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Eurogamer Says Iwata Isn’t Nintendo’s Problem. It’s Miyamoto

Online gaming publication Eurogamer has written an in-depth article looking at who to blame for Nintendo’s current predicament. The publication has decided to point the finger at legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, saying that he’s partly to blame for Nintendo’s current woes. You can read the whole thing, here.

“It seems unlikely that Miyamoto himself isn’t aware of this situation. His own record as an innovator suggests otherwise. Perhaps, in greenlighting so many sequels, offshoots and retrospective curios, he is just trying to keep fans tickled and sales ticking over until Nintendo’s next magic bullet is in the chamber. It’s said that he is working on a new franchise for Wii U, as is the Tokyo A-team – perhaps one and the same project. News of what they are up to cannot come soon enough, and I hope it proves me wrong.”

“But even if it does – even if, within Nintendo’s walls, Miyamoto is fighting the company’s more conservative instincts rather than preserving them – perhaps it is time to consider whether his richly deserved legend hasn’t become a gilded millstone for the game creators working under him. He’s a star that cannot be outshone, and his original creations have become needs to be serviced by those who follow him, rather than inspirations for them to find their own voices. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if the great man agreed with me, but it never seemed to him to be the right moment; his successors never seemed to be ready. Perhaps they won’t be until he steps aside. Perhaps he, and they, and we, just need to let go.”

210 thoughts on “Eurogamer Says Iwata Isn’t Nintendo’s Problem. It’s Miyamoto”

    1. As soon as I read the title I yelled “BLASPHEMY!!!” Shiggy not only saved gaming, but has created two of the most well known game series (Mario + LoZ). I wouldn’t say that Nintendo’s problem is Miyamoto, as he only created these series, but the Nintendo executives that keep letting their world-class development teams play it safe making games like Wii Party U, Game & Wario, Nintendogs, Pokemon Ranger, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit, Wii Music etc. Seriously, any third party developer can make a casual game and people will buy it, but it won’t make Nintendo’s latest system a best-seller. Nintendo needs to make more games that sell systems, and let Ubisoft and EA create the party games!

      1. This statement about Miyamoto being the problem, is also pretty outrageous as well in my opinion. “If Miyamoto steps aside maaaaybeee someone better will come”. While that may be possible, it’s not likely, it’s more likely that they will just lose a great legendary hero >__<

      1. Actually, he just showed his idea to nintendo. If the console side of nintendo hadn’t said yes but instead said no…..we could have gotten a different system

      2. And amazingly, the fucking Wii is a fucking 100-million seller success. Of course the fucking Wii ruined Nintendo. HUE HUE HUE BR BR for you.

        But I agree that Miyamoto is becoming an old coot and he should reitre immediately. I’m not disrespecting his job along the decades, but Miyamoto is the main reason of why Nintendo is betting so much in sequels and rehashes and not creating new IPs, he is so worried about maintanning the classic IPs and trainning younger developers htat he simply stopped of doing his job well. I absolutely agree with this article.

        1. The problem is that although it sold well, it also abandoned a lot of its old supporters. From gamers to 3rd party developers, and well, look at it now.

    2. the only problem myiamoto has is that he disagrees in terms of ONLINE. he didn’t make online for 3d world or land.

      if there was online in 3d world wii u would have more sales from that game than it has now.local is great if your in a country like japan where everyone is close to eachother

          1. Just take a look to his other videos he’s obviously just another butthurted brainless fanboy and you’re getting influenced pretty easy by him… try to have your own criteria and arguments to prove your standpoint, don’t be a sheep…

      1. grow a brain they saved gaming here in the united states that’s a fact. don’t say stupid crap unless you aren’t a western gamer or someone who doesn’t play western games

      2. its funny that you needed someone else to tell you that. Also so what if they didn’t? They saved the American Market and if you live here then chill out on it. Who gives a shit if he didn’t?

        He is still the best designer to ever come to gaming

    3. He saved it over 30 years ago. What’s he doing about it now?

      You should really seriously ask yourself that question.

    4. It seems that some editors on Eurogamer really are in desperate need of some attention… what a dumb and poorly written article

    5. That was the dumbest, most cynical and hypocrate article I´ve ever seen. It seems that some moron editor on Eurogamer is in desperate need of attention, and cheap clickings so they can justify the money advertisers put on their site. What a shame

    6. am i the only 1 who realized this exact situation was gonna happin cause the only zelda game for the wii u is a remake of actually surprised the wii u has even made a sale seeing how there isnt a new zelda game for it or a good remake like mm or oot.

  1. Miyamoto doesn’t make the final decisions. That is Iwata’s job. Miyamoto has some influence sure, but to suggest HE is the problem doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

    Iwata is the problem. He’s admitted it himself. We are all done with the blame-game. Right now it’s fixing the problems that is the goal.

