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The Official Nintendo Magazine Reveals Plenty Of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Info

The latest edition of the Official Nintendo Magazine contains a wealth of information on Retro Studios forthcoming project, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It looks as though the game will offer the same level of difficulty as its predecessors, as the magazine claims that each level will take around ten minutes to complete on your first attempt. Here’s plenty of information about the upcoming game.

  • The article describes some of the first parts of the game.
  • It says that most levels take around 10 minutes to complete on your first attempt.
  • Stage 3-3 Frantic Field is set against a hurricane, with small tornadoes, and lightning as obstacles. Eventually you reach the eye of the storm.
  • The stage after is set in a forest, with sections on fire due to the previous levels lightning. You need to use watery fruit to put out vine fires in order to progress.
  • It says there are tag barrels ala Donkey Kong 64, to switch between Kongs. It may just mean the DK barrels though.
  • There are multiple routes to take in levels.
  • There are three secret levels per world.
  • Time Attack returns, but you can select which character’s DK barrels will appear.
  • Hot damn, players can upload times and full replays to show friends, and to help other players improve their own times.
  • There seems to be more emphasis on the background, which is constantly moving, which makes the world feel alive, and sometimes provides hints to what you’re going to encounter next.
  • There is an interview with Michael Kelbaugh, and Kensuke Tanabe.
  • When asked if there was anything the felt was missing from the game Tanabe said that he wishes they could have done more with the animal buddies.
  • He also mentions that there is something from A Link to the Past that he want to do, couldn’t, and used it in Link’s Awakening instead. Which was the ending of LA when the egg opens.
  • Kelnaugh mentions three of his favourite levels; 6-6 Cliffside Slide, “like jumping right into the middle of an action movie”, it’s a silhouette level. 4-4 Irate Eight, and underwater level which sounds like the giant octopus from DKCR is back. 3-3 Frantic Fields, which is challenging, but with a bit of comedy.
  • Tanabe mentions that World 4 is made of only underwater levels.
  • He also mentions that he likes 4-4, and 3-6 Cannon Canyon, because of the dynamic 3D camera movement.
  • Kelbaugh said that the animation quality is improved over DKCR, and with David Wise, Kenji Yamamoto, and Scott Petersen, they have an amazing soundtrack, and special effects effort.
  • Tanabe was surprise that so few people in DKCR didn’t want to use the Super Guide once it appeared. He said that the difficulty of TF hasn’t been lowered, but that they have added some features that will give casual players an easier time. (Probably the items in Funky’s shop, which I think are carried over from DKCR3D.)
  • They both say that the difficulty hasn’t been lowered, but the new items, and Kong POW allow you to change the difficulty of the levels somewhat.
  • Miyamoto told Retro, when first working on DKCR: “This is my baby. Don’t mess it up.”
  • Kelbaugh and Tanabe both worked on DKC, with Tanabe on the Japanese localisation, but never met.
  • Ten years later Tanabe met Kelbaugh, when he became president of Retro. He saw that Kelbaugh had a DKC jacket, and they learned that they both worked on DKC.
  • A few years after that they both started on DKCR, so Michael gave DKCR the codename F8 – fate.
  • Retro was working on Mario Kart 7, and TF at the same time.
  • Tanabe, and his team at SPD is Retro’s primary contact at Nintendo, but the games are a collaborative effort throughout Nintendo.
  • If they found themselves on Kong Island Kelbaugh would team up with Diddy, and Tanabe with Donkey Kong, so that he could be carried around.

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65 thoughts on “The Official Nintendo Magazine Reveals Plenty Of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Info”

    1. Hoping this game fails to sell what they want it to. Nintendo has been the ‘cute platformer’ company for too long- starting around when the NSMB series began. And they stubbornly will not work on anything else.
      Mario, Kirby, Yoshi, DK: YES!
      Starfox, Metroid, F Zero, Custom Robo: HA!

      1. Fuck you, fucking Whiney fanboy. You’ve gotten 5 fucking metroid games within the last couple years suck it up, it’s DK’s time to shine!

          1. Fuck you Metroid Prime 1, 2, 3, Hunters, and Other M. All within the last 10 years. How many DKC games have we gotten within the last 10 years? 1, 2 counting Tropical Freeze fucking dumb asses. How concenient that you’ve forgotten!

          2. And what’s the use if another metroid?? You’ll just fucking forget about it like the last 5 I just mentioned.

            1. You sir are a fool and a bafoon, more importantly, you are wrong!!
              If you can manage the feat of looking at the internet for facts, you will see a total of 15 dk games released in the last 10 years. Filth, flarn, filth flarn etc…..

        1. this is nintendo wake up, all they do is 2d platforms now andthey dont answer their fans. they only answer the retarded ones who want all the same shit like this. meaning 95% of nintendo fans.

      1. they lack the originality of the rare games. the new dk is like new super mario bros….. but dk. its a lot better of course but the all that originality is gone from the old ones and im sick of all these 2d platformer shit.

