Xenoblade Developer Monolith Soft Is Recruiting Designers

Monolith Soft, the acclaimed studio behind Xenoblade Chronicles, is currently recruiting for designers. The Japanese company is looking for planners and motion designers for their main studio in Tokyo. The planner position is currently marked as “urgent” while the motion designers is a position for someone who can work on character motions during event and battle scenes. Presumably these positions are for the forthcoming X on the Wii U, or possibly their 3DS game.



      1. We likely will… but i don’t wanna get my hopes too high. There just might be another disappointment like VGX announcement. But at least I’m hoping there wont be disappointments. X}


      2. Yeah! I don’t think it’ll top last year’s Nintendo E3 but Hopefully we’ll get something! *Cough* Metroid *Cough*


  1. I totally wish I could.. I’d love to work with the people that made my favorite game of all time, Xenoblade Chronicles. alas, I have no experience with this stuff whatsoever… :/
    I hope they get some good people to apply tho, Monolith Soft deserves nothing but the best, If this is for X, then they are definitely serious about this game, and it’s probably going to be bigger than we expect!

    I still hope we’ll get to see another trailer in this months direct. Even if it’s just more simple gameplay.. even a name would sate me!
    This is my most anticipated game of 2014, possibly the generation if it’s a masterpiece like Xenoblade, which it does from how it looks..


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