Wii U Outsold By Vita In UK During 2013?

Online gaming publication Eurogamer has posted hardware sales figures for 2013 in the United Kingdom. The publication says the PlayStation Vita outsold Nintendo’s Wii U in 2012, but members of NeoGAF believe that the site has removed 2012’s sales figures from life-to-date and are talking about the end result of 2013 sales.

Looking just at 2012’s figures, Wii U was out-performed even by PlayStation Vita, despite Sony’s struggling handheld itself falling 41.5 per cent in sales compared to 2012.

2013 Hardware Chart UK

  • Nintendo 3DS (including 2DS, XL) – up 4 per cent
  • Xbox 360 – down 30.7 per cent
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 3 – down 31 per cent
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation Vita – down 41 per cent
  • Wii U – up 41.5 per cent
  • Wii – down 72 per cent

Thanks, Kevin



  1. The Media vs. Nintendo everyone.
    Is it a conspiracy? Are they been bought from the competition? Do you not want nintendo to succeed?


  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t give a single FUCK about how Nintendo is doing in the UK? Seriously, why is this news? We know the Wii U is selling poorly there. Enough with that shit.


      1. You DO know that it’s a Morton’s Fork on whenever he should post bad news or not.

        When he doesn’t, he gets accused by everyone for being a fanboy.

        When he does, he gets accused for being a troll.

        This is a news site, not a praise site.

        That’s why Sickr’s also posting bad news like this.


  3. Just like how Sony fanboys are saying the PS4 is closing the gap between Wii U and Sony’s new console. The Wii U is closing the gap between itself and the Vita.

    Remember the Vita came out way before Wii U so it has a head start like how Wii U does against PS4 and Xbox One.

    I’m pretty sure Wii U’s lifetime sales will beat Vita’s.


    1. I honestly doubt it, the PSP also sold poorly at the beginning but look at it now though, 80+ million units sold. Also keep in mind that Nintendo has killed off all there old consoles within a year of its successors launch, Sony on the other hand, doesnt.


  4. Is this serious? How long is the vita on the market? And how long is the wiiu on the market? What a bulshit come with a reasonable news please. …the wiiu almost pass 5.5 million in one year, the vita does that on two and a half year, so keep bashing Nintendo, and compare it with the 3DS , ooooo wait that’s not funny because you can’t compare it with the 3DS…


    1. Vita had a 9-month head start over the Wii U in the West.

      In the end, handheld sales shouldn’t be compared with console sales anyway. Handhelds almost always outsell home consoles.


  5. I love my wii u, it has way better and entertaining games, being a pc gamer I really love this console.nintendo give most creative gaming experience which I really enjoy compare to other console I would be a shame on gaming world if it exist without nintendo.


    1. A pathetic year for gaming? No way in hell.
      A pathetic year for the Wii U? I wouldnt call it pathetic, but it wasnt good either.

      Nintendo had an overall ok year in the end.


  6. Why compare Vita with Wii U, Vita’s rival is the 3DS. Why i it that when Nintendo’s handheld sells better people say handheld consoles an hom consoles are different, yet Vita v. Wii U is an adequate comparison to those same people? Double standards are sad, and they try to say us Nintendo fans are bad.


  7. I NEVER hear anything about Vita. I rarely see commercials for XBox One and PS4 compared to how much Wii U’s million commercials of Super Mario 3D World. So either these rates are wrong, random people get Vita’s for god knows what reasons or this is just typical of UK.


  8. Wow, since the Vita can’t be compared with the 3DS or it will be destroyed, they compare it with the WIi U to be able to talk shit about Nintendo. Why compare it with a home console? Oh, that’s right, so it can beat Nintendo in something and talk shit about it, specially UK “gamers” since it doesn’t have FIFA and COD, oh wait, it does! But it isn’t as “masculine” as they want, right? Funny how desperate is the media to kill Nintendo that they need to compare the Vita with the WIi U to be able to give anti-Nintendo news, where are the VITA IS DOOMED! articles? ‘Cause the 3DS is kicking its ass.


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