    1. Fancy. Every time Nintendo makes a good move, the praises goes all for Miyamoto, if them makes a bad move, the bashes goes for Iwata. What kind of fuck logic is that?

      Stop idolizing Miyamoto. He isn’t perfect and he isn’t God.

      1. No Iwata also had years of praise during the DS-Wii period. The bottom line is that it’s Iwata’s responsibility to make Nintendo profitable and he needs to be held accountable. Miyamoto is a huge symbol but in reality is just one voice within Nintendo that is subordinate to Iwata.

        1. So why Miyamoto keeps preventing of a new F-Zero or Star Fox?? Look at how many people are clamming for a new entry on these franchises, it doesn’t seem that Miyamoto is looking for this audience when the subject is making games.

          1. When did his lordship ever prevent F-Zero?…

            He even said we might see a game on the Wii U…

            And unlike others, Nintendo does not release anything without giving it some serious thought…

            Unless it’s some Mario games…

            1. Do you want an even more serious thought than thousands of fans whinning for a sequel??

              Let’s agree that Nintendo, and especially Miyamoto, needs to learn to give a better look on their own audience.

              1. What I agree on is that High Command should care a bit more about some of the demands we want…

                And to give some young minds the chance to shine with their unique ideas…

                Well hopefully they are unique and not mainstream…

                And to actually commit to online multiplayer games for once…

      2. But he IS the god of video games so-to-speak. Except for the fact that he didn’t actually CREATE video games. He just made them FUN again. And he kept them fun ever since.

      3. What are you talking about? Miyamoto is a consultant and a developer. He does not run the day to day operations of Nintendo. That has never been his job. His responsibility is to develop games, come up with concepts for games, and to direct 1st party game development.

        Saturo Iwata is the President and C.E.O. of Nintendo. He makes every major decision for the company the same way every other C.E.O. of a major company does. Before him it was Hiroshi Yamauchi’s job to to that.

        Besides that, I bash Iwata and Miyamoto equally for what they do wrong and give them props for what they do right of each other their ASSIGNED responsibilities.

        It seems like the only person guilty of idolatry here is YOU with Miyamoto to make such an misinformed comment trying to defend him when it was not necessary to do so.

        1. I was very very far to idolize Miyamoto. I just commented a fact. Miyamoto recieves the praises and Iwata recieves the blames, I’m not telling that, IT’S HAPPENING NOW. The Eurogamer writer just realized that Nintendo doesn’t revolves around one single person.

          Hell, even that Malstrom douchebag agrees with the article.

          1. I also commented on a FACT. I just chose a relevant one. Miyamoto does not have any responsibilities to any investors or board of directors. Iwata does.

            You can see what you want to see but I’ve already shown that your stance makes no sense here. For one Eurogamer is a site that routinely posts untruthful articles based on opinion about Nintendo so using them as source material is beyond ridiculous.

            Iwata makes decisions on marketing. Iwata makes final decisions on hardware. Iwata makes final decisions on software. Iwata makes final decisions and negotiations with developers.

            I think you need to go and study exactly what a CEO is and what they do.


            Trying to use semantics by saying “Nintendo doesn’t revolve around one single person” makes your point look even more inane. The analysts aren’t calling for Miyamoto to step down. Gamers aren’t calling for Miyamoto to be fired. And I didn’t see Miyamoto up there in front of investors saying that HE “misread foreign trends” and other goofs that Nintendo has made to account for Nintendo posting a 3rd consecutive operatiing-loss.

            If Miyamoto deserves so much credit for when things are going good according to you, shouldn’t he be the first one out to apologize to the investors, analysts, and gamers when things go wrong? That’s what YOU claim he should be doing.

            The answer is NO because MIYAMOTO IS NOT BOSS. He is an employee, not the employer. Miyamoto’s job is to develop video games and it has been that way since 1977. Iwata is the boss and has been since 2002. As much praise as Iwata was getting for Nintendo market cap to be valued over 85 billion in 2008, the success of the DS, Wii, and now 3DS he has been ripped to shreds of the problems of the Wii U and there is no record of Miyamoto being blamed for Nintendo’s problems ‘as a whole’ outside of this absolutely preposterous article from a known Nintendoom-site with zero journalistic credibility.

            To close, Miyamoto has been at Nintendo longer than anyone there. He definitely has influence, but the decisions on running the company are not now, never have been, nor ever will be his.

            I think you need help. This conversation is over.

