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Inafune Talks About Impressive Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter Campaign

Keiji Inafune has spoken to 4Gamer about the incredible success of the Mighty No.9 Kickstarter campaign. Inafune says a backer in the Middle East was so impressed with the project that he emailed him to say that he would like to fund for all of the pledges. Here’s what he had to say about the project’s success on Kickstarter.

“Yes it is, but the reaction is quite different from them when compared to the Japanese, starting with the very first word spoken when we meet. From developers to publishers, the first thing they say is ‘congratulations on your successful Kickstarter campaign!’ but in Japan, while my fellow developers do congratulate me—and it’s not that they don’t have as much of a reaction—I think it’s that most people aren’t aware of [Kickstarter].”

“…Just the other day someone from the industry told me, ‘if I only had 200 million yen ($2 million) I still wouldn’t be able to make a game,’ so I think it’s also because of such a mindset. …but speaking of money, those in the Middle East are amazing. Previously, I got an email from a funder who lives in the Middle East, and he said ‘I’d like to make a fund for all of the pledges, is there any way to make that possible?’ and he was really serious about it.”

“It makes me really happy to know that everyone is pleased. To have over 40,000 backers [at the time of the interview] and have them spend their money on a game that has yet to be released, is really quite something else. Mighty No. 9 is content to which we own the rights to, so I’ve been invited on numerous occasions from others who want to use the rights to make something together.”

“From this point on, Kickstarter will most likely become part of the main battlefield. The thing I’m most pleased to have done this time, is having opened the ‘gate’ that is Kickstarter. I hope to become some sort of reference to those who will be coming in afterwards.”

25 thoughts on “Inafune Talks About Impressive Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter Campaign”

    1. No, People still wanted Mega Man and Crapcom are pieces of trash who only care about the profit, Infune is doing this project for the fans, and he is a amazing man..

        1. Who cares. who really fucking cares. We have virtually no proof that she’s gonna input “her agenda” (everyone has social/political views, that doesn’t mean she can’t be impartial while doing her job) in a team fully composed by professionals where she has higher ups who will evaluate any work she does (we don’t even know if she is even designing stuff for the game, as she stated that her comment meant for a different project).

          And how is it even important to know about Megaman when being a community manager?

            1. And…?

              She did say she began playing them after getting the job.

              I can see why some might be bothered by the lies and the nepotism. It still is an overreaction fitting of 4chan, however… and I really doubt the nepotism would be a big deal to most if Dina was a man.

              1. Everyone is mad because u have someone who could care less about megaman and its games who is actually playing a part in development. She has no reason to be working on the project if she knows nothing about where the game takes it’s inspiration from. How are you supposed to develop artwork for something you have no idea about. And the fact that she wants to play the games after she got the position is just adding further insult

  1. Wow there’s people out there that are so willing to single handedly fund an entire video game, I wonder if he got rejected. I wonder if he did get rejected, if he’ll fully fund some other game. I wonder if other developers will realize that there are people out there that are rich and willing enough to pay for an entire game.

  2. I never really heard of this kickstarter site (or understood what it was) until the Mighty No.9 project. I actually came close to making a donation. But it was funded before I had a chance.

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  4. I want the 20 minutes of my life that I wasted on that video back. Seriously. I hate videos that make social justice (in this case feminism) seem like a bad thing. Social Justice is about equality, feminism included, and if you have an issue with all people having the same opportunities then go **** yourself.

    THe truth is that you don’t need to have played a game in order to help develop it. Why? Because there is a development STAFF, composed of people who can balance these sorts of issues. My god, that video treated that woman so terribly and for what? There was literally zero evidence for her having done ANYTHING wrong for the project. It was all based on a fear or what MIGHT occur.

    I understand reacting to something negative someone has done, but to be that slanderous over something you anticipate someone doing, based off logically unsound premises, is ridiculous and that user should be ashamed.

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