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Bravely Default – North America Collector’s Edition Unboxing

IGN has managed to get its hands on the Bravely Default – North America Collector’s Edition package and has subsequently produced this unboxing video for all to see. The Collectors Edition has sold out already at a few GameStop stores. Bravely Default is already out in Europe and is due for release in North America next month.

22 thoughts on “Bravely Default – North America Collector’s Edition Unboxing”

  1. Fuck you Nintendo everyone gets that beautiful cover only EU must get that ugly shit. Burn in Hell Satoru Shibata >:C

    1. Um really do you have to go there? You guys got PLENTY OF pre order bonuses that USA didnt get. Xenoblade, Pandoras Tower, The Last Story, ACNL, The Donkey Kong game for 3ds, etc. You guys have been really lucky there in Europe almost any Nintendo game that comes over you get something cool. Half the time we don’t.

      1. well tahst because GAME likes toys and stuff (this time a yohi egg case for Yoshi game) if you preorder. maybe gamestop should do that too in America.

        1. I would love it if Gamestop did that in America. I loved the Xenoblade pre order so much that I imported it xD. As much as I don’t like uniform items or unison. I wish we would all at least get the same amount of items just different. If that makes sense then again I’m glad US got this at least

      1. The figurine in the European CE is easily one of the ugliest things I have ever seen; your statement isn’t exactly that reassuring if you take a single look at the face.

    2. Be lucky that you guys are at least getting a hardcover art book; North America only gets a paperback. Granted, they both have the same amount of content, but one can be easily ripped if you’re not too careful with it, and the other has a good weight to it and looks great on a bookshelf.

  2. I just preordered mines yesterday, yaay me and when I was in GameStop I realized that one piece for the 3ds was also coming out the same time, so my question is why isn’t any one covering the one piece news?. If I had not went to gs I would’ve missed out on one of my favorite games…

    1. I also preordered. I love box sets.
      – Code of Princess
      – kid icarus
      – Shin Magami 4
      – Bravely Default!

      What’s “One Piece”?

      1. Google it.

        If not… it’s a manga by Eiichiro Oda & it’s one of the greatest hits in the Shonen Jump magnazine. It’s a long running manga that has it own anime adaption & multiple video games.
        Namco Bandai is the company in charge of the games.

      2. What’s one piece? WHAT’S ONE PIECE? BLASPHEMY!! lol my friend one piece is one of my favorite mangas/ anime of all time, its about pirates that kick ass , it has a great story and some pretty decent games that were on the Wii, I think you should look it up, I highly recommend it, you might like it

        1. I love manga, how did I fail so miserably!! D:

          I will look it up for sure! I have a manga app that lets me read Berzerk, bleach and many others. Thank you sir!

  3. If you want the Collectors Edition, get it fast. That thing will sell out faster than ice-cream next to a all-girls boarding-school.
    When it comes to version. Europe got the overall better package, while US got the better artwork.

  4. Why don’t they call it Flying Faery? I miss Flying Faery? Nintendo’s next console should be called, Flying Faery.

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