          1. On contraire…

            I have unlimitednsupply of energy cells made out of the remains of fallen Xbots all around me…

            And since they reproduce faster than virus, I’ll never die…

                    1. Am i wrong? Your words wont do Nintendo any good, and just the fact that you even comments on every single article here while you dont even have a wii u is dowbright insulting

                      1. So just because I haven’t bought a Wii U yet while I own every single other console they ever created and I speak my mind is insulting?…

                        I will get a Wii U this year for sure, some of us don’t have the luxury of spending money here and there every week while studying…

      1. Dude you seriously have a problem, lord of salvation? You really need to think before you write things like this on a popular site. god! >_>

          1. No, dude you desperately need to get laid :/ get a 30 dollars hooker from your nearest street corner ;) or a gigolo if you’re into that, i don’t judge.

            1. I find it ironic considering that all you did was judging me…

              And some of us have better things to do in life like studying, gaming, evolving our brain instead of exchanging body fluids like some primitive ape…

              1. Exchanging body fluids? How do u think your parents “made you” do you think they picked up a game cartridge, brought it to shigeros presence and you where born? :/

                1. He is saying, in an over the top kind of way, that there is more to life than sex and wanting sex all te time or even at all… and, he is right. At least, personally he has the decision to believe so, just as there are those who believe sex gives them meaning in life.

                  For me, I believe sex is not something you “need” to function correctly or need really at all. So when people say things like, “you need to get laid,” it’s insulting, because it goes against my beliefs. Sex won’t solve any of my problems and even if it could… then either I didn’t have any problems in the first place or I had some very small problems to take care of… I just think sex is for having children. It’s also worth noting that I believe this while still being Atheist. I’m not religious or Conservative in any way.

                  So, whatever anyone believes, his comment is not going to bring the downfall of the human race, because sex aint going anywhere so babies will be born.

                  1. “So, whatever anyone believes, his comment is not going to bring the downfall of the human race, because sex aint going anywhere so babies will be born.”

                    I was hoping it would…


              2. My friend, there is so much more in sex than just “exchanging body fluids”
                Actually as part of the human anatomy, sex is a necessity. And i didn’t meant to judge you, i just thought that what you said was a bit crazy :/

                1. I’d say that sex is both a necessity and a demand from the body itself…

                  However, as a whole, it’s not needed in my life and doesn’t give my life a purpose…

                  Well nothing does when it comes down to it anyway but we choose…

                2. Lol, Sex isnt a necessity. Only for animals without sentience that is. We as human, can refrain from sex as long as we want to. Only pervs and idiots think Sex is some milestone in life that everyone must meet.

              3. “We all have our beliefs!”
                “All you did was judge me…”
                And yet you join the bandwagon and blindly bash religion for the sake of wanting to fit in with the cool kids.

        1. @egymario,
          Dude, NintendoCommander is just being funny. Even I didn’t take that seriously. Why are you so offended?

          1. Offended? Nah :/ more like concerned for his well being, poor kid lives a fantasy where Nintendo is a nation and he is some sort of important officer commander or whatever :'(

              1. I’m studying to have a great job in the near future that will eclipse the job you have by lightyears…

                And I don’t join the world, I’m above it…

                  1. Since I’m not attacking you in any way I’m sure there is no reason to attack me, I sure don’t have any problems with you…

                    1. Sorry, i didnt mean it in bad way. Its good to stand on your own ground, i do that myself too. But dont take it to extreme as to think that you are above world(i know you were joking btw, i was too).

          1. @TheDragon24,
            ANOTHER ONE who’s offended by NintendoCommander’s comments? Why? He’s just having fun. Chill out man.

        1. His lordship is the sole reason to why these young generations even know about gaming in the first place…

          Without gaming, this world would be even sicker…

              1. Well NintendoCommander, it looks like you really know how to strike controversy here. What gets me is, they act as if they’re offended that you referred to Miyamoto as a god and lord of salvation. Almost as if they’re religious and felt that you used blasphemy. Yet they can’t possibly BE religious with the language they used. Weird.

                However, if you really, truly DID worship Miyamoto and think that he was the Lord Of Salvation for REAL, then I could see their point for getting mad and offended. I personally never take ANYONE serious on here. Just like Ben Sanders. He was just creating a character for himself.

                  1. Yeah, some of what he said was disturbing. But I laughed at a lot of the things he said. He just went TOO far.

    1. Kinda agree.
      There’s always that “well ask Miyamoto” thing with Nintendo’s game development, he always seems to have the final say, and his decision are incredibly strict.
      He’s the reason he have no new Fzero, Star Fox, why developers have less “free reign” on projects, i imagine his involvement requires games to have longer development time, like the Luigi’s Mansion 2 development where he used to but in and say “no, change that”.

      Miyamoto’s contribution to the industry cannot be given enough praise…but we already know WHAT he did. Nobody at Nintendo is like “durr how i make game?” without Miyamoto, yet that’s how their game development process seems to be.

      Miyamoto’s position seems to have changed from “Game Director” to “Game Overseer”, which isn’t what we want, we need him to MAKE games, not rule over them, it’s the same with any game director, be it Hideki Kamiya, Shinji Mikami, or the many others that are still around or that have come and gone.

