheld, I am hoping they can keep raking in the money!!

  57. That sounds awesome I love pokemon games since the 1990’s. they should release the gameboy and gameboy color and gameboy advance game on the nintendo 3ds and nintendo 2ds.

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  60. There should be like the one game where you can travel all regions so the story lasts longer. Also be able to customize the player (Hair, clothes, shoes, get your own house instead of living with your parents). This may take too long to create but I reckon its worth the time. What do you think of this idea.

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  62. They need to make a game that you go through all regions and catch pokemon for those regions to get all badges to eventually get to a super region

  63. This is obviously fake, but a Pokémon game set in Southeast Asia would be amazing. The whole geography of it is so interesting. I can imagine you starting in the Thailand or Myanmar kind of area and move down into Malaysia then, like in Ruby and Sapphire, you do a ton of sea exploration as you hop from Sumatra to Java to Borneo and then to the Philippines as the sort of Victory Road area, Manila being the Elite Four I guess?

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  65. I’ll come up with a fake generation for fun…

    The name will be Pokemon Dark and Pokemon Light version.

    It’s gen 8, set in the Talairs region, which is a technologically-advanced nation that gets its power from Light Pokemon, a new type. Light Type is super-effective against Dark and Dragon Types. Grass isn’t only immune, but also heals a little if hit with an attack.

    The center of this technologically blooming utopia helms the Airys Temple, which is so bright you can’t look at it too long, and surrounded are caves that are tourist attractions which have wild Pokemon in there, mostly Rock and Light types.

    The sky blooms with countless dotted lights in the distance, and if you go on the Sky Gliders, you can encounter Flying Type Pokemon that you can have Sky Battles with.

    Most of the Pokemon in this region are Dark and Light, and of course the legendaries resemble good and evil.

    New moves include Power Drain, which drains energy from the target (much like Mega or Giga Drain) but this is Light Type instead. There is also a move called Luminous Burst, which spreads across the entire field, but only affects Dark and Dragon Types.

    That’s all I got really. The idea’s been bugging me for a while so I just had to get it out, really.

    1. I’m pretty sure they’re done with the regular ds, even though I wished they would have remade hoenn in gen 5 !!!

  66. My honest opinion wtf they better be making pokemon minus and plus for 3ds cuz pokemon is mainly played handheld like the gameboy ds dsi 3ds psp if they dnt make it for the 3ds if this games true imma be so very pissed its not even funny cuz i love pokemon and if its only for the wii u then i gotta go buy a wii u

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  69. No matter of what the next gen Pokemon games are, I wish nintendo or gamefreak would announce it in e3, 2014 !!! :)

  70. Now this…this sounds interesting. I know it’s hard to get excited for this kind of thing considering we get various articles like these several times throughout every year, but I’ll be damned if this doesn’t sound fascinating. A more fleshed-out anime look? Hell yes!

  71. All the people saying this is bullshit, it is understandable sure. But to all who assume it is too early, I’d catch you out on that Pokemon X & Y had a trailer release of it’s announcement in late January which has since passed. Nintendo have also released a Pokemon game every year since Platinum in 2009. While these statements about these games may seem off, it is likely that some(not all) of these can be truer than you think. Being in a production team of movies and having lived my life in gaming, specific ideas can be an immediate thing and can stick all the way through. However the likely hood of a Pokemon game being released for a console is unlikely, while it may seem so, GameFreak have directly said in the past they have no plans for console Pokemon games, again that could’ve changed, but why now when the 3DS is so young in it;s life span and doing incredibly well not just in overseas market but Japan’s as well. Also as others have stated work on the new consoles for Nintendo probably have started, concept and ideas anyway, but to not produce a mainstream Pokemon game until 2016-17 would be a massive loss on Nintendo’s part, they are in enough money troubles as is. in relation to the Pokebank talk, these statements could prove it’s truthful worth as these are quite possible and realistic abilities to have within a game, especially the next in the series.

    I have nothing more to add, please just consider it again. While again I proclaim not ALL of this could be true, but some is quite likely. Thank-you

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  73. This may seem a little far-fetched, but if we assume that the statements are true and that there really are “New Pokemon Type similar to Shinies” that “change the game significantly”, would a safe assumption be that they are putting Delta Species in the game? (For those of you who don’t know, Delta Species are a Pokémon with a different type…. Like Pikachu being a Steel-type instead of an Electric-type.)

  74. There just trying to milk the franchise for as long as they can. Making other installments like trozei, and now rumors for another game based around pikachu.. We’re looking at another hey you pikachu I think guys. Pokemon won’t last forever sadly.. :(

    1. Pokémon WILL last forever! People will never run out of ideas for new regions and Pokémon. By your standard, Nintendo will run out of ideas for Mario games in the future as well. THEY WILL ALWAYS HAVE FRESH IDEAS TO MAKE KIDS HAPPY!!!!!

