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Nintendo Attaches ‘Also Plays On 2DS’ Sticker On 3DS Game Boxes


Future Nintendo 3DS games will have an ‘also plays on 2DS’ sticker on their boxes, letting consumers know that the two handhelds are essentially the same. The Nintendo 2DS, which was released last year, plays all 3DS games. Unlike the 3DS, however, it features a fixed slate-type form factor and lacks a 3D display. Priced at $129.99, the 2DS is an entry-level version of the 3DS and is available in red or blue.


      1. Nope, but I do realize how fanboy you sound.
        It does look like a shit Toys R us would make, not like something I would expect from Nintendo.

      2. Yeah right. You need to refrain your teenager pulsions and accept the truth. Fanboys man…

      3. its for people who may think 3ds and 2ds are completely different consoles. afterall there is no Nintendo 2ds on gameboxes. you can rip the sticker off anytime…….

      4. Still, I would have attend something… “Nintendoer”, not something that will reinforce their horrible reputation of company for casuals and kids.

      1. Majority of people buy a 3DS XL cause its bigger, but they they just turn off the 3D. example: If you go to MiiVerse 3DS, majority of the pictures people post aren’t in 3D

      2. The 2DS is a failure and it doesn’t matter how much it can be excused. Even if its less of a cost, you still want the chance to turn it into 3D, they’re 3DS GAMES, that’s the original system. The only people that would buy a 2DS are parents for their children who are younger than 6 and they get freaked out when they hear about the 3D needing to be turned off for younger players so they just avoid it altogether. Even then most parents just buy the 3DS period without even caring about the 3D being in their children’s hands. This isn’t going to sell unless Nintendo makes it appealing to the casual market, by providing custom skins and cases and things that casuals usually like, which is to play dress-up with their shit for some reason, and that doesn’t seem to be happening.

        It isn’t the first time Nintendo released unwanted systems and failed, we’re seeing it with the Wii U, hopefully that major revamp and rise in R&D budgeting that Iwata announced will include developing for the Wii U much faster and to start development in a new system much quicker to play catch-up.

    1. Dude relax, it’s not like they put a sticker of bieber’s dick. This is barely noticeable if anything.

  1. I seen this on a game I bought earlier this week. I can’t believe people are so stupid for them to have to do this.

    1. Well, we do live in a “this bag is not a toy” world. I guess it’s for those poor schmucks that keep getting the Wii and WiiU mixed up. lol

    1. Unfortunaely yes. Hell, people still think Wii U is an addon and I’ve read people asking if a regular DS can play 3DS games. Kind of a shame that people are this stupid.

      1. Now we just need a “Not a wii sticker” on Wiiu. Also wii game stickers that say “also plays on wii u”. Stop rehashing names and u won’t have these problems. Keep names like revolution. Fusion. Stop using kiddy names.

      1. Who doesn’t…

        Every time I mention I own a 3DS or something Nintendo related they get quiet…

    1. are you blind or something? it’s pretty obvious that it is a detachable sticker… just look at the right side of it

  2. Looks pretty cool, but I’m kinda getting sick of Nintendo doing all of this Hand-Holding, inside and outside of their games.

    1. Well the general consumer…is that smart. Also nintendo isn’t hand holding as much LBW, 3D world just set u free

      1. This is true, do you know how long it took for me to figure out how to unlock the 4th secret world in Super Mario 3D World? A week! That’s how a game is supposed to be.

  3. Yeah this is pretty dumb but in a way it’s kinda Nintendo’s fault for having to do this. This generation and the last generation have probably been the worst marketing I’ve ever seen from Nintendo.
    If they don’t think the average consumer will understand that 3ds games can play on the 2ds then why name all your fucking hardware the same with slight variations? DS, DSI, 3DS, 2DS, Wii, Wii U. No wonder people get fucking confused and they have to resort to these ugly ass stickers.

    1. Don’t even forget the XLs. DSi XL, 3DS XL.

      Soon there’s going to be a 2DS XL. I really hope I’m wrong.