      Developing games should be about crrativity, and games like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Smash Bros, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Mega Man, all the games that have become cultural icons, they exist because people were allowed to do their own thing, they were allowed to create their own visions. Miyamoto has his visions, and they’re amazing, but that doesn’t mean every game suddenly needs his input and approval…

      1. “Miyamoto’s position seems to have changed from “Game Director” to “Game Overseer”,”

        There is a title for that – it’s called a video game producer. He is a producer and a game designer.

        1. No, that’s not what it is. Eiji Aonuma is producer for the Zelda series, and he has his decisions about game development, but that’s fine, because he’s always okay with new ideas, he’s the first person from Nintendo i’ve heard say the words “getting tired of making familiar things”, he WANTS to change the series…but it’s still only the 1 series.

          Miyamoto is involved with EVERYTHING. That’s just not how it should be.
          It shouldn’t be up to him to decide when Star Fox or Fzero are made.
          Or if an idea a developer comes up with should be included or scrapped.
          He need to work on HIS OWN stuff. The same way Retro were allowed to do as they wish with Metroid, they made gold, and one of the best trilogy of games Nintendo has ever released. So what if Retro made Zelda? Oh wait, Miyamoto would be there, so it would just be his game again. That’s the point i’m getting at.

    2. I do think Miyamoto might agree with this, to a certain extent. He’s not a dictator about his franchises, of course; he’s been happy to put Zelda entirely in Aonuma’s hands, for example. When he’s spoken about retiring and making room for new blood in the company, it’s also been in the context of doing things smaller, more “indie”, perhaps.

      The idea of Miyamoto having his own little in-house studio where he could do games his own way but not necessarily upend the tea table at Nintendo proper, has a lot of merit, and I can see the great one being very excited to get a workshop of his own to tinker with in his twilight years.

      But to everyone blaming Miyamoto for Nintendo not having made a game for your pet franchise recently enough: grow up!

      1. Last Fzero – 2003
        Last Star Fox – 2005/2006 (if Command counts, not really)

        Ahh yes, the recent past of ELEVEN FUCKING YEARS. Bitch, i was fucking TEN when GX came out. FUCKING TEN!!!!

          1. Yes, but it was also a long time ago. It’s 2014, im 21, anf Fzero hasn’t been out for a LOOOOONG fucking time


    4. Miyamoto is not the problem… Is Nintendo them selfs! They didn’t market the Wii U like they had to… And they kept promising that new games would come out last year and they didn’t… Only pikmin 3, Zelda wwk HD, and Super Mario 3D world… DKTF was supposed to come out on December and they pushed the game until next month… I hate to say it but They didn’t do a good job last year …here is hoping this year will be better :’)

      1. wonderful 101, pushmo, sakurai samurai, ect. Nintendo makes new ips but every keeps flip floping ask we mario and zelda not this. The the cycle starts again

    5. The biggest problem with our empire are the idiots wanting it to be just like the other 2 uncreative, spoiled, boring amateurs…

      1. THis. Nintendo never should follow what competitors do, instead doing their own thing and stuff makes them apart from other companies. Game consoles need to have that uniqueness and own charm to be cool to own, back in the day it was cool to have Nintendo Sega and Sony systems they were all different. Nowadays its Nintendo and Sony systems or Nintendo and Ms systems. Sony and Ms systems are pretty much the same thing which is a shame cause they should have their own charm, actually im goin to say that its Ms fault because they are the ones copyin Sonys vision with their clone multimedia system, that was sonys idea when they entered in the market. I wish Sega would come back in Microsofts place.

        1. I wish anyone took their place, besides the dreaded Atarian Empire obviously as they were the “Xbots” of the ancient age…

      1. And on that day not a single fuck was given

        Successful click-bait article is successful.

        See you on the next click-bait article (though you might change usernames by then…)! I can’t wait for the broken record complaint!

      1. I’d say something about whoever runs Microsoft’s gaming department, but… I have no idea who that is, because Microsoft is so minuscule to most people around the world…

      2. The only thing that will get a heart attack is you when your superiors pull the plug on you as you activate your Kinect 2.9 Body Scanner and Manipulation program…

    6. It’s both of them. They’re both stuck in the past, they think what they did 20 years ago will still work today, and it simply won’t. Both of them simply need to go. I appreciate what Miyamoto’s done, but it’s time to let some other people handle the series, it’ll bring some originality in.

      1. EXACTLY FINALLY someone actual gets it!!!!
        They thought they could keep churning out Mario games and people would keep rushing out to buy them.
        Mario Lamd on the 3DS was a huge hit, so what do Nintendo do?instead of a brand new Mario game their next big Wii U game is a HD rehash of the popular 3DS hit and then they wonder why it bombed?
        The days if Mario saving consoles is over and unless they start making new and exciting games they will go the way of Sega!!