  75. FAKE! and ill tell you why:
    they will not stop with this gen of consoles with only 1 gen and 2 games, when even the FIRST ever Gameboy had 3 games…
    Like Game Freak wouldn’t just make there next NEW game X² and Y²…
    Gen 3 Remakes have been a way more believable rumor.

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  77. I’d say the rumors of then remaking ruby sapphire and emerald are what is making me want to better follow game freak other than the fact that they are pimp af and I’ve grown addicted to their games mainly I was searching to see if the rumors were real but obviously they have an even bigger project at hand

  78. For all you that thinks its BS well I got something for you… One: Pokemon is never EVER go old Pokemon rules forevz plus Pokemon stadium and such for Wii u is basically confirmed since they released the wii u obviously and main story Pokemon games on consoles don’t make me laugh we haven’t seen anything close to that ever since colleseum and to you who don’t think they won’t get excited over this real or fake well your not even Pokemon fans and should just stop posting…


    That is all, you may return to your regularly scheduled activities now.

  80. I have what I think is a good idea for the new pokemon games. I never would have thought of it if they hadn’t made Fairy-types. What do you guys think of having Cyber-type pokemon?

    1. In my opinion, cyber-type Pokémon sound like an electric-steel combination more than its own individual type. Also, I instantly thought of the Porygon evolution chain and Cybermen.

  81. Minus and Plus sound interesting. X and Y are great but there should be like a Z or something lol. The new Alpha Ruby and Omega Sapphire I think it is? Sound okay i guess. They better be just like X and Y if not better. I just want more than X and Y in this Gen maybe a new map or two.

    1. Agreed

      But I think Z is not gonna happen because,it’s like having the main legende as zygrade(IthinkIdidn’tspellitright) and the two others to be like a semi-lenengary of it,like how platinum grew into but still the story line is half the same so I think the possibilities of Z to come out are not much.

      Remember,Pokemon Omega Sapphire and Alpha Ruby is a semi-new generation of ruby and sapphire just with some changes,which makes it more intereting.

      I haven’t really played it but I do belive that the most of the changes it will have is the change of seeking the legendaries,the legendaries will have a new extra move along with the mega evolution(?),when mega evolved might have a new type and all of the starter pokemon will have mega evolutions too and who knows what else is new in there?New moves maybe?Or some new places and a small change of the story going on.

      In another fact,I would want to see something new like Y and X,like,a PMD game with mega evolutions.It would be cool to add that in.And we haven’t seen zekrom and Reshiram in any of the following PMD actions so I would love to see something like that,anyways,many people grow to like PMD game growing into that.

  82. this will be years away anyway, 2016 at teh earliest. The game and anime and always in sync and they are still on about the 3rd badge in the series in japan, and japan now shows it as set series, so they’l be at least 3 set series dedicated to gen 6 x&y pokemon and the kalos region. then after that, when ash is ready o go to the new region, the games will be released.

  83. There should be pokemon odd and even. Three starters wud be the fire that can mega evolve to fire/ ice, grass that can mega evolve to grass/ bug and water that can mega evolve to water/electric. And the two legendaries would be the pokemon of chaos and order.

  84. early in the forums, someone mentioned making pokemon realistic… i personally think this would be great but i also think it would make pokemon be rated M for Mature, in turn, it would be an absolute flop for nintendo cuz parrents wont buy it and kids below 12 would probly be to scared to play it, in turn, making a realistic pokemon would probly be the largest business flop in nintendo history, especially because pokemon ads are a large part of the selling process but cost sooooo much dough

    1. agreed with that

      Plus remember that even if pokemon fans are at every age the usual age of pokeplayers are up to 10 – 23 year old people so kids would be scared to play the too much realistic pokemon plus it would lose all the fun of it regardless that then it won’t be the pokemon we will all know because then everything will change.

      Indeed pokemon are for everyone but remember we need to remember that kids at younger age might be scared and frightened by this action.It wouldn’t be right,even if it will be rumor or not,that not only will make the parents not to recomment the pokemon for their children anymore but it will turn into a mini-nightmare for the kids.

      Like,watching a large pokemon comming to eat you,yes,kids might have that kind of problems when they are young and this is a feeling parents don’t want to give to their kids.So I will agree with what you’ve said.

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  86. Agreed with you but I’ve never really played pokemon revolution,pokemon for Ds games are,yes,made for kids because we all like training and havew our own experience in the pokemon battles just like we all liked those first games and we really love how to train and raise our pokemon with our own skill and practise and this is what it is for,to teach you to try hard and the meaning of friendship.

    I would prefer pokemon DS games and I am 16,I started with emerald but never really got to get it far so the first pokemon I beated was Pearl and yet I’ve been playing every other pokemon that came out since then by emulators and such,and I really love how the Ds games are made of.

    It’s really fun because you do try something and it’s fun to learn how friendship and how hard work is gonna give you the best efforts and I really like the DS games for this.

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