    1. I’d rather they put a stick saying that the Wii U is an entirely new console that is not the Wii…

  4. Which (from a collector’s standpoint) means that all games released BEFORE they slapped this sticker on will be worth more than the ones WITH the sticker. Much like their Player’s Choice” and Nintendo Selects” titles.

  5. Honestly I would rAther hav a 2ds xl than a 3ds xl

    So them makin it doesnt seem like a completely stupid ideA

    Besides most kids would be like “I WANT THE BIGGER ONE!”

    And the parents would see that it isnt 3d and its essentially cheaper than a 3ds xl

    So yea ultimately it makes sense

    It could also be released the same time as SSB4 so yea #ThinkLikeNintendo lol

  6. a lot of u guys are calling the consumers dumbasses for not understanding the difference but really Nintendo is to blame for the horrible marketing that they’ve done.

    1. Maybe so but people still have eyes to read…

      But maybe their stupidity don’t let them…

      1. Indeed…

        And every time a civilian gets corrupted by those evil doers, our work is failing!

        We have to be more aggressive!

      2. agreed, but if we destroy the Xbots we could cause another video game collapse like the ones in 1977 and 1983 and Nintendo stopped the Collapse of 1983 and saved video game industry for North America with the NES. so we must study our options to make sure that does not happen again

      3. Well Unlike that time, our empire is already an established superpower…

        If the Xbots fall, both us and the Sonyans will battle for the fallen Xbots in confusion and convert them…

        The Atarians were one of the most powerful forces back in the ancient times, however this time our empire is ready to save the day at any point…

    2. I agree with out on Nintendo having bad marketing with the Wii U but certainly not with the 3DS if people don’t know the difference between a 2DS and a 3DS they are dumbasses, imean, even the name says it all, one is 2D the other 3D whats so confusing about that?

    3. Its called reading and if people are illiterate and cant ask a question or two its their problem….

  7. What about the 1DS? Will it play on that? I mean, not like I want to play on a screen that is only 1/3 the size of my 3DS, but I was just curious.

    1. Maybe humans should learn that DS = Dual Screen first…

      3DS = Three Dimensional Screen…

      2DS = 2 Dimensional Screen…

      And so on…

  8. Imagine if when the DS Lite was released, DS game boxes had a sticker that said it could be played on a DS Lite.

    1. LOL! Good point. Thinking of it that way, it does seem silly and unnessessary to put this sticker on the games. Nintendo has never done this with ANY past console.

      However….since the 2DS is still a 3DS without the 3D, it does kinda make sense why Nintendo would feel the need to do this. Clueless parents might be wondering where the games are for the 2DS.

  9. Its good they are doing this, we shouldnt blame general consumer because they dont follow what Nintendo is doing as much as we Nintendo fans do. General consumer may see 2DS as different system than 3DS, because all the game boxes say Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS, they might think whats the point buyin 2DS when theres no games for it ? LOL Who knows, i dont give a flyin crap though, 3DS is best system EVER!!!!!! And why the fuck it takes so long to Bring SMTIV to europe.

      1. Yeah, but Mh4 isnt released outside of japan, so i can understand it takes time for them to localize it, but SMTIV is out in NA, has been since last summer if im correct? So why the fuck it takes time from them to bring it for europe when its already in english and all, it doesnt make sense. Kinda like when Na people needed to wait without any reason than Reggie being scumbag for XBC and TLS lol.

      2. Actually it released in South Korea as well. With that, it did released outside of Japan, but not everywhere.

  10. Lol! This is funny because this was one of my suggestions months ago. I knew there were people who will get confused with 2ds/3ds games. It may seem stupid to put stickers but you have to understand that not all people research these things. People buy gifts for their children and jist relies on what it says on the box. Good job Nintendo. Now dont make us wait too long for killer apps for our Wii U…1 game is all it takes. Something like zombi u or batman that mzde the gamepad feel a necessity for that game. A unique experience.

  11. Umm.. They’ve been doing this since at least early December.

    Really topical news we’ve got here.

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