        1. Clearly you didn’t play 3D World, because it was not a rehash at all. The only thing that was similar between the games was having levels instead of open world, “some” of the power-ups were the same and the title had 3D “World” instead of “Land” in it.

          3D World was amazing, innovative, graphically impressive, fun, different (a good different), interesting, a great party game and so much more. Hence why it was nominated for GOTY everywhere.

          1. I played 3D World, and I loved it. It had plenty of originality. Oddly enough, Miyamoto didn’t have much involvement in that game. Perhaps he’s realizing his mistake, but he’s said he won’t have as much involvement in future games, even less than 3D World.

      2. ^this
        plus not adding online to games that would really benefit from it.

        “It’ll bring in some orginality” is no fool-proof guarantee, however.

    7. It is 100 percent true!!!Miyamoto has been churning out way to many Mario games for the Wii U!!!
      The fact that Super Mario 3D World bombed just proves gamers are sick of the same play it safe Mario rehashes!!
      He is working on a new IP they STILL no news about, he needs to tell gamers now what it is, if he waits till E3 then it may even take away Zelda’s thunder.

      1. First, Mario 3D World did not bomb. Second, it didn’t sell as much as other 3D Mario games because it was on the Wii U which has a low install base. That’s the only reason why it sold less.

        Small Installbase.

      2. He wasn’t even involved in 3D world, he just looked over it a few times and that was it. The last game he has worked on was pikmin3 and his new ip. U also clearly didn’t play 3D world it felt like 3D land but it soon destroys that connection with different experience.

    8. Miyamoto is a legend, but I’m not saying they are wrong. He was, and still is, great, but a part of the problem could be that they still live in the 90s. I’m not telling them to get rid of Iwata or Miyamoto, but they should get in someone that understands todays market better. Of course, I love the games Nintendo make, so it’s not me they should change for!

      1. Well put! Great comment that gets your point across without insulting or name-calling. If only more people here were as polite as you.

    9. Miyamoto has rightfully deserved his place in Nintendo and his ips deserve to have those sequels. The only thing that needs to slow down little bit is Mario Spin Offs. What i do agree is that other devs in Nintendo should do more own projects and follow their own vision instead of creating sequels to Miyamotos ips. Nintendo should for example let Retro Studios do own stuff after DKCTF, let them try do something completely new after Prime and Dk games they totally deserve it. Nintendo also has devs doing own stuff which is something eurogamer doesnt acknowledge, like Monolith Soft with their upcomin X and they had Xenoblade as well, also Intelligent Systems has done their own stuff. Mistwalker did Tls, theres plenty of new stuff on Nintendo not from Miyamoto, the problem is that Miyamoto ips have become so big (rightfully) that the new stuff is always in shade of those. Nintendo needs to put more marketing on new stuff like X,W101,Bayonetta2 etc. so that those games would become as big as Miyamoto ips. When we think Nintendo first thing that comes in mind is always Mario,Zelda, Dk, StarFox etc. Maybe someday we will think that Nintendo is, Mario,Zelda,Xenogames etc.

    10. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Miyamoto on the games development side, but I do remember that, when the Wii U was announced and people were excited for it, Iwata said, “Miyamoto wanted a screen in the controller.” So one could argue that Miyamoto was the one who decided to create Wii U.

    11. I really don’t think anyone knows what the problem is. Spouting out names at random for random reason’s just makes you look stupid. The only one who knows what’s wrong or who is responsible is Nintendo itself. The company is so close knit that outsiders have no real idea what is going on, on the inside.

      On that note, I think blaming Miyamoto is out of left field. If I were to make a guess, I think it is just Nintendo’s policies and mind set that is holding them back. It’s like the Republicans in the U.S. They are too conservative and need to get with the times.

      Again, however… only Nintendo really knows. Perhaps I am wrong as well?

    12. Telling them not to make more follow ups to Miyamoto’s creations is like telling DC not to make more Batman and Superman products. It might encourage a little more creativity but it’s also hypothetically shooting yourself in the foot.

    13. they do realise that he’s been preparing to step down and leave the decision making to his successors for years? aonuma is the best example

    14. Removing one man vil obviously change everything for the better, like magic. It’s so simple. Thank God that Eurogamer figured it out. Quickly, someone send the article to Nintendo, and the Wii U sales will be through the roof by tomorrow!
      Scapegoat = profitt.

    15. nothing wrong with nintendo atm. i love their software more than ever. wiiu not selling to good doesn’t mean everything needs to be changed…i don’t get all this negative press from everywhere these days. pc, wiiu, 3ds: best gaming i’ve had in decades.

