Super Smash Bros Latest Wii U Screenshot Shows Off Technical Changes

Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai has revealed new gameplay details for the upcoming 3DS and Wii U game. For those who play Smash Bros. competitively and found grabbing edges or “edge-hogging” somewhat easier in Brawl, you can rest assured that Sakurai has met your needs head on. Here’s what he had to say on Miiverse regarding the Wii U screenshot with Mario and Link above.

“There are many changes being made to attack and defense options for grabbing edges. In this picture, Link is actually trumping Mario’s grab.

“Some other changes include: Air time and accumulated damage will determine your period of invincibility while hanging on an edge. Grab controls will no longer be affected by whether you have above or below 100% damage.”


    1. Sickr handles the emails, so unless you directly send it to me in a comment, I won’t receive it. I think I know the character you’re referring to – I’ll check. :)

      1. I was referring to the Kid Icarus character ‘Palutena’.
        I sent the two images, it should be pointed out that the background is real but never from this angle, the angle and view of Mario hasn’t been used before either, and the model of Palutena wasn’t from any other game.

        And these were the two messages I sent, in-case you couldn’t access them.
        Image 1 :
        Image 2 :

        Thanks for replying, by the way!

      2. Whether the images are real or not, couldn’t she just be an Assist Trophey?

      3. Because Sakurai could have changed Pit’s finals smash to the three sacred treasures (like it should have been in Brawl). This would then make Palutena available to fill an assist trophey position.

        I personally think Assist Trophey is more likely, because she is “too powerful.” Obviously she “could” work, but in order to make sense, Palutena (a GOD) wouldn’t be a fair fight against the other fighters. That’s my view on it, but obviously people think otherwise.

        I would be mad if she made it and Ridley didn’t… just saying.

      4. By your logic, Ganondorf should never have joined. He has the Triforce of POWER, and was even referred to as a god by a powerful wizard from the Twilight, for cripe’s sake, yet look at how he fared in Brawl. Characters are just characters with movesets. Their power levels in their respective games don’t matter at all.

      5. Being referred to as a God is different. Palutena is a CONFIRMED God who has been shown to have powers WAY beyond wimpy Ganondorf. Palutena could just make herself 100 feet tall (without the use of a Smash Ball) and step on all the characters… automatic win) It would be stupid if she was fighting to win and “held back” her powers. It just wouldn’t make sense. Ganondorf makes sense, I mean Link can beat him and Link isn’t referred to as a “God.”

      6. Then again, Sakurai made Kid Icarus: Uprising, I wouldn’t be surprised if he favors the series he worked on and added in another character like her into the game.

    1. You probably are. Smash Bros is one of the best games in videogame history and you “aren’t interested.” Doesn’t matter to me, it’s your loss, but Smash Bros is not a generic FPS, not a Mario rehash, not a typical racing game… it is Smash Bros. The most legendary franchise to ever grace ANY console.

      People speak upon how Nintendo has the greatest backcatalog of video game feanchises and the biggest and best example of this is in Smash Bros. It’s not just a 2D fighter, it’s a party game, a family game, a competative game, or a sit back and relax game that pays homage to Nintendo’s history like no other game on the market.

      I’m surprised ANYONE could be turned away from Smash Bros. It’s like turning down a winning lottery ticket!!! It feels THAT good to play it!

      1. This all the way!
        Have you tried Project M? It takes the best qualities of melee and brawl and combines them into the greatest game of all time!

      2. No I haven’t. I am one of the few who actually enjoys Brawl, flaws and all. I’m not bashing those who play Project M, I just don’t have homebrew or whatever it’s called that allows you to manipulate games on your Wii.

  1. I’m sorry, but how does this stop edge guarding? Is that not what Link is doing? I don’t get it. Also, what does the ” grab controls won’t be affected by above and below 100% damage” mean? :( I just play Smash, I don’t understand this technical mumbo jumbo!!!

    1. ” I just play Smash, I don’t understand this technical mumbo jumbo!!!”

      Sums up pretty well how i feel about every fightin game.

      1. hahaha! IKR! How do people ever take the time to learn combos and stuff. I should be able to pick up a game and be able to play it fluidly in a few hours WITHOUT having to look at a manual every two seconds lol!!

      2. i take about 10 minutes on any fighting game to learn the gameplay, combos and special moves of one character
        smash isnt the exception, but is more simple, i take a bout 1 hour to learn all the characters
        I dont get why ppl like to play Fighting game in “mash” mode

      3. Well, then you must be a genius, because most people take much longer than “10 minutes” to learn all the gameplay in a game along with a characters best combos, special moves, etc.

        For me, I usually learn a couple good combos and use them with a mixture of random button mashing… so it “kinda” looks like I know how to use a character, but I really don’t. There is no way I could learn all the combos and specials. It would take me months of memorization and even then I would probably forget things if I stopped playing for a day.

      4. That’s one of the things I love about SSB. There’s total freedom to just beat the shit out of each other, and you discover little tide-turning idiosyncrasies as you play for a while.

    2. I think Mario was hanging on the edge, then Link went to grab the edge…. and this usually means Link would fall since Mario is occupying the edge… but it seems like Link knocked Mario off and grabed it himself.
      I would guess he has higher damage than Mario so higher edge priority?

      1. Oh well, at least I still have a cape and FLUDD for my edge-guarding. This makes me even more grateful to see Mario’s Brawl moveset carry over to Smash 4.

      2. OMG! IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!!!… I was so confused. I didn’t get how this solved edge guarding at all. I was like “So Mario tried to grab the edge, but was knocked away, because Link was holding on?”

        I’m glad you clarified it for me. I wish Sakurai just said that. Whatever mumbo jumbo he said made no sense to me.

    3. Yeah, when I saw that picture, I thought Mario was kicking Link off the ledge. Apparently, I was wrong.
      So, I don’t get how it stops edge guarding, either, sorry.

      Oh, WAIT. It might be that Mario was on the ledge before, and now Link kicked him off so Link could be on the ledge now? Something like that??? I’ll have to wait for more info to really see what’s changed.

  2. Excellent! Changing up the edge guardian techniques looks like it could be a good move on Sakurai’s part. I’ll need to verify how well this works when I pick the game up myself. Should be interesting!

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