          1. YES BITCH!! seriously i would of been fine with a 3d dk game. dk 64 was great, not as good as banjo but at least they made it different from each other. retro could have done a good job on it but noooo another 2d milkedscroller. they dont have to make as many collectables if they dont want to but i didnt mind….. thats what made it feel different from banjo at the time.

            1. only…2d sidescrollers…um. mario 3d world, mariokart smash bros, X, Wonderful 101(produced by nintendo), zelda, zelda hyrule warriors, luigis mansion, fire emblem, kid icarus, pikmin, warioware, …those are’nt 2d sidescrollers although i’ll defineitly agree new super mario bros has been milked and that star fox and f-zero need more love. Not to mention Dk Country has a shiton more original ideas then new super mario bros could even dream of and is actually challenging. not to mention we DID get a metroid game a few years back…it just sucked, not to mention metroid does’nt sell amazingly well so from a buisness perspective on a console that needs a bigger userbase it makes sense sadly.

              1. If you say being “milked” is only having four games in the series of an 8 year life span where there is only one per console… then yes NSMB is “Milked”.

                1. well I have a different definition of milked really, by milked I really mean that nothin in the series has changed aside from a few powerups, alot of which did mostly the same things.

            2. Dumb ass. DK 64 was one of the most generic 3D platformers. It was just a dumbed down Banjo Kazooie. You don’t know what the hell your talking about. The first 3 DKC games all had the same enemies to face off against (the kremlings) how the fuck is that originality? Take your mother fucking stupid head out of your ass!

              1. Generic ideas doesn’t mean it’s bad.
                Donkey Kong 64 was a really great game, the ideas with the classic gen idea made it so fun and great. Who cares if the 3D it’s self was Banjo like? There both awesome on there own.

              2. you think that the old 3 rare dkc were less original than the new ones. yeah your retarded. as dk 64, it wasnt a bad game and they atleast made it feel different than banjo. people complain about all the collecting and mini games but take those uot and it just feels like a bad banjo. so go to your room and take a nap and fuck your wii mote.

    1. I don’t really read magazines anymore, but I used to by the Official Nintendo Magazine back in the day. I get MCV through the post so I read that from time to time!

  1. Hmm, I bought too many games last year, and only finished half of them. Therefore, I’m reconcidering what games to buy this year. Was thinking about skipping this, but it looks like it got the standard Nintendo Quality. Might pick it up, though probably not pre-ordering it.

  2. “Miyamoto told Retro, when first working on DKCR: “This is my baby. Don’t mess it up.” *starts twitching trying desperately to hide his anger *if you ruin my precious little ape *grabs bottle and stuffs it down the head of retros studios mouth* ill fucking kill you YOU here me you trash. ill fucking kill you and screw your wife. NO PRESSURE!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!! just dont FUCK up donkey kong!! DONT!! he IS my BABY after all!! if you do im going to your house with a chainsaw and going to DO THINGS to you!! *head turns around full 360 while foam stars flying out of mouth and starts climbing up the walls to the ceiling making weird sounds* “ok sir…. we we w wont. MR MYAMOTO WE WONT!! just dont hurt us….” *voice gets super deep and head turns around again* you better mean that or else ill fuck you *throws up all over retro employees*

    seriously you guys need to add the rest of the story.

      1. dont you have more retarded research on me, like how ive been trolling since 1999 and all that other bullshit. also you probably have a few more pathetic alts to make like last time fag. damn i could be gone for a month and you would be just waiting. you are like a girl who just cant get over something but in your case a fag.”ggrrr im so mad somebody talk bad to god nintendo eerrr im a take a nap and research blah mehh blahh” a few months later nintendo is my life pussy is still bleeding.

  3. Its always good to have a few platformers to play. I still have kirbys return to dreamland, 3d world and then pick dk up.

    1. Considering the 3D version of DKCR pushed the 3DS sales a lot for several weeks when it launched, mainly in Japan, I’m sure this one will too…

  4. But what I think everyone here is ignoring is that gameplay sharing feature… like whoa thats awesome along with Mario kart 8 hopefully this becomes a standaed feature for those who want it. But knowing Nintendo.. ugh

  5. Still want King K. Rool back. Stop with the nobodies villains. Why would these Penguins and ice creatures come out of no where and want Dk’s island? Like really?

    1. Aw, come on dude, you guys want old stuff but is sick and tired of it?
      I don’t mean to offend you, but people really confuses me, they say they want new things yet they bash on it for being new. How about a change for once?
      I like the new villians, and if I wanna see King K. Rool and the kremling krew, I’ll just go back to playing some good old Country 1/2
      But still, the new easy features suck xD

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  7. You guys ever think they do the platformers because no one esle really does? I don’t have a problem with it. The game will be awesome, I want metroid too, it’s coming don’t worry…I can’t believe how whinny some of you are.

    1. They are spoiled brats with zero patience…

      They think our empire will spit out half made bugged games like everybody else…

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  10. This looks so awesome :) & guys don’t listen to my young son, he could be a widdo twat when we dont give him his pills :) When X, SSB, MK 8, Bayonetta, etc. are released he’ll stop his whiny b*tching :D

  11. No matter how great these games are, they will sell poor. Unless their ad strategy change and delivery better messages than other comparisons.

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