    16. Well, there was an article way back that can relate to this topic. Miyamoto said that he will eventually need to retire and he wants to make sure that staff (developers and whatnot) can preserve the top notch level of quality that he has always put in his games without him around. Of course, I’m just paraphrasing, but the fact that he is involved in pretty much all the projects doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. He’s the kind of person you want to have working over you on and as a role model if your in the gaming business. He knows what he’s doing and has been in the game pretty much since the conception of modern gaming and is still one of the most, if not best, known in the industry.

      I don’t think he has the final say and that he rules with an iron fist for people to say that everything that is wrong at Nintendo can be solely, or largely in part attributed to him. I’m sure he has a lot of influence, but at the end of the day there’s got to be some back and forth with his team and Iwata regarding what works best and how they can continue to add and embrace new ideas. I would say if there was anything Miyamoto has done wrong is would be that he has not embraced making an online multiplayer game or adding online multiplayer functions to some of his well known series, but the reason I think he hasn’t is because I don’t think that’s his area of expertise and you can’t fault him for it. He’s worked on making local multiplayer/ single player games pretty for the grand majority of his career and also, most of his games really don’t have the need for it. It would be awesome though.

      Anyways that’s it; sorry for the typos and the essay. Now I’m going back to play Animal Crossing.

    17. Did half of you even read the article? He makes some good points.
      Yes, Miyamoto saved the gaming world, and he will be greatly revered forever. But we’ve got to move on and let someone else be the superstar!

      1. It’s not about him being the super star and frankly if he steps down, I’m sure Nintendo will continue to be relevant. It’s how Eurogamer had the audacity to place the blame on him is what concerns me. As if he and Nintendo aren’t trying to recuperate from the recent lack of sales. His creations are still relevant and are still placing on the top charts and have received good ratings so I don’t think the basis for the article makes much sense.

        1. its called click bait. You don’t get hits by making articles that’s just mental self satisfaction. You create web traffic by taking things people love and shi**ing on it in a well reasoned manner.

    18. Miyamoto isn’t the problem, Iwata is. Nintendo needs to change its business practices and get with the times. They need to do this, while Miyamoto makes Mario games, etc.

    19. Only thing he’s guilty of is ruining Sticker Star. It was going to be like TTYD… but Miyamito pointed that out as a BAD thing -.-

      Just shows he needs to stay out if areas he doesn’t have talwnt in… like traditional RPGs. I mean, I would love to see his original take on the enre… but he jist needs to cool it a bit on other people’s projects.

      That’s the thing really… he has not a lot of autbority but a lot of pull. He pretty much does a check-up on every project to see how-goes and offer advice.

      Well… that may be in the past, actually. I think he’s pretty much said Aonume and whoever can handle Zelda and Mario. He sounded like he was more.interested in that tourguide app amd things of the like.

      1. The part of sticker star was part the fans part and nintendo’s. The fans didn’t respond to the story of Super paper mario on club nintendo, that he didn’t think a story was needed. as for the RPG elements… I’ve got nothing, he really only talked about the part of missing story, but that was it

    20. Yes and No. He has a big role at nintendo, but he isn’t the final say. He hasn’t been involved in mario game since galaxy and 64. He was kinda of involved with luigi mansion, but that was for other reasons. The last game he was kinda involved in was pikmin 3 and he did a few things. He said it himself he wasn’t really involved with 3D world. He wants new blood in nintendo , he even said so himself. He is like 60 years old he can’t do as much, as he used to. Nintendo is over 100 years old, and a japanese company. If u look at japan as a society, you can see why don’t look at west to determine online for games. Japan is close together society that they don’t usually think of use of online, but before you say other companies like sony namco, I yes I understand, but iwata said he hasn’t understand the west fully, because he was focus more on more traditional japanese means. Miyamoto said online was possibly for 3D world in a interview, but it wasn’t his call. I’m not trying to defend him, but…HE freakin 60 years old. He could have said something about it to change peoples minds but he has to move project to project that i’m sure it pressures him. I understand the f-zero situation with him he doesn’t know much what to do with ip. He clearly doesn’t want to add just online to the game he wants to add a bit more to it. Though his thoughts are syar fox are very questionable. If anything SF is more expendable then FZ. Though I think he looking at star fox through the eyes of the rail shooter fox and not advetures and assualt. I think those games had useable elements that they could use for a future star fox. In the end yes he had have impact and no he is not always involved.

    21. I just going to say this: The day Miyamoto retire of, there will be a lot of changes on Nintendo, for better or worst, only time would say.

    22. His games are the only reason Nintendo can even sell a system. Everyone wants his games on other consoles. It’s because of him Nintendo has lasted this long with crappy 3rd party support. Eurogamers just wants to be in the spotlight by trolling now. What a joke.

    23. In the article he calls out Nintendo for leaning on its more established IPs. Like all video game companies don’t do that. CoD, Halo. Just any of these games that you 100% know there will be a next one.

    24. Meh…I think that to an extent yes the Miyamoto IP’s are holding back Nintendo – but only slightly. They need to have room to expand their games development for new IP’s. Also foster 2nd party devs (like Rare back in the day) to make memorable games.

      Pokemon didn’t come out until the 64 era, not a Miyamoto IP, and it is prob the biggest franchise on Nintendo consoles to date.Point being that this stuff can happen again.

    25. To be fair, Miyamoto purposely stepped out of the design process for the successor of Wii. Wii was his last console idea along with the Wii remote. Wii went on to sell 100 million and the Wii U is just barely scrapping by now. Nintendo needs new innovators to help out and not just young tech designers that build upon old ideas and change them just enough to make a $350 system.

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    27. HAHAHA! Sorry, but I’m having so much fun reading these comments of grown up adults fighting and trolling like 8 year olds, funny how gamers these day only “want” and “like” and buy “mature” games but yet this community has the most immature and childish comments section in the internet! XD

    28. Why is everyone here such crybabies?? reading these comments here is just pathetic…….. what are most of you guys like 5, you act like this shit is soooo important and is like world hunger.

        1. Not really, unless if your just retarded and have a hard time comprehending stuff. you nintendo fanboys are really funny, ive been pretty much right all a long on how nintendo went down to shit and how they failed with the wii u, (even nintendo said it and there is non stop talk about if nintendo should go to phones or 3rd party) still you guys damage control and whine about anything negative about nintendo (that didn’t get you far in saying every nintendo failure was fine, except for further amusement in the stupidity) there really isnt anymore i can say about it. you guys still ignore the problems and wont take that wii mote out of your asses. nintendo is a joke just like you fanboys who damage control it and make it worse.

    29. Widdo Icezama's Big Daddy

      I mean on some level i guess i can understand where they’re coming from; when you see Miyamoto working with other developers, such as Retro, it seems obvious with their detailed cooperation on the development of a game, for example the Metroid Prime series. I remember reading somewhere on how Miyamoto and his team would frequently visit Retro to see the status of the game, and even more frequently always phoning them on their process. I can understand how in situations like these, the ‘lower’ developers do not get a creative say in the matter, because it is Nintendo’s IP, and its their hope to see their baby thrive and succeed regardless of different development hands; hence, Miyamoto’s creative nudging.

    30. The marketing and advertising is where Nintendo screwed up with the Wii U for the most part. That’s not Miyamoto’s job. Everybody thinks they have to point fingers when something goes wrong.

      Personally, I suppose my admiration for Miyamoto will forever prevent me from thinking anything bad about him. His games have changed my entire life, and also changed my childhood. His games were so magical and fun that I never even wanted to go to school as a kid. I had a VERY hard time pulling myself away from my NES and SNES. Even at school, all I did was draw pictures of Nintendo characters instead of doing my work. I was totally obsessed with wanting to play Nintendo games. And couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

      SO…..I have a very hard time pointing the finger at a guy that made such addicting, fun games that changed my life so much. Clear into my 20’s and 30’s, Miyamoto remained the same. And kept constantly making new, exciting games and innovations. I highly doubt that he has ANYTHING to do with the latest bad luck with the Wii U. Look at Pikmin 3. This is truly his work. He’s only one man, and can only do so much. He can’t make Nintendo release a triple-A game every month just to save the Wii U. It takes time to make games.

      With all of that said, I will now shut up. Gotta go to town. (fingers crossed for more Mii’s on Street Pass).

      1. the best “marketing” for Wii was “word of mouth” … people were talking about the gimmick a lot … so, Nintendo was successful with the Wii and didn’t need marketing at all

        so, they forgot how to market … they figured people would market the WiiU … but people were confused or not interested … the tablet sucks as a news story, compared to the iPad … there’s just nothing to say about it that would appeal to a mass audience … it’s a terrible gimmick in that respect.

        the only “word of mouth” that was spoken of the WiiU was just how underpowered it is … people didn’t say the Wii was underpowered at first, but it became self-evident very quickly but it was too late … it already flew off store shelves and got all the media’s attention.

        the WiiU needed to be a wicked powerful machine … nintendo’s arrogance made it weak. and now even Ubisoft is having trouble squeezing their powerful games into such a tiny resource package … sure, it’s powerful, if you optimize (long time) the heck out of the game.

        the XboxOne is awesome in terms of heat dispersion … Microsoft doesn’t make the same mistake twice … and Nintendo will learn from this mistake and will finally embrace power+gimmick with their next system.

    31. Hmm. Miyamoto has a few things to blame on him. Wii Music which meh whatever 1 bad game lol. His “lack of ideas” for Starfox and F-Zero is another issue of his. Sure a lot of newer guys might think they can never match up to him, but he is still a motivating guy.

    32. Wow, this is begging for some hate, but he’s not really wrong. Nintendo pretty much only uses Miyamoto IPs, and a few others, like Sakurai’s. Continuing the legacy of the games that Miyamoto has made takes precedence over new developers exploring their own new IPs. In this sense, yes Miyamoto is holding Nintendo back because he is THAT GOOD. Nobody knows how to really stand without him. I hope to see more new IPs come out of Nintendo in the upcoming years, and from more than just Miyamoto. I’m sure his will be good, but they need some more new IPs by people who aren’t Miyamoto and can create games with that same magic Miyamoto can. I’m sure there are a number of guys at Nintendo who can pull this off, I’m just waiting to see it

    33. How… in the FUCK… is Miyamoto the one ruining Nintendo? FIrst off, hes not make final decisions. Second, he is the one making a new IP for them. Third, he SAVED videogames with his absolutely amazing games (Metroid, Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, etc.) Eugramer must be drunk or high on some new drug…

    34. Everyone here acts like they work at Nintendo and actually know what’s going on behind closed doors. lol.

      All I will say is, Miyamoto is great. I really enjoy his games. But for goodness sake can we take a break from Mario and Luigi for like, a year and maybe (here’s crazy idea) maybe focus on a what seems to be abandoned franchises? Is that possible?

    35. I will admit that at a glance this statement seems ridiculous but think about it Nintendo relies so heavily on all the franchises he created the have had a bit of trouble making new ones. Look at other companies, marvel comics for example, Stan Lee created Spider-man, Hulk, Iron man and a lot more. But after he left as a writer Marvel had new teams take over and continued to try and create new characters. So maybe they’re right maybe it is time for Miyamoto to step down.

    36. How many more readers are you willing to give away by posting this shitty articles? Huh? i tho you were a nintendo fan but since i saw the playeressence link from a comment i just simply left this site i try to come see if you fixed your shit and i see this…

      fuck you.

    37. someone is doubting the legend which is a huge no-no. i believe in miyamoto, just like there are people who believe in the prez of usa and justin queer-ber, however miyamoto is strict when it comes to work, otherwise he is a mellow, nice guy who i would like to meet someday and shake hands with. never doubt the legend, the god of gaming. wish miyamoto some good luck with nintendo and their success. while i dont like microsoft, the microsoft of now, i wish them success and get them to give up on kinect or at least sell them seperate, sony is doing fine but i still wish them success with vita. btw without nintendo there would be no playstation or the gaming industry of today, it would have crashed and never recovered

    38. The problem with gamers (or just consumers) when it comes to the Wii U is that, instead of everyone being excited that Nintendo made their very first HD console, everyone moaned and groaned because the PS4 and Xbox One had more power. WTF? Who the hell cares about those other consoles, or how powerful they are? Why even pay attention to those? This is NINTENDO’S console. It’s HD. Where are all of the Nintendo fans at? That’s what I personally don’t understand.

      Most of this “new generation” of gamers are such air-heads. They’re like….”I want the one with the highest specs, or else”. Has everyone forgot how fun Nintendo’s games have always been? It’s like everybody forgot. Everyone seems to think that graphics and power are all that matters (which btw, the graphics on the Wii U look AWESOME). It’s a sad generation.

      1. Sadly that’s the case! Everyone literally only cares about is power and graphics! They don’t give much other reasons besides the fact that Nintendo hits for all kinds of ages so it does make it the kid friendly system compared to even little kids who play Microsoft and Sony, and makes anyone who plays Nintendo a stupid baby. If you play the other two, no matter your age, you think the world sees you as cool no matter how old you are. The only feud is which system you play between the two and if you hate the other.

    39. You’d want to defend him since he’s Nintendo’s god. But the Wii U is everyone’s fear of Nintendo’s downfall since even in Japan it does terribly. Miyamoto needs to get more involved and actually do something unique, get more involved and stop focusing on something Mario or Link. There’s plenty of room for new Nintendo games or Super Mario games and Legend of Zelda games, where Mario and Link could take a back seat. It’s like Sakurai who needs to get over Kirby and try something else that doesn’t seem so obsessive over this sole main male character. That’s the most irritating thing about Japan… it usually focuses more on the main character who is usually male and sometimes female and bases the story all about them. They just do it so ridiculously that it makes them seem obsessed about these characters.

    40. I used to admire Miyamoto, but I lost a lot of respect for him when he stepped in in the middle of Paper Mario 3DS (which was originally gonna have a plot, partners and classic turn based combat) and called it a ”thousand year door clone” and removed all story elements, original characters and replaced it all with a sticker gimmick. That’s when I realized he’s very far from